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So a trio of maybe 13 year Olds comes up to my register. They’re buying typical kid stuff, candy, drinks, a piece of cake. They’re being a bit rowdy and loud, but not obnoxious, doing regular kid stuff like heckling each other over what they decided to buy and etc. Just being typical kids.

So I ring them up, and their total was a bit over $10. I saw they only had a ten, and they say a couple things to each other before telling me to take off the slice of cake.

And I was like, are you only short the 27 cents? And they were like yea… and I was like it’s ok don’t worry about it, and I took their ten and cashed it out.

Cue a chorus of “omg she’s so nice! She’s so cool! Thank u!!”

And it made me smile real hard and feel real good cause they were good kids being typical nice kids, not dicks, and it felt good to do something nice for them. Reminded me of being that age, and the few good times I had.

So yey :)

Prohibited 👽💚

11:45 PM 11/30/16

I know that I am not supposed to kiss her. I am not supposed to let my homosexual lips touch her heterosexual lips but you only live once, right?

The music is loud as fuck. I don’t usually show up at these kinds of things without my bestfriend, but she was busy with her family tonight. There’s a very pretty girl sitting in my lap. When she texted me and told me to come, I damn near ran out the front door, I flew over here.

She’s grooving to the music but it’s a mellow kind of groove. She’s not twerking on me but whatever she is doing with her hips feels really good. My vagina is tingling, this girl got me over here sprung as a motherfucker. I want to move my hands closer to her hips but I don’t want to throw off the vibe. I have no idea what she will allow or won’t allow me to do. I have no idea if she is aware that I’m into girls. If she don’t know, she needed ask somebody because everyone else at this party can tell that I’m into her. Straight girls be actin’ like that don’t know what they doin’, but she gotta know. She has to know. 

She giggles and looks back at me. “What?” I ask. 

“Nothin’.” She says. She keeps dancing. I slide my hands higher onto her hips. She keeps dancing. I want her to know I got my hands on her body, I don’t want her to act like she don’t notice so I softly tighten my grip. She has on a black top and a red jacket. She takes the jacket off and throws it to the side. The songs changes and she gets excited and giggles to me. “I love this song.” She’s is so damn cute. I just look at her, I don’t have much to say. I just hope she’s comfortable sitting on me and that she don’t go no where. She don’t know it but I love this song too. We both dancing now. I absolutely positively love a girl with rhythm, a girl that can keep up with me when we dancing and shit. Her moves become more precise in my lap. “Jesus.” I think to myself. 

She leans her head back and moves her hips from side to side real slow. I look at her but her eyes are closed. She’s being very strategic. Her hair smells like strawberries and her lips look so soft. My grip on her body becomes more firm. She looks back at me and smiles real hard. My phone vibrates in my pocket. “Ugh, who the fuck…?” I think to myself. I pull it out and see who it is. She’s looking at my phone to see who it is too. When I catch her looking, I put it back in my pocket then she gives me that yeahnigga, youbettaputitaway look. I shake my head. She touches my cheek. “What?” I ask.

“Nothin’. Do you know where the bathroom is?” She asks. 

“Um, nah but let’s go find it.” I tell her as we get up and move away from the crowd. Some of her friends are standing in the kitchen so she stops to ask them and they point down the hall. She starts to walk over there but I pause cause I don’t know if she wants me to follow. I’m being a punk but I just don’t want to cross no boundaries. She turns around to see that I wasn’t following. 

“Did you want me to come with you? I ain’t know. I didn’t want to invade your space. I’m sorry.” I’m pleading with her. I don’t want her to think I didn’t want to go with her because lord knows, I did. She laughs and takes me by the hand. I’m weak in the knees. 

I’m Sam and her name is Jasmine, but I call her Jay. I met Jay two summers ago and she’s always had a boyfriend. Where he at tonight? I don’t know and I don’t care. We’ve always had a connection but I ain’t trynna die over no straight girl. At least that’s how I felt before, but now I’ll do anything to be someone to her. I’ll do anything to be where she is. I know she be hearin’ around the school that I’m a gay and whatever whatever but she’s never asked me about it or brought it up. We definitely text here and there but it’s them nights when she’ll call me and we talk until one of us is about to fall asleep that got me caught up. She’ll be like in my life for a minute but then she’ll disappear and that was never a problem because I would just call up another girl. But, them other girls not like her. Jay is different and I don’t know why but she is.

