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OK but the thing that gets me the most is that Keith is so conflicted and angry about losing Shiro in the beginning of the season

He doesn’t even smile once, he’s so unhappy and even exploded at everyone once

But then Lance says this, just one simple thing



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"Go on, I dare you" for the prompt thingy, WinterIron, (no angst pls)

“Go on,” Tony said, schooling his face into a straight expression. “I dare you.”

Like it was something they had practiced, Bucky and Clint looked at the door, looked at each other, looked at the door, looked at Tony, and then shook their heads.

“No way,” Clint said. “The last time I woke Natasha up, she stabbed me.”

Bucky nodded. “Doll, I love you, but that is one mountain I am not willing to climb.”

“Wimps,” Tony said.

“Did you not hear the part about stabbing?” Clint yanked up his shirt and pointed to the small scar on his ribs. “With a knife!”

Tony gave him a bored look. “That is typically how you stab someone, yes.” He took a step towards the door. Bucky immediately grabbed his arm.

“Tony, no. Please don’t do this,” he begged.

“Bucky bear, light of my life, I am literally just going to ask Natasha if she accidentally took the remote to bed with her last night,” Tony said. He did his damndest not to laugh. Bucky’s panicked expression was adorable.

“But -”

“It’ll be fine.” Tony patted Bucky’s cheek. “I promise.”

Like the dramatic dumbass he was, Bucky jerked him into a hug and a long, deep kiss, like it was the last time they were going to see each other. “I love you. Godspeed.”

“Seriously. Wimps,” Tony said, squirming out of the hold.

“WITH A KNIFE!” Clint whisper-screamed; he couldn’t yell too loud for fear of waking Natasha up.

Tony rolled his eyes and opened the door. He was familiar enough with Natasha’s bedroom that he didn’t bang into anything as he made his way over to the bed. All he could see was a mountain of blankets. He assumed Natasha was somewhere inside.

“Tasha?” he asked softly. “Do you have the remote?”

There was a moment of silence. Then the mountain moved. A small hand appeared holding the remote. Tony smiled and took it.

“Thanks. Cupcakes later?”

The hand made a thumbs up.

“Cool. Sleep well.” He tiptoed out of the room and closed the door, then brandished the remote like a trophy.

Clint and Bucky looked at him with absolute awe.

|Awkward Dinner Pt. 2| Peter Parker

Peter Parker x Stark!reader

Request: Hahahaha, I really loved the one of Tony and Peter. Would u mind doing lke follow up where two months after Tony is not longer as mad, one night Pete goes to “watch a movie” with the reader before dinner but a condom falls from his pocket and Tony gots really mad because he “was about to break rule number 1” and then the reader confess it has been broken a long time ago, and Tony gots even more mad. And more funny and awkard conversations? Love how u write!

A/N: THANK YOU and i hope you like this!

Warnings: cussing, implied sex, awkward and hurt peter lol, funnish i hope

Words: 1027

Part 1


“Honey- Peter’s here!” My father yelled from the living room. I jumped out of bed and walked out of my room towards my dad.

“Coming!” I yelled back. When I stepped out into living room Peter had just walked in and him and Tony we’re doing some handshake hug thing… something guys do apparently. Just their way of hugging. Peter was still really nervous around my dad tho. He still called him ‘Mr. Stark" and occasionally 'sir’. Maybe just cause he was kinda his boss. They broke apart and my dad looked between Peter and me.

“Y/N said you would be stopping by a bit before dinner so you could watch a movie;” Yeah… a “movie”… “Well, I’m going out to handle something-”

“Are you going to go watch another basketball game?” I asked, crossing my arms and judging my father.

“Ah- What? No…” There was a strong silence and I sighed, walking over to open the fridge. “-Yes. Don’t tell Pepper. She’ll kill me. I said I was working on something for mine and hers two-month engagement thing.” I laughed and Peter walked up to the counter where I poured us two glasses of fruit punch.

“Well have fun, dad,” I said, taking a sip of my drink.

“I will- You too.” He said and I looked at Peter. I winked and he blushed.

“Stop…” Peter whispered, slightly smiling. My dad reached for the door but stopped.

“Oh- I almost forgot the tick-ets…” As my dad turned to us he froze. His eyes were glued to the floor ahead of him. I looked over Peters’ shoulder and gave Tony a confused look. He slowly walked forward and picked something off the floor.

“What?” I asked. My dad held up a square silver packet. Peter looked at my dad too and then looked back at the counter and snorted fruit juice out his nose. He started to cough violently and pat his pockets. He wiped his nose and shook his head towards me. He dropped the friggin condom.

“Uh… Y/N… Peter… What is this?” My father asked. My face turned a deep red and I sighed. My dad narrowed his eyes at Peter, who wasn’t looking at him. “Ay- Parker-” Peter slowly looked at him.

“D-Dad you know what that is…” I started.

“Did you know he brought this!?” My dad’s anger boiled and filled the room.

“Well, yeah… I’m the one who told him to bring it-”

“WHAT!?” Peter slowly put his forehead on the counter as my father basically yelled his head off. “Y-You were gonna- THAT WAS A RULE- NO SEX!” My dad yelled and flung his hands around.

“Can you play 'Another One Bites the Dust’ at my funeral?” Peter silently said.

“P-Peter, you’re not dying today-” I started to say before Tony cut me off.

“Oh don’t speak to soon!” I glared at my father. “You were gonna break rule number one!”

“Well, it wouldn’t be the first time!” I screamed back, immediately covering my mouth. Peter looked up at me, wide-eyed. My dad’s eye twitched and he didn’t say anything for a few moments.

“What- the SHIT! Parker!” He screamed and Peter turned around as my dad was about to charge at him. Without thinking, Peter shot a web at his foot to stop him. His eyes went wide, probably twice then as before.

“Peter! Why did you do that!?” I yelled. Peter ran his hands through his hair.

“I don’t know! I panicked! He’s actually gonna kill me, Y/N!”

“Now I’m actually gonna kill you, you num nut!” Peter stumbled back off the chair and fell on the floor. When I looked back my dad had gotten one of his gloves and shot the webbing. “Peter-” I started but Peter had already jumped over the counter.

“M-Mr. Stark- let’s be calm about this.” Peter began to say, putting his hands up in defence.

“Oh- I’m calm. I’m calm alright. This-” He motioned to his face. “Is my calm face!” He yelled and then shot the glove at Peter. It shot him in the chest and he flew against the wall, causing a dent it in.

“Dad!- Peter!” I yelled, running around the counter to Peter. He slowly got up.

“I’m good, Y/N.” He groaned. I looked at my dad, who was fixing his tie.

“I feel a bit better.” He adjusted his glasses and glared at Peter.

“You know… It’s not just Peters fault.” I said.

“I know- by the way. You’re grounded.” He said to me and I scoffed.

“What!? I-” I was about to yell but stopped. It would just make things worse. “I mean- at least we were using… protection…” I crossed my arms and didn’t look my dad in the eyes.

“I know.. And I thank you for that. But that doesn’t make it ok.” He said, clearly still mad. Peter brushed part of the wall off his shoulder. “And Peter-” He looked at my boyfriend.

“Y-Yes sir?”

“I still like you- but I’m mad at you, again…” He said, his last word like it was venom. Peter gulped and nodded. He stood there thinking for a second. “Parker, you wanna go to a basketball game with me?” My dad asked. Peters’ eyes widened and he looked at me confused but smiling- barely.

“What? What about me!?”

“Oh- Sorry Sweetie, you’re grounded remember?” My dad walked over and grabbed the tickets from off the counter.

“So I’ll be stuck here while you and Peter go off and have fun?” I balled up my fist and glared at Peter, who shrugged.

“Who said he was gonna have fun? He’ll be sitting next to me thinking about this whole situation.” Peter shook his head at me, probably changing his mind about wanting to go to the game. I grinned and pushed Peter towards my dad.

“Have fun!” I smiled evilly. Peter pouted as my dad dragged him towards the door.

“You too.” My dad smiled back at me. I could tell he was still annoyed but was sort of calm now. Peter looked like he wanted to die as my dad threw him out and closed the door behind them.

I rushed to the couch and grabbed the remote, smiling while changing the channel to the basketball game my dad and Peter were going to be attending.

Fruit Loops

(Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Word Count: 5840

Request: “Could you do 63 and 67 with either tjeffs or aham because the sass is real 👌🏻” “To add to the tjeffs or aham one: 42” - @doilyloily 67- "Stop sitting on your ass and start being an ass.“ “What kind of motto is that?”, 42- “I’d punch you but your friend told me not to.”

Summary: You and Thomas are roommates. You have a set of rules so no one gets punched in the face for being a… jerk (for lack of a more vulgar word). But… things don’t really work out as planned.

Warnings: Implied smut, strong language, drinking, cheating (Not from TJ or the reader, someone else, chill out guys)

Tagging: @bad-hatter @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky  @whatdimissmotherfuckers (omg guys can you believe that two of my favorite writers BOTH wanted to be tagged in this????)


Masterlist | Ask Box | Aesthetic |

1. If one roommate is unable to grasp the concept of “paper thin walls”, they are deprived of ‘Froot Loop’ privileges for three days.

“Oh my god, Thomas!” You said angrily, pacing the tiny kitchen of your shared apartment.“You were so loud last night and you know it!”

“But Y/N…” He whined.

“No Thomas, the Froot Loops are mine. Three days. We agreed.” You stopped to cross your arms over your chest and send a piercing glare at him. Your facial expressions were all you had against Thomas, he was taller, bigger, and overall more intimidating.

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Every Time : Derek Morgan x Reader

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“You know what, Derek? Why don’t we just have a night in?” You suggest after a long day of work for him. Both of you had originally planned on going out for a fancy dinner date together but ordering in sounded just as good if you two got to spend time together. He tosses his jacket on to the back of a chair and rubs his temples before joining you on the couch.

“That sounds perfect, sweetheart. I’m sorry about not going out tonight, there was just a tough case today,” he admits, joining you on the couch in the living room.

“And I understand that, it’s just dinner. We can make it up again some other time.” You grab your phone off the coffee table and dial up the Chinese place down the street, asking for your usual order before hanging up. “20 minutes.”

“I am a lucky guy, (Y/N),” Derek says, pulling you on to his lap.

“I think that I’m luckier than you, considering I’m sitting on a god-like being,” you laugh, leaning into his shoulder. He just smiles and grabs the remote to turn on some random show. Derek pulls you into him with is muscular arms, holding you tightly. You start to get a little bored of the show and decide to have a little fun, considering it was date night. You throw one of your legs over Derek’s lap and start to kiss his neck lightly. 

“Oh, baby,” Derek gasps. Hearing him do that immediately made you smirk. “You know this is how we get in trouble.”

“I know, but as long as we keep quiet we’ll be okay,” you say before kissing him roughly. You can feel Derek smile into the kiss and tug you closer to him. He flips you so your back is against the seat of the couch, lightly peppering your neck with kisses. “You should have a long day more often if this is the Derek I get at home.”

“We should just do this all the time, no matter the circumstances,” Derek smirks. He goes back to kissing you warmly as your hands roam over the muscles on his back. As your hands make their way to the waistband of his pants, the doorbell rings.

“Every time,” you laugh halfheartedly. “Maybe we need a new delivery place that’s further away.”

Old Friends (7/7)

this is it guys !  I hope you guys like it ! xoxo

Summary: y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?

Pairings: Sam Wilson x reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x reader

Warnings: smut, violence, angst, swearing

  You slowly open your eyes and are met with brown eyes staring right back at you. You let out a groan and try to move, but you realize you’re strapped down to a medical table.The last thing you remember is being wheeled into what looked like a science lab. It was pristine white and looked like your old dentist’s office. There was a side tray filled with different medical tools, a tank with a mask attached, and a bright hanging light over it. You were wheeled under the light and the mask was placed over your face, then everything went black.

 "What the hell did you do to me?“ Your voice was raspy; you assume you’ve been out a while.

 "Well Kitten, we took care of some of your injuries from the crash. You’re welcome.” His voice was calm but arrogant at the same time.

 "Don’t fucking call me that. Wait until I get out of here, Rumlow. I swear to God I will kill you.“ You push against the restraints but they don’t budge. Your eyes still feel heavy and your body is ridden with exhaustion. You know you need to fight back and buy yourself some time.

 "Awh, I thought you like being called Kitten, it seems like it when Barnes says it.” A smirk plays on his lips, and you send him a glare.

How the fuck would he know that!?

