smiling young woman with legs crossed sitting on a table

The Devil Within || V: Villainous


Blue eyes opened slowly, adjusting to the low light of the firehouse. She scanned the room, given the situation one person was always supposed to be up… but from the looks of things, someone had nodded off.


Before Holtzmann could call out for whomever was supposed to be watching over her, she was silenced by the creature. Well, it was more of an entity and less of a physical creature… even if it was doing a smashing job of turning the engineer into a monster.

They had moved her from being strapped down to the worktable… to being trapped down on an actual hospital bed. Which wasn’t much better. Unbeknownst to the others, something like this was Holtzmann’s personal Hell, memories of childhood hospital visits constantly buzzing in her mind.

Between the restraints and essentially knock out drugs, she was constantly hounded by nightmares from the past. The entity wasn’t making it much better. If anything, it was using these fears to it’s advantage, dwindling down her resolve.

It was in control, taking it’s opening in her psyche. It strained against it’s bonds, opting to test Holtzmann’s bodily strength as it clenched the engineer’s hand and began to pull, straining just enough to pop the buckle free.


The young woman was essentially tossed to the side in her own mind and her body sat up, running the now free hand through the engineer’s blonde hair, pushing it out of it’s eyes. It released itself with ease, booted feat padding quietly on the ground before stretching stiff muscles. The blonde’s body had been confined to a sleep-state for far too long.

The physicist had nodded off while reading and the entity couldn’t help but contort Holtzmann’s face into an unhinged smile before quietly sitting on the coffee table. She was cross legged, fingers neatly laced as it rested the younger woman’s chin on her own hands. It watched Erin sleep, considering it’s options.

It chose to wait.