smilling face

Summary: You’re the daughter, princess and an heir to the throne. One night you sneek out to see the man who stole your heart. But you get interrupted by vikings and especially the man in the chariot leave a wrong first impression.
Words: 1964

You sat before the altar on your knees, the small cross you always wore neatly folded between your hands while you were praying to the lord Christus. It was a soft murmured that came over your lips, before you opened your eyes and looked up to the statue that was hanging on the wall. “Amen.” You wispered while making a cross sigh with your hands. You stood up and walked in silence out of the little church you had, back home. As a princess you were admired by your people, everybody nodded at you, bow or speak to you with ‘my lady’ or ‘your highness’. You hated that part of your life a little, always being the example towards your people. Playing by the rules and things like that. You wanted something adventurous for a change but there was hardly something here. When you walked through the gates you found your father walking over the courtyard, he saw you and stopped.
“Where have you been?” He asked you.
“Praying father.” You answered him with a soft polite voice. He didn’t got further on the subject and you walked besides him to the dining room where servants just briging on the food.
“Just in time.” Your father smiled. You were his oldest daughter, the rightfull heir to the throne he had. Your brother came in and took his pleace on the table so you followed.
“I’m going hunting tomorrow.” You brother said. You putted a piece of chicken in your mouth and slowly started to chew while looking at your father.
“That’s a great idea, you can use the experience.” He nodded.
“Can’t I come?” You asked. Both your father and brother looked at you as if you said something really stupid before they began to laugh.
“You’re a girl Y/n.” My father laughed. You pointed your eyes back to your dinner, ingnoring their laughter.
“My Lord,” You looked up to the guard who walked in. It was hard to behave like you didn’t know him when you were in fact a lot closer to him. You smiled behind your hand while looking at the handsome face Hendrick had.
“What is it?” My father asked.
“The great heathen Army conquered Wessex, it will be a matter of time before they come raid here.” He explained. Your smile disapeared and you looked at your father, he nodded practical.
“Double the guards, set in a curfew for the people. That heathen army will not take over my land.” He nodded strongly. Hendrick bow and gave you a fast gaze before he walked out again. You looked back at your father. “Not hunting, you two stay in the castle from now on.” He commanded the both of you. Great, in so far the adventure you were seeking.

You couldn’t take the risk to be seen so you wore your most neutral dress and a black cloak when you slipped out of the building. You had to see Hendrick one last time before that heathen army would take over the place. You father was confident that he could resist them but if they took Wessex, who had dubble the defenses your father had, what should stop them here? You lurked from behind the wall to the gates, soldiers everywere so you had to find another way to get out. You climed up a wooden shed that gave you acces to the wall. You smiled a little about the adventure you currently had. When non of the guards was looking you let yourself fall on the other side of the wall, running in to the woods. You picked your dress up while carefully walking through the woods to a big shed behind the fields. Hendrick his brown horse stood bound on a pole, trembling a little out of fear when you arrived. You pushed the door under a loud crack open and looked for the guard that stole your heart. “I didn’t thought you would come.” He said. You walked over to him, he pulled you against his body in a tide embrace.
“Do you really think that an heathen army and some extra guards will stop me from seeing you?” You asked smilling. He cupped your face and kissed you tenderly.
“This could be our last time together.” He wispered. You looked at him, in the dim light of the torch his face was more beautifull than ever.
“Than we should make the best of it.” You answered while biting your lip.
“We are Christians Y/n, we shouldn’t do this before marriage.”
“But if it is our last time, who would care? I love you Hendrick.” You pulled on his belt and he smiled in mischief. But for you could go any further you heared his horse calling out, you also heared something else. You looked over your shoulder towards the door. “You heared that?” You asked. Hendrick pressed his lips against your neck, give a little bite and you forgot your surrounding already. His belt felt on the ground when the sheddoor flew open with a load crack. You turned around and looked at … Vikings.