  “Don’t you want to know how I know that? Or how I knew the jet was leaving the tower, with you in it?”

  You roll your eyes, “Well I feel like you’re going to tell me any way, but go ahead, enlighten me.“

  He moves himself so he’s leaning his elbow against the table above your head. He twirls a piece of your hair as he starts speaking, "I had some friends that made an appearance at Stark’s party you attended not too long ago. They left behind some very advanced presents in the tower.” Son of a bitch. How did Tony not know he got bugged? “So you see, I’ve witnessed a lot. I saw you and Barnes on the balcony, I’ve seen the team watch movies. I’ve seen everything.” His tone is hard now, but he’s still twirling your hair while he just looks at you .

 "So you’re Ross’s bitch now? You needed an upgrade since Pierce is six feet under, huh?  How are you even alive? Didn’t Wanda blow your sorry ass to pieces? And what’s with  the arm? I hate to break it to you, but it looks way better on Buck.“ You let out a tight laugh. He moves and leans back in his chair.

"So many questions darling. I guess I can tell you before the fun starts. He pauses to wink at you. Fucking Hell. What a sick bastard.

  "I am no one’s bitch, you were a threat to exposing Hydra’s new order, so you have to be dealt with. Never underestimate Hydra; the man Wanda killed was an agent that was manipulated to mimic my appearance. A few minutes with a blowtorch, and he looked like the one that was smashed under a building. Thanks to Hydra, my face was 90% healed, only thing I lost under that damn building was my arm.” He wiggles his metal fingers at you, you feel a wave of nausea hit you like a truck.

 "Oh honey, it’ll be okay. I’ll take care of you better than the soldier ever could. After all, I am his replacement.“ Of course they made a new soldier, how the fuck did no one find out about this?

 "Oh please, you will never hold a candle to Barnes, in his soldier days or now. He will always be better than you. Where are we now? You think the team won’t find me wherever you’ve hidden me?”

  He releases an evil laugh and he runs his fingers on the side of your face, caressing it. “They won’t find you Kitten. We are at an unmarked base in Australia,. No one’s going to look for you here. You’re stuck with me now, Y/n.” Of fucking course, I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, and now that I’m here I’m stuck with Hydra. You’ve got to be kidding me. This just proves that everything in Australia is deadly.

 The door to the lab swings open and a man in a lab coat walks in holding a laptop. He sets it on the table in front of you and Rumlow and pulls open the computer, starting the webcam up. You can see yourself; you had been changed into scrubs, and have a nasty cut across your cheek and your body is littered in bruises and cuts. You don’t see anything majorly wrong with you, so you look over to Brock.

  “What’s with the webcam? Thinking of starting your own video series? How to become  a douchey Scumbag, by Brock Rumlow.” You snort at yourself, but Rumlow doesn’t look amused. He leans toward you, taking your jaw in his metal hand and squeezing it tightly.

“Watch yourself Princess, I don’t want to have to start the show without my audience.”   What the fresh Hell is he talking about, an audience? He’s got more screws loose than Ultron. He releases your jaw, and returns to his seat next to your medical table. He pushes a tray out from behind him that you didn’t see before. You catch a glimpse of what it contains, and take in a sharp breath. It was filled with a variety of different, sharp blades. I’m screwed.

  “You really are just a ball of attitude. I don’t know how they deal with you. We’re going to make a little call to your friends in New York. Let them suffer a little.” This is perfect, if I can give them any sort of hint of where I am they’ll find me.

  You think about anything that could hint at Australia without letting Brock know what you’re doing. You come up blank; there’s nothing you can do to save yourself. I’m going to die here, awesome. I didn’t even get to fuck Barnes yet, what a cruel way to go.

 Rumlow makes his way to the computer, speaking with one of the men that came in. Another man walks in, wheeling a different cart. You can’t really tell what it is, but just assume it’s bad.

 "Did you find a way to get into the Starks receiver?“

  One of them nods, and hits the call button. Before you know it, Tony’s face appears on the screen.

 "TONY!” You start to yell, but Brock turns to you and, without warning, swings his metal hand onto your cut cheek. You can feel blood start to come out of the corner of your mouth, you spit the blood on the floor and laugh.

 "You hit like a bitch.“

 "This is going to be fun.” Brock laughs before he turns to face the camera. While Brock was dealing with you, Tony must have called the team over to him. You start to squirm on the table when you realize they can all see you.

 "Surprise surprise, Avengers. Couldn’t get rid of me that easy. Y/n, aren’t you going to say hi to your friends?“ You look straight in the camera and smile as you open your mouth to speak, but he cuts you off.

 "Be careful what you say, Kitten.” You see Bucky storm closer to the camera.

“Rumlow, I swear, I will find you. And when I do, you can’t imagine what I’ll do to you.” Well, now I know he’s even hot when he’s pissed. Can he just have one moment where he’s ugly? Jesus.His voice is music to your ears. Rumlow moves to the laptop, canceling out the audio on your end. You can’t hear what they are saying, but can see their mouths going.

 "They can still hear you sweetheart, say hello.“

  You look to the camera and you force the tears down, but don’t speak. Brock faces you again and drives a hard punch at your eye. You let out a sob, still keeping your silence.

  "Seems like someone’s a little camera shy. Maybe I should break her in, don’t you think?” Rumlow is sporting a sick grin as he moves to the newer cart that was wheeled in. He takes four little round pads off the top that are attached to a bunch of wires. It takes you a minute to figure out what it is, but as soon as he’s attached them to your temples and your chest, you know what they are. If I make it out of this, I swear I’m going to kill him 20 different fucking ways.

 He moves in front of the camera and smiles, waving the remote in his hand. Before you know it, you feel mind numbing pain shooting through every inch of you. You can’t contain the scream that ripples through you.

 "Keep talking to them. Now,“ he instructs, and you comply.  

 You let out a small sob. "Guys, I can’t hear you, but it’ll be okay.” Another lighter shock makes its way through you. "Do me a favor, whatever happens to me, know it’s not your fault. It’s this dickbag’s fault.” Instead of a shock, you feel one of the blades being shoved under your collarbone.

  Another shriek falls out of your mouth. You try to focus on the computer instead of on the pain. You look and only see Bucky staring at you with what you can only describe as pure rage. You take in his surroundings, noticing seats in the background. Not just any seats though, seats with safety belts.

 Are they on the jet? THEY KNOW WHERE I AM.  A smile spreads across your face and you start laughing like a jackal. Rumlow sends another volt of electricity through you, stronger than the others. It makes your muscles lock up around your entire body, along with the feeling of pins and needles at your extremities. After a minute, you start to laugh again, making Brock come at you delivering blow after blow to your torso. You’re holding on to your consciousness, barely though. You keep laughing and it’s driving him insane.

 "You’re one crazy bitch, you know that?“

"And you’re one ugly, stupid son of a bitch, you know that?”

  He shoves his finger into the opening in your arm from the blade. You cry out, letting the tears pour down your cheeks. A smug grin makes its way to his face. You move your focus to the computer, only to notice none of the team is on the screen. Please for the love of God, be here.

  You hear Brock click the button on the remote, sending what feels like the highest volt of power through you yet.You can feel blood start dripping out of your nose from that one. After that, time starts to blur together. He stops with the shocks and starts with the blades again. He rips open the scrub top you are wearing and begins dragging the blade lightly over your abdomen and chest. Not deep enough for you to bleed to death, but painful all the same. He decides that the pain must not be high enough, because he pours some type of alcohol onto the wounds. You start screaming and pushing against your restraints until they start cutting into your body from the resistance.

Maybe they aren’t coming for me. This is how I’m going to die. Alone and in pain, at the hands of Hydra.

  Brock puts down the tools down and runs his fingers down the lines of you jaw. “What a shame, such a pretty face wasted on Barnes.”

“Go to Hell, Rumlow,” you mutter. “When they find you, you’re going to wish you died under that damn building.”

“Now that’s a little rude. You’d be dead if it wasn’t for me.” You let out a dry laugh. He twirls your hair in his fingers like before and adds, “Ross ordered a hit to kill you, not bring you in. I took it into my own hands to keep you alive and play a little bit. You’re going to made a great addition to Hydra, Kitten.”

 "Stop fucking calling me that, you psychotic asshat. I’m not your Kitten, and I’m not a Hydra agent, and I’ll never be one. Only bastards like you think what Hydra does is good. Don’t you think Ross is going to be a little peeved that you disregarded a direct order, bitch boy?“  You hear him growl and see him reach for the biggest blade on the stand. Way to go Y/n, you’re not suppose to poke the damn bear. Oh well.

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Before he could reach you, the room lights up red and an alarm blares.

  "Well that’s fucking annoying. Looks like you have company, bitch boy.” Please be them.

  He leaves the room. You don’t know how long he’s gone, but the alarm’s still screeching and the red light is starting to hurt your eyes. You hear the door open, assuming its Rumlow you laugh.

  “Good to see you still have sense of humor, Doll.” The voice doesn’t belong to Rumlow. Tears start running down your face at the sound. Bucky? Oh my god.

“Buck?” Your voice is quiet. You turn your head to see him. Please don’t be a dream.

  “It’s me, Y/n. Let’s get you out of here.” He makes his way towards you, grabbing a blade off the stand, and starts cutting your restraints. You try not to wince when the blade gets close to you, but he notices anyway. He puts a hand on your cheek lightly, “Doll, I promise that I’ll protect you and get you home.” He speaks into his comms, alerting the team he has you.

When you look up, you see Rumlow sneaking in behind him.

Your eyes widen as you shout, “Buck behind you!”

  Rumlow grabs him in a headlock, pulling him to the ground. You start trying to rip through the last of the restraints at your feet. You can hear fighting outside in the halls, and the echo of what you assume to be a shield bouncing off something. I can’t believe they found me.

  You look up to see Bucky and Rumlow in hand-to-hand combat . It looks like Bucky’s winning right now. You see him throw a set of punches at Brock, knocking him back a couple of feet. Rumlow pulls out his pistol, but Bucky knocks it out of his grip before he can shoot, sending it to the floor a couple feet away from you. Before you think of what you’re doing, you grab a blade and use what energy you have left to dive to the floor for the gun. Neither of the men notice your actions, as locked in battle as they are. Rumlow has the upper hand when you look back up. He has Barnes against the wall, his metal hand wrapped around his throat. You can see Bucky struggling, so you lunge forward. You jam the blade into Rumlow’s side. You immediately lift the gun, aiming it straight for Rumlow’s head.

  You see his shoulder start to shake, and realize he’s laughing. He drops Bucky to the ground, and Bucky starts coughing as he attempts to breathe again.

  Rumlow starts to speak as he turn around, “You dumb bitch! You think stabbing me will stop me?”

 As he turns fully towards you, you smile. “No, but this will.”

  You send four shots his way before he can even take a step towards you. Two make it into the left side of his chest, one on his right, and the last lucky shot in between his eyes. Thank God for the nerf gun wars with Sammy. His body falls to the floor with a thud. Bucky’s head snaps up to look at you. Even after you see the blood leaking out of Rumlow’s body, you get closer and release the rest of the clip into his body. You don’t realize you’re still pulling the trigger after it’s empty, until Bucky slowly takes the gun away from you. Your eyes are wide, and you’re shaking uncontrollably. Your knees give out, but Bucky catches you before you can hit the ground. You didn’t notice when Steve came in the room, nor do you know how much he saw. He looks beaten up, but you’ve see him worse. He sends you a relieved smile before Bucky asks him to take care of Rumlow while he carries you back to the jet.

 You sit on the jet with an IV attached to your uninjured arm, with the arm that was stabbed sitting in a sling. You feel like shit. The team has stayed silent since the quinjet took off. Bucky’s next to you, with his arm wrapped around your shoulders. It feels like it’s been hours, yet no one has said anything since he carried you on to the jet. 

 "How did you find me?“ Your voice sounds normal, and you distantly wonder if you’re in shock. Everyone turns to you, but it’s Tony who answers.

  "You remember those diamond earrings I bought you when you first moved in?” You nod. You haven’t taken those off since he gave them to you. But you’re not understanding why he’s asking.

 "Well…those may or may not have been tracking devices so I could see where you went when you leave the tower. Better safe than sorry, right?“ Your eyes fill with tears. You let the blanket fall off your shoulder as you push yourself up and stumble towards Tony. You throw your good arm around him, ignoring the pain, and sob into his shoulder.

