smirking warrior


I love Gabrielle’s smirk face when everytime she wins Xena over Ares.

3x01 The furies

Ares:I still don’t know what you see in her!

5x02 Chakram

Ares:Brought you back.

Xena:With a vengeance.

5X09 Seeds of faith

Ares:I wish I’d known you were looking for a father.

Xena:I’m not.

Ares:Well, somebody clearly got the job.

Xena:Yeah, Gabrielle.

5X14 Amphipolis Under Siege

Ares:Can you tell me you didn’t feel anything.

Xena:I felt nothing.

6X10 Old Ares Had A Farm

When Ares tried to kiss Xena and failed.

An Empress And Her Consort, part 2

Back at the base… Quinn is telling Mara this awful story of being incarcerated for five years for refusing to give up on her. I really feel like the awfulness of that is undersold. Clearly this man is loyal. All he had to do was admit you were dead and move on and his career and life would have been fine. But no. He chose prison over his own life. 

Sorry I’m getting preachy. Anyway. He’s telling her this horrible story about what happened to him and she doesn’t really… react? At all? But I caught this tiny moment, where it seems like she stops as the horror of what he dealt with hits her. I’m projecting onto blank animation but I’m sticking to it.

Of course, she is also going to take a moment to refamiliarize herself with his various assets.

Yep, still fine as hell. Anyway.

Here I imagine she’s sort of fiddling with his uniform, feeling tangible proof of his existence as she tells him how much she still loves him. *sobs*

And The Kiss…. He opens his eyes first because he still can’t believe she’s *here* and real and whole and oh god at any moment he’ll wake back up in his cell. But no, she’s here. She keeps her eyes closed because she’s exploring his sense and his emotions and everything that makes him uniquely Quinn to her Force senses.

Oh my god they love each other so much it physically pains me.

I know we’ve all squee’ed over Quinn’s smirk but have we talked about the Mara’s face post-kiss? 

That is the face of a woman who is happy for the first time in years. And ye gods she is having SO MANY carnal thoughts. Quinn may not have the Force but he knows his wife. And so responds in the only appropriate manner possible.

“If you need my services again, just say the word.”

Young God: Daveed Diggs x Reader (Preface)

Summary: “They say it’s like having sex with a young god.” The Warriors run Brooklyn and for years you had managed to stay out of their way. It was only a matter of time before you got caught up in their mythological stories.

Word Count: 800 (but get ready.. there’s a lot coming)

Warnings: Mentions of sex

A/N: Finally out of the slump I’ve been in, guys. Many chapters of this to come.


“They say it’s like having sex with a young god.

“Karen, don’t you think that’s a little dramatic?” You sighed, lying back on your bed as your best friend gossiped to you about the people that were constantly heard about in the hallways: The Warriors.

The Warriors were one of many gangs in New York City, but they were the group that ran your section of Brooklyn. Even better, they went to your high school.

There were always rumors going around about The Warriors. You knew they were there, as you passed by them every so often in the halls, but the thing that was most present was their tags on the subways cars that zoomed underground and on a wall here or there. It was their city, and everyone knew it.

There were six warriors, each with his or her own distinctive personality. But, they all had one thing that brought them together. They all had a two of the same tattoos.

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I will be yours, and JJ's follower. Anything for you loves. My only request is that I can be one of your warriors. I am trained in 5 martial arts and I am nationally ranked archer as well.

Savitar: *raises eyebrow* A warrior…  *smirks* Very interesting… useful… *pauses* I’ll accept. *grunts* 

Me: *gets close to you and grins* THAT’S SO COOL!  

Savitar: *pulls my hips* Jules. Stop being….. *rolls eyes*

Me: *blushes*

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hi! are you taking prompts? if so can you do a canon verse truth and dare where someone (preferably raven) Dares Clarke to give Bellamy a lap dance? and she does the dance Channing tatums wife did to him on the lip sync show thing? Oh can they have sex together afterwards too? thank you!

“I need everyone to Engineering right now.”