I stand outside the bathroom, while she’s in there. She told me to wait. When she comes out, she wipes her wet hands off with my shirt. 

“There was no paper towels.” she laughs and continues rubbing my stomach, making my shirt wet. 

“Oh ohkay.” I laugh with her. If anyone else were to wipe there wet hands on my shirt, I would take it off and strangle them with it. I wait for her to make the next move. She waits for me to call the shot. I want to walk further down the hall with her into the dark and throw her up against the wall in the corner and break me off a piece of that ass. She catches me looking behind her down the hall. She looks back and then says to me, “You wanna go over there?” 

My eyes widen. I nod and take her by the hand. The hallway is pitch dark. I lean her up against the wall and then I completely chicken out. I froze and all of a sudden I’m sweating but my eyes say everything for me. She’s reading me up and down. She smiles and pulls me closer. I instantly lose my breath. We lean into each other, my nose on her cheek, her lips inches from mine. 

“Jasmine!” Her friend calls her from the kitchen.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. She stops and looks down the hall to see who’s calling her and then looks at me. She touches my hand and smiles… then she starts to walk away and her hand slips off of mine as she heads down the hall. There is no word to describe how irritated and emotional I am. I almost kissed her, she almost kissed me. I breathe in and out and try to decide what I want to do with myself. I just stand there. My heart sits still in my chest. I walk back down the hall and go into the bathroom. As I’m looking in the mirror trying to process what the hell just happened, I hear a knock at the door. 

“I’m not done yet.” I say. 

“It’s me.” she says.

I opened the door and she walks in and closes it behind her. 

“My boyfriend is here.” She looks at me with her pretty brown eyes.

“Oh foreal, true.” I play it off. 

“I think we should um… hang out sometime. You know?” she says looking up at me.

My brain is telling me to tell this girl to kiss my ass and to walk out and never get that close to her ever again. My heart disregards my brain and I say to her, “Yeah, we need to. I like you alot.” I just completely threw myself out there to get hurt. I literally just gave this girl the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket to mind fuck the shit out of me and then set my heart on fire and watch it burn. 

She hugs me and lays her head on my shoulder. That’s all she had to do. I am now hooked and I want her all to myself. I want to be her bestfriend, her girlfriend and her boyfriend. And if I gotta compete with the dude she with to have her as my own, then so be it.

To Be Continued


【Xotic Kamatani ft. Hatsune Miku】Mahou no kotoba

M I N G Y U #1: My Boyfriend is a Waiter

Genre: Fluff, drama, more fluff!

Category: Sweet Seventeen

Word Count: 3320 words

A/N: Y/FL/N= your full name. 
Mingyu stans and my fellow lovely carats! I’m so so so sorry that this story took too long. Been busy and i’m happy that I’ve finished it! Enjoy! ^^

Four weeks. It’s been four weeks that you’ve been seeing him.

Four weeks of exchanging looks, eye-smiles and hand waves with the tall, dreamy, and handsome Kim Mingyu.

Four weeks of admiring him and your heart never ceased to skip a beat whenever he smiled at you.

Four weeks of him bringing coffee and desserts to your table.

Four weeks that you felt every girl in the shop seemed to have been eyeing the two of you with envy because you both were close.

Those four weeks felt like destiny and you’ve never felt happier. Everything was perfect except…

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anonymous asked:

what's Reaper's & 76's reaction to their s/o calling them handsome/beautiful/sexy (not to attract their attention but as a sincere compliment)? (':

d a d s

-If you called him handsome he would just like, shift his mask a bit if he was wearing it at the time. He’s blushing a lot and doesn’t really think of himself as a particularily good looking person so it means a lot.
-If you called him beautiful he would probably inhale, exhale and just smile real brightly. Which is hard to imagine but it’s what he does.
-If you called him sex he’d probably think you were joking and say “It’s the latino genetics.”

Soldier 76:
-If you called him handsome he would kiss your cute little head and thank you, nothing more nothing less.
-If you call him BEAUTIFUL he’d let out a tiny tiny hard to hear squeal and blush really hard because all those scars can’t possibly be beautiful to someone, right?
-If you called him sexy he’d tell you to cut it out and stop joking around. He’d think you were kidding but also i low key headcanon him as asexual s o

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