Sunshine, Coffee, and Eyes

Josh Dun / Reader

Hi. This is my first imagine / fic on this blog, so take it easy 😚. Also, feel free to request any time. (Also, this was made on mobile, so apologies for any spelling/alignment errors. I suck at proofreading.


Pairing/s: Josh Dun, Reader

Trigger warnings: Emptiness?? Aside from that, none.

Smut: No. This one’s mostly cutes-y

y/n = your name



It was all you ever saw. When you woke up in the morning, the sun never shined – in your​ perspective. Everything was in blues, in greys, in whites – it was cold. This day was no different.

You didn’t know when this started – the last time you felt the sun seemed like ages ago. Maybe it was back in highschool, when everything seemed so bright and happy – or maybe it was when you got accepted on your very first – and current job as a barista. For the longest time, the smell of coffee enticed you, but no matter how good the brew was, it never gave back the sun.

You weren’t sad, no, not depressed. Everything just felt so…empty.

You sat up on your bed, rubbing your eyes. The curtains were closed, not that you minded – the sun wasn’t coming in anyway.

You trudged your way to your small kitchen, pressing yourself a cup – ah, French Press, your favourite. The smell made you smile, as you prepared yourself for work.


The cafe was fairly quiet. There were a fewer customers, not that you minded. You liked the peace. Your co-worker, Leigh, groaned.

“Its so boring today,” she whined, tapping away at her phone.

You looked up from your own. “We work at a cafe, Leigh. You’re supposed to be accustomed to silence. Unless you’re at like, Starbucks,” you exclaimed, giving her the side eye.

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes. “I crave social attention.”

“I don’t.”

“Truth,” Leigh let out a small giggle.

You and Leigh have become fairly close. She worked here before you did, and she was thrilled to hear that there was gonna be a new barista. Truthfully, you despised her at first – talkative, snarky, whiny – you tried to avoid contact with her as much as you can, only to fail and have her blasting random stories on your ear basically your entire shift. Over time though, you came to appreciate that someone was willingly talking to you, and slowly (but surely) started opening up to her. She became your best – and only friend, for over 2 years now. Your day wasn’t complete without her constant ranting, whether personal or on the phone.

She never made the sun shine, though.


The two of you sat behind the counter, Leigh stiffling giggles as she read memes, and you putting one earphone on while looking for a song to play. Usually employees weren’t allowed to be on their phones on their working hours, but your manager makes exceptions when the day is slow – so long as you still do your responsibilities.

You couldn’t pick a song. The amount of times you clicked ‘next’ on your phone was now incomprehendable, so you gave up and put your phone down. Right at that second, the chimes of the front door jingled, signalling an entering customer. You and Leigh immediately went to your positions and prepared to greet whoever.

And that ‘whoever’ surprised you. A tuft of pink hair stuck out from his cap, which was on backwards – his lips etched in a soft smile, and those eyes – you quietly marveled at his sight. You mentally slapped yourself as you stood behind the register.

“Good morning,” you managed to spurt out.

The man smiled, his eyes starting to squint – you thought it was adorable.

“Good morning,” he says and stops to look at the menu.

“I’ll just have a french press, make that medium,” he said, as you fumbled around the register, inputting his order.

“W-Would you like anything else? We – have, er, breakfast items available,” you stuttered out. He pondered for a moment.

“Pancakes sound nice right about now,” he finally decided. “I’ll have a serving.”

“Okay – um,” you finished typing in his order. You took a medium cup, and realized that you had to ask his name – gulp.

“What name should I put – I mean write?” your mind was still jumbled.



Josh has been frequently visiting the café, at times twice a week, at times, thrice. You noticed that whenever you greeted him, his smile made his eyes squinty and barely there – but when Leigh did, his smile was softer, and more formal. Thoughts ran into your mind, but you immediately pushed them out. Today, you greeted him – and he was with someone else, too.

“Good morning, Josh,” you and Leigh already had him at first name basis, which was a thing you did to your regulars. “French Press and Pancakes again?” you ask.

“French Press, but make it waffles this time,” he grinned. You softly smiled and inputted his order.