Raven’s voice crackles through the radio, and Clarke’s stomach drops. The remaining delinquents all have their own radios, all tuned to channel 2. Most of the time they’re used to check in, or occasionally tease someone if they’re late for a shift or spotted making out with their significant other. But this time Raven’s voice is serious, and Clarke doesn’t even put down the bandages she’s holding before she’s running out the door.

She barrels into Engineering right behind Harper and Miller. Jasper and Octavia are already there, and Bryan and Monty are right behind them. Bellamy arrives last, and by the looks of it he’d probably sprinted across camp. He slides up behind Clarke, a strong hand coming around to squeeze her hip.

“What is it?” he barks. “Is something wrong?”

Raven wordless holds up the old iPod they had found in a bunker a few days back. “I fixed it.”

The room is tense for a second before Miller swears. “You called us in here for that?”

“Don’t get your undies in a bunch, Nathan,” Raven snaps. “Look at this playlist.”

She presses a button and the screen lights up. Everyone leans in closer, peering at the screen.

Lapdance Music. 


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Little Things

FOR pietroimagines for being my 500th follower: a Pietro x reader prompt with the reader’s personality based on her own characteristics that she described to me! Enjoy, love, and thanks for reading :)

Wanda irritably threw the glossy magazine she was reading down, glaring at her brother. “For the last time, Pietro, just ask her out. I don’t know what else you want me to do.”

“Wanda,” Pietro whined, spinning around in a circle and running his hands through his hair. “Can you please just read her mind for me, tell me how she feels. I don’t want to make a fool of myself.”

Wanda snorted. “Wishful thinking. And no, that’s not fair to Y/N.” She sighed. “Look, just because a girl doesn’t fall all over you when you flirt with her doesn’t mean she isn’t interested. Y/N may be just shy, she isn’t forward like you are. Just ask her out and see what happens.”

Pietro sighed and fell down on the couch next to Wanda, a hand over his eyes. “Why is this so hard?” he moaned out with frustration. “I’ve never felt this nervous around a girl. I don’t like it.”

Wanda smirked. “Awww, looks like you’ve actually got a real crush for once, not just chasing after whatever has the nicest boobs.”

“Shut up,” Pietro grumbled, tossing a throw pillow at his twin.

Wanda mussed up his hair and stood up. “You want Y/N? Be real with her. None of that normal cocky bullshit. Just be sweet and she should respond well. You two get along well.”

Pietro nodded, absorbed in thought as his sister walked off. He made a strangled noise of frustration into the pillow on the couch, turning restlessly to face the ceiling as he thought of if ––and how––he really should ask you out. After a few moments, he stood up and with his jaw set in a hard line, he raced up off the couch and took off into the streets of New York to find what he needed for his new plan.


You stood contentedly on the roof of the Avengers Tower, looking out across the sprawling city with a calming breath. You often came up to the roof when you needed some moments of solitude to unwind or simply to think––today, it was the later. It had been days, and yet, you couldn’t shake the memory of you and Pietro out of your head, no matter how many times you told yourself the exchange was absolutely insignificant.

You, Natasha and Wanda went out for drinks the other night and for whatever reason, you decided to go a little more dressed up than usual. Curled hair, eyeliner on point, a great pair of jeans, simple black heels and a blue top that showed off your toned shoulders––and a hint of cleavage. You had walked out into the living room, texting away on your phone as you waited for the girls to join you, when you heard a familiar whooshing sound past you and fought to keep your cheeks from immediately heating up.

“Y/N?!” Pietro had drawled out in his thick accent with fake incredulity, a smirk playing upon his lips as he looked at you with those gorgeous blue eyes.

You gave a small smile and a wave. “Hi, Piet.” Pietro moved closer to you and you found yourself already getting turned on by the close proximity to him.

“Where are you headed off to? You look, wow. Different. But a good different,” he added quickly.

You couldn’t help it, you smiled. “You’re just saying that,” you muttered bashfully.