  "I have never loved you more for being a creep than I do right now, Anthony Stark.” The team erupts in a fit of awkward laughter, and you join in. You make your way to every member of the team, awkwardly hugging them and thanking them. When you get to Sam, you pull him into as tight of a hug as you can. You let the tears you’ve been holding in pour out.

 "I thought I’d never see you again, Sammy.“ You sniffle and pull away from him a little.

      A couple tears make their way down his face. "You really thought Barnes or I were going to let that happen? Listen, you’re tough, but we’re the superheroes. But I guess it was impressive, for a civilian.” You roll your eyes and let out a snort of amusement. You grab Sam’s ear and tug on it hard. He lets out groan, and you hear everyone try to stifle their laughs.

  “Call me a civilian in that tone again, and I will shove your wings down your beak, Bird Boy. Did you forget who used to win all our nerf gun wars at the apartment? I’m surprised you don’t have a permanent dart indent on your forehead from those days.” He grumbles and shoos you away. Before you walk away from him, you lean up and plant a gentle kiss on his cheek.

  You go back to your seat by Bucky and take his hand in yours. You feel his eyes on you, but you don’t look his way.

  “You know Doll, you just kissed Sam before you kissed me.” You feel a blush blossom across your cheeks. Damn it, Bucky.  You turn to him, touching his cheek gently as he leans closer, pushing his lips against yours. It was a tender kiss, but you know if you don’t pull away, you’ll want it to be more. You know this isn’t the time or place for that, and honestly you’re body is already fighting not to give into the pain and exhaustion, so you pull yourself away.

  “Thank you for saving me, James,” you whisper. You don’t think anyone else heard you, but of course Tony did and just has to make a comment on it.

“Well technically I saved you too… I’ll take my kiss now.” He puckers his lips, so you decide he deserves at least a kiss on the cheek. Before you get to him, Clint cuts in.

“Technically she saved herself. She’s the one who killed Rumlow.” Oh yeah, I did that. Go me !

  You stop in your tracks, letting out a small laugh. Tony looks a little defeated while Bucky just has a proud grin on his face.

“What can I say? My girl’s a fighter.” Everyone laughs and agrees.

“Who said I’m your girl, Barnes?” You stick your one hand on your hip and glance at him. You hear a series of “ooohss” and “Damns ” from the team. He blushes and sends you a wink.

 "Who would say no to this?“ He points to his smile and body, making you roll your eyes even further into the back on your head.

  What a cheeky bastard. You walk in front of him, and sit yourself in his lap, his arms gently snaking around your waist. You smile down at him and wrap your arm around him, ignoring the pain in your torso, and place a kiss on his nose before you rest your head against his. You end up falling asleep for the rest of the ride home, cradled in his arms on his lap.

It was a couple hours before you made it back to the tower. As soon as you do, you get set in a wheelchair (this time you don’t bothering arguing against it) and pushed by Bucky down to the MedBay. When you get in, Helen is already prepared for you. 

   Helen walks over to you. "We have to stop meeting like this, Y/n.” You laugh and hug her tightly, albeit awkwardly. You can tell it catches her off guard, but she hugs you back tightly. “Come on, we have to do brain and heart scans to see if the electric shocks caused any serious damage. The we can take a look at the other wounds” You gesture for her to lead the way and Bucky pushes you in the right direction.

  After all the tests are done and everything is patched up, Helen fills you in on the results.

   “There doesn’t seem to be too much trauma. Your body had time to relax and slightly repair itself between the time the of the shocks, which helped to avoid too much serious nerve damage. And although it must of caused immense pain at the time, it doesn’t appear that Rumlow used that high of shocks on you. It’s a torture method common in Hydra for when they want to keep someone alive but still inflict pain. Your body was so exhausted that it intensified the pain of the shocks it endured.”  You’re surprised, you could have sworn the shocks were worse, but what Helen says makes sense.  Before you reply to her,  Bucky comes back into the room.

“Is she ready to go, Doc?” He asks. You manage to get up and head towards him, lacing your fingers with his when you get to him. Helen nods, and Bucky helps you to the elevator. You keep trying to rush there, but Bucky forces you to slow down. When the elevator doors shut, he chuckles.

   "A little impatient, Doll?”  Oh Barnes, you’ve got no idea what’s coming.

   You pull the emergency stop on the elevator, and turn to him. You ignore the pain in your body, and use your one hand to shove him against the back wall of the elevator. His eyes go wider than you’ve ever seen, and you just send him a sweet smile before pouncing on him. You close the space between your bodies, leaning up you run your hand up from his chest and into his hair. You can see his lips start to part, and you make your move. You push yourself up and crash your lips to his. It becomes a hungry, heated kiss. And you couldn’t be fucking happier.

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  Bucky gains the upper hand and slides his hands to the back of your thighs, signaling you to jump. You understand, and jump straight up. Your bodies are pressed together, as are your lips. You start move yourself against him,  the friction making the heat in your body intensify. You separate your lips so you both can breath. Bucky places you on your feet, and you pout at him. He lets out a chuckle and gives you a quick peck on the lips. His mouth makes its way to your neck, biting hard enough to leave a mark and then soothing the pain with a sweet kiss. He goes to slide his hands under your shirt, until he’s interrupted by Stark’s voice.

  “Listen, I know it’s been a while for you two, but some of us need the elevator for things other than sex, like ya know, transportation.” You groan and shove Bucky away. He rolls his eyes, and Tony’s voice blares through the speakers again.

  “We’re having a meeting in five minutes. Y/n, we need to know what Rumlow said while he had you. See you in the conference room, kids.”

  You restart the elevator and lean against the back wall next to Bucky. “How do we always get interrupted?” You ask. Exhaustion is starting to kick in both physically and mentally. You feel every ache in your body. Ugh, everything hurts now. The pain must be evident on your face because Bucky turns and lifts you bridal style again as the doors open.

You send him a questioning glare, he chuckles as a reply. “I’m assuming the reality of your injuries is setting in. Plus, you haven’t had a decent amount of sleep, so put that all together and you’re pretty much death walking. You were literally just slumped against the wall, Y/n.” You roll your eyes, but lean in and kiss his cheek. He blushes instantly, making you giggle.

“Don’t worry Sarg, when I’m healed I’ve got a hell of a night planned for us.” You wink, making him turn even redder. I can’t fucking wait.

  You both arrive at the conference room, and the meeting starts. You tell the team everything Rumlow said to you: about how he survived, Ross’s order, everything. When the meeting ends, Clint takes you back to Helen, suggesting she puts you in some cradle thing she created. You have no idea what it is, but you agree. You fell asleep before they even had the lid on it, but it really did help. Most of the cuts on your torso were gone, and you just had a little muscle soreness in your shoulder from the stab wound. What a life saver.  After that, you head straight to your bed and you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

The next day, you spend time with the entire team. No one brings up Rumlow or Ross,  it’s just a simple day of relaxing. You start to wonder what’s going to happen to Ross, but when you asked Steve about earlier he told you not to worry, that it’s being taken care of. Whatever that means. By the end of the day, you’re exhausted again. You drag Bucky to bed with you. He lays down on your bed, but instead of laying next to him, you crawl over and straddle him.

   He raises an eyebrow. “What do you think you’re doing sweetheart?” He asks with a playful tone.

 You answer by smirking and giving him a wink. You trace the lines of his chest, then slide your hands under his shirt. You can feel his muscles tense under your hands as you feel your way around his body. You lean over, hovering your lips over his for a moment, before connecting them in a passionate kiss. The kiss starts of passionate from the start, your tongues moving with each other, but it doesn’t seem to be enough for either of you right now. You move from his lips down to his neck, kissing all the way until you reach his shirt. He leans up, removing his shirt, and you follow suit. Within seconds, you’re naked and on top of him, grinding your hips down onto his, still teasing him. He rolls you both over so he’s on top now.

"Teasing isn’t very nice, Y/n.” You look up at him and bite your lip. That sends him into overdrive .He dips his head and takes one of your nipples into his mouth while he gently massages the other breast with his hand. He switches off between the two, making you squirm and moan. You weave your hands in his hair, tugging on it

.He lets go of your nipple with a loud pop, and looks up at you.

  “Bucky please.” It comes out as a needy whisper. Your hair is splayed over your pillows and your lips are swollen and parted.

  “I think this is my new favorite view,” he mumbles as he moves his hand down between your legs, sliding his fingers into your folds. “Is all this for me doll?” You whimper and nod. He slides his fingers through again, then slowly enters one finger into you.

  You squirm, wanting more. “Bucky please! I can’t take it! Do something!”

  He chuckles and starts moving his finger faster, adding another finger, while his thumb circles your clit. By now, you’re arching your back into him, trying to move your hips faster. He slows his fingers down, then pulls them out. He opens his mouth to ask you something, but before he could say anything you beat him there.

 "I have a birth control implant, so stop teasing me already!“ It comes out more desperate than you want, but at this point you don’t care. 

  Bucky leans down, putting his lips to yours in a slow and passionate kiss. He begins gliding the tip of his cock back and forth through your folds. You’re about to start begging him again, but he guides his hard cock to your entrance.

  "Oh fuck,” you moan. “James…” He pushes his cock in slowly. You could feel it stretching you, and he waited a moment to adjust before starting to slowly thrust into you. It isn’t long before you’re begging him for more. He starts snapping his hips into you hard but slow, and you try to control the moans that slips out. You start moving your hips in sync with his. You can tell he’s trying to be careful, holding back so he doesn’t hurt you. But your wound so tightly, you need him to fucking you, not making love to you. That could happen later.

“I’m not going to break. Don’t hold back, Sergeant.” That must have set something off in him, because the gentleness is gone in seconds. He rolls over and you straddle him. You fully sink down onto his hard cock. Once you start bouncing and fucking yourself on his dick, every thought leaves your mind. You smirk down at him, placing your hands on his chest to keep yourself up. His hands are on your hips, holding you tight enough that you’re sure there will be bruises, as he guides you on his length.

  “Fuck Kitten, you look so good like this. You feel so good wrapped around me,” Bucky growls. He starts thrusting up into you as you ride him, hitting your g spot over and over. A loud moan rips its way out of you, and you start moving faster.

  He leans up, and starts swirling his tongue around your nipple a couple times before laying back down. He starts pounding into you, faster and harder than anything you’ve ever experienced. All that’s coming out of your mouth are whimpers. The pressure keeps building within you. All it takes is him snaking his hand down to rub your clit  to bring you right to the edge.

  You let out a loud moan. “Buck, I’m about to…”

  “Come for me, Doll.” He thrusts into you harder. Your vision clouds over as you reach your climax. You feel heat rush through your body and your heart hammers in your chest. You scream Bucky’s name and distantly hear him moan in response.

  “Oh God, Y/n, I’m going to cum.” You feel his muscles tense and he lets out a string of curses as he comes undone inside you.

 You both take a moment to breathe before you slowly pull yourself off him, and flop yourself face first back onto your bed.

  You can hear him chuckle, and you turn your body to face him.

  “I’m pretty surprised no one cockblocked us this time,” He says. You let out a laugh but,  before you can respond, Sam’s voice makes its way to you.

"Are you done now, Sergeant.” Oh my God, Sam.

  You start laughing hysterically, poor Bucky is as red as a tomato. Sam and Steve walk into the room, and Steve is almost as red as Buck. You hurry to cover yourself with a blanket, before bursting out laughing. Sam just wiggles his eyebrows at you before speaking.

  “Next time, put a fucking sock in the hallway or something. Warn a man, you animals. And get Stark to give you your own damn floor. I don’t need to see this.”

  You roll your eyes, ” Is there something you two needed? Or were you just coming for the show?“ You wink at Steve, he looks down at his feet. Bucky and Sam let out obnoxious laughs. Poor Steve, he’s too innocent to be friends with these two.

  "We just wanted to see if you guys are down for a movie night, but if you’re busy-”

You interrupt Steve before he can finish, “I love movie nights! We’re in.”

  They leave so you and Bucky can get yourselves ready. After you’re both dressed and on the elevator, Bucky slides his hand into yours.

“Hey Y/n?” His voice has a shy tone to it that surprises you. You’ve never really seen him be shy.

“Yeah Buck?”

“I love you.”

  You  feel your eyes go wide at what he said. You squeeze his hand, and let a shaky breath go while you try not to cry.

 "I love you too, James.“ You smile at one another before getting off the elevator to join your friends. You look out at the common room and see the group that’s become your family recently, and you can’t imagine life without them anymore. This is all I’ll ever need.

