smiling for the paps

You mean to tell me there are all these pap pics displaying Louis' beautiful smile and showing how happy he is whilst on the set of his new music video and Louis' team chose those two Eleanor pics to use in The Sun instead of the gorgeous happy Louis pics????

I’m yelling. That is truly fucked up. What a disservice to Louis.

Game Night

A/N: I’m honestly in love with the thought of Sans finding out your tickle kink, so I decided to write a fic on it. This is SFW, just a fun playful idea. I’m going to lean towards this being more romatic so, 

I got the inspiration for this fic from this so i decided to mix it up and change the scenario into a different one, but that fic is super cute and you should go read it!!

Warnings(?): Language, tickling, kind of long actually.


You were making your way to Sans and Papyrus’ house after work. You had planned a fun game night with the skeleton brothers along with Alphys and Undyne. It was a new Friday night ritual you had created with your closest friends and so far, had been the highlight of your day off.

With Monopoly in your hand, you rapped your knuckles on the door twice.

Sans greeted you with his usual grin, but tonight there was something sort of...feral about it. You knew Sans always had a smile on his face and sometimes it was wider than usual (normally from him thinking about a new joke to lay on you) but it sent a slight chill down your spine nonetheless.

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mi esposa

request: Can you do a story where Harry and y/n are on their honeymoon?

warning: smut

its been forever since i’ve actually sat down and wrote a oneshot, but i really liked how this one turned out. hope you guys like it (: xx


questions, comments, concerns

The bed shifted and I heard Harry moan quietly when he noticed my absence before quickly tugging me back to his chest, hand around my waist. When he started placing wet kisses along my neck and shoulders and whispered, “G’mornin’ Missus Styles.” That was when I remembered what day it was.

A slow smile spread across my face as I blinked away the sleep, stretching my left hand out in front of me to examine the new edition to my left ring finger; my wedding band. “Pretty, innit?” Harry murmured, head resting on my shoulder now.

“You’re my husband.” I whispered, feeling my stomach flutter at the thought.

He gently nipped at my shoulder, “You’re my wife.” My smile grows wider at the awe in his voice as he pulls me until I’m flat on my back and he’s straddling me, his hair falling in his face as he looks down at me. “My wife. My wife. Hey, you there sir!” I giggle and cover my face with my hands as he continues to try on the new title for size. “That’s my wife!” He pulls my hands away from my face and I see he’s smiling and his dimples evident.

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“I, uh… I fixed up the machine that G started. The first place I ended up in to test it out was this big empty universe that looked just like our underground - but empty. Everyone was gone. I had a bad feelin’, but I kept going. What if I missed someone? It… wasn’t lookin’ too good, though. Blood wiped everywhere, sometimes spelling stuff out. Pretty soon, I got to this place’s version of Pap’s and I’s old house.”

“He scared the shit outta me when I came in. There was me, but taller and with sharpened teeth, hands all bloody and holdin’ a knife. It, uh… didn’t take long for me to realize he didn’t wanna hurt other people. …y'know what I mean?”

“I talked him down. I stayed the next night and day with him while he explained what had happened, and we… talked. We talked about stuff, yeah. Next night I asked him if he wanted to come back with me - and he said sure, that he didn’t have anything better to do. heh. It’s good for both of us… gives him a place to stay and interact with others. Gives me another friend and a way to make sure he doesn’t do anything dumb. He’s… a pretty cool dude. Likes my jokes - has a real nice smile. Pap and the kid seem to like him a whole lot, too.”


Welcome to the Netherlands, part 3 - Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Nobody requested but I wanted to write it.

Originally posted by miranda-groff-diggs

When everyone leaves the atmosphere got much more relaxed. Your mom tried to talk with all the boys at the same time, which was a disaster. Everyone ordered food that you paid for because you were in a good mood now that your cousin was gone.

‘Dus, Y/N, hoe gaat het dan met vier vriendjes?’ Your sister asked when you two were in the kitchen searching for the pizza cutter. (So, Y/N, how is it to have four boyfriends?)

