smiling while running

Don’t imagine Dan and Phil being away from each other this Christmas. Don’t imagine them missing each other so much that they skype each other until 3am. Don’t imagine them meeting back at their house and running to hug and kiss each other. Don’t imagine Phil getting down on one knee to tell Dan that he never wants to be away from him again. Don’t imagine Dan trying to hide his smile while tears run down his face. And don’t imagine Phil putting a ring on Dan’s finger while Dan cries tears of joy because they will never have to be apart again.

BTS Reaction To Their Crush Falling Asleep On Them


Mama Jin mode activated. He starts to worry and fuss over you because he just wants you to be comfortable. Tries to reach for a blanket to cover you with and worries if your head is uncomfortable or if that position is gonna give you cricks, so he tries to adjust himself to optimize your comfort. In the end, he accidentally wakes you up and regrets it because he would have liked to have you close to him for longer.

“That can’t be comfortable.”


Suga was already asleep when you had finally drifted off, your head falling onto his lap. He would stir a bit once he felt your weight on him, smile lightly while running his fingers through your hair once then going back to sleep.



He would be a smiling mess over how adorable you are and he wouldn’t be able to get over how close you are and how much he loves it. He would be overcome with affection and possessiveness, he couldn’t help but start lightly running his fingers through your hair.

“I want you to be mine.”

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This angel is so happy and excited and has a huge smile on his face because he has never been this close to you before. He takes it as some sort of sign like you are meant to be with him because you are drawn to him even in your sleep. His mind keeps running through all sorts of things, already planning your wedding day and what you are going name the kids you two will have.

“What does this mean!?”


This little squish can hardly contain his happiness. He would wanna squeal and bounce around like a fanboy (because he’s your biggest fan), but he doesn’t want to wake you, he just wants to prolong this moment for as long as possible.



This boy did not know what was happening. Suddenly he felt a weight on his shoulder and he looked over and you had your head on his shoulder. Contemplates the idea that you’re faking it just to be close to him.

“What? Is she faking it? Does this mean she likes me too?”


Expect complete and utter shock. This shy boy would not know what to do, heart beating out of his chest, he would just freeze, he wouldn’t move and would barely breath because as shy and nervous as it made him he still didn’t want to wake you up or have you move.

“What do I do?”


SHINee World 2017 Kobe Day One–170203

From beginning to end they showed stages of the five dancing! Jonghyun was always smiling while dancing, running, walking and jumping like he was so excited to be able to do the concert. During a talk, he said “(look) I’m okay now, right? In just a little bit longer I’ll be back to normal!”

[T/N: Jonghyun danced almost all of the songs in the concert, aside from the more difficult ones like MTTM.]

Cr. emionni Trans: professorjjong

“I’m sorry”

USUK dtweek day 2:war/soulmates


Kiesha’ra Myths I Made UpFish Elavie

There is a story that Avian mothers tell their children—there are women in the river and the sea, and they will drown you if you step too close.

The Mer, as the Avians call them, are wicked beings gifted their forms by the very first ocean storm, whose name is Yammu, when Atargatis unintentionally killed the shepherd boy she loved. So ashamed by her actions, she rowed into the eye of a thunderstorm and threw herself into the waves, and Yammu (who is the storm and the river and the sea) pitied her and gave her the form of a fish. But the ocean could not conceal her beauty and she took the form of a Mer—a fish below the waist, human above.

After her death, her son, who was named Oceanus, convinced his twin to feign godhood, and when they passed away their children took their place as Poseidon, Neptune, Triton, Amphitrite, Ino, Leucothea, and Clytie. It was from this worship that the Mer realized that they could obtain gifts through offerings and chants and songs to carry down to the Deep-Mer, who could summon storms and hurricanes, could muster a maelstroms from nothing but their emotions and their honey dipped voices. These gifts could be used to calm even the most vicious of Deep-Mer, so that the sea may be turned smooth once more.

Many of the gifts, these false gods would warn, never make it to the depths, and instead the Mer of the surface would smile and estimate how long it would take for the sea to calm. The humans would wait and watch in amazement when, two days later, the skies would clear and they could sail once again.

They are tricksters and thieves, the Avians sneer, beautiful murderers with gills over their neck and scales woven in their hair. The Mer are seducers born of the murk and seashells, their voices made of knives and when they sing, you can hear your deepest desire held gently in their soft melodies. Many ill fated sailors have been driven to the point of madness by their sweet musings.

But the Mer are of a deeper magic that even the oldest the Avians could not begin to comprehend. The Avians are of the sky, they could never understand what it is to stand on top the prow of a ship and watch as the skin goes a yellow as a bruise, the clouds clustering and spewing, lightning falling from the sky as the sea rises up to consume your ship with it’s frothing grey-green teeth. They could never understand what is to feel the beginnings of fear as the sea stands still for half a breath, it’s waters towering above the ship one is standing on, before swallowing you whole—and then to hear, in the distance, a soft voice that grows, grows, grows into a swelling of song that fills your ears as surely it fills the sky and seas.