You yelled when they pulled you with your hair back outside. “Y/n, don’t say a word.” Hendrick yelled at you.
“He is a guard, kill him.” One of those men said. You looked at Hendrick while they slitting his throat without any form of mercy. You started to fight back, yelling, crying. “Silent you.” The man grinned, covering your mouth so you couldn’t yell anymore. And even if you could, they wouldn’t hear you, you were way to far from home.
“It’s a long time since we saw a nice looking slavegirl like you.” One of the vikings grinned. Your eyes filled with fear you looked how one of them trew of his belt, opening his pants.
“She isn’t a slave. Leave her.” Somebody said. You looked at the chariot with the white horse in front. You looked at the man who sat on it, piercing blue eyes, a face covered in blood and anger.
“She looks like a slave.” One of the others said. It was clear that the man on the chariot was in charge of the small group.
“That aren’t slaveclothes. And a slave wouldn’t come all the way out here to fuck a guard.” He pointed towards Hendrick. He was challenging his men, the most of them looked away or nodded, the man who was on his way for raping you looked back.
“I saw here first, I want her.” And as a reaction on that the man in the chariot drew his axe and trew it right at the other Viking, hitting him in the chest. The viking felt dead within seconds.
“Somebody else who wants to challenge me today?” He asked harshly towards the other men, their felt a long silence and the man in the chariot nodded satisfied before looking at you. “She’s mine.” He said with a smile, the fear you already had overcame the rest of your body.

They had a camp a couple of miles from your fathers kindom, they were closer than you thought … and they were smaller in numbers to. “I have word from your brothers that they will move north from Wessex.” You heard some of the man say to the man in the chariot. You have heared the stories of the viking Ragnar Lotbrok, he had sons and they were all here now. You looked at the ground but you felt the piercing eyes of that man right through you. You slowly looked up at him, he looked at you rather amuses.
“What are you? A princess?” He asked you. Your hand was folded around the little cross around your neck. “And a Christian.” He nodded before he looked at the other men. “Bring her to my tent.” He commanded them. They pulled you forward between the other vikings in. They all looked at you and maybe you should be glad that that men took you for himself, otherwise there wouldn’t be much left if they all did their thing with you. They bound your hands together, sat you secure on a pole in his tent. And then he came in … or rather he crawled in. You looked over his body to his legs who just laid there while he pulled his body further. “Never seen a cripple before?” He asked. You looked back at the ground, determined to be silent the whole time. He crawled towards you, pulled a knife. In fear you started to back away from him, he only laughed about it before cutting your restrains. “You can run away,” he pointed towards the exit while holding his head tilted. “But I told them that if you do they could have you. By the looks of it you never had a man before, can tell you that we vikings have a slightly different approach.” He explained amused. You let your fear and emotions not in the way of looking at him with a sort of confident. “Or you can stay here, give me some information, please me instead.” That was the deal you got from him. Your eyes gazed to the exit before looking back at him, you didn’t move. “Good choise.” He grinned. He pulled two cups and filled it with something you didn’t knew. He offered you one but you didn’t take it, you just watched. “Do you have a name?” He asked without looking up from his cup. He brought it to his lips and drank it out in one go. When he looked at you again his eyes were a little impatient. He was handsome … despite for the legs. He wasn’t that hard to look at.  “I killed my brother a couple of days ago so I’m not in the mood for your silence treatment. You gonna talk, if your want it or not.” He threatened. He killed his own brother? Why would he do that? Maybe he was lying, to get you to talk. So you lifted your chin a little, stubborn like always. His grinn disapeared and you swallowed the fear away. “Is it not a Christian thing, to put you on a cross if you didn’t obay the rules?” He asked rather silent. He putted your cup away and moved closer, catching your hand before you could pull it away. He forced your hand flat on the ground and pierced his knife right through the middle of it. You started yelling tried to pull away but he was so strong. “Like this?” He asked, looking a you with that grinn on his face you discust.
“Please.” You begged him softly, tears rolling down your face. He pulled his knife out of your hand, watching your blood sinking into the earth before he looked at you wet face.
“Hush now, I told you I wasn’t that patience.” He wispered while running his fingers over your cheek. You closed your eyes, trying to ignore his fingers over your skin. “Tell me, what’s your name?” He asked.
“Y/n. I’ m the princess.” You answered him quietly. You opened your eyes, looking at him. “And yes, I’m the heir to the trown, so if you want to bargain with me for surrender, it might work.” You get further. The cripple pulled back, smiling like an idiot.
“I’m not gonna bargain, you didn’t heared what I said before, you’re mine now.” He petted you on the knee and you only could stare to him while he ripped some fabric apart and start wrapping your bleeding hand. “Sorry for that, have anger issius that need working on. I’m Ivar by the way.” He looked up at you, still whit that cocky irritante smile of his. “Nice meeting you Y/n.” He said.

Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up to Sirius playing with my hair. We barely slept last night. We were way to nervous and excited to see Teddy. I could feel Sirius smile down at me.

“Goodmorning.. Today’s the day!” He whispered.

“I’m so excited!” I giggled.

“Lets grab breakfast and go get our Teddy.” Sirius said, his fingers still playing with my curls.