‘Vier keer zoveel liefde.’ You answer. (Four times more love.)

She laughs and then hugs you. ‘Het is zo fijn om je weer te zien. Ik heb je gemist.’ (It’s so nice to see you again. I missed you.)

John enters the kitchen and puts his arms around your waist, kissing your neck. ‘How’s my sweetheart?’

‘Ugh, stop making my neck all wet.’ You whine, pushing him away.

‘You’re all too cute.’ Your sister says in heavily accented English. ‘After dinner, are you all going to… how you say… stay at a hotel? Or stay here?’

‘I don’t know.’ You say. ‘John, what do you think?’

‘Well, I think your parents would like it if we stayed here.’ John says, kissing you behind your ear.

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The White Scarf - An “Undertale Handplates” Story

Another story! This time it’s about the skelebros and the human!

I wanted to write about @zarla-s‘s Handplates AU for a long time. I also am very curious about the AU of Handplates where the human finds the two skelebros. So, here you are!

I wanted to write the human as Frisk. So this story is taking place in the pacifist timeline. 

Now,  ©Handplates by @zarla-s Thank you for such an exciting and interesting AU!

©Undertale by Toby Fox Thank you for Undertale!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ACTION!

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distressed-honking  asked:

Here's an angst riddled idea to throw around in your brain: Horror Sans vaguely remembers having a human mate, but they're gone and he doesn't know where they went. Via timeline shenanigans, Horror, Classic Sans, and Classic Sans's mate (who is therefore Horror's ex) meet up. During uncomfortable small talk, Classic makes a dirty joke relating to how his mate tastes, and suddenly Horror remembers their taste too, just not in the same way. (I'm evil I know)

( *Horrortale inspires me for some reason.  I just love getting in the HT!bros’ heads!  This was a great idea.)  

There was a time when he was a different person.

Memories were fickle that way.  Glimpses of a time when things were better–when he didn’t have the constant, gnawing pit of hunger in his belly; when there weren’t rules and curfews and an Overlord ruling the hellscape with an iron fist and a SOUL twisted with determined rage; when his brother’s dreams hadn’t been realized and shattered in the same, awful moment.  

Those memories were lost in the wind, twisted and fragmented.  There were things he knew how to do (equations he could answer by looking at them, but then not remember the steps, nor where he obtained such knowledge) and things for which he didn’t know the purpose (what was the strange machine in the basement and why could he occasionally read the strange symbols on the blueprints?).  There were people he could briefly recall… a human whose name he couldn’t remember, one who escaped and took with them the hope of the Underground, scattering the gathered human SOULs as they passed through the barrier.  

And then…

What happened then?

Undick took over, but those memories were sharp, ingrained into his skull with a firm hatred that stirred his SOUL.

A memory of Papyrus’s jaw, unhinged and hanging lop-sided.  His boisterous voice, filled with pain as he struggled to speak:  "N-NO, SANS–ST–“



Clouded judgement and that uneasy pit of hunger– always hunger.

Then–back to apathy, to boredom.. to repetitious days as a sentry.  He was used to those; he wasn’t sure why, but it felt as if he had already lived the same day for a lifetime.  

With every loosened or jagged tooth in Papyrus’s once vibrant smile, the anger roiled inside Sans.  They were both starving; Undick’s Underground-wide rationing wasn’t enough.  So… why give her the SOULs–the power to become a god–when the solution to their hunger was right in front of them?

The days were a blur, slipping through Sans’s phalanges are quick as the wispy tendrils of hair that could occasionally be found in Paps’s Special Spaghetti.  As quick as the other locks he could remember between his fingers…

He frowned.  

“hey pal, you’re doing the creepy thing again.”

The voice brings him back to the present–his voice, only lighter, with a hint of jovial mirth always lurking in the baritone.  Sans realizes that he’s got his fingers curled into his unlit eyesocket again, firmly tugging the outer rim, and he slowly forces the phalanges to unfurl, grunting in response.

His mirrored self chuckles across from him, fingers laced with a human’s.  

There was a time when Sans was a different person.

