Things that made me smile this week:

Sunday: While driving to New Jersey, two idiots flew past us doing about 900mph on a congested stretch of highway. They were racing, and as they wove back and forth dangerously between the traffic, I wondered how people can be so self-centered, careless, and stupid. A few miles down the road, we passed them. The racers had been pulled over by several police officers. It made me smile, and laugh.

Monday: I had to wake up at 5am this morning, and as my brain was coming out of its slumber, I noticed the soft trickle of rain against the window. The gentle sound made me smile.

Tuesday: Anna and I went to the beach for a mini vacation. She assembled my beach wheelchair and took me down to the water so we could hang in the surf together. A few waves almost knocked me out of the chair, although Anna swears she was in control the whole time. Her constant willingness to adapt so that we can experience life together made me smile.

Wednesday: Sarah said Andrew’s bedroom smells like cat urine. It made me smile.

Thursday: We went to my grandfather’s house to celebrate his birthday. We discovered that his can of bug spray had expired in 2004. It did not keep the mosquitos away but it made me smile.

Friday: Erinn and I got into a heated argument during work. It was the first time in our 10+ years of knowing each other that I felt the entirety of her wrath. It was terrifying. Half an hour later, the office blanketed with awkward silence, Erinn piped up: “Shane I’m sorry I lashed out at you before.” We all started laughing, and it made me smile.

Saturday: Anna and I went on an interesting date tonight. We wrote out a series of directions. (e.g. Turn left after counting 25 mailboxes. Make a right when you see a dog.) We left the house and followed the directions as they led us to many towns we had never seen before. At the end of the excursion, we pulled into the first dining establishment we saw (a little Italian family restaurant), where we had a delicious meal. The whole evening made me smile.

What made you smile this week?

Things that made me smile this week

Sunday: In an attempt to quietly leave the house this morning without disturbing our sleeping parents, Andrew set off his car alarm and then couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. It made me smile.

Monday: I had a business lunch at a local steakhouse today. While ordering mashed potatoes, I asked the waitress if they came with gravy. She said, “No, but I can load them up with cheese and bacon if you want?” It was like she was inside my mind. It made me smile, and so did the potatoes.

Tuesday: We shipped out a large order for 200 books to a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. Figuring out the shipping logistics of such a sizable international order was a headache, with several extended visits to FedEx, but Erinn and Sarah handled the confusion with patience. There was a moment where I reflected on how far my book has spread and it made me smile.

Wednesday: We had a Skype chat with a new supporter who recently made a very generous gift to our company. His humor was spot-on perfect, and he joined in the typical office banter of making fun of each other. It made me smile.

Thursday: The sunset was beautiful this evening. It made me smile.

Friday: Pat and I ordered a disgusting amount of wings and spent the night playing video games. Pat spent a considerable amount of time in the bathroom. Mom and dad came home from mini golfing, and mom announced that dad is the worst mini golfer in the history of mini golfing. It made me smile.

Saturday: My girlfriend’s cat has been terrified of my wheelchair since I began visiting her house in the winter. Today, he finally started warming up to me, walking past my chair without going berserk when I moved a few inches. But it was too good to be true because when I said his name he freaked out and ran for the door. It made me smile.