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Homestuck Day 5 Part 4 (In Which the End Comes Far too Soon)

This is a worrisome development. I doubt he’s going to eat that cake.

God damn it John. You broke it again.

Evidence for the cavebeast impostor theory is accumulating at an astonishing rate.

Finally you’re talking sense John. A towel is about the most massive useful thing a suburban teenager can have.

Pogo rides are servants of Satan. This is just science, people.

Today on Grey’s Anatomy …

Ach sadly my ability to think and write coherently is being consumed by exhaustion, so I’m goin to have to end today’s liveblogging sooner than I would like. If Hussie smiles upon me, tomorrow will be a much better day for Homestuck liveblogging. Toodles for now!

Homestuck Gothic
  • “This is so gay,” you whisper to yourself. You lie. This is not gay. This is pain. 
  • Daves, so many Daves, a hundred thousand Daves in every corner. Ten million androgynous faces in blood-red attire stare at you, eyes hidden. What secrets do they hide? They are not men. They are not women. They are Dave. Just…. Dave… D…
  • The malicious scorpion emerges from the shadows of inconsequence once again. She is unending, an eternal loop of rising and falling, her hubris boundless. You hate her. You love her.
  • Your beloved character dies. You do not care.
  • You have been to the Void, you have seen what lies beyond the Furthest Ring. It is Andrew Hussie. It is always Andrew Hussie. His face haunts your sweetest dreams, and your most disturbing nightmares. They are one and the same. Embrace the musclebeast, embrace it tenderly.
  • You have lost track of which universe this is. Where are you? What are you doing here? What is happening? Is anything happening? Does it even matter any more? Your mind has begun to unravel. Andrew Hussie smiles in the distance.
  • A new character appears. It is a glowing-lesbian-tentacled-cat-lady. All is as it should be.

anonymous asked:

4/13 is tomorrow, the end of homestuck. I know it's no longer your jam, but any feelings?

It’ll always have a very special place in my heart. I’m still keeping up with the updates regularly. I’m interested in the story and am happy its finally ending. I met a lot of my friends thanks to it, and I owe Homestuck a lot of my “success” and start as an entertainer. I’m no big-shot, but a lot of the moments and memories that I cherish very dearly happened in consequence of that.

A lot of people are typing up stuff like this, but I really do feel very thankful for most of the people who allowed me to participate in the fandom when it was much more active, and I’d like to thank everyone for also watching my content while it was Homestuck related and later watched when it was not. It means a lot, and as many, its all thanks to this dumb fucking story. 

I like moving on to new things, but I always look back to those days and can’t help but smile. Keep on rockin’, Hussie. Keep on rockin’ to all of you guys, too.