There was a time when Sans was that person, the grinning comedian sitting on the loveseat in front of him.  

Sans suddenly smiles, though unlike his mirror, the smile is tight–humorless.  "sorry bud.  sometimes it seems like i’m not all there in the head.

His smile widens as he watches the corner of his mirror’s smile twitch, the other’s eyelights momentarily flicking to the jagged, open crack in the top of his skull.  He enjoys unnerving this candy-coated version of himself, the one that wouldn’t understand real strife if it bit him in his bony coccyx.

The version of himself that he can never be.

It’s easy to unnerve his mirror, for obvious reasons.  However, his other self tries not to let it show for the human’s sake; he doesn’t seem to want his mate to be afraid of Sans.  

Sans, however, doesn’t really give a shit one way or another.  He just wants his mirror to hurry up and fix the machine so he can go home–back to his own hell.  They keep telling him that he’s safe here, that he has food, shelter, and a chance at a normal life on the Surface, but…

It’s meaningless without Papyrus–his Papyrus.  

(He can’t even look at the Papyrus here without nearly shoving his fist in his own eyesocket.

*oh stars, what happened to you pap?  how did i let it get that bad?)

eye got to hand it to you for that crack,“ the comedian shoots back, that smile back in place.  The human beside him giggles, though ribs him with their elbow.  

Sans can’t stop staring.

The human that went through the barrier took the entire Underground’s Hope with them, but…


They came back, through the same hole, years later.

More mature, begging for the chance to be the Savior they were meant to be.  

(He had thought he was dreaming when he offered them a headdog and they actually put it on top of their head and cracked a smile.

"Do you remember me, Sans?”

And how his SOUL had ached with those words…)

They may have taken everyone else’s Hope, but… they had been Sans’s Hope from the beginning.

Long tendrils through his fingers, whispers in the night, dredged up memories of who he used to be–who he could possibly be again, with them there beside him…

Was that the same human sitting across from him, gazing at his mirror with unconditional, easy love?  The kind of love that didn’t involve fear and flinching whenever he got set off or there was a knock on their door?  The kind of love that didn’t involve hiding or getting thrown in the shed during his Bad Days?

He can’t remember…

His phalanges scrape across his face, skirting back toward his eyesocket.  The habit is an impossible one to break.  

“you hungry, pal?”  His mirror asks him that much too often, even since he discovered what his diet consisted of Underground.

Sans could use the distraction of food.  "yeah, sure.“

The human rises, playing the part of host–likely because they don’t want to sit alone with Sans.  His creepy smile widens at that thought.  "make sure it has the human touch, will ya?”

Their smile falters around the edges, and they hesitate as they rise from the couch.

(He can see their bottom lip quivering as they perform a backwards, flailing crabwalk through the snow, trying to put distance between them.  Their gaze is riveted to something clasped in his hands.)

His mirror’s hand is still laced with the human’s.  The other him chuckles, lifting that hand to press a soft skeleton kiss to their fingers.  "i know i’d like to experience the human touch.  maybe get a taste for myself tonight.“

Sans knows his mirror is trying to play off his own uncomfortable joke, to twist its meaning and make his mate feel comfortable again.  From the curve of their lips and the way they squeeze his hand, Sans suspects it works.  


His fingers dip into his eyesocket again, curling uncomfortably around the rim.

(He knows what terror looks like.
He knows what their terror looks like.

*i’m hungry…

He can see them laughing
                                                               flushed with ecstasy
*paps is hungry, too…

He can see them crying
                                                               sobbing in the snow
*and so are they.


It was another one of his Bad Days.. only this one was the Worst Day.  )

“hey pal, you’re doing that thing with your eyesocket again.”

He snaps back into reality and pulls his fingers out of his socket, but when his single dilated eyelight lands on the human again, his tongue begins slavering behind his humorless, unapologetic grin.


His memories have been fragmented, fallacious things, but sometimes… he remembers.

And now, he remembers what his mirror’s human mate tastes like.

