Guys, I have a favor to ask

Hi everyone, this is Tabby. Tomorrow I am going to be offline for most, if not all of the day, as my younger brother is having surgery and wants me at the hospital with him.

Cam is sixteen years old, and he’s autistic (as well as a bunch of other things, but his autism is the main one). Despite his age, he acts and thinks more like a ten year old. Obviously, this makes it hard to relate to him at times, and we don’t share a lot of interests. The ones we do are Legend of Zelda, Supernatural, and (perhaps surprisingly) Precure.

I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to draw a little get well sketch for Cameron featuring his favorite Precure, Cure Sunny. I don’t have money, but I can do a small favor in return- a promo, write a small fanfic, something like that. I want something that’ll give Cam strength and cheer him up during his surgery and recovery, and this morning I thought that it would be a good idea (I tried to draw Sunny myself… but it failed. Badly failed).

If you might be interested, please talk to me at my personal blog, I promise I’ll find a way to make it up to you, and I’m sorry that I’m asking here. Cam follows my personal blog, and I want it to be a surprise, plus this seemed like a good place to ask.

Thank you thank you thank you.