He met your gaze purposefully and then trailed his eyes up and down, grinning at you crookedly as your heart skipped a beat. He muttered to himself in Sokovian and before he could answer your, “What did you say?” Nat and Wanda entered the room and swept you off out the door with them. But the look he had given you, the apparent sincerity in his voice, you couldn’t speak Sokovian, but you knew the tone that guys took when they hit on you––you couldn’t forget it the whole night. 

You were crushing hard on Pietro, but you never knew how to flirt around guys. Even the littlest bit of attention and you melted––and you knew all too well how easy it was to mistake playfulness for genuine romantic interest. You also knew how painful it could be and tried your best to keep your hopes down low. The line was especially blurred with Pietro, however, who seemed to never have heard of the concept of personal space in Sokovia and was always finding little ways to innocently touch you––a brush on the hand, messing up your hair, nudging you in the sides as you laughed––you found yourself holding onto these little things and grew frustrated with yourself, fearing that you might start to want what you believed you could never had.

Pietro was outgoing, flirtatious and attracted the eye of women no matter where he went. You, on the other hand, well, it wasn’t like you weren’t confident, you were. You were just quieter and more withdrawn than he was. The spotlight was never your thing. And picturing him wanting you like you wanted him just seemed to absurd to be true.

You were so absorbed in your musings that you didn’t even consider the breeze that blew past you as anything other than the weather. So when you turned around and smacked into a muscular, slightly sweating blond, you let out a squeak of surprise.

Pietro’s eyes widened as you immediately covered your mouth in embarrassment. “Oh my god, I just squeaked. World’s mightiest warrior woman,” you said miserably with a laugh.

Pietro chuckled and tilted your chin up with his characteristic smirk. “Still the prettiest warrior woman,” he said reassuringly, his eyes fixated on yours.

You thought you heard him wrong. There was no way that he had just said that. He was just a flirt with everyone, though. It didn’t mean anything. But that reminded you. “Hey, the other day when I went out with Nat and Wanda, what did you say in Sokovian? You never told me.”

You were shocked to see his own cheeks start to blush as he laughed nervously and shook his head. “It was nothing.”

You frowned. “Uh, it was something, or you wouldn’t have said it.”

Pietro took a deep breath and smiled at you. “OK, I will tell you, if I can say something first, yes?” You looked at him confusedly, your heart threatening to leap out of your chest. “Can I ask you something?” is actually the most suspence inducing phrase in the universe––especially when a cute boy is involved. “Uh, ok,” you said with a light laugh, feeling your cheeks warming up and mentally cursing.

You just suddenly noticed that Pietro had one hand behind his back. Before you could even say “What’s that?,” a rose was in your hand and Pietro was looking at you anxiously with a shy smile. You looked at the rose and at the guy you liked so, so much standing in front of you. “DID HE JUST GIVE ME A FUCKING ROSE UH THAT’S A YES WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT,” your brain shrieked inside you.

You looked at him incredulously, only able to muster a curious, “Pietro?”

It all came out in a torrent of nerves, something that you would later tease him for although you found it to be incredibly adorable. “So, I’m not the best at this sort of thing, but I like you a lot, Y/N and I wanted to show you that,” he said in his accented English. “You are so sweet and happy and fun to be around––you’re the nicest girl I’ve ever met,” he said with a smile, biting the corner of his lip. “And you really are so gorgeous, Um,” he broke off as he seemed to lose his train of thought.

You tried not to melt into a puddle of excitement on the ground, but somehow kept it together. You did giggle, however, seeming to restore Pietro’s confidence, as his face lit up with a smile. “Go on, Piet,” you said happily.

“Yes, so, I wanted to ask … would you maybe want to go out with me sometime? Like on a date?”

You stared at him, dumbfounded by what was happening. You didn’t even realize that a full few seconds had passed until Pietro’s face seemed to fall. “Oh my god, yeah, yeah, I would love that actually,” you stammered out, running a hand in your hair. “Sorry, I just, wow, I just can’t believe you just asked me out. I, I like you too, Piet,” you blurted out as equally fast – all thoughts to reservation thrown out the window. “And this rose was really sweet, no one’s ever really done stuff like that for me before.”

