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Hey Angel Chapter 3

Tonight, you were going to Harry’s birthday party. He had invited you the other day when you were at the park again with the kids. You and Harry had been hanging out more recently, while Ella and Jackson were having little play dates. You’re starting to develop feelings for him, but you’re not sure how he feels about you. You also don’t know if you’re new job as their stylist would affect the possibility of any relationship. 

As soon as Ella’s babysitter shows up, you get into the car and head to the venue that it was being held at. You were nervous because you knew there were going to be other celebrities there and you haven’t exactly been to a lot of parties like this before. It was always hard, having Ella. You get to the venue and walk inside, trying to ignore the camera’s flashing. 

When you get inside, you don’t see anyone that you know so far. Great, you sigh to yourself. You decide to walk over to the bar and ordered yourself a drink. Now, that you weren’t breastfeeding anymore, you didn’t have to worry about drinking. 

“What can I get for you?” The bar tender smiles.

“Um.. let’s see.” You say looking at the different options. “What’s your specialty drink?” 

“Now, that is a secret.” He smirks. “I’m going to let the drink do all the talking.” 

He quickly starts pulling different things off the shelves and mixing them together before pouring into a glass. He smirks handing it to you. You take it giving it a small sip. 

“What do you think?” He asks. 

“I think, it’s okay.” You smirk. 

He gasps looking at you. “Okay? Okay?” He says looking over at you. “You have no idea how amazing that drink is.” He says. 

You laugh, shaking your head at him.


Harry arrives a few minutes later with Jeff and he immediately starts looking around for you. 

“So, where’s this girl you’ve been talking about nonstop.” Jeff smirks. 

“She should be here.. somewhere.” He says looking around. “Oh. There she is.. she’s at the bar.” 

You were laughing with the bartender and Harry finds himself a little annoyed by that. 

“Looks like you better get over there before your face ends up like that.” Jeff smirks. 

“Shut up.” He says before walking over towards you. 


You’re in the middle of talking with Mike, the bar tender, when someone walks over, wrapping their arm around your shoulders. You look up seeing it’s Harry. You smile hugging him. 

“Hey.” You smile as he hugs you tightly. 

“Have you been here long?” He asks. 

“Just a few minutes.” You say. 

He nods. “I want you to meet some people, want to come?” He asks. 

“Sure.” you nod. “Bye Mike.” You smile giving him a wave before walking away with Harry. 

“You look beautiful.” He smiles. 

“Thank you. You don’t look bad yourself.” You smile. 

“Oh, so the stylist approves of the outfit choice?” He smirks. 

“I do.” You smirk back. 

He smiles and soon you both get to a group of friends. He introduces you to everywhere and you notice that there is one person in particular that is giving you a bit of a look before it quickly goes away. 

“And this is Abby.” Harry says. “Jackson’s mother. Abby this is Y/N.” 

“You must be the Y/N that Jackson is always talking about.” She smiles, but you can tell that it’s forced. 

“I guess.” You smile. “He really loves playing with my daughter Ella and he’s so cute.”

“Yeah. He is.” She says. 

You’re not sure if it was just you, but you’re really getting the vibe that she doesn’t like you. However, Harry doesn’t seem to acknowledge it. 

“So, I heard that you’re going to be the new stylist.” Abby says. 

“I am.” You nod taking a sip of your drink. 

“Well, I’m sure we’ll be spending lots of time on tour together.” Abby says. 

“Yeah. I heard that you were coming.” You nod with a smile. 

She nods briefly before ignoring you. A few minutes later, the group of friends leave to go talk with some other people.

“Having fun?” Harry asks. 

“Yeah. I am.” you say. “I don’t really get out that much.” 

“I understand.” He smiles. 

“So, do you feel any older yet?” You smile. 

He laughs. “Not really, no.” He says. 

“Oh! Speaking of your birthday.” You say. “I have something for you.” You say looking through your purse. 

“You didn’t have to get me anything.” He smiles. 

“It’s not much.” You say. “Ella and I made you a card.” You smile. 