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Interruptions (Derek Hale X Reader)

Characters: Derek Hale X Reader

Universe: Teen Wolf

Warnings: Close swearing, and aggression

Request: Ello! Can I request a Derek Hale x reader? Maybe where their dates keep getting interrupted by the other pack members and they get really annoyed?

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You had been planning a date with your long term boyfriend, Derek Hale, for literally months. You had planned to have a romantic night in with your favourite take away, in only your pyjamas and to watch the movie that you had watched on your first date.

However, with Derek a werewolf, things never go normal. Something new seemed to be attacking Beacon Hills every other day and the pack were always at the house for the slightest issue- even to argue at times, and you and Derek found yourself acting like their wolf parents, and like most parents, you barely get any time to yourselves when you have kids.

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CP 14 Days of Love #5: Soulmates (AU, dont believe in them, knowing who someone’s soulmate is + deciding whether to tell them or not, rejecting bonds, platonic bonds, etc)

Day 5 of @softkent‘s Valentine’s Fic-A-Thon

Everyone is born with a soulmark. Usually, it starts out as nothing more than a colorful blob, but as people grew up it would change shape and color until it was actually recognizable. 

Bitty’s mark became a concrete symbol when he was 9 years old and he quit his dad’s peewee football team.

After his mama had scooped him off the field and brought him home, she’d sent him to take a bath to get rid of the mud and dirt. That’s when he saw it. Your soulmark usually sat right over your heart, though it could vary, and once he’d gotten out of the tub, Bitty was able to see what his was for the first time.

He’d put on pants and run downstairs yelling for his mom, all the unpleasantness of being tackled during football forgotten. “Mama! Mama!”

Sticking her head out of the kitchen, Suzanne called out, worried she’d missed an injury when she’d checked Dickey over. “What is it, Dickey? Are you still hurtin’, honey? Do you need help?”

“No! I’m fine!” Bitty skidded into the kitchen and pointed at his chest. “But look, mama! It’s ice skates! Can I take lessons? Can I? Can I?”

“Oh, honey. Look at that.” Suzanne grabbed her son for a hug and held him tight. “How ‘bout we bake a special pie to celebrate? And tomorrow I’ll start looking to get you some lessons.”

“Really? Even after?” Bitty bit his lip and hid his face in his mom’s chest. “It’ll be okay?”

“You pay no mind to what happened earlier. Everything is going to be just fine. Your daddy shoulda known better. Now go put a shirt on and get back down here. We’ve got a pie to bake.”

The next day, just as she’d promised, Suzanne sat down with a phone book and started making calls to find her son some ice skating lessons.

Jack had never really given his soulmark much thought. He had gotten used to the image of an ice skate tied with a hockey skate resting over his heart a long time ago, and with his dad being who he was, he had not surprised by it. That of course, all changed when he ended up in the hospital.

When he woke up in a hospital bed with both his parents sleeping in chairs nearby, Jack felt horrible. Since they were both sound asleep, Jack carefully got out of bed and snuck into the bathroom.

He was staring at himself in the mirror and seeing nothing but pale, sallow skin and dark heavy bags under his eyes when he remembered his soulmark. He shifted the hospital gown to look at the mark that had provided him with a lot of fantasies when he was a kid and suddenly felt his heart start to race.

Before he could start to panic further, there was a knock at the door and he heard his father’s voice. “Jack? Are you okay?”

Quickly turning the water on, Jack splashed his face with cold water and opened the door. “I’m okay, papa.”

Jack’s father’s face shifted from concerned to relieved quickly and he pulled him close for a hug. “I’m glad, Jack.” Jack was stiff in his father’s arms before tentatively hugging him back. Bob kissed Jack on the forehead and tried for a smile. “Come on, let’s get you back into bed before you mom gets back.”

Once Jack was back in bed, his dad covered him with the blanket and sat back in his chair. Jack wasn’t sure what to say to his dad, but he wanted to say something. “Papa, I, I’m sorry. I know you wanted-”

Bob reached over for Jack’s hand and hushed him. “Shhh…Jack. It’s okay. We, I mean I, I should have seen how much pressure you were under. I never wanted that for you, Jack. I only want you to be happy and enjoy what you’re doing. If hockey isn’t it, then we can find something else.”

With his free hand, Jack rubbed over his soulmark. “No! I love being on the ice, papa. It’s one of the few places I feel good. I let other things,” Jack paused, trying not to think about Kent, ‘other people get in my head.”

Bob nodded and moved to sit on the edge of Jack’s bed and look him in the eye. “Just so long as you know, that no matter what, I love you and am proud of you.”

Jack could feel the tears at the corners of his eyes and leaned forward to hug his dad. “I know. I don’t always remember, but I do know.”

Bob held onto his son just a little longer before patting him on the back and moving back to his chair. “What do you say we find something stupid on t.v. and wait for your mom to come back with some contraband.”

Handing his dad the remote, Jack smiled. It was shaky and shy, but he wanted to try for his dad. “I’d like that.”

When Jack chose Samwell and joined their hockey team, he finally found a place that feels right. He’s accepted by his teammates and he makes friends, and somehow, even manages to get a best friend. 

He tries to be close with his team, but it’s hard because Jack does avoid some things. He’s always quickest in the showers, hurrying to get clean so he can get a shirt on and get back to the Haus. And when soulmates and marks get brought up on the bus, or after kegsters, Jack always manages to slip on a pair of headphones or duck out and go to his room.

That all changes the day he is woken up by Bittle singing in the shower. The moment he whipped open the shower curtain, with the full intention of telling Bittle to keep it down, Jack is stopped by the mark on Bittle’s chest.

Before he can say anything, Bitty is yelling. “I’m not decent!”

Still stunned, all Jack can think to say is, “Seriously? Bittle, we’re on the same team.”

By the time Bittle is telling him not to blaspheme, and Jack still doesn’t know what he is actually blaspheming, he’s left the bathroom to hide in his room. It’s a Sunday, so no one will really be looking for him and Jack can try and figure this all out in peace.

Leaning back against the headboard, Jack tries to remain calm and use the exercises he learned in rehab to slow his breathing. Of course, it’s Bittle. He should have seen that coming when he was told they were going to have an ice skater on the team. And there’s no way Bittle knows. Jack had been able to convince Shitty to let him wear a tank top during Hazeapalooza and maybe if Jack just says nothing, he can stop thinking about it all.

Unfortunately, it turns out ignoring the problem does not make it go away. Especially since Jack cannot seem to stay away from Bittle. There more he gets to know him, the more Jack finds himself actually wanting him. He’s still determined not to bring Bittle down with his issues, but he can’t seem to help but flirt and get closer to him.

When Kent shows up at the Epikegster, Jack is more resolved than ever to keep Bittle away from his mess. Bittle is good and kind and always sees the best in people, and Jack does not want to tarnish that. Bittle deserves someone just as good as he is, not a guy who can barely handle the pressure of playing a sport he loves.

When graduation rolls around, and after Bitty hugs him, Jack can feel his resolve crumbling. It’s his papa’s words that do the trick. He knows he’s right. He can’t afford to miss this chance by never even trying. Bitty deserves to know how Jack feels and hopefully they can figure this all out together.

Jack finds Bitty singing that same song again, but this time while crying and Jack’s heart breaks. “Bittle!”

Bitty stops singing mid-song and looks shocked to see Jack there. “Jack?”

When he starts to ramble, Jack has to smile. “Bitty.” It’s the first time Jack has ever called him ‘Bittle’ out loud, and he likes it. Bitty looks startled by it as well and Jack just has to kiss him. He has to taste those lips and find out if Bitty is as sweet as he smells.

Jack never wants to stop kissing Bitty, but unfortunately, fate has other plans. His phone buzzes with a text from his parents and he knows he needs to leave, but he can’t before telling Bitty one more thing.

Bitty’s eyes are still closed and Jack brushes his lips over his cheek. “Bitty.”


“I have to go, but I need you to know something.”

Bitty has a soft, sappy smile on his face and he finally opens his eyes to look at Jack. “What’s that, Jack?”

“It’s about my mark. I’ve never shown it to anyone, but I need you to know what it is, okay?”

Bitty frowns and it’s obvious he’s worried Jack is going to show them that their marks don’t match. Jack steps back and flips his tie over his shoulder so he can unbutton his shirt.

When Bitty can finally see what the mark is, he gasps. “Jack!”

Jack buttons his shirt back up and kisses Bitty one last time. “I’ve got to go, I’ll text you, okay?”

Bitty just nods, smile back on his face. “I’m looking forward to it, Mr. Zimmermann.”

The Unspoken Bond - Jughead x Reader


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An idea that popped into my head the other day. Let me know if guys like it for me to continue. I have like four requests in my inbox I need to do and another part to both my Neville fic as well as Inquisitve Snake will hopefully be written soon. Thanks for reading as always.

Music while writing: The Clash “Train in Vain”, Marilyn Manson “Personal Jesus”.

“I’m fine”.

“You are not fine Y/N!”

“What do you care huh? We have a couple of classes together for years and suddenly you’re talking to me?”

“…you aren’t fine. It doesn’t matter why I care”.

She slumped in the booth, putting her stuff away. “Look, I know you aren’t good at ‘minding your own business’ but my life doesn’t concern you”, her eyes remained on her actions as she wasn’t going to look at Jughead across from her.

His voice got quieter, “…you don’t look good”.

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Where did you learn to fight like that?(poly!hamilsquad x reader)

Prompt: Reader see Alexander getting bullied and takes care of them. reader then takes Alex back to their home

Modern times

Pairing: Poly!hamlisquad x reader while introducing Alexander into their relationship

Summary:Where did you learn to fight like that
I have three boyfriends
Yeah, Hercules made dresses and jewelry, John used to cry whenever anything sad about Disney movies came up and Lafayette can really rock a cocktail dress and six inches heels and I wasn’t about to let people give them shit for it. So I learned pretty quickly how to beat up people bigger than me.

Word count: 1157

A/N: Hi guys. I saw this on Pinterest, which I think in turn came from tumblr but I thought it was a cute idea so I changed it a little to fit The Hamilton squad. Let me know if I should continue this. Sorry for the bad French and their is cursing.

You grabbed your gym bag and started to walk out to your car. You glanced up seeing a group of guys around another guy shouldering a backpack.
   “ Where the fuck is my essay.” one of them growled and the male just seemed to shrink. You grumbled putting your bag in your back seat. You couldn’t just let the guy get beat up. You locked up your car and made your way over to the group and cleared your throat.
   “ Hey leave the poor guy alone.” the male who had spoken before looked down at you and you noticed it was Charles lee. He was in your AP English class.
     “ beat it y/l. This is between me and four eyes.”
You rolled your eyes the one thing you hated more than bullies were cheaters.
     “ Hey dickhead why don’t you pick on someone your own size.” you growled now getting his full attention. You were a lot shorter than him but that was alright. In a fight size didn’t matter it was how long you could last that did.
     “ and what if I don’t. What are you gonna do.” you smirked at the smugness clear on his face.
     “ This.” you then gave him a right hook to his face. He fell back with a thud making his goons stare at you in shock. Charles held his nose blood spilling past his hand.
     “ don’t just stand there get her.” he growled and with that began a smack down you had been dyeing for. Not even five minutes pass and you had Charles and his gang running back to their dorms.
You smirked and glanced over at the male who was now looking at you in awe.
     “ Hey you okay….”
     “ Alexander Hamilton but I go by Alex. You were really awesome y/n. How did you learn to fight like that.” you grinned wiping the blood from your nose.
  “I have three boyfriends.” you said simply seeing the look of course fusion on Alex’s face.
  “Really?” you grinned before cracking your knuckles.

  “Yeah, Hercules makes dresses, John cries whenever anything sad about Disney movies comes up and Lafayette can really rock a cocktail dress and six inches heels. I wasn’t about to let people give them shit for it. So I had to learn to fight pretty quickly especially how to beat up people bigger than me.” Alex nodded understanding before you gave him a soft smile. “ Besides Charles is a dick and you shouldn’t be forced to keep his grades up.” you said before you noticed the cut on his arm. “Shit man I didn’t even see that.” you said and gently grabbed his arm pulling him to your car and getting your first aid kit. “Let’s get that all cleaned up.” you muttered to yourself before covering up the cut he had. You held up a tissue to your nose finally noticing how bad it had been bleeding. “ Damn it that was my favorite workout shirt.” you grumbled before looking back up at Alex. “Hey Alex do you wanna come to my place and grab some pizza. You look like you need some chill time.” You said with a smirked causing the male’s cheeks to flush slightly.
   “Yeah y/n, that actually sounds really fun.” You nodded and grabbed his bag from him sitting it in the back.
   “Alright then let’s get going.” You smiled and hopped into your car texting the boys that you were bringing a friend home.