Pietro looked at you in amazement but a smile emerged across his face. “Well expect a lot more of it, princessa.” You both stood there awkwardly but smiling, not knowing how to progress until Pietro leaned in quickly to plant a peck on your cheek. You felt your eyes close at the touch with contentment. You fought to keep yourself from breaking into a happy dance, and your thoughts returned to your original question.

“OH!” you interjected suddenly. “Sorry, that was adorable,” you laughed as he did as well. “But I really still want to know what was it you said the other day.”

Pietro shifted his weight and made an embarassed face. “Well, basically, it was that I couldn’t believe a girl who looked like that didn’t have a boyfriend.” Now it was your turn to smile flirtatiously, mussing up his hair affectionately. “Well, Pietro,” you said slyly, beaming at him as his eyes lit up with the noticeable shift in your tone.  “Maybe you can be the one to change that.”

Pietro smiled at you and squeezed your hand. “I’d like that, Y/N.”

But I crept into your heart You can’t make me disappear
  • can you please write an au where wendy is an angel and peter is a demon and they fall in love?? i need the thing like air.

THANK YOU FOR THIS PROMPT I was totally thinking of something like this before I got the prompt. So, yay ! I kinda like this. I think. Nsfw. (I’m also casually linking you to a video because it’s awesome)

THANKS TO MY BEAUTIFUL SAM who is a goddess who helped me with angels and demons things (even if I kind of made up things as I went along, but she’s still amazing and she deserves all the love in the world)

But I crept into your heart You can’t make me disappear (x)

Her wings are white and silver, like snowflakes, shimmering, delicate – but when she descends upon earth, they’re hidden from the sight of humans. All they see is a thin silhouette, wrapped into a white jacket – they can see the green light of her eyes, the golden glow of her curls, and the soft paleness of her skin.

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Could you write some Gajevy Middle Age AU? I can't stop imagine Gajeel as a knight or a blacksmith^^'

Yup! Enjoy! 😊

When Gajeel did something, he did it well. The first pieces of armor he made as an apprentice were far greater than the ones of his peers, and he was proud of himself for it. He knew he was good at what he did, so why hide it?

“A good blacksmith knows his faults,” said his mentor, Metallicana, but Gajeel paid no mind to his old friend. He was perfect at what he did even though he spent half of the time in the shop as the others did. Why spend more time when you could be out doing something useful with your time?

Gajeel worked steadily away at his new armor fit for battle. He didn’t know when he’d actually use it–most people saw his stature and decided not to pick a fight with him–but it was good to have anyway.

As sweat poured down his forehead, he wiped it away quickly before bringing the hammer back down on the chest plate again. He knew that this would be the best armor he ever made, and he was damn proud of it too.

“Excuse me,” said a small voice from behind him, and he jolted upwards. Realizing that the bell on the door had probably rang and he hadn’t heard it, Gajeel put away the hammer quickly and turned around to face his new customer.

But his tongue practically caught in his throat when he found who it was.

She was short, blue-haired, and looked sassy. And that immediately made him want to tease her. She wasn’t too bad looking, either…

“What can I do ya for, short stack?” he asked with a chortle, and the young woman stomped a foot at his quip. Just as he thought. Sassy.

“Tch. All I need is some new armor,” the small woman said, and with strong arms she heaved the armor onto the blacksmith’s table.

“Why would you need armor? I’m sure you got someone to protect you. If you don’t, you better get one soon,” Gajeel smirked.

“I’m a warrior, thank you very much. And my size is used to my advantage.” The woman crossed her arms across her chest with a pout, and Gajeel chuckled. She was cute, he had to give her that much. But still, she was full of bullshit.

“Yeah? Then show me.”

“Sure,” she told him, and instantly she snaked between his legs and came out behind him, and he looked behind him with a smile.

