smiling remote controller

Kinky freak [M]

Genre: Smut 

Lenght: 1.078 words

Pairing: Kang Daniel x Reader 

Request(s):  “im obsessed with daddy and kinky kang daniel <3 please make it come trueee”

You smiled watching your reflection in the mirror, you looked at the soft black lace lingerine that covered your body, Daniel was still at practice so you had all the time to prepare your little surprise remembering the words of Seongwoo.

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Here you go anon and @im-like-tink!

Part 10 | Other Parts

  • Annabeth felt a bit sick. After a long talk with Percy, she decided on James’ birthday, Luke would finally meet him. 
  • How could she deny Luke seeing their child? He waited four years to see him.
  • “Mommy, who are we seeing?” James asked as he held onto her and Percy’s hand. 
  • “I told you, someone special.” She replied as they got to the hospital that was taking care of Luke. 
  • She looked at Percy. He gave her an encouraging smile. She told him to come with them. She needed some type of back up just in case something happened.
  • Annabeth signed them all in before Thalia took them to see Luke. She picked up James, hoping that it would give her strength that she made the right decision. 
  • Thalia stopped outside of his room and knocked on the door. 
  • “Luke, you have visitors.” Thalia smiled.
  • The door opened wider and Annabeth saw Luke sitting on his bed, watching TV and a gift wrapped up on the couch. His face lit up when he saw Annabeth and James.
  • “Hi.” Luke looked at them. His eyes landed on James. “Hi there, bud. What’s your name?”
  • James tried to hid his face into Annabeth’s shoulder.
  • “It’s okay sweetie. He’s a friend of mommy’s.” She told him.
  • Luke looked at Annabeth. “Did you tell-?”
  • She shook her head, giving him a pleading look. 
  • Luke looked back at his son. “Your mom told me it’s your birthday. I got you a present.” He got up and grabbed the present.
  • James looked at the gift.
  • “Go ahead, sweetie. Open it.” She put James down and he looked at Luke. 
  • Luke bent down and smiled at James, handing him the gift. “Happy birthday.”
  • James took the gift and slowly opened it. Luke smiled when James’ eyes lit up.
  • “Do you like it?” Luke asked.
  • James nodded and smiled, looking at the remote controlled boat. “Thank you!” He looked at back at the door where Percy was hiding out. “Daddy! Daddy! I got a boat!” He got up and ran to Percy.
  • Annabeth could see the light in Luke’s eyes dull. “Daddy?”
  • “He only started that this morning.” Annabeth told him. “He doesn’t know-”
  • “Who does he think he’s’ visiting?” Luke asked. “One of your friends?”
  • “How am I suppose to tell him Luke? After years of telling him the nicest way possible that you’re dead?”
  • “That you were wrong. That daddy is alive because he made it home from war.” Luke told her. “Anything to tell him that his dad is alive or the guy you’re dating isn’t his real dad.”
  • “He knows Percy isn’t his real dad. But Percy is the only father figure he got in four years.”
  • Luke had tears in is eyes. “Let me tell him. He deserves to know. Or let me bond with him.”
  • James walked back into the room and ran to Annabeth. “Mommy, look!”
  • “I see.” She smiled. “James, there’s something I need to tell you. The special person we came to see, the guy who gave you your present. He’s…He’s….”
  • Luke bent down and looked at James. “Bud, I’m you’re daddy. I was gone for a very long time fighting bad people. But I’m back now.”
  • “You’re my daddy?” James asked.
  • “Yes. I’m your daddy.” Luke smiled. “And I’m so happy to meet you.”
  • Annabeth bit her lip and looked at Percy who was smiling and holding the toy.
  • James smiled and hugged him.