Group Chat

R.L- Hey guys bringing a friend home hope you don’t mind
L.t.b- No mon amour the more the how do you say….the more the merrier
H.C.M- Yeah no worry babe.
T.C- Is he a new “Friend” ;)
H.C.M- John she hasn’t even told us his name.
T.C- ur no fun Herc :(

   You giggled softly at your boys before setting your phone down and began to drive to your shared house. It was a small townhouse with two bedroom and two bathrooms. You had just moved to the city only about a year ago when you started to go to school. You glanced over at Alex and saw him staring out the window. You held back a smile before finally reaching your home. It wasn’t much but it was yours You parked easily and grabbed your gym back while Alex shouldered his book bag. You skipped up the steps and opened the door clearing your throat. “BOYS I’M HOME!” you yelled which made Alex flinch slightly. You let him in slipping your shoes off as Lafayette peeked from behind the wall leading into the kitchen.
   “Y/n, how was your day mon amour.” he asked walking over to you and placing a gently kiss on your forehead. You smiled before shrugging.
   “Pretty good, are the other boy in the living room I want them to meet Alex.” you said with a sweet smile and Lafayette looked up to see the man standing awkwardly at the door.
   “Yeah, the boys are arguing over what movie for tonight.” he said and walked over to Alex. “ Bonjour je m’appelle Lafayette.” You smirked but was surprised when Alex smiled.
   “Je m’appelle Alexander.” Lafayette smiled turning back to you.
   “I like this one.” he said before walking toward the living room where your other two boys were fighting over the WII remote.
   “Herc, you chose Princess bride last time.” John whined and tugged before Herc pulled it back toward him.
   “John I don’t feel like watching Lion King again for the tenth time in two months.” You rolled your eyes and grabbed the remote, smiling.
   “I’ll pick tonight.” you said sternly and the boy pouted but nodded.
   “Fine.” John grumbled but leaned up kissing your cheek. “How was your workout babe.” You shrugged before standing back up.
   “Hercules, John this is my friend Alexander. I figured he could use sometime to de stress. Alex this is Hercules and this is John.”
   John gave him a flirty smile. “Y/n, he’s really cute.” he muttered and you blushed lightly before clearing your throat.
   “It’s nice to meet you Alex.” Hercules said giving him a warm smile. Alex nodded before he could say anything the oven went off and you smirked.
   “Pizza time.” you grinned and the boys made a mad dash to the kitchen. You walked over to Alex and grabbed his arm gently. “Relax, their harmless, mostly.” you chuckled softly before walking with him to the kitchen

Voodoo Doll (Bonus)

A/N: Hey guys so from now on if I feel like I want to write more for something but there’s already a lot I’ll make a “Bonus” add-on. It’ll be head cannons, little scribbles and dribbles etc. If you want to request more for something that doesn’t already have this feature, go ahead! 

[ Original Imagine ]

Y/N = your name

Y/N/N = your nick name

“So you’re the Red Hood everyone talks about on campus?”

“Yeah, scary anti-hero, crime lord, assassin.” Jason chuckled as he picked up your dropped groceries and traded you for the helmet. 

“I don’t think you’re that scary.” You honestly responded with a toothy smile and Jason’s mouth parted. 

“Y-You don’t?” The man in front of you stuttered out in disbelief. “But I’ve killed people.” Yup, Jason Todd just lost all his sense of the cocky and snarky remarks. 

With a shake of your head you shrugged, “We all have our sins.” Although that might not have made much sense, Jason held gratitude in his eyes for you. Someone who accepted him right off the bat of knowing he has done terrible things before but nonetheless still adored him. “Come on, we can talk over cookies and milk.” You waved him over as you started walking back to your apartment. 

Without the slightest bit of hesitancy, Jason slipped his mask and hood back on and followed you home. It was dark out but people were still awake and he couldn’t risk losing his cover even if he was now officially off duty for the remainder of the night. 


“Excuse the mess, I’m still unpacking.” You announced as the two of you walked into your flat. “Make your self at home, I’ll get us some plates and cups.”

Looking around your small studio, Jason already felt at home. You had a small bookshelf tucked next to your small sofa and from the overflowing amount on it (and the floor) he knew you guys were going to get on just fine (even if they were just textbooks from school and cook books for teens). Although you deemed your apartment a “mess”, Jason thought otherwise. Your boxes were neatly stacked and labeled. Your bed was made and although the growing laundry pile stood out, it made your studio feel all the more, homey. 

“Jason?” You asked as you snapped him out of his thoughts. You were already situated at your small coffee table with a plate of cookies laid out and two cups of milk to match. 

“Sorry, I was admiring your place.” Jason couldn’t even lie to her, it was as there was a spell cast on him. “So you like reading?”

And that was the start of it all. For the rest of the early morning on a Saturday, the two of you bonded over small chit chat of hobbies, work and school and long storytelling of each other’s lives. Sleep was the last thing on both of your minds considering all the fascinating things you were learning about each other. You had forgotten all about voodoo dolls and soulmates to the point as if the two of you hadn’t just met mere hours ago and shared a slightly intimate moment in the middle of the street after helping a lady against two scumbags. 

The two of you rambled on for hours on end, stopping only to take a bathroom break or to grab more snacks. You told him about your childhood and he told you about his. He told you why he became Red Hood after dying as Robin and yet again, the feeling of familiarity hit you.

“Did you ever own a red hoodie by any chance?” You asked out of the blue. Talking about your childhood made you think back to your first voodoo doll, the one with the red hoodie and grey pants. 

Jason’s eyebrows furrowed together, taken back by your oddly specific question. “Yeah, I had this bright red one that I wore for years. I wore it the most when I was still a teenager on the streets. In fact, it was the hoodie I wore when I tried to steal Batman’s tires.”

You could sit and watch Jason talk all day, but with a swift jump off the couch, you ran for the box underneath your bed. Jason watched you attentively, following your every move and even straightened up in his seat when you sat down next to him. Opening up the box, you pulled out Jason’s doll and handed it over to him.

Holding it gently in his hands, he examined it closely before pinching the doll’s head and wincing when he felt a sharp pain in his skull. As the pain subsided, he chuckled earnestly. “So you were the one giving me headaches and random scratch marks back then.”

You nodded while he laughed out loud, playing around with his doll. You really didn’t think you should be telling him but you didn’t want to hide it from him either so with a straight face, you whispered, “You’re my second voodoo doll.” A look of hurt crossed his face as he felt his heart clench and before any thoughts could process in his mind, you took his hand in yours. “That pain you felt, that was me taking out my anger on your doll because I resented you.”

He was quick to snap his attention back to you. A barely audible, “What?” escaped his lips as he looked at doll in his hand and then back at you. He was confused because he had his voodoo doll ever since his street kid days but you couldn’t say the same. You pulled out your first voodoo doll. The voodoo doll with beige skin, black hair and a small body adorned in a red hoodie and grey pants. 

“This was my first doll, and not long after I got him on my fifteenth birthday, I got the second one. My parents told me the only reason that would be is because-”

“Because your first one died.” Jason finished your sentence and you nodded. The two of you shared a knowing look that said you both understood what the correlation between the two dolls were but he still urged you to continue. 

You took in a shaky breath as you recollected yourself. “I was confused but I also mad because you two looked alike and I hated knowing my lover was buried six feet in the ground not knowing I searched every nook and cranny in my hometown for them and not even getting a chance to meet. I hated that I had grown so attached to this… this doll that was supposed to be my clue to finding my forever and always yet I never did. Not with him anyways. I didn’t like that you were his replacement and so I took out all my anger on your doll and when I finally got over the loss, I took both dolls and stashed them away because I had a life to live. I didn’t have time to mourn over this stranger and take out my anger on a little doll.” 

Jason nodded understandingly as he continued toying with the small figure of his past self in his other hand, “So you moved on.” 

“And so I moved on.” You repeated and gave his slightly rough hand a squeeze, “But then I came to Gotham for school, and then I met you. It was only a mere three minutes ago did I realize that I never actually lost my soulmate.”

“Because it was me the whole time?” Jason asked with a slight glimmer of hope in his eyes. You nodded frantically with a smile. “But we weren’t remotely close back then.”

“I was supposed to visit my aunt here in Gotham a month or two after my birthday but because I got the doll, I thought it meant my soulmate was back home so I stayed.” 

“I was a mess back then- Not that I’m not now, but-”

“But I would have still loved you the same.” You quickly reassured Jason as you moved closer to him. Your hands came up to cup the sides of his face as you peered into his eyes with your own glossy one. 

Jason’s eyes widened as he noticed your teary eyes, “W-Why are you crying? Are you not happy it’s me?” His hands mirrored your movements to cup your face as tears fell and you laughed through them. 

“I just feel really bad now because I hurt you physically through the doll because I thought you were replacing him but it turns out you weren’t and I can’t imagine what the scars look like and how many bottles of Advil you went through.” You blubbered as Jason tried to wipe your tears. He quickly pulled you into his chest, enveloping you into a tight but soothing hug. 

“Don’t fret over that, (Y/N), I only used like… two bottles of Advil and plus, these scars make me look super bad-ass.” Jason spoke as calmly as he could but his response just made it worse. You cried even harder, guilt settling heavily in your chest as he squeezed you even harder. “Please don’t cry, I feel terrible you’re crying over me.”

“AND I FEEL- TER-RIBLE FOR HURTING YOU.” You wailed and Jason laughed as a tear slipped his eye. 

Great, now both of you were crying at six thirty in the morning. 

  • After that night, Jason would come over to help you study and the two of you would cook dinner before he went for patrol.
  • Not long after that, you insisted he move in with you so he wasn’t so alone in his safe house because even though he denies it he really just wanted to cuddle you in his sleep
  • When you finally got to meet Bruce, he told you Jason carried your doll everywhere with him because it was his “lucky charm” and it “kept him safe and hopeful” 
  • But Jason denies that too (even though Alfred sided with Bruce) because he has a strong, angsty, brooding act to keep up
  • But the moment Bruce and Alfred leave the room he’s solemn and when you ask what’s wrong he chuckled and scuffed the toe of his socks on the carpet mumbling “It’s true”
  • “What?”
  • “It’s true you were my good luck charm because whenever a mission went south, I would get hurt, but the one night I forgot the doll in the cave, I died.” 
  • Jay bean, why are you so dark.
  • He wanted the old him to be called Jason but the new one to be called J.T because “I HIT PUBERTY AND THIS ONE IS SO MUCH MORE DESERVING OF A COOL NAME, BABE!”
  • Your doll got “Butt Kicker (Y/N/N)” for reasons concerning your skilled tactical K.O. on a man with just a grocery bag
  • Later that night when he’s on patrol, you’ll start tickling your doll and poking its cheek or even swinging his foot back and forth. 
  • Jason is here stumbling on the rooftop trying to stay hidden from the thugs robbing the jewellery store down below and wriggling on the floor like a fish out of water. 
  • Ofc he gets his revenge because oh yeah, you forgot he took your doll whenever he went out
  • If the thugs get away, he’ll call you to tell you to cut it out and while he’s fighting thugs in an alley, you’re scolding him for starting it in public and he goes 
  • “Yeah, okay. Babe, I AM REAAAAAAAALLY SORRY ABOUT THAT, but i’m also in the middle of- hng- fighting some criminals right now.” 
  • The two of you kept your three dolls on the book shelf together and usually your’s disappears at night (because he brings it with him on patrol) but one time they went missing and you searched the whole studio for it but it turns he had them with him when he went up on the roof for a smoke. 
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about, they were in the kitchen.”
  • “I checked there already, Jay.”
  • “Clearly you didn’t do a good job.” Jason shrugs as he puts all three dolls back on the shelf. 
  • There was that other incident where you came home early from your group study and you saw him holding J.T and Butt Kicker (Y/N/N) side by side and just staring at them with love. 
  • “How did I end up with someone this adorable and beautiful like (Y/N)? I mean she literally kicked ass the first time we met.” 
  • “Because we were clearly so destined for each other they made sure I knew with a second doll.” You responded and that was the first time you heard Jason scream.
  • “I-I thought you weren’t coming home till later? Why didn’t you call me to pick you up? How was-”
  • “Stop trying to hide the dolls, I can see you.”
  • “I’m not hiding them, what?????”
  • “Were you playing house with them?”
  • “Mhm.”


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Broken Dancer.