He smiles widely, looking at the card. “This is really amazing. Thank you.” He says giving you another hug. 

“You’re welcome.” You smile.

“Would you like to dance?” He asks. 

“I would love to.” You smile. 

He smiles taking your hand as you both walk down toward the main part of the dance floor. You laugh when you see him starting to “dance.”

“What?” He smirks. 

“Those are some great dance moves.” You laugh. 

Harry smirks pulling you closer to him. You both dance around together, having a great time for a while, when you both decide to go get something to drink. 

“I’m so thirsty.” you laugh grabbing the water and practically chugging it down. 

“Yeah. It’s bit hot out there.” He laughs. 

All of a sudden, your phone starts to ring. You take it out of your purse and see that it’s the babysitter.

“This is Ella’s babysitter. I’ll be right back.” you say walking outside on the balcony of the club to get away from the noise. “Hey, Jamie.”

“Y/N! I really hate to bother you, but Ella’s been crying for the past hour and she’s running a slight fever.” She says quickly. 

“Oh my god. My poor baby.” You sigh. “She may be teething. Have you tried giving her some baby tylenol?” You ask. 

“I did, but it’s not soothing her.” She says. 

You sigh. “Okay. I’ll be home soon.” you say. 

“I’m really sorry.” She says. 

“No, it’s not your fault.” you say before hanging up the phone. 

“Everything okay?” Harry asks. 

“Ella is teething. She’s running a fever and crying” You sigh. “I need to go.” 

“Of course.” He says. “Do you want me to go with you?” 

“No. I mean, I couldn’t ask you to leave your own party.” You say shaking your head. 

“It’s okay. I want to make sure little Ella is okay.” He says. 

“Well, um… okay.” You nod.

You both leave, getting in a car, and driving to your house. You go inside, seeing Jamie holding a crying Ella. Your heart sinks as you quickly go over to them. 

“Aww my baby.” You say taking her into her arms. 

She sniffles snuggling into you. Harry walks over to you and rubs Ella’s back. She looks up at him, babbling. 

“I’m sorry again.” Jamie says. 

“No, I’m glad that you called.” You say. 

She nods and leaves. 

“What’s wrong baby?” You whisper to her.

She babbles sniffling to you. 

“Let’s get you some teething gel.” you say walking into the kitchen. 

“Can you do me a favor and get a bottle out of the fridge and warm it up a bit for me?” You ask Harry. 

He nods quickly walking over and grabbing a bottle. He places it in the bottle warmer. 

“Um. Can you hold her, while I try to put the gel on her gums?” you ask. 

“Course.” He says. “Come here, baby.” He smiles to her, taking her out of your arms. “Look at Mummy.” He says. 

You put a little gel on your finger and run it across her gums. She slowly starts to quiet down. You smile kissing her head. 

You grab the bottle once it’s done and bring it over to the couch. Harry sits down, still holding Ella and you hand him the bottle. Ella giggles softly taking it from him and sticking it in her mouth. Harry smiles down at her and starts to sing softly to her as she quickly drinks her bottle. 

You feel yourself smiling as you watch Harry with Ella. Ella starts slowly close her eyes before falling asleep. After a few minutes, Harry follows you to the nursery, where he puts her down in the crib. You put on her little sound machine and go back into the living room. 

“Thank you for coming over.” You say. 

“No problem. I’m glad she’s feeling better.” He says. 

“Me too.” You smile. “Would you like something to drink?” 

“Uh. Sure.” He says.

You nod going to grab some waters and coming back over.

“I’m sorry you had to leave your party though.” you say. 

“It’s okay, really.” He says. “I’m getting to spend some time with you.” 

You smile a bit. “Do you want to watch a movie or something? Maybe order a pizza. it’s not that late.” you say. 

“Pizza sounds great.” He nods. You nod grabbing your phone and calling in an order. “Are you getting excited about tour?” 

“I am.” You nod. “But I am a little nervous. I know things are going to be a bit hectic at first until I get in the swing of things. Then there is Ella, I just hope the traveling and stuff is okay for her.” 