“How about you, sir?” you looked at the man Josh was with – messy brown hair, soft eyes. He looked tired.

“I’ll have was he’s having,” he says, bumping his hand on Josh’s shoulder.

You took two cups and wrote Josh’s name.

“May I ask for your name?” you directed to the other dude.

“Mmmmmmm, Tyler,” he says, yawing. You wrote his name, got their payment, and they mumbled a ‘thank you’ before heading off to their seats.

“He has a friend with today?” Leigh peers at you. You shrug your elbows.

“Looks like it. He looks really tired,” you told Leigh your observation.

“That’s what coffee’s for,” Leigh said as you two worked on their order – you on the French Press, Leigh on the waffles. After you finish, you put them in a tray and set them on the counter.

“Order for Josh and Tyler!” you projected. They both stood from their seats and walked to the counter. Josh, once again, smipes at you, and you thought you saw Tyler smirking while looking back and forth between you and Josh. They went back to their seats and you saw Josh slightly punch tlTyler in the arm while the latter was giggling and looking at you. You felt tour cheeks flush and went back to Leigh.

“That Josh dude,” Leigh says. “He’s pretty cute, yeah?’

You were taken aback by her question. “I - Um, I don’t know – maybe? I guess.” you stammered out. Leigh gave out a giggle.

“Shut it, y/n. You’ve been checking him out since he first visited!” Leigh said, rather too loud for comfort, and you immediately shushed her with a finger.

“Leigh! They might hear!” you whisper at her. She stifled another laugh.

“So you DO like him,” she smirked. You groaned, but your cheeks were flushed pink. You couldn’t really deny your attraction to Josh. His voice was low, yet gentle and calm – his hair was unique, and you liked it, and his eyes – the way they squint when he smiles – thinking about it made you fluster a bit more.

And all the while, Leigh was wheezing in hysteria.


When you woke up the next day, you opened the curtains for a change. The view from your window wasn’t very impressive, but it was something. On this particular day, however, you noticed that everything was a little brighter. You wondered why, but didn’t dwell too much into it. You did tour usual routine, and headed out the door. You opted to walk today – the cafe around 30 minutes by feet. You breathed in cold air – you could really use the exercise.

Upon crossing an intersection, you spot a tuft of pink hair in front of you – you felt fluttery, but shook it off. For some reason however, your mind decided it was a good idea to catch up to him.

“Josh?” you cautiously approached, in case it wasn’t the said person.

“Oh hey!” his shocked expression made you giggle inside. “You’re the lady at the café!”

“That’s me. I was just on my way there, and I saw you – so I thought I might come say hi,” you smiled. You thought you saw him blush.

“I’m on my way there too, actually!” He smiled – you sihed in your head. His squinty eyes did things to you and your mind.

“Aren’t you with Tyler?” you ask, since Tyler has become a frequent customer as well.

“Nah, said he wanted to sleep in,” he chuckled. “So, you walk to work?”

“Just today, I thought I might get some exercise,” you replied. “I usually go on my bike or a cab.”

“That’s cool,” he shrugged. Both of you continued to walk silently – you occasionally looking up at him.

What you didn’t know was that he was looking at you, too.

“Y'know, I’ve been your customer since, forever, I guess, but I’ve never actually learned your name?” he glanced at you.

You grinned. “Y/n. Y/n F/n. Nice to formally meet you, I guess,” your mind was overflowing with emotions and thoughts at this point.

“And I’m Josh Dun. Nice to meet you too!” There it was again – the eyes. Those adorable, squinty eyes.

Throughout the walk, both of you talked – your favourite bands, singers, actors – your favourite colours, hobbies, books – your preferred coffee – everything. You both even slowed your paces to maximize the time spent, Albeit neither one of you knowing.

Finally, you both enter the café; again, it was pretty quiet.

“Uh - I’ll go on then,” you say. He nods as you go behind the counter, putting your apron on. Leigh stares at you the entirity of the time.

“Spill it,” she smirks. Your face reddens.


