smirk undergallows


Puck Robin Summerdream
Elf Student, Neutral Good
Puck has been roleplaying since he was in eco-friendly cloth diapers. It’s a part of the culture of the Summerdream residence. He has been fighting oversized rodents, fire-breathing flying lizards, and lich kings since he could roll a plastic icosahedron. He would be DM if only they’d let him. When not playing D&D, he is studying Elizabethan literature at ALT, playing console games, and ranting about the Sim-Box 1’s stalkercam.

Smirk Undergallows
Halfling Rogue, Chaotic Neutral
Smirk was born in Waterdeep and raised communally by the many women that populated the Busy Hand, the establishment that was his mother’s place of employment. He knows nothing of his father except the surname they share and does not care to find out more, instead acquainting himself with the endless pursuit of gold. Inside, he seeks something more than his meager life, something greater: the endless pursuit of diamonds.