“What are you gonna do shortstu–” he began, but the wind was quickly knocked out of his lungs as he was flipped over promptly and landed on his back.

The woman stood over Gajeel with a triumphant smile. Her blue hair hung over her face, and in a flash she tied it back in a bun. He could see her skin illuminated by the light, and it seemed to shimmer with how pale she was.

“How is it lying on the ground with a woman half your size standing over you?” She asked, hurrying over to the side of him. She grinned even wider, and to his dismay his cheeks flushed slightly.

Short, sassy, and badass.

Holy shit, he was in love.

Ooh, I really like how this turned out! ❤️

My Precious Boy


AUTHOR: beautifulxxbeca

Imagine having a son with Loki


NOTES/WARNINGS: hope you enjoy :) xx

My Precious Boy

You fearfully glance around the empty corridor as the sounds of battle come from outside the palace walls; hugging your newborn soon close to you.

Only a few hours ago you were over the moon; giving birth to yours and Loki’s first child. A beautiful baby boy, who has your striking eyes, but Loki’s silky black hair. He was perfect in every way; and as true loving parents both you and Loki shed a few tears in joy over him. Everything was perfect; but the peace was soon shattered by an invasion upon Asgard. Loki, panicking about your safety and that of his new-born son, instructed you to stay hidden deep inside the palace walls. You were hesitant about leaving; afraid for Loki’s safety, but you had to keep your baby boy safe. Reluctantly you ran deeper inside the palace; cradling your son while the battle continued to rage on outside.

Which is how you come to be lying against a wall to the side of a deserted corridor; trying to be as quiet as a mouse to avoid detection. Occasionally peering around the corner to see if anyone’s coming. Your son starts to quietly cry, but you sing a soothing lullaby to him; getting him to fall asleep just as you hear footsteps come from the door at the end of the corridor; behind you

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You should totally write a mini fic on Bellamy braiding Clarke's hair that would be adorable!

“Ouch, Bellamy!” Clarke lurched forward, out of his grip, and glared at him over her shoulder. “Could you be more rough?”

“Could your hair be more tangled?” he snapped back, forcing her head back around so he could weave his fingers into the golden strands again. “Seriously, Clarke. You’ve got more knots than Octavia, and she had to cut out a chunk of it last night because it was too caked in blood.”

Her grimace turned into a smirk. “That’s our little warrior- Damn it, Bellamy!”

“We have brushes now, you know!” Bellamy yelled, untangling the snarl that his finger was caught in. “And I know you know how to braid your own hair. If you’re going to yell at me every time it hurts for a second then I’ll just leave.”

“No!” she said, quicker than she would have liked. In that moment, she was thankful that he was still seated behind her so he couldn’t see her flush. “…You do it the best.”

I want you here with me.

Bellamy was quiet for a second, then he grunted, “Damn right, I do.”

I’ll always be here with you.

She managed to stay quiet while he worked through the rest of the knots, only letting out a soft hiss every now and then. Eventually, as his fingers wound her locks together, the sensation turned more pleasureable. Her tense shoulders relaxed and her eyes fluttered shut on her own accord.

“Still with me, Clarke?”

The braid was finished, but Bellamy’s hands didn’t still. His nails raked gently over her scalp, down her neck, across her shoulders. Clarke hummed contentedly. 


“Stillwithyou,” she mumbled, leaning back against him. She couldn’t see Bellamy’s soft smile as he tenderly tucked her back against his chest, his legs on either side of hers and her head resting against his shoulder. “I’m so…so tired.”

“You can sleep,” Bellamy murmured, unable to stop himself from pressing a light kiss to her temple. Clarke yawned adorably and burrowed further into him before her breaths evened out, signaling that she was asleep. “I’m right here.”

Title: Eyes of a Dragon

Fandom: AkaYona, manga spoilers for 100+

Ships: Gen ...mostly

Chapter Nine - Captured (AO3)

Previous chapters can be found in the: masterpost

…Yes. That canon event…(Below Cut)

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