“I’ll make sure that she’s comfortable and okay.” He smiles. 

“You know she’s really taken a liking to you.” You smile. “Usually when she’s crying like that, she doesn’t want anyone else but me to hold her.” 

“That makes me happy.” He smiles. “I really like and care for her too.” 

You smile taking a sip of water. 

“However, Ella isn’t the only one I like and care for…” He whispers looking at you. 

“I know what you mean.” You whisper looking up at him. 

“Can I kiss you?” He whispers nervously. 

You nod smiling a little. Harry leans into kiss you. You respond to the kiss immediately, leaning forward and wrapping your arms around his neck. He wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer to him. After a bit, you both pull away. 

“Wow.” You whisper with a small giggle. 

Harry smiles. “I know.” He smiles. Harry leans in to kiss you again, but the doorbell rings. “I’ll get it.” He says getting up. 

Harry gets the pizza and pays for it, bringing it over to you. You two eat some pizza in silence for a bit. 

“Umm. So I think we should talk about… us.” Harry says awkwardly for a bit. 

“Yeah.” you nod. 

“I like you.. a lot, but I think we should take it slow for a bit.” He says. “I mean for the sake of Jackson and Ella.” 

“I agree, but um.. what about me being your stylist.” You whisper. “I technically work for your brand.. for you.. does that complicate things at all?”

“No.” He says shaking his head. “We’re good friends with all of our team, I don’t see being in a relationship with someone to be any different.” He says. 

“Well, that’s good to know.” You smile. “But what about Abby?” You say nervously. “She’ll be on tour.” 

“Oh, she’ll be fine. I told you. Abby and I are friends, nothing more. She won’t be a problem.” He smiles. 

A part of you wanted to believe him about her, but you could help the feeling that you received earlier when you first met her. 

“If you’re worried about it, I could talk to her.” He says. 

“No. No. If you say that its fine, then I’m sure it is. You know her better than I do.” You say. 

Harry nods putting his arm around your shoulder. He pulls you over a bit to kiss your head and you both go back to eat some pizza. Harry stays a few hours more, you both spend that time, talking, kissing, and just being together before he calls a car to come and pick him up. 

“I’ll talk to you later.” He smiles.

“I can’t wait.” You blush. 

Harry smiles widely leaning in for another kiss before walking out the door and to his car. You smile waving bye to him before shutting the door and heading to bed. 

**Setting up for some drama soon!!

Exo Reactions To When They Smack Your Ass Too Hard & You Pout At Them

This was one of those requests where it would have been more “your” reaction than theirs but I tweaked it. Hopefully that’s okay. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *ignores you pouting & takes a firm grasp of your ass, squeezing it until you slap him away & he whines at you because he likes grabbing your ass*

Chanyeol: *smirks at you & starts arrogantly talking about his strength & how he forgets that you’re so weak compared to him but then laughs & apologizes*

Chen: *gives you a suggestive look & asks if you want him to do it again but doesn’t actually do it again, he just starts making out with you instead to make up for it*

D.O.: *takes a moment to doubt his actions before you reassure him that you’re okay & that you weren’t seriously hurt but he doesn’t feel better until you kiss him*

Kai: *goes quiet & isn’t sure what to say or do so he just looks at you with big eyes until you smile at him or show him that you’re not mad at him about it*

Kris: *has to stop himself from laughing because he finds it amusing that you got so worked up over him smacking your ass too hard & he smirks nonstop*

Lay: *confused because he didn’t think that he’d smacked you that hard & apologizes a million times, even after you smile at him & tell him everything is okay*

Luhan: *smirks at you mischievously before running at you & chasing you around the house so he can tackle you & do it again, which leads to other activities*

Sehun: *doesn’t care that you’re pouting because he did it as revenge for you always being “mean” to him & he just smiles at you until you roll your eyes*

Suho: *almost starts crying & asks if you’re okay because he was just playing around & thinks that you’re seriously injured, hugging you for a long time until he’s reassured*