Shawn Master List found HERE

Just as much as you’re supportive of his career, always attempting to visit him on tour, attending his shows and what not, he’s just as supportive of yours. 

Being a dancer isn’t the simplest of careers to maintain, you’ve gotten to the point where it feels as though there’s always some sort of ache in your body— you’ve gotten used to it. 

He’s sitting in his dressing room, half dressed with his hair still a mess as his eyes are glued to his phone. You had sent him the final, 

“I gotta go, baby, good luck. X.” Text around an hour ago, in which he had replied, 

“Good luck to you too! X” 

He despises Monday nights, particularly when he’s stuck doing his own show while you’re sitting in Las Angeles, backstage while draped in a dancing costume getting ready to perform for the nightly entertainment of dancing with the stars. His eyes stay glued to his phone as he follows the current two dancers that are currently treading the tango, Shawns hair stylist striving to get his hair to represent something other than a curly mayhem. 

“I hate this show, I’m just trying to watch my girlfriend and they always put her on last.” He mumbles, unfortunately, peering into the mirror at his stylist, 

“Always save the best for last, right?” She chuckles, spraying his hair one last time with hairspray before combing it back a little. He grumbles under his breath, uncomfortably moving in his chair as he continues to follow his screen, not wanting to miss anything. 

“Shawn, you need to go on stage.” He is summoned by his manager, interrupting him from viewing the live broadcast on his phone. 

“Five-minute delay?” He attempts to work his magic, batting his eyes as he’s eager to see your performance. Shawn’s manager shakes his head, “please? Five minutes just so I can watch her. She’s been so excited about this one performance.” He tries to persuade his manager but he continues to shake his head, “c'mon she’s on next.” Shawn pouts, gesturing towards his phone as the announcer announces your name and your dance partner. 

“Sorry, we are on a strict schedule, if it was up to me I’d let you.” Shawn’s manager sighs, giving Shawn a small smile, “C'mon, don’t make me drag you.” He jokes in a somewhat serious tone as Shawn stands to his feet. 

Shawn sighs, “I’m going, I’m going.” He nods his head, placing his phone in his pocket and adjusting his t-shirt, taking in a deep as he prepares to walk on stage in front of thousands of fans. 

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Steve Rogers Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: hii! i’m a huge fan of ur writing! can you plz write a steve rogers imagine where ur like the most popular on the team. like everyone loves you and steve is stuck up and hates how you get more attention than he does. and you guys get recgnoized but everyone wants pictures with you and not him (captain america) and so you go home and steve looked really down and you asked him what was up and he just said that he misses those days where people loved him and praised him. and you cheer him up. thx!

A/N: you’re a sweetheart, thank you <3

Warning: None

 You stepped out from behind the van as you saw your new recruit hop out of the van. You smirked as you saw it was the Ant Man. You’ve seen his word and you had to admit, he was pretty good. His name was Scott, but you just stuck with Ant Man. Steve has been ignoring you for a the entire mission because people have been giving you more attention than him and it was bugging him.

 You thought Scott didn’t know you so you just stood behind him, hoping he wouldn’t notice who you were. But as soon as Scott stopped handshaking Steve, he turned his head and he smiled.

‘’I know you too,’’ he points. ‘’You’re great.’’ he smirks.

‘’Thank you.’’ you thank, nodding your head.

 You glance at Steve who let out an annoyed sigh, he looked down and turned towards Sam who was just focusing on you. You crossed your arms and rolled your eyes, you didn’t know why Steve was angry from a simple compliment from a new recruit. But soon enough, Scott started to ask you all sorts of questions about your life. And as Scott started to talk to you, everybody was interested and everyone crowded around you except Steve. Steve glared at you and crossed his arms, tapping his foot impatiently.

‘’Can we start talking about our plan please? We haven’t got all day.’’ steve shouts, his voice echoing.

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Full Tongue And Everything (Bucky Barnes)

this was in my drafts for ages and i’m unsure if i’ve posted it anywhere else (don’t think so but jsut in case, if you’ve read this somewhere elsewhere, let me know)

“I kissed Natasha.” Bucky mumbled, his voice contrite and sulky.

“You what!?” You shout in amazement, a small seed of resentment burning in your chest.

“It wasn’t great.” He shrugs sadly and you coo at him, smoothing his hair back and resting a palm on his shoulder, digits brushing his neck slightly.

“What happened, little one?” You hush, instantly caring and worried for the man, one of your select best friends. For a moment, there’s a hesitation where he just stares at you, before an unhappy sigh leaves him.

“We were finished with a run, and I suggested ice cream.” He mumbles and you grin, crossing your legs on the seat beside him and turning to face him. Ice cream, such a simple and every day routine had never brought about the conflicting emotions that whirl in your belly. Part of you loves those ice cream moments, another hating that he does it with everyone, another wishing he’d lick said ice cream from your skin and the final part worried that the tradition may now be tainted forever. “So we get our cones and we’re sitting on the grass. And some girl keeps looking at me, really looking at me.”

“She thinks you’re hot.” You butt in instantly and he scowls at you.

“Don’t interrupt.” He states hotly, cheeks a faint pink and his lips pursed unhappily. “So I say something to Natasha, that this girl won’t stop looking at me. So she stares at her, really stares until she’s sure the girl is looking at her and that she has her attention.”

The worry inside you grows, you can see where this is going. A classic Natasha move. You know she doesn’t like Bucky that way, not after all that’s happened- though you had wondered for a while. But she does like claiming territory, making her rules known to those around her.

“And then she just kisses me. Full tongue in my mouth kissing and my ice cream fell into the grass and I didn’t know where to grab her and her ice cream got in my hair.” He whines, the summit of the story coming out fast.

“Oh my god.” You breathe, staring at his down face open mouthed.

“And so when I- She- When we stopped… It. The girl was gone and I didn’t know what to say and Natasha laughed and got up. So I had to get up too, and then she went back to normal and drove us home.” He finishes and you stifle a snort, face pressing into his metal shoulder to muffle the sounds escaping your lips. You can feel him watching you, waiting patiently for actual words and advice. After a while, you can feel yourself settling and you release his arm, leaning back enough to notice his palm now rests on your knee, casually.

“Okay.” You try, a few more giggles bubbling from your lips before you can pull yourself together again. “Okay. So, do you want to kiss her again?”

He frowns at the question, as if he hadn’t expected it before he slowly shakes his head. “I don’t want to kiss Natasha. Maybe another girl though, I think kissing another girl would be great.”

You watching carefully, while he waits for you to continue, as if you’re his mind. “So you don’t want to kiss her again.”

“Right.” He nods, fully serious and still waiting so you sigh heavily, straightening your back and pulling out the person you’d been when you’d first tried to acclimate him to being an avenger and public, normal human.

“You don’t want to kiss Natasha. The aftermath made you uncomfortable. You’re here, asking for advice and your expression is telling me you want me to forbid it. So I am making a rule. James Bucky Barnes, which is you, is not allowed to kiss Natalia- Natasha- Nat- Tash Romanoff- Romanov ever again.” You declare, your gaze boring into his and he grins widely.

“Okay. Cool.” He smiles, grabbing the remote and clicking on the television and you’re… A little offended?

“That’s it?” You scoff, disbelief and offense singing through the words and he turns from his blank staring to look at you, making you shift uncomfortably.

“Yeah?” He answers, like a question and you grumble unhappily, kicking your legs off the couch and sinking into the cushions with a scowl.

“Good.” You mutter darkly, staring at the television but not watching it. The same way Bucky does, except he does it to fool Steve into thinking he’s watching instead of getting caught in his own head.

A deep sigh sounds and arms are suddenly hauling you into his lap and against his chest.

“Thank you.” He whispers, cuddling you against his chest and humming a happy noise, eyes returning to the box.

“You’re welcome.” You grit half-heartedly, his warm body and relaxed muscles like the comfiest spot around you, and soon you’re falling asleep.

another the end


this is my fic for my mom aka @ilikepipecleanerswitheyes aka Taz’s crack fic challenge!!!! I have many strengths, however writing comedy is not one of them. so you’ll have to forgive me, I made it Jemily fluff instead. because you know. gay. anyways, enjoy? I’m sorry that it sucks mom.

my prompt: a religion centered around Emily Prentiss’ bangs.

“No. We can’t do that. No, I will not participate,” Garcia says defiantly, angrily setting her tablet down on the round table. Luke sighs, giving a pleading look to his other team members. JJ and Tara share a moment of uncertainty, and Spencer appears downright confused. Rossi, however, seems to be on Luke’s side.

“I’m in, for whatever it is,” Rossi confirms, earning some surprised looks as he shoves his hands in his pockets. Garcia in particular is hurt by his allegiance to the newbie, hand clutching her chest. Rossi just shrugs, his eyes showing his signature playful twinkle. Luke smiles and nods triumphantly, knowing the rest will be easier to convert with the team’s senior on his side. Well, most of them. He’s still unsure if he’ll walk out of this room with Garcia’s support.

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Mine (G-Dragon Smut)

Reaction Imagine: In which you get jealous of seeing G-D and CL dance together and G-D comes over to see you with another guy (your way of unintentionally making him jealous)

It was hot despite the AC going as hard as it could.

   Dressed appropriately for the YG Family Tour, I felt oddly out of place. I wasn’t used to wearing dresses compared to the jeans and casual shirts I usually adorned. Though, since you were in VIP, I was forced to dress in something other than torn jeans and t-shirts with food stains on them. I felt better about being in shorts than a dress, though I wouldn’t call these shorts… more like fashionable underwear. They were skin-tight and black, allowing little room to be flexible, paired with translucent tights and high heels that made my feet hurt. The shirt itself was loose and “fashionable”, as Seungri had described it. It had little do with fashion, I told myself as I adjusted it once again to keep it covering my stomach. The only thing I’d picked out myself was the hat- and that was because I was too lazy to do the back of my hair. Some makeup artist had come over to my home, a stranger whose name I couldn’t even catch, painted my face before disappearing. Daesung had been with me, claiming him to be a friend. I took his word- the makeup artist wasn’t bad at all. I felt as if I were wearing nothing. Even then, I was hyper-aware of the eyeliner and lipstick- both dark colors that stood out against my pale skin.

   I sat in the VIP section with one of my close friends, a boy named Haesung who I’d known since we were in the second grade. Jiyong had managed to get us to sit in the VIP section, seeing as neither of us had wanted to go backstage- the view wasn’t as nice seeing things from the side and behind. Jiyong and I had “been together” a multitude of times, but neither of us had solidified the relationship- mostly because I was too chickenshit to say anything and Jiyong hadn’t said anything either. Even then, I came out to support him, excited to see him and Big Bang perform- seeing as they were your friends, as well.

   It wasn’t until Jiyong appeared on stage, dressed in all red and looking about ready to destroy everyone in the crowd that I realized just how lucky I was to have been with him. The lights went out except for the lasers on the stage, spotlights shining onto him as he strode across the floor, mic to his lips and words spitting out. The heat in the room made his skin glisten and I clapped along to the beat, cheering him on. And then CL came out from underneath the stage and I thought I’d faint. She was perfect in every way- her stage presence was strong, but then again I wasn’t a very good judge of it.

   Jiyong and CL rapped and sang together, showing more skinship than I thought they would. But she was CL for God’s sake- of course Jiyong would be all over her. So would I, if I had the chance. Even then, I couldn’t help but feel a pit of jealousy settle into my stomach as I watched her run her hands through her hair- an action I’d done three nights before. 

     CL was beautiful, amazing, and above all else- she was CL. It was irrational for me to feel jealous. Jiyong and I weren’t even dating, he probably just thought of me as a pastime. The truth hurt, but I’d accepted it.

   “Hey,” Haesung patted my shoulder, earning my attention. “You alright?”

   “Yeah!” I shouted back over the sound of the bass. Well, I was alright until I saw the end of the performance. CL was hugging Jiyong from the front, his hands holding her by the waist as she flipped her hair and gave a little smirk. I felt sick, but I pushed it down because- come on. She’s CL. She could have anyone she wants, and Jiyong was a perfect match for her- both of them were incredible performers, and there were tons of ships for them- trust me, I was in the shipping fandom.

   After the performances were over, I was to meet Jiyong back at his place, but to be honest- I wasn’t going to. After seeing him with CL, I realized how much better he could do than some girl that works at a zoo for a job. CL was perfect for him, even someone as blind as me could see that. When everything had ended, Jiyong looked at me, looking a bit breathless from his show, and nodded his head to backstage. I made a motion of cutting my neck, which was meant to tell him I was just going to go home. He looked confused for a moment and squinted into the bright lights. For a moment, I thought he was going motion me back again, but I realized that all eyes were on him- it would be too obvious.