We grabbed two croissants and two coffees and headed to the orphanage with our baby carseat installed. Sirius wanted a carseat for his motorcycle but I told him it wasn’t a good idea. We finally arrived to the orphanage and the lady welcomed us. She made us sign a few other papers and she told us to wait. Sirius was jumping around from excitement. She came back a few minutes later with Teddy in her arms. When he saw us, he outstreched his arms to hug us. Sirius took him in his arms and hugged me. It was our first family hug. The little baby kept giggling and his small hands were holding my cheeks.

“Hi buddy!” I said, smilling.

Teddy giggled and tapped his hands together. Sirius was crying again.

“Don’t you look so cute little Teddy bear!” Sirius said, tickling the baby.

“Here is all his stuff. This is his favorite blanket, he loves holding it. And here are the few of his clothes..” the lady said.

I grabbed the bag and Teddy mubbled some baby words reaching for his blanket. I giggled and gave it to him. He smilled and burried his face into the baby blue blanket. We left and headed home. We had a bit of trouble putting him in his carseat but we figured it out eventually. Arriving home, Regulus was waiting for us on the balcony stairs. He ran to the car while we undid Teddy’s seatbelts.

“Oh he’s so cute!” Regulus said.

“Say hi to Reggie Ted!” Sirius said, tickling Teddy’s neck.

Regulus smiled and Teddy waved his little hand at him. We walked inside and showed the house to Teddy. His eyes were big and his mouth was shaped into an “o”.

“This is your room Teddy!” Sirius said.

Teddy giggled and looked around smiling at all the stuffed animals and toys.

“Look! Daddy got you a Puppy and a wolf just like Padfoot and Moony!” Sirius said, showing Teddy the stuffed animals.

Teddy grabbed the two stuffed animals with his small hands and wrapped them in his blanket. He laughed and Sirius and I sat down next to him.

“He’s beautiful..” i said.

“He is.. I already love him so much..” Sirius said, looking at the distracted baby.

“He’s our son.. can you believe it?” I asked, smiling to myslef.

“It’s hard too.. He’ll grow up pulling pranks and playing quidditch..”

“And reading books!” I laughed.

“Oh yes we can’t forget about the books! Do you think he will be a Gryffindor?” Sirius asked, brushing his fingers on the baby’s back.

“I don’t know.. But I’ll be proud of him no matter what..”

Teddy yawned and I took him in my arms.

“You tired baby?” I asked the sleepy Teddy.

He yawned again. He had his blanket, his black dog and his wolf in his arms. His eyes semmed heavy and he instantly closed them.

“He makes me want to take a nap too!” Sirius whispered.

“Do you want to go take a nap in our bed with him?” I asked.

“Oh yes! Family nap!” Sirius whispered, smiling.

We walked to our room and layed Teddy between us. Sirius and I were both laying on our sides, facing our tiny baby.

“I could stare at him all night..” sirius said.

I bent over the sleeping Teddy and kissed Sirius’ lips.

“We’re parents babe.” I said.

“We’re parents.”

And we fell asleep, protecting our little Teddy.

April 10th 1978

Dear Journal,

It was Sirius’ and I last night together before we could call eachother “husbands”. Tommorow, we would be married. It was a tradition for the two lovers not to see eachother until the ceremony. The wedding was such a big deal for Sirius because all his life, he was meant to marry a pureblood girl. He wasn’t like that… He didn’t like girls. His family would have forced him to marry someone he didn’t like… that’s why the wedding was so important for him. Him being with me was like a miracle. For me, getting married would mean that we could be together forever. Wanting to be with Sirius until our world would end is the thing I always hoped would happen. Tommorow he will be mine and only. He will be my husband.

I looked at his asleep face, smilling to myself. He was laying on his stomach, his head on his arm. His dark lashes were tickling his cheeks. His lips were full and slightly parted. The white sheets had stopped at the bottom of his bare back, covering his cute butt. I traced a line from the top of his back down to the bottom with a single finger. His skin was warm and extremely soft. I smiled when I noticed his back dimples. They have always been one of my favorite part of his body. Sirius moved a bit and his eyes slowly opened. When he saw me next to him, the corner of his lips went up.

“Hey handsome.” I whispered.

“Hey.” He smiled.

I caressed his cheeks and bite my lip.

“Next time you’ll wake up next to me, i’ll be your husband.” I said, taking his hand in mine.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment since I saw you reading your book alone in a cabin of our first train ride to Hogwarts..” he said, kissing my lips.

“And I, since the day I looked up from my book and saw you in my cabin on our first train ride to Hogwarts.” I giggled.