Tao: *thinks you’re playing around so he doesn’t take it seriously but then he feels kind of bad & says he’s sorry even if he ends up doing it again later that day*

Xiumin: *doesn’t say he’s sorry but he asks if you’re okay & gives you big cute eyes before playfully jumping on you & kissing you all over, putting his hands everywhere*

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BUM - Yuma jealousy fanfic

Request by @soorandomm and 2 anons

It is the start of a New Year. Your dad holds a function at home and insists that you attend as well. There are many other gentlemen around and all trying to get a dance with you. You know that it is impolite to reject them and reluctantly accepted their dance. Little are you aware that Yuma is watching every movement of yours, including you smiles at their comments. Yuma approaches you after two dances.

“Miss ______, your legs seem tired. Would you like a little break over there?” Yuma asked politely.

You are glad that he asked and instead you are getting tired. You bow and excuse yourself from the guests and follow Yuma to a quiet corner where a chair is prepare for you. Yuma have you sat down and kneel in front of you. He removes your shoes and you thought he is going to massage your legs. However, Yuma starts kissing your calf and slowly makes his kiss upward.

“What are you doing? We could’ve seen?” You whispered in panic.

“We won’t as long you keep your voice down. This is your punishment for making me jealous.” Yuma smirked.

“It is rude to turn them down.” You protested but Yuma ignored you and continue kissing his way up. You can feel your breathing getting ragged as his kiss is now at your inner thighs. Your mind starts to go blank when you feel his breathing in between your thighs. He kisses your clitoris over your panties and you accidentally let out a small moan.

“Let’s see how you are going to control if I do more than what I am doing now.” Yuma smirked and pull your panties to a side. He then starts kissing and licking your clitoris hard until you have to cover your mouth with your hand to prevent yourself from moaning.

“Please.. Mm..stop.” You begged.

However, he slips his tongue inside your virginal and continues rubbing your clitoris with his fingers. You throw you head back in pleasure and grab on his shoulder hard. He seems to be sucking all your love juice out. You soon heard someone calling your name and you keep begging him to stop. Just when you heard footsteps getting closer, Yuma pull down your dress and stand up immediately without turning himself to face the person.

“Is everything alright?” Aoi asked when he looks down at your flustered face.

“Miss _____ seems to be feeling unwell. I am escorting her back to her room. Please help to inform the guests.” Yuma answered without turning his face over. He grabs you up and escorts you back to your room immediately.

Once inside the room, Yuma unzips your dress and pulls it down on the floor. He then moved to remove your under garments while you move your hands cover your private parts. He pulls away your hands and keeps staring down at your naked form. You can feel your blood rush to your head with every minutes gone.

Holding both your hands up above your head with one hand, Yuma starts tracing your body with another. He touches your lips, and then your neck before moving down to your shoulders. He then traces your body curve with his fingers all the way down to your hips and traces it back up again. He then traces his fingers around your breast and the doing the same to the other breast. He draws the circle around your breasts and each times getting smaller and smaller until he reached your nipples. He fondles your nipples and gives it a pull occasionally. He then traces his fingers down to your tummy and moves it to your clitoris again while still holding your hands up above your head. He then leans down and start kissing your earlobe.

“You are still so wet. It is time for more punishment.” Yuma whispered before moving away from you.

He strips himself sexily in front of you and ties your hands with his tie. He kisses your lips aggressively and moves his kiss to your neck. You can’t help but let out a loud moan when you feel his lips on your breast.

“Now enjoy your punishment.” Yuma whispered into your ear again and spread your legs wide a part. You then feel him penetrate deep inside you and you roll your eyes in ecstasy. Your mind went blank when you feel him connected with you. Every thrusts is hitting deep into you and you crossed your legs around his naked butt while he keeps kissing your lips and continue trusting nonstop below.

“Agh… Mmm..” You moaned in between kisses.

“Agh….Agh….. Mmm…. Mmm… You are tightening ….agh…my member. Mmm…” Yuma gasped and keep trusting hard inside you.

