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key:  bold— triggering content

❀ Series 

Not Even a Choice

you were never a choice for your best friend, taehyung, but when he finally realizes his mistake… will it have been too late?

Skinny Love {collab with @pancakpop}

jin eats and cooks for a semi-living, you take the most pleasing photos and you both just so happen to be in this weird and awkward skinny love cliche

 Forbidden Love

you and hoseok are in a basic “hidden love” cliche

❀ Imagines ❀

 Surprises (KNJ)

Let me love you (JJK)

➺  Softball Player (BTS)

➺  Sex Before Marriage (PJM)

➺  That Girl (MYG)

 Marriage Isn’t Everything (KTH)

❀ Moodboards ❀

➺  Summer x Yoongi

➺  Prince Jimin

➺  Pink x Hoseok

➺  Purple x Namjoon *namjoon day special*

➺  Brown x Jin

  Red Neon x Jungkook

Late nights x Taehyung

Dancing x Jimin

 Black/White x Jimin *jimin day special*

 Pink x Jungkook

 Grunge Yoongi

 Black/Mint x Yoongi

 Nap time with Yoongi

Drug Addict Agust D

➺ Water x Jimin

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 BTS Icons

 Simple MinJoon Icons

❀ Blurbs ❀

 Hoseok as a boyfriend

 Single dad!Jungkook

 Jin as a boyfriend

 Jungkook as a boyfriend

Taehyung as a boyfriend

❀ BTS Reactions ❀

➺  BTS reaction to you being a hardcore gamer and anime fan

BTS reaction to their s/o writing a song

BTS reaction to you being silly and clingy when sleepy

➺  BTS reaction to their s/o having a hoarse voice when sick

BTS reaction to another member being close to their pregnant wife

 BTS reaction to finding out you are rich

BTS reaction to finding their s/o’s blog/youtube channel

BTS reaction to you being jealous of their makeup stylist

BTS reaction to you accidentally turning them on

BTS reaction to you back-hugging them sleepily

BTS reaction to finding their pregnant wife dancing

➺ BTS reaction to you never going out

BTS reaction to their s/o having a big port wine stain

BTS reaction to another MC saying something bad about their s/o

BTS reaction to their s/o being embarrassed to receive skinship

BTS reaction to meeting your parents for the first time

BTS reaction to their s/o fainting on stage

BTS reaction to doing a kiss scene

BTS reaction to their s/o being physically disabled

BTS reaction to finding your ideal type

BTS reaction to you singing one of their songs

BTS reaction to their s/o’s acceptance speech

➺  BTS reaction to you attempting suicide

BTS reaction to finding out you’re bisexual

BTS reaction to you buying a goat

BTS reaction to a song written about their past relationship

➺ BTS reaction to becoming parents as a teenager

BTS reaction to you being a cuddly drunk

BTS reaction to their little sister doing scandalous things on sc

BTS reaction to finding a fanfiction of another member

BTS reaction to you coming out as asexual

BTS reaction to believing in aliens

BTS reaction to their s/o being a translator

➺  BTS reaction to their s/o pranking them

BTS reaction to a big age gap

BTS reaction to you writing a sentimental song

BTS reaction to a reality show with their child

BTS reaction to overhearing their crush crying

BTS reaction to their younger brother disrespecting them

BTS reaction to you finding them making pancakes in their boxers

BTS reaction to their s/o being a great choreographer

BTS reaction to an asthma attack

BTS reaction to fans not liking you because you act like Tae

BTS reaction to their s/o wanting to shave their stubble

BTS reaction to their s/o asking them to take their virginity

BTS reaction to their s/o’s comeback towards haters

BTS reaction to ‘50 shades of black’

BTS reaction to you being a backup dancer for another group

 BTS reaction to seeing you cry for the first time

 BTS reaction to you having menstrual pain

 BTS reaction to their little sister being in an idol group

  BTS reaction to finding you asleep while waiting for them

 BTS reaction to their s/o eating a king crab really fast

 BTS reaction to working with their one night stand

 BTS reaction to their sibling getting hurt

 BTS reaction to their S/O getting hurt when they’re on tour

 BTS reaction to you having a watercolor tattoo

 BTS reaction to you having a nightmare about them dying

❀ BTS