It is divine, it is sublime, it is the kind of magic that old men whisper of, bent low over their tankards of beers, who have only heard and never seen, when they were much younger, from other old men bent low over their tankards of the terrible wild beauty of the Mer.

For the Ocean was born hungry and the Mer are its teeth, ready to rip and tear and devour you whole.

An imagine based off the beginning of your relationship with Tig, based off “Nothing Left to Lose” by The Pretty Reckless

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I was only 19, you were 29
It’s just 10 years, but its such a long time
In a heartbeat, I would do it all again

Late night sex, smokin’ cigarettes
I try real hard but I can’t forget
Now in a heartbeat, I would do it all again

You were laying on the bed of your Old Man, Tig Trager. You two had just gotten done having sex; something you two did quite often. You were lighting up your own cigarette, then held up the flame for Tig. You took a drag and sighed the smoke out.

“What you thinking bout, baby girl?” Tig asked you with a curious look on his face.

“Honestly, how we got here. To where we are now.” You looked at him with a smile on your face while running your fingers through his hair. You two had only met a few months prior:

 You crashed a random party that was happening at the clubhouse/TM. You just turned 19, and wanted to have some fun with your friend. She was invited by some guy named Chibs after she brought her car in to get her tires rotated. You were mainly people watching while she was enjoying herself and flirting with the Chibs guy. You had beer in your hand and felt the couch dip next to you. You looked over at the man who decided to sit by you: he had piercing blue eyes and black curly hair. You studied his face for a little longer, noticing the slight wrinkles that were starting to form around his face. You realized you had been staring at him for awhile. He laughed and introduced himself. “I’m Tig. How’d you get mixed up with everyone here? He asked you. “Y/n. I came with the girl talking to the Scot.” You shook his hand and looked around to see if you could find your friend.”And she apparently ditched me.” You scoffed, she always did this to you. Leaving you at parties with no one to talk to. “Don’t worry about her, baby doll, I’ll keep you company.” 

You remembered the first time you met Tig fondly, you didn’t notice Tig sitting up to look at you. “What did you think of me when we first met?” He asked you.

“I was honestly thinking ‘I’m not in the mood to be hit on.’” You chuckled. Tig laid back down on your naked chest and laughed at himself.

“I never thought this would be happening, to be honest. We are both laying in my bed, naked, and talking.”

You laughed. “I know Tiggy. I know how you feel.” Normally, you were the type of girl to indulge in one-night stands, once you got what you wanted from whoever you were sleeping with, you’d collect your clothes and leave. Being so young, you didn’t think you could do a serious relationship. You also knew that Tig was very much the same way, but he would normally be the one to kick girls out. Once you had your first night with Tig, you knew things would be different:

“Holy shit, y/n. That was fucking perfect.” Tig was panting beside you. “Haha, yeah.” You looked over at Tig and smiled. “Well, I guess I should get going, yeah?” You started to make your way out of his bed.You felt him grab your wrist. “Please, y/n. Stay.” You looked down at him, slightly confused, but you still gave him a little grin. You cuddled up to him, and fell asleep.

“I never thought I would bang such an old man.” You started laughing.

“Whatever, doll. I know you love it.” He flipped over and kissed you. “And I know I love you.”

You stared at the man in front of you. Did he really say that he loved you? As if right on cue, you heard Bobby Elvis walking down the hall singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” You started laughing. “I love you, Tiggy.” You wrapped your hand around the back of his head and pulled him closer to kiss him. You stopped. “Ten years isn’t too bad, right?” He nodded. “My parents can get over it.”

don’t ever think about chilling with boyfriend!calum on a rainy day in your room with a blanket thrown over your legs as you read, the sound of calum’s fingers strumming his guitar and forming a new melody creating the background music. don’t think about the way his tongue would poke out of his mouth as he concentrates on creating the perfect sound for the band’s new song, his eyebrows bunching together in a frown when he’s not satisfied with what’s coming out and putting his guitar down and crawling across the bed to you, peeking at you over the book you’re reading, making you drop it and smile while you run your fingers through his soft curly hair. don’t ever think about the way his voice would sound when he’d plead with you to read for him because he is stuck and tired and has no inspiration, his lower lip jutting out in an adorable pout to convince you. doN’t ever think about his crinkly and shiny eyes when you agree and scoot over to make space for him, or the way his arms would feel around you when he’d nuzzle close to you and sigh in satisfaction while you read steadily and loudly tp him. cerTAINLY don’T think about how your skin would tingle when he’d breathe out an “i love you y/n” into your neck just as he was about to fall asleep out of exhaustion. don’t ever think about that.. haha oops