“Agh… AGhh…” Yuma give one loud moan and ejaculate his semen deep into your womb before flopping down on top of you. Still shooting his seeds inside you, he removes his tie around your hands and embraces you close to him. You wrap your free hands around him, trying hard to catch your breath.

“Don’t make me ever feel so jealous again.” Yuma muttered.

“Well, I want to if this is the punishment that I will get.” You teased.

Yuma looks at you in surprise but soon smirking nonstop. “So I guess that you do not mind the punishment to be continues.” He smirks.

You can feel his soft member inside you starts to get hard. He starts oscillating his hips again before you can react. Just like you wish, the punishments continue.

Seventeen reaction: Seungcheol, Joshua, woozi, vernon

“How would svt reaction when you said something that wasn’t supposed to be sexual but it turned out to be?” 

Seungcheol: He would laugh at you before repeating what you said. He would smirk while biting his lip, looking down at you. “Don’t tease me like that baby” He would watch as your face reddened. Seungcheol would think this was really cute how innocent you said it without noticing how sexual it sounded. Jeonghan: He would look at you confused before he starts smiling and blushing at what you said. He would come up to you saying back, “If you really want my help that bad babe just ask” Your face would become bright red after noticing what you had just said you would try and hide your face “I didn’t mean it like that” “I did” he’d say pulling you in a little

Joshua: He wouldn’t notice how sexual it sounded at first then after at little bit of thought he would notice. He wouldn’t be able to hide his blushing face. “You know what happens to me when you say those things” he would repeat what you said and laugh behind his hand only to watch you become awkward and shy. You’d try to rephrase it but he would stop you and laugh it off. He would find you really cute

Woozi: He’d smirk nonstop and give you no choice but to ask what he found so amusing. He’d tell you what you said and just give you a smug look and say something like, “Not as innocent as you seem, huh?” You’d push his arm playfully and argue that you didn’t mean it like that. He’d just laugh and call you cute for being so oblivious.

Vernon: his eyes would widen as soon as you said it “W-What” he’d say studdering and clearly shocked. Once you repeat it he would giggle awkwardly and start blushing. “I’ll try to do it better this time” You’d start smacking his arm. “Not like that!” He’d laugh at you “hey I am a teenage boy!”

bowtiesfordays  asked:

Can you do a scm where the find out that the MC used to play basketball, soccer, or whatever you prefer. P.S I love your blog!

I will combine into a fanfic for all.

You sat in front of the television and enjoyed the live basketball tournament when suddenly you found yourself at the gods’ mansion.

“What the hell did you brought here for? I am watching my favourite basketball game.” You shouted angrily at the gods.

“Calm down, we just thought we invite you for a party.” Teorus is trying hard to calm you down.

“We will get you a television now.” Ichthys added and snapped his fingers. However, you missed the first score and you stare at the gods, as if you would like to scream at them again.

“It is just a game. I don’t understand why everyone is chasing after that ball.” Leon rebuked.

“You gods won’t understand the fun. I was in the school team. It was so much fun.” You exclaimed and turned your eyes back to the television.

“Waoh! You mean you played?” Karno exclaimed.

“Are you sure that you can played well?” Scorpio mocked at you.

“Don’t you dare underestimate me? I am the team leader.” You rebuked back.

“So you do know how sport other than just stars knowledge.” Hue smiled sarcastically back at you.

“What do you mean by that?” You asked annoyingly.

“He means that you look so weak to us.” Tauxolouve teased and you pouted at them.

“Don’t mind them. I am impressed.” Teorus smiled at you.

“It seem dangerous to me. So many people are chasing after than one ball.” Dui whispered.

“What if it hit your beautiful face? You are a lady after all.” Partheno asked worryingly.

“Well, I did hit by it a few times.” You admitted.

“I could give it a try. It does not seem difficult to me.” Krioff whispered to himself.

“Too much energy needed. I rather sleep.” Aigo yawned and his eyes are like half closed.