   “You sure you’re alright?” Haesung asked as the two of us started outside of the concert arena, coats pulled over our frames.

   “Ah, I’m fine,” I dismissed the topic with a wave of my hand. It was dumb of me to get jealous anyway- I knew what I was getting myself into, anyhow. Haesung looked concerned, nonetheless.

   “You look a bit sick,” he said, frowning. I rolled my eyes.

   “That’s just how I look,” I retorted with a nonchalant shrug and a bat of your eyelashes. Haesung grinned in amusement, though his arm fell over your shoulder and pulled you into his side.

   “I should keep you warm- I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold,” Haesung smiled down at me.Having been friends for years, him doing such an action didn’t make me uncomfortable at all. In fact, it eased the jealousy I’d been feeling minutes before. Leaning into his embrace, an idea popped into my head and I quickly looked up at him.

    “Wanna have a movie night?” I asked him eagerly.

    Haesung grinned. “We haven’t had one of those in a while!”

    An hour later, Haesung and I sat on my couch, watching one of the horror movies Netflix had recommended. I was dressed in my pajama shorts, which really had been flannel pants that I accidentally cut too short, and a long t-shirt to compensate the unintentional leg I was showing. Beside me, Haesung had changed into one of the shirts he’d left over a while ago and his boxers, seeing as I didn’t have any bottoms that would fit him. I didn’t mind it, though- Haesung and I had been friends for years.

   “Y/N,” Haesung sighed, earning my attention. I looked from the television screen to him quickly, trying to watch both the movie and him at once. I noticed he’d set down the remote and moved his blanket off his legs, so I figured he had to go home. “Can you come here a second?” 

    I gave a dramatic huff of breath, although smiling, and grabbed the remote to pause the movie. As I reached for it, Haesung’s hands closed in around my wrist, gently stopping me. I looked at him quickly. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a while,” Haesung breathed, suddenly closer to me than I remembered him having been. 

    For a moment, I pictured Jiyong’s face. I pictured him in my bed one particular morning, smiling sleepily at me before he left for rehearsal. And then I pictured him on stage with CL, looking in his natural state with such a gorgeous woman. I wouldn’t compare myself to CL, so instead, I found myself staring into Haesung’s eyes. My infatuation with Jiyong had gone too far. I would end up hurting myself, but Haesung… Haesung was a constant. He’d been my best friend for years, with me through thick and thin. He was the obvious choice- we were compatible, after all, but I never thought he felt that way about me. 

    I didn’t fight him off- not that I wanted to. Haesung leaned forward, gently pressing his lips against mine. It was an action that caught me off guard- I was so used to Jiyong’s rough, passionate kisses that Haesung’s felt dull in comparison. Even then, I needed to forget Jiyong. That would never turn into a relationship, no matter how often I dreamt it would. Instead, I allowed Haesung to kiss me, slowly moving his hands from my jaw to my shoulders. 

    “Was that okay?” Haesung breathed against my mouth, sounding a bit insecure as he did confident. 

    I nodded, biting onto my lip. Jiyong’s face popped into my mind again. It only stopped when I kissed Haesung, so I knew what I had to do. Smiling in his direction, I pressed our lips together again, momentarily forgetting how smug CL had looked as she ran her hands through Jiyong’s hair. I mimicked her action, gently pulling on Haesung’s hair as I climbed into his lap. He didn’t object, but instead let out a moan of surprise. 

    Haesung held me by the hips as his tongue entered my mouth. It was nowhere near as calculative and experienced as Jiyong’s was, but it was something. I sucked gently on his bottom lip, my stomach sinking with each kiss. I felt better about myself in that moment, knowing that I was getting back at Jiyong- even if he didn’t know it. Smirking inwardly, I grabbed Haesung by the collar of his shirt, slowly lifting it up and over his head. Haesung wasn’t as masculine, but he was still fit. I ran my fingers over his chest as I sucked on his neck, listening to him moan at my actions. 

    Without warning, Haesung laid back down onto the couch, allowing me to fully sit on his lap. I could feel a bulge in his boxer briefs, obvious from the thin material pressing up against me. His hands traveled up my own shirt, squeezing my ass for a brief movement before he sucked on my neck. Just as I moved to take my own shirt off, there was a heavy fist knocking on the door. I opted to ignore it, except the person didn’t leave. 

    “Hold on,” I sighed, kissing Haesung chastely before hopping over the top of the couch. I didn’t adjust my hair or clothes, seeing as I wanted the person to know I was busy and leave. Without checking to see who it was, I unlocked the door and pulled it back, ready to tell the visitor to leave when I met his eyes. 

    Jiyong stood before me, still dressed fashionably from the YG Family concert. He raised his eyebrows when he saw me, red marks forming on my neck and my hair ruffled considerably. His eyes narrowed. “Am I interrupting something?” Jiyong inquired in a low voice. 

    “Who’s here?” Haesung called from the couch breathlessly. 

    Jiyong looked at me in surprise, then to the inside of my house. “I have the same question,” he said lowly. I heard Haesung shuffle before he appeared in the door frame beside me, shirtless with marks forming on his chest and hair ruffled- not to mention his lips were now swollen and red. Jiyong’s look of surprise conformed to one of anger, his eyebrows furrowing. “Who the fuck are you?” He demanded. 

    Haesung looked surprised, “You’re G-Dragon. What’re you doing here?” Haesung knew Jiyong was one of my close friends, but he didn’t know to an extent. Looking awkward, Haesung continued, “Think you can come back later? Y/N and I are pretty… busy,” he looked at me with a smirk and wink, then back to Jiyong. 

    Jiyong laughed aloud, “How about this. What if you left and never came back?” 

    I sucked in a breath. Why was Jiyong acting like this? He certainly didn’t care when he was in my place hours before. Plus, it wasn’t exactly like we were dating. “Jiyong,” I said suddenly, avoiding his eyes, “maybe you should leave.” 

   Jiyong gave me a devilish grin. “Me? Maybe your little fuck buddy should leave,” his darkened eyes jumped to Haesung, who looked shocked that G-Dragon, someone who he considered an idol, was speaking so bluntly. 

   “Jiyong,” I sighed exasperatedly, “go home.” 

   “I’m not going anywhere, princess,” Jiyong retorted quickly. “I would suggest a threesome but then again, I’m not up for sharing.” 

    Haesung frowned, “Look, man, she told you to leave. I don’t want to hurt you.” 

   Jiyong gave an abrupt laugh. “You have about ten seconds to get the fuck out of here.” 

   Haesung raised his eyebrows, linking his arm around my waist and pulling me into his side. “Or what?” 

   “Come on, guys,” I exhaled, “Jiyong, you’re being immature. You too, Haesung.” Haesung rolled his eyes at me, but Jiyong simply grinned. 

   “Y/N, I think we need to talk,” Jiyong finally said, in a voice that was much too calm to be his. I stared at him for a moment, not entirely noticing that Haesung’s fingers were playing with the band of my pajama shorts. 

   “It’s not going to work out,” I sighed, not looking him in the eye. “We both knew you and I wouldn’t.” 

   “So you pick up another fuck buddy?” Jiyong demanded. “When were you going to tell me this?” 

   I stared at him in shock. “I… I didn’t think you’d care.” 

  Jiyong laughed bitterly. “Why wouldn’t I?” 

  “B-Because, you and CL-” I cut myself off, realizing how childish I sounded. I didn’t get claims to Jiyong, just as he didn’t to me. 

  “Jagiya,” Jiyong sighed, “it was just for show. Let me in so we can talk, please.” 

  Haesung quickly intervened, “Not a good a idea, friend.” 

  I squeezed my eyes tightly, making snap decisions. “Haesung, I think I should talk to Jiyong. Alone.” 

  Haesung stared at me incredulously, then to Jiyong. “What aren’t you telling me, Y/N?” 

  Jiyong interrupted, “She’s not telling you that Y/N and I have been fucking for the past three months.” 

   At his bluntness, Haesung’s eyes grew wide, darting from Jiyong to me. I couldn’t exactly deny it, so I just swallowed, sheepishly nodding. “You’re kidding me,” Haesung ran a hand over his face, pinching the bridge of his nose. Shaking his head in disbelief, Haesung grabbed his shirt off the couch, then threw a spiteful look in Jiyong’s direction. “I’m not giving up on you, Y/N. Let me know when you’re done being with boys and come find me.” 

   “Oh, I’m sure I can take care of her,” Jiyong brushed past his shoulder and into my house, smirking triumphantly as he shrugged off his coat. Haesung glared at him before pulling me in for a kiss. He crashed our lips together in a way that felt mundane before smugly walking from my apartment. I could hear the low growl in Jiyong’s throat as I shut the door and locked it, turning to face him. 

   I noticed the look Jiyong was giving me and rolled my eyes. “What, you can go around fucking other girls but I make out with one guy and suddenly I’m the bad person?” 

   Jiyong scoffed, “I haven’t been fucking anyone else, princess.” 

   I laughed aloud, “I saw the look you gave CL. You might as well have had ‘I’m taking her home’ written on your damn forehead, Kwon Jiyong.” Jiyong gave you an amused look, eyebrows raised and that killer smile on his face. I scowled. 

   “You were jealous then, huh princess?” Jiyong smirked, biting down on his lower lip. I rolled my eyes, not going to give him the satisfaction. Folding my arms over my chest, I leaned back against the wall, staring daggers at him. Jiyong sat on the top of my couch, grinning. Swinging his legs tauntingly, he dropped onto his feet, sauntering towards me. “There’s no need to be jealous, jagiya… I’m all yours.” 

   He whispered this against my cheek, his teeth nibbling on my earlobe. I grabbed him by his shirt and shoved him backwards, watching him stumble into the couch. “I’m not jealous,” I told him sharply. Jiyong stared at me, one eyebrow raised in amusement. 

   “Oh, so if I were to call CL and fuck her tonight you wouldn’t care?” Jiyong retorted quickly. 

   I shrugged, “I’d be able to spend the night with Haesung. That boy has a mouth on-” before I could finish my sentence, Jiyong rushed me, shoving me up against the wall. He roughly pressed his lips to mine and I felt relief fill me- his kiss was everything Haesung’s wasn’t. Grabbing one of my legs and wrapping it around his hips, Jiyong angled himself against me, biting down on my lower lip hard enough to make me cry out. 

    “Don’t say shit like that,” Jiyong growled, his eyes narrowed to slits. 

    I made to speak but Jiyong angled his hips into my core, causing me to moan in pleasure. “Like what?” I managed to say breathlessly. “If you hadn’t come and barged in, Haesung could be fucking me into the couch right now.” 

    Without warning, Jiyong tackled me onto the cushions, feverishly planting kisses along my throat, biting and going over the marks Haesung left, making them his. “Get on your knees,” he ordered harshly. I didn’t object, sliding off the couch and staring up at Jiyong as his unbuttoned his pants. His erection sprang free, already leaking from the tip. He gave himself three quick jerks before he grabbed the back of my head. I eagerly took him between my lips, moaning and sending vibrations up his member as he fucked my mouth. “This is my couch,” Jiyong groaned out. “My girl, sucking my cock like a good little slut.” 

    At his words, I couldn’t stop my free hand from rubbing the cloth of my pajamas against my core, moaning from how good the friction felt. Before Jiyong could finish in my mouth, he picked me up and sat me on his lap, rocking his hips against the fabric of my pajamas. “Haesung will never have you like this,” he growled as he grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it over my head. I was still in my bra from the concert, one that was flashy even though I figured no one would see it. Biting onto his lip, Jiyong quickly unclasped the back of it and tossed it somewhere in the living room. 

    I threw my head back, moaning in pleasure as his warm tongue swirled around my nipple. One of his hand pulled at my other breast, kneading it as he sucked on the first. My hands pulled at his hair, where CL’s hands had been hours before. This was mine, I told myself. Eagerly, I helped Jiyong out of his shirt, appreciatively kissing his chest.

    “Get the fuck out of these,” Jiyong demanded, pulling eagerly at my pajama pants. Without hesitation, I stood up, sliding them off along with my thong. Sitting on my couch, Jiyong stared at him, eyes narrowed and his expression hungry as he eyes my now-naked body. Ironically, one of CL’s songs had begun playing from my phone in its radio dock. The low bass shook from the loud speakers, shaking the floor and drowning out Jiyong’s moan. He stared at me, naked and bruising, as his hand moved quickly up and down his cock. A loud yell escaped his lips as he came in sporadic spurts of white release. 