A Mile In His Hoodie

This mostly came from a random discussion with @xladymalice and as a personal resolution to put more of my work on tumblr.  The biggest inspo was from @ravi-0-li-nsfw and their Clotheswap comic.

Title: A Mile In His Hoodie

The Underswap Bros make a visit to the Tale universe, and Papyrus notices that his Swap self seems to make Sans happier in a way he can’t.  All he wants is to be the one to make Sans legitimately smile again.   But what’s a completely identical object of Sans’s happiness to do?

Rating: M (to be safe)

AO3 Link

‘I didn’t expect this,’ Papyrus thought as his brother managed to power a machine that connected two universes together.

'I didn’t expect this,’ he thought as he stared with awed eyelights at what appeared to be another universe’s version of HIMSELF, and of Sans.

'I didn’t expect this,’ was his primary thought when conversing with them, finding them to be the polar opposite of himself and his own brother.  While that version of Sans was enthusiastic, energetic, and outrageously friendly, the other Papyrus was…


…he was like Sans.

That Papyrus (“Call me Paps.”) came out dressed in an oversized orange hoodie, khaki cargo shorts, and sneakers that were half-untied with no intent to retie them in the near future.  He was slouched, hands in his hoodie pockets, eye sockets half-lidded and eyelights soft and hazy, with a cigarette almost ALWAYS between his teeth.

That Sans—dubbed 'Blue’ by his own Sans—scolded Paps about the smoking, lamenting that it was rude to smoke in someone else’s home, and although Paps had conceded, Papyrus still smelled the mellow, thick aroma wherever he went.  He wasn’t a big fan of the smoking; it was quite a horrible habit, and an expensive one.  He often wondered where Paps kept getting the cigarettes anyway.

Blue confided that he wondered the same thing, figuring it was easier to impose a few restrictions rather than banning the habit outright.  Papyrus could understand; his brother DID have a gross ketchup habit and although he hated seeing bottles of it in the house, it was better than Sans spending all of his time at Grillby’s drinking it.

He enjoyed spending time with Blue and sharing their stories of grandeur in their respective homes, but while he and Blue had their time spent in the house, Sans and Paps always seemed to be out.  At first Papyrus thought it was Paps being courteous with his smoking and taking it outside, but when he went to look around, Paps and Sans were always gone.

They returned after various amounts of time, always grinning and laughing with the smell of the cigarettes heavy between them.  It made Papyrus’s nasal bone twitch, but since it wasn’t happening in the house, he didn’t comment on it.

He didn’t comment on a lot of things, though.

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anonymous asked:

For Fanfic Friday: US Papyrus or UF Sans falling for the new waiter/waitress. I love this blog and I hope y'all have a good day/night!

Ahh this was so cute! Also, thank you, it means a lot! Have a good day/night as well!

Title creds @yoitschrissybro because I👏can’t 👏write👏titles👏but👏they're👏awesome👏at👏it👏

Summary: You just started working at Muffet’s and just as you’re about to go home, one last patron come in.

Pairing:  Underswap Papyrus x Reader

Notes: Hope this was good! I tried my best but this is a really cute idea and I’d love to elaborate on it more!

The whole maid cafe idea was taken by this quote from @ popcornpr1nce (creator of underswap) 

“(Muffet has a cute maid cafe called muffet’s and she serves orders on her roller skates)”

Can I Take Your Order?

You had just finished your first 18 hour shift at Muffet’s  but of course, just as you’re about to leave, the door opens. You hear the little bell on the door ring and sigh in discontent. You were hoping to be in bed by now. You relaxed and put on a welcoming smile and went to greet the customer.

“Hello, welcome to ‘Muffet's’! I’m (y/n) and I’ll be taking your order!”

You looked up from your notepad and saw a skeleton monster with an orange hoodie, green cargo pants and black converse sneakers. He seemed to be scanning your face for a reaction but, you knew this was a monster bar so why should you be surprised? You gave him a warm smile which made his guard drop immediately.

“heya. name’s paps.”

You had heard that name before. You gave him a confused look until you remembered what Muffet had told you that morning you started working. She had told you all the regulars’ orders and about a certain skelly who should be treated very well.  