“It’s look kind of fun. Maybe I could think of a prank out of this.” Ichthys added and smirking nonstop.

“Don’t you dare!” Zyglavis scolded at Ichthys. “If he comes out with any prank, I will hold you responsible.” Zyglavis turned to look at you.

“What has it go to do with me?” You protested.

“Cause you are the one who give him the idea.” Leon and Scorpio exclaimed together.

You tried to protest again but soon you hear another cheer from the television. The team you are supported just win another game. You cried in dismayed and cursing the gods for making you missed so many exciting parts.

anonymous asked:

OTBS guy's reaction when MC ask them to go in raw

Similar to what I wrote for KBTBB & HLITF, they have been using protection since they married.

Minato and you are getting ready for bed. You purposely lean in close to him and run your hands all over his sensitive area. It soon arose him and he can’t keep his urge contain. He immediately reached up to the drawer where he keeps his condom but you stop him.

“Don’t you want to go in raw?” You teased him after pulling out his member and rubbed it with your pussy. He realized that you never had your panties all this while and flips you underneath him while smirking nonstop.

“Oh mine! You already so wet. Oh yes, today is your ovulation date. I will make you so wild tonight that you don’t even want to feel my member inside you with rubber on.” Minato smirked and penetrates deep inside you.

“You are… Mmm…so wet inside. Aghh… It’s like..Mmm…sucking me in…. You are not getting..Mmm…any sleep…Aghh..tonight.” Minato gasped, as he pulls his member all the way out and thrust back in again and again.

You wrapped yourself with only a towel and walked into the bedroom. You saw Kaoru is reading a book on the bed. You crawl and slip between him and the book, purposely let the towel unloose from you. Kaoru drop his book and immediately reached up to the drawer at the side, searching for condom but you pulled back his hand.

“Why don’t we make a little Kaoru?” You whispered in deep voice and Kaoru eyes light up. He flips you over and quickly undresses himself before lifting both your legs over his shoulders.

“I think a little _____ would be cute.” Kaoru smiled sweetly at you and penetrated deeply inside you.

He kisses your legs while pushing his member in and out nonstop inside you, causing you to arch your back and gasped loudly at the sensation.

“Mmm…aghh.. I can’t seem to stop. We are going …Mmm…. all night today… Your wetness …aghh.. Is driving me crazy.., Mmm…” Kaoru gasped as his eyes turns white with ecstasy.

Shusei and you are playing game in the room with him leading the game. You suddenly whisper to him that you did not have any panties and bra on, causing him to distracted and win the game. He asks you to state the request since he lost the game.

“I want you to go in raw tonight.” You smirked and spread your legs wide to show him your pussy.

Shusei eyes turn lust and he immediately undresses himself. He then strips you naked out of the remaining clothes. “I will be gladly to do that. I have been waiting for so long for this and I don’t think we are getting any sleep tonight.” Shusei smirked.

He penetrates deep inside you and his body immediately shiver. He starts oscillating his hips roughly on you and his breathing get ragged soon.

“Oh mine! Mmm.. your inside is ….Aghh…so wet and hot….Mmm..It is so different….Mmm… from previous…. Aghh… I almost ….Mmm….reaching my limit…” Shusie moaned, as he continues increases his pace against you, with eyes turning white.

Chiaki and you are watching a TV program in the living room. You seated close to him and rub his crotch with your fingers. His breathing gets ragged and looks over to you.

“Today is my ovulation date. Do you want to enter raw inside me?” You stare at his seductively, while continue caress his crotch.

Chiaki pushes you down on the sofa and use his fingers to rub your pussy and slowly inserts his fingers inside you. “Yes, you are so wet inside now. I am going to load my seeds all inside you tonight.” Chiaki smirked.

He pulls out his fingers from you and immediately undresses both of you. He can’t even wait to get into the bedroom and makes love with you in the living room. He keeps oscillating his hips nonstop while both your moaning sound filled the room.

