smiling jared


“When it’s one of them, it’s fine, but as soon as the other walks in, they light up and their ages seem to drop by 30 years. It’s like the difference between having one puppy in a room and having two puppies in a room – like it really is, they increase exponentially.”

Reasons To Smile

-Thomas Sanders’ smile

-Thomas’s laugh

-Thomas exists


-Lin-Manuel Miranda exists

-Hamilton exists

-Be More Chill exists

-Heathers exists

-Dear Evan Hansen exists

-Terrence’s singing voice (Thomas’s friend)

-Terrence in general


-Daveed Diggs

-Anthony Ramos

-Phillipa Soo (Pippa)

-Jonathan Groff

-The original cast of Hamilton

-Ben Platt

-Meant To Be Yours exists

-YouTube exists

[Update: So many people wanted to put Mystic Messengers in here, so I listen. Here.]

-Mystic Messenger exists

-That Good Part Of Tumblr exists

-Heather McNamara

-The “jared eats bathbombs” thing exists

-Tumblr exists

-Musicals exists

-BTS exists