You snapped back from your flashback and had caught him staring at your chest. You flushed deeply and tried to adjust your light purple maid-like uniform. It had many frills and bows that accentuated every curve of your body. He seemed to notice you being uncomfortable as a smirk sprouted from his lips.

“i just wanted to see your name tag, doll.”

Your mouth dropped as you quickly tossed the hair covering the name tag over your shoulder.

“(y/n), huh? cute.”

You thanked him and showed your gratitude and curtsied. You had figured in such a fancy establishment with fancy clothes, you had to act proper. You were wrong. You had heard him snickering as a light orange tint filled his cheeks. That’s odd. Can skeletons blush?

“what was that for? i’m not maid for royalty or anything.”

You stood frozen still for a few seconds as you stammered out incoherent words not even acknowledging the pun about your outfit.

“I-I I though I was… oh I believed.. manner rule? Fancy place?”

He smiled at your stammered reaction, it was really adorable. You quickly wrote down on the notepad and went to the kitchen leaving him bewildered.

You started up the tea and got a big bottle of honey for him. Once the tea was done, you added a little lemon on the side of the cup and added a big glop of honey. You did a taste test and sighed at the heavenly flavor. You walked out to his table and saw he had the same confused expression. You set down the tea in front of him and smiled.

“Anything else, sir? Oh! Before I forget!”

You put down the bottle for honey before him. His blush darkened. He had also made a mental note to give you an extra tip before he left.

“uh, how did you know my order?”

“Oh, Muffet told me about the regulars and to make sure they’re treated well!”

He quickly regained his composure and smirked.

“Thanks honey.” he gestures the bottle to you as you giggle at his pun. “mind if you can wrap up some star-shaped cookies to go.”

Muffet had told you he always brings light blue and yellow star-shaped cookies to someone very special in his life. You grabbed the clamps and bended over to grab the pastries. You swear you saw him out of the corner of you eye looking over at your bended figure a few times which made you giggle. You made your way over to him and set the to-go bag in his hands.

“I don’t think your girlfriend would appreciate the stares you gave me sir.”

He had almost choked on his team as he gave you a wide-eyed expression.

“girlfriend? where’d you get that from doll?” he said completely disregarding the mention of the lingering looks he had been giving you earlier.

“Well, Muffet says you bring these to someone special. I assumed a lover.”

“heh, no it’s for my bro. I always surprise him with it. plus, muffet makes sure not to put too much sugar so he won’t keep me up all night.”

You  apologized for making assumptions. You walked away to get him the check but as you were about to set it down, you remembered another thing Muffet had told you. You looked to him with upset eyes. You knew there was no tip for you. You had enjoyed his company though, so that was enough for you. You started to walk away until

“hey, don’t you want to check me out?”

You laughed a little louder this time. He was good.

“Don’t you usually put your order on your tab?”

He grinned and scratched the back of his skull. He motioned you over with one hand and paid in gold coins. When you noticed the 25% tip he had given you, you almost shrieked.

“Are you sure you didn’t mean to write 2.5?!”

You didn’t want to ruin your chances but you were jumping up and down like a little kid from your excitement. When he nodded, you pulled him in for a hug and thanked him relentlessly.

“no problem doll.” He rested his hands on the top of your hip bones and gave you a peck on the nose.

“i gotta get going but I’ll see you around.”

You instinctively put a hand to your nose and smiled bashfully. You looked up at him gleefully.

“How sweet of you.”

His dark orange tint came back as he looked away.

“oh and check what’s underneath the tip. i know it’s not part of my usual order but i’m hoping you can make an exception.”

You looked down and saw a phone number with writing next to it.

“hope you’ll ring up my skelebone.”

You covered your face with one of your hands and looked up. You looked at the door strangely. The bell hadn’t rung but he was nowhere to be seen. You decided to think nothing of it and quickly inserted the phone number into your contacts under the name “Punny Bones”

You were starting to like your job a whole lot more.

~Mod Crystal