“Mmm… I don’t think….Aghhh… one time is enough for me…Mmm….tonight. Your wetness….Mmm… and hotness inside….are so addictive…Mmmm…” Chiaki gasped, as he loaded his first semen inside you but his hips still continue moving nonstop.

Akiyoshi was on the phone when you step into the bedroom with only a towel wrap around your body. His eyes turn lust and immediate cut short the phone conversation. He then trying to flip the drawer, looking for condom but can’t seem to locate it.

“You won’t be able to find any. I just throw away.” You smirked and undone your towel as you walked towards him. Akiyoshi immediately undress himself and pulls you over, before pushing you down on bed. He hovers on top of you and spread your legs wide apart, placing his member at your entrance.

“You are sure about that? I won’t be able to control and stop myself until morning.” Akiyoshi asked while rubbing his tips at your entrance nonstop. Instead of answering him, you pull him down for a deep kiss and used your legs to wrap around his waist and pull him toward you causing his member entered inside you easily.

“Mmm….Mmm… Aghhh…. the feeling is good….I can’t….Mmm….stop…” Akiyoshi moaned, as he continued thrusting in and out of you while kissing you passionately.

anonymous asked:

Can i ask for luke panicked when MC go for a short trip without telling him. I'm so Happy that your ask box is open 😁😁

One day, you received a call from you high school classmate to go for a short trip as a gathering. Your friend has rented a vocation house where the view is beautiful. You are excited but Luke is emotionless when you invited him to come along. Thinking that he is not interested, you decide to precede the trip on our own with your friends. You left the house that day for the trip and soon realized that your mobile is running at low battery. You then realized that you forgot to bring your charges as well. However, it is too late and you decide to proceed as usual.

It been the third day and although you enjoy the gathering with your friends, you can’t help but miss Luke. You wonder if he is eating well or even eating at all. That night, the doorbell ring and everyone wonder who it is. Since you are nearer to the door, you get up to open the door.

“Sexy bone, I finally found you.” Luke exclaimed and then collapse on you.

You panicked and wonder how if he has not been eating for the past few days. Together with some of your friends, Luke was carried to your room. After sometimes in the middle of the night, Luke finally awake.

“Thanks goodness! You are awake. Let me get you something to eat.” You heaved a sigh of relief. However, Luke refuses to let you go by grabbing your hand.

“I am just tired not hungry. You really scare me. Don’t ever leave me without saying anything. I had to get Soryu help to hunt you down.” Luke said sadly.

“I did ask you if you want to come along but you never reply me. So I thought that you are not interested.” You said in surprise.

“Huh? Did you? Maybe I did not hear it. I am just so glad to find you.” Luke smiled and pulls you down to embrace you in his arms.

“Didn’t you say that you are tired?” You blushed.

“I miss your touch so much that I don’t feel tired at all.” Luke smiled and lifts up your chin. He then kisses you passionately, totally taking your soul away. You even totally forgotten that your friends are just in the next doors.

Luke flips you underneath him and undresses you. He then moves his lips down to your collarbone, kissing and sucking nonstop. Your hands unzip his trousers and he pulls down his trousers together with his boxer as soon as he can. You spread your legs for him and he penetrates deep inside you without delay. Still kissing your collarbone, he gropes your breasts and oscillating his hips roughly on you.

You arched your back in pleasure and open your eyes wide at the sensation. However, you soon realized where you are and cover your mouth to prevent from moaning out loud. Luke moves your hands away and grips your hands with his. “I want to hear your voice tonight. Moan for me.” He smirked and continues thrusting nonstop inside you.

You can’t help but gasp and hope your friends are deep in sleep that they did not hear what going on. You feel his member erect even bigger inside you, hitting all your sensitive spot, making you moaning even louder than before. Luke’s eyes turn while as if he is on nine cloud. He soon ejaculates his seeds deep inside you and you also reached your climax at the same time. He then flops down on you and falls asleep with you in his arms.

The next morning, you left ahead with Luke. Your friends are smirking nonstop when they see both of you off. You got a feeling that they should have heard the noise from your room last night.