Trying to achieve a full front split (just like the depicted), today’s pushing session in the gym actually replicated one in the scene … I’m referring to myself not minding others who could really do the split. However, after that, I’m already a casualty of a pain I actually couldn’t understand the feeling. I thought I just want to stop.

But here’s what. I decided not to excuse for the succeeding drills. I tried much in competition with the pain. I hope that was not a wrong move, eyh? :))

Here’s the main thing. I won’t stop as long as I can endure. Even though today I felt like I really couldn’t do it anymore, I will fight this negativity of thinking. Anyway, I enjoy what Taekwondo teaches me. And I also think, I’m loving the pains, the bruises!

Goethe says: “Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.”