“Do you think we were meant to happen?” Sirius asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well.. It was like love at first sight and now we’re basically getting married.. We are perfect for eachother.. Do you think we were made to be together?” He asked, smiling softly.

“I do.. we’re soulmates after all.” I smiled.

He giggled and kissed my cheek, sitting down on the bed.

“Well, I really miss our son.. How about we go get a french breakfast with Teddy and Regulus?” He asked.

“That would be lovely.”

I will write tonight.

May 19th 1998

Dear Journal,

When we were back from Hogsmeade, Lily, Marlene and Sophie were painting their nails with muggle nail polish. When Lily saw James, she ran up to him and gave him a big hug.

“Show me your tattoo!” She said with a big smile on her lips.

“I hope you will like it..” he said, blushing.

He sat on the red couch and lifted the hem of his trousers to reveal his bare ankle. A small Lily flower was drawn on it. When Lily saw it, she slightly gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

“Don’t you like it love?” He asked, frowning.

“Jamie.. I love it! You did this.. for me?”

“Well… I’m in love with you and i wanted to show you that I will always be…” he said, running his fingers in her long ginger hair.

“I love you so much James!” She responded, taking his red cheeks in her hand, kissing his lips.

“Enough love brids!” Marlene said laughing.

“What is that liquid you’re putting on your nails?!” Sirius screamed.

“It’s Nail polish! Have you never heard of it Sirius?” Lily asked.

“No.. Can I have some too?!” He said, getting excited.

“Sure! Come on I’ll do it for you!” Lily said, taking his hand and sitting him on the couch. I snuggled beside him and stared at the excitement in his eyes.

“Which colour do you want?” Lily asked him.

“Heum… Moons which colour should I get?” He said, turning to face me, smilling ear to ear.

I just looked at him with a smile on my lips. He looked happy and it made my heart warm up.

“Why are you staring at me like that!?” He giggled.

“I don’t know.. I just think you’re so cute..” i said, quickly kissing is lips.

“No but Seriously! Which colour should i get?” He asked.

“I’m sure you want me to say black..” i smirked.

“I really hoped you did!”

Lily slowly painted his nails with the black nail polish. When she was done, Sirius was very happy of how it looked.

“This stuff is amazing! Look at me! I’m a whole new person!” He laughed.

“You look amazing babe..”

After winning a few chest games against Sophie, we headed back to our dorm to draw our map of the sky. Our astronomy professor wanted us to be very carefull and to draw our map almost perfectly so, we decided to have a sleepless night since we don’t have classes tommorow. That meant I could cuddle Sirius all day and all night. Sirius said i was very cuddly today…
I mean.. He’s kinda right.. I really wanted to kiss him in that moment, but i didn’t want to annoy the boys..

“How about we just put all our blankets and pillows beside the window?” James asked.

“Yes! I’ll go get snacks in the kitchens!” Sirius said.

I then saw the opportunity.

“I’ll come with you Pads!” I quickly said.

“Oh! Okay! Come on!”

We walked down the stairs and got out of the common room. The moment the door closed, I grabbed his wrist and turned him around, softly pinning him on the wall. I put my hands on his cheeks and crushed my lips against his. He was suprised, but kissed back after a small moment. His hands found their way to the hem of my shirt and i could feel is warm fingers on the exposed part of my skin. Not breaking the kiss, I took him by the waist and lifted him up so he could wrap his legs around my my waist. His fingers tangled up in my hair and i could feel his cheeks heat up. I slowly pulled away to catch my breath, still holding him against the wall.

“What was that for?” He asked, smirking.

“I don’t know.. I just wanted to kiss you really bad!” I giggled, looking down.

“Don’t be shy baby! I liked it!” He soflty kissed my forehead.

“I don’t want to put you down!” I giggled, still holding him.

“Then don’t!” He giggled too.

After getting the snacks, we came back to the dorm and James had all our pillows and blankets in a corner near the window. We all sat together and waited for the stars to light up in the sky.

The first one to light up was the Sirius star.

