Favorite OTP Pairings:


“Well, that hair, those limbs, that surprising brain. it’s like she’s from another planet. She’s a true eccentric. Karen provides my funniest moments on a daily basis. Seeing her run. Seeing her move. Seeing those limbs extend. When she opens her mouth, it tends to be funny – unwittingly, but funny. But underneath her mad exterior, she’s sharp. She’s just perfectly Amy Pond. People love her. She’s hilarious.”

~ Matt Smith, on Karen Gillan.

Torturing Karen Gillan, Matt Smith's Specialty

Matt: Although I do watch [my old Doctor Who episodes] sometimes, and then pause on Karen’s face!

Karen: And then he sends me pictures!

Matt: And I send like the worst [picture]. So, the other day, The Girl Who Waited was on…

Matt: And I pause it when she’s like forty.

Matt: And she’s like

Karen: And then I see it and I’m like, ugh