    I fell onto the couch beside him, opting for kissing as he grew hard again. Knowing he was sensitive, I sucked at his flaccid member, licking the seed off him. Jiyong moaned, fidgeting as I did so. Jiyong leaned forward, kissing me and tasting himself on my tongue. He pressed his lips onto my throat, nibbling at it as he kissed his way down my chest. He stopped at my breasts once again, biting down on my nipples and causing me to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He moved down the couch so that his lips were angled with my thighs. He sucked on the inner part of them, ignoring the needy bundle of nerves before him. I pulled on his hair, whining softly. 

    Jiyong blew a warm breath of air onto my clit. I moaned loudly, throwing my head back and biting down on my swollen lip. “All for me,” he whispered against my sex, smirking up at me. “Only for me,” he repeated dominantly, to which I nodded quickly in agreement. “I don’t to hear anymore about Haesung, got it? Your pussy is mine and mine only- I don’t like to share, princess.” 

    “Fuck, Jiyong,” I managed to say in a hoarse voice, “just lick it.” 

   Jiyong raised an eyebrow at me, as if he hadn’t heard me correctly. “Are you ordering me around, baby girl?” I knew this all too well. Shaking my head, Jiyong smirked, pressing his tongue flat against my clit. I cried out in surprise, tugging at his platinum hair. I felt his tongue slide into my opening, licking around and tasting me. Just as I got close, Jiyong sat up, grinning widely. At the sight of his lips glistening with my juices, I clenched my teeth, my chest rising and falling with quick, sharp breaths. 

    “How far did you and Haesung go?” Jiyong whispered against my lips, allowing me to taste myself on his. He ground his hips against mine, the head of his now-erect cock sliding up against my spread legs. 

    I gasped breathlessly, “I thought you didn’t want to hear anymore about him.” 

   Jiyong grabbed one of my legs, wrapping it around his hip as he positioned himself at my entrance. “What did I say?” He growled, staring down at me. 

   I swallowed, “He… He was about to take my shirt off.” 

  He tasked in disapproval. Suddenly, he thrust into me, and I gasped loudly at the abrupt fullness. As slowly as possible, he removed himself until only the head of his manhood remained, then angled his hips and pounded into me once again. My nails were digging crescents into his back as he thrust. “He’ll never feel your walls around him,” Jiyong whispered against my throat, his thumb pulling down on my bottom lip. “He’ll never release inside you like I will.” 

   I cried out once again as Jiyong lifted me off the couch. Everything spun for a moment until I felt my back hit the wall of my kitchen. He pounded into me relentless, moving across the kitchen as if every surface were on fire. At one point we were on the floor and I was riding him, moaning loudly as his hands  cupped my breasts, pulling at my nipples affectionately. Not even a second later he flipped us over and I was sitting on the counter of the sink, hot water suddenly spewing out onto my ass as he pumped himself against my center. 

   “God, princess, you feel so good,” he moaned against my throat, sucking lightly on it. I didn’t trust myself to speak so I simply ran my hands through his hair, tugging on it when he hit my g-spot once again. 

    “You’re so big,” I threw my head back, allowing him access to my throat. My words seemed to have an effect on him, seeing as he let out a loud moan against my neck as he shoved himself into me again. “Fuck, Jiyong,” I ran my nails down his back, hoping that it’d leave marks. 

    Jiyong picked me off the counter, bumping into each wall before he found my bed. Without ever leaving me, Jiyong angled himself again, though instead of kissing me he sucked on one of my breasts. “I’m close, princess,” he said gruffly, still holding one of my legs around him. He moved so that he pressed up against that bundle of nerves. I felt the familiar heat pool at my spread legs and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. 

    “Jiyong,” I moaned. His eyes opened quickly, looking at me before narrowing into a smirk. 

    “Come with me, princess,” he groaned. I lost all ability to speak as Jiyong’s pace became more rapid. Suddenly, he thrust into me, spilling his hot release inside of me. I felt my own juices leak out, covering his cock in me. He stayed there for a moment, irregularly pounding into me, milking himself of all he had before collapsing onto my body. He stayed inside me for a moment, slowly removing himself. I winced at the sudden loss. 

    I stared up at the ceiling of my bedroom breathlessly. 

    “All mine,” Jiyong whispered, his hand drawing circles into my abdomen. He linked his arm around my waist and propped his head up with his other arm. He stared down at me, smiling genuinely. “Now, jagiya, I don’t want you jealous anymore, okay? You’re the only one who I want,” he pressed his lips down against mine. Like Haesung’s, it was a gentle kiss, except this one I felt- this one had emotion, this one had passion. This one captured everything Jiyong  and I had ever done into one moment. 

    “Okay,” I smiled against his lips, my cheeks and chest flushed.  

   Jiyong laid his head down onto my breasts, listening to my heartbeat through my torso. Knowing I was sensitive, his hand innocently traveled down to between my legs, absentmindedly playing with my clit. I stifled a moan by biting down on my tongue, but Jiyong had other ideas. “I have to ask you something,” he said, one finger teasing my entrance. 

    I sucked in a breath, “Ask me.” 

   His index finger entered me, causing me to moan in surprise. Instead of smirking, he was smiling, his tongue licking over my breast before he brought his eyes up to mine.

     “Be my girlfriend?” 

Liam Dunbar-Nightmares

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Warnings: fluff??? Nightmares

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It had been a week since I found out
about the berserkers and Kate being alive. I think everyone has been a little on edge lately but this is really affecting my best friend Liam. I know he is new at this and he’s still a kid. Well I’m the same age but living in a place like beacon hills has caused me to grow up fast even if I am just human.

Anyway, I feel bad for Liam he is just new to this and he’s scared. He won’t admit it but I can tell. He’s been spacing out a lot lately, looking very tired, and he’s even had a couple of panic attacks recently.

I walked over to Liam and Mason. “Hey guys what’s up?” I asked causing Liam to jump slightly. I casually leaned into the lockers beside and kept an eye on Liam while Mason questioned “Just talking about our plans tonight wanna come with us and play video games at Liam’s house?”

“Sure” I said more to Liam than Mason just before the bell rang. I smiled at them and started to walk away when I felt a hand on my shoulder pull me back. “Hey ummm can you….. uh maybe.. walk with me t-to class?” Liam questioned me nervously.

“Ya Liam anytime.” I told him we walked to class in silence I couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with him I felt bad and worried.

We got to chemistry together and sat down. I barely paid attention the whole time because Liam kept looking around and fidgeting.

When school was finally over I walked with Liam and Mason back to Liam’s house after I texted my dad.

To Dad:
Hey dad I’m walking to Liam’s house were going to play video games with Mason.

To Y/N:
Ok i’m not going to be home tonight so just don’t stay out to late or if you don’t want to stay by yourself you could stay with one of them if you want and go home tomorrow I’ll be back around 8 tomorrow night.

To Dad:
Ok thanks <3 love ya.

We all went up to Liam’s room since his parents worked a lot they weren’t here and since my single dad worked a lot we slept at each other’s houses a lot so we weren’t all alone.

I opened the door and flung my self on Liam’s soft bed and laid there face down until someone threw a remote controller at my head. “OWWWW that hurt!” I yelled at them. Mason gave me a cheesy grin while Liam had a guilty smile.

I grabbed the remote and glared at them. Liam turned on his Xbox and pulled a game. I looked up and “Mario cart really Liam?” I heard Mason say. “What it’s fun.” He tries to defend. I sighed and stayed quiet.

We played for three hours and I beat them 12 times. Liam beat us 9 and Mason only won 3. I laughed “Mason you suck.” I giggled throwing myself back onto Liam’s bed. “I gotta big day tomorrow so I’m gonna go.” I told them as I was gathering my stuff. “What could you possibly be doing tomorrow’s Saturday and we’re your only friends?” Mason scoffed. “Keep talking and we ain’t gonna be friends.” I sassed and Mason pretended to be hurt by that. “If you must know I have a big day doing nothing at all tomorrow so bye.” I said before I walked out the door.

“Oh and Liam, honey my dads not home so if your parents aren’t home or you’re lonely your welcome to come to my house later.” I finished I heard a quick “ok” and a scoff from my other best friend before I shut the door and started down the steps.

It was already dark as it was almost 11. So i walked home quickly. Luckily I only live 6 houses down from Liam so it wasn’t far. I opened my door and quickly locked it behind me. I ran around the house and checked all the other doors and windows and locked them except mine because that’s the one Liam climbs in.

Once I finished checking the house I grabbed a water from the fridge and walked up the staircase to my bedroom where I sat on my bed scrolling through Pinterest on my laptop. I got and idea and walked across my room to the speakers by the door. I turned them on loud enough to hear it from even downstairs but not make the house shake like usual. Since our house was the farthest from town on the block our closest neighbors couldn’t ever hear my music so I normally had nothing to worry about. I danced around the house with my hairbrush and belted lyrics to my favorite songs.

Skin on my skin, what a wonderful sin
Take your breath but you’re asking for more
The tip of my finger is tracing your figure
I say goodnight and walk out the door


I belted the lyrics of the chorus and continued the song until it was all the way over. After that I really started to get tired so I turned off my speakers set down my laptop and checked to see the time. It was already 12:30 so I decided it was time for bed. I laid my head on the pillow and slowly drifted off into a very wonderful dream about Jensen Ackles.

I was awoken to the sound a loud thud. I quietly and slowly reached for the pistol I kept under my pillow so my dad felt better about leaving me alone. I then stood really fast and held gun stance and pointed my gun at the window where i heard the thud.

“It’s just me” I heard a scared voice say. “Liam?” I said as I lowered my gun. “Yes please don’t shoot me.” “Sorry him i didn’t know it was you what’s wrong?” I said as I turned on my lamp and put the gun back under my pillow.

He walked over and sat on my bed with me. He looked weary. I grabbed his hand in mine and set it on my lap and held it trying to be comforting. “ Li Honey tell me what’s wrong.” “Mason left about and hour ago and i tried to sleep but every time I close my eyes I see the berserkers. Then I started thinking they got to you and I got really scared and ran over here as fast as I could I tried to get in to check on you quietly but I fell through the window. I’m sorry you shouldn’t have to deal with this….. with me.” His voice cracked at the end and my heart hurt so much he looked like he was about to cry.

He was so vulnerable I felt so bad. “Liam you mean everything to me I would do anything for you hon you should have told me you were scared I know it’s scary because I know what’s it’s like to feel like the worlds against you and there’s a big target on your back for no reason. I’m always gonna be here for you I’m lucky to have this beautiful person in my life you make me happy when no one else can you ever doubt yourself you come to me and I’ll pick you back up every time no questions asked. Liam hon you are so new to this being scared only makes you human. I love you and I want you to know it’s ok to feel this way. I’m right here with you every step of the way.” I whispered.

I pulled his head to my chest and he started softly crying into me. I leaned back with him at my side head in my chest and his body snuggled up to me while our legs where wrapped tightly and tangled together.

His breathing started to slow and right before he dosed out he whispered “I love you too.” Barely audible. I held him tighter and stayed awake the whole night watching him. I left the lamp on in case he woke up but he never did. Anytime he squeezed me or whimpered or started breathing heavy I held him tighter and ran my hand through his hair and that always calmed him down.

He woke up very early the next morning and looked up at me with a groggy smile. “Did you stay awake all night?” He questioned in a husky morning voice. “Ya” I told him quietly “I stayed awake so when you started to have nightmares I could calm you down.”

He leaned forward and cupped my face in his hands. “Y/n” he whispered “will you be my girlfriend. I grabbed his face and kissed him it was a slow passionate kiss like one I’ve never had. I felt right and I knew I was with the right person.

Death of a Bachelor (M)


Do I look lonely? I see the shadows on my face. People have told me, I don’t look the same…

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Pairing: Yuta x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: strong language, smut stuff

A/N: I’m so sorry I’m bad at titles and this title might just make 0 sense but I had p!atd stuck in my head so it just happened

I’m sure you’ve heard this scenario one thousand times before. Your friend is throwing a party, she invites you over to help and for support but man, you don’t know anyone in here! Your friend, Charlotte, had invited you and one of her other friends over to help set up before the party, which was two hours ago. You made it your duty to be the first to arrive because if you hadn’t, you would have to walk into a conversation that has already started and would have to awkwardly chime in somehow and you had to save that energy for the party itself.

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