February 7th 1976

I.O.I reaction to asking you out


Okay nayoung you can do this okay they are coming “Hey Y/N I have something to tell and ask you” and y/n say “okay what is it” “I really like you and i want to know if you would like to be my girlfriend” Then you say “ I would love to”  SHE SAID YES SHE SAID YES I’m gonna wink at her

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Kay just be calm let me touch up my makeup before she gets here “Hey chungha what you doing” you say SHES HERE O MY GOSH SHE SAW ME PREP TALKING SHOOT well i guess it is now than never “Y/N will you be my girlfriend” “Well after that prep talk you were giving yourself how could i say no” I’m so happy right now and yet so embarrassed 

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Were is she I have to go to makeup in a little bit and I want to as them out before I go on stage there she is take a deep breath and lets go “Hi Y/N”  “Hi Sejeong i came to wish you go luck on stage” y/n say “Y/N I have known you for a while now and i want you to be my girlfriend” “Yes sejeong” I AM SO HAPPY i keep smiling  while she is trying to do my makeup i see her lets give a thumbs up

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I’M LATE I’M LATE Its so hard running i see them “Y/N Y/N OVER HERE” “Hey you okay your hair is messed up and stuff and i have to leave in a little bit” Y/n say “Y/N i like you and i would like to know if you would be my girlfriend” “Yes yes i would love to be your girlfriend”And through my tired face I smilled and was happy that they said yes

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Kay I’m going on in a few minutes and they are not here and think I will be to nervous on stage if they don’t show up on time “ Jieqiong or shall I say pinky now” y/n say  “y/n you can call me jieqiong and i have like two minutes before I go on so i have to make it quick I know this might not sound romantic because of the time i have to ask you but will you be my girlfriends” “Yes” y/n said “Good and now i have to go on stage bye see you after the show” I went on stage and performed thinking of them 

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Kay so when is y/n getting here “Sohye I’m over here and I got you a gift” y/n say while giving me a gift wow that’s took me by surprise I feel bad I didn’t give her a gift “y/n this is a beautiful gift and i have something to tell you” why am i so nervous to as her i have know her sense forever “Okay y/n will you be my girlfriends” “Yes and a thousands time yes” they say that and hug her I AM SO HAPPYYYY 

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Don’t be shy yeunjung you can do this “Hey yeunjung” y/n say shoot now I’m shy and stuff i don’t think i can ask her no wait you can you can do it “Hey y/n i have to ask you willyoubemygirlfriend” “i love it when your shy and yes” they say SHE SAID YES I should take her on a date right now

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Who do they think they are by flirting with them can they just walk away from them FINALLY “Hey yooj-” “y/n will you be my girlfriend” WHY DID I INTERRUPT HER AND SAY THAT SHE IS PROBLEY GOING TO SAY NOT “Yes” y/n said They said yes THEY SAID YES

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Okay i see y/n I think I should walk cool towards them to get more of there attention “PFFT haha doyeon what are you doing” y/n says “Um trying to get your attention” Why do you want to do that” y/n says confused “Y/N will you be my girlfriend”  “Um let me think about YES” THEY SAID YES I HAVE A GIRLFRIENDS YES

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Okay everthing is going to be perfect everything is going to be fine there they are okay lets do this *Goes up to you and serenades you* “Y/n will you be my girlfriend” “Um you just sang to me in front of everyone and i had a crush on you sense forever so yes” SHE SAID YESS

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Okay somi you can do this maybe i could do some aegyo to think I’m cute Okay let’s do this “Y/n will you be my girlfriend” “ I’m sorry somi I have to say yes” y/n says WHY DOES SHE DO THIS TO ME she always acts like she is going to say no but says yes BUT ANYWAY SHE SAID YES

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    No wonder Gabe hate taking pictures   
{ Mercy asked Gabe for picture, well even that he don’t like taking pictures but she only said that was for her album only so…. no hurt to accept [ and he fell into a trap ] } 

  When he found out:

    I want to be stupid so I think about this one, not too funny but I tried my best ‘’’’OTL……..

 Reyes’s smilling face :) 

and Young McCree’s stupid face :v 



A dying crowd

I step through the doors

I breathe in the Glade scented air

A deeeeep inhale

You can hear the annoyance in my breath

Passive aggressive grins greet me

“yes I haven’t been here in weeks, yes I know I’m the only one who can manipulate 6 strings in this building”

I’m not sorry

I want to give a pleasant offering

But bitterness keeps creeping in

I’m trying but these thoughts keep whispering

How unfit I am

What have I done with the life You’ve given me

Quarter life crisis mode

No where close to the plans I told my 15 year old self

The light in my eyes flickers

The air I breathe keeps getting thicker

I’m choking on the lies every face in this place lives by

I’m exhausted by the words the preacher man says

“ you cant see heaven if your life’s a mess, you can’t come to church without a dress and a smilling face. Be perfectly perfect and someday you’ll see the golden gates. Maybe someday we’ll be rich someday we’ll have peace someday we’ll be. Someday ”


It can be today

Why the hell am I still here?

Listening to the lies you swear by

I take hold of mom’s hand

And remind myself someday I’ll be free