smilling face


    No wonder Gabe hate taking pictures   
{ Mercy asked Gabe for picture, well even that he don’t like taking pictures but she only said that was for her album only so…. no hurt to accept [ and he fell into a trap ] } 

  When he found out:

    I want to be stupid so I think about this one, not too funny but I tried my best ‘’’’OTL……..

 Reyes’s smilling face :) 

and Young McCree’s stupid face :v 


softcatz  asked:

8 21 22 23 24 30 33 39 40 46 57 59 60 owu

8: What does their laugh sound like?

ITS THE CUTEST….. i lovee ot so muchh I could listen to it allll the time…

21: What is your favorite outfit on them?

I DONT KNOW.. i dont see enough….. i like that picture with the black hoodie… i wish i seen more….

22: Are they good texters?

Yes i llove talking to you….

23: Your favorite feature about their appearance.

everything?? Everything!! Ii love face and smille and aaabbhv…. gaycute…

24: Your favorite thing about their personality.

Aaa i really love.. everything i love how soft and nice you are and how good you are…. and how easy t is to talk to you and how understanding you are. … and everythihhh else

30: What is the funniest thing they have ever said?

Umm idk?? I always laugh when i talk to you but i cnat remember a specific rn….. ilove you

33: Cutest?

Soo much… esoecially from gaysubmit hmmm i dont know which onr to say…. gthat would be exposing gay too hmm

39: What would your dream date be with them?

Anythijbg evrn just doing nothing and just laying around at home with….. anything would be so good

40: Does anyone know about your crush/love?

One and a half people i know irl do…. i guess im bad at talking.  But everyone on here knows so!

46: What song reminds you of them?

Auuuunbhh embarrassing question… next

59: How long did you know them before you started falling for them?

Aaa i don’t know it was around the time of hay there ;-) so….hhbbhb

60: Was there a defining moment when you knew you liked them?

I dont know? Umm not really one but theres like little moments likd that all the time… nnjn but not really one i can remember it just happened over time…. swag