“You. Josh. Together. Spill it!” Leigh basically begs; you sigh and whisper everything to her. Her face brightens up and shakes your arm vigorously.

“Uh–um…Ahem,” a voice in front of the counter snaps you two out of your gossip time, only to see Josh. “Order?”

Leigh pushes you to the register, all the while your face reddens. You take Josh’s usual order, and quickly scramble to Leigh.

“I hate you right now,” you groan. Leigh laughs and pats your back.


The morning progresses. Tyler actually comes in a little later, and you see him and Josh talk, Josh looking rather excited for some reason. Tyler keeps looking at you – then him – then back at you again all the while Josh talks to him. You shake your head from your thoughts and continue to work. Later, you see Josh scribble something on a tissue paper, leaving it on top of the plate. They leave, and you go to their table to clean up.

You also take the tissue paper, just to see. Written on it was a phone number, and a small note – ‘Talking to you was fun. Text me sometime? Josh.’ You mentally squeal, and shove the tissue in your pocket.


Each day is brighter and more vibrant. You started texting Josh right after work that day, which was a week ago, and he still continues his regular visits, sometimes with or without Tyler.

As you were pressing your coffee, your phone buzzes – Josh’s name on the screen.

- 'Want to walk together today?’

You quickly type a reply.

- 'Yeah, sure! Same intersection?’

Ever since that day too, you started walking to the café together. You’ve learnt a lot about Josh – how he drums for a living, how he and Tyler has a band, on what colour his hair is next – on why he colours his hair.

He also learns about you, too. How coffee entices you, how you and Leigh became close, how you have next to no friends aside from Leigh, and now Josh. He says Tyler’s your friend, too.

You suddenly ask him about his regularity in the café.

He smiles. “The ambience is nice,” he pauses a moment. “The coffee tastes really nice, too.”

All the while you were staring at hime, not noticing the blush on your cheeks as you watch his lips move as he talks. He stops and looks at you too.

You both werw outside the doors of the café, mindlessly staring at each other.

“And…uh,” he hesitates. “And…maybe because I really, really like one of the baristas,” he smiles and looks away, redness in his cheeks.

Your face reddens. You stomach leaps. You stammer for a response, to no avail. Instead, you stare at him in awe. He looks back at you and smiles, his eyes getting squinty.

“God, I love it when you do that,” a giggle escapes your throat.

“Do what?”

“Squint your eyes when you smile. It’s adorable,” you say softly, almost a whisper.

“I-I really like you, y/n,” he breathes out.

Rays. Rays of sunlight hit your face and illuminate your eyes. The tress have their vibrancy on full, and it seems to be warmer than usual.

“I - um, I do too Josh,” you pause. “A lot.”

“Thank goodness,” he exclaimes as he wraps you in a hug. You hug him back, your eyes wandering the sunlit streets of your town.

He unwarps you from his arms and stares at you – his gaze scanning you beaming face, as he slowly leans in.

“Y/N!” Leigh suddenly barges out and upon seeing you two, widens her eyes.

“Oh! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I’ll go back in now,” she smiles sheepishly as she rushes back – you see her go to the table where lo and behold, Tyler was. He gives a two thumbs up, and starts giggling with Leigh.

Josh looked at you again and smiled. “Should we go in?”

You smile back. “Yeah. I gotta get your French Press ready,” you say with a wink and a peck on his cheek – and run to do your barista duties.



okay sorry if that bored you 😩

Trying to achieve a full front split (just like the depicted), today’s pushing session in the gym actually replicated one in the scene … I’m referring to myself not minding others who could really do the split. However, after that, I’m already a casualty of a pain I actually couldn’t understand the feeling. I thought I just want to stop.

But here’s what. I decided not to excuse for the succeeding drills. I tried much in competition with the pain. I hope that was not a wrong move, eyh? :))

Here’s the main thing. I won’t stop as long as I can endure. Even though today I felt like I really couldn’t do it anymore, I will fight this negativity of thinking. Anyway, I enjoy what Taekwondo teaches me. And I also think, I’m loving the pains, the bruises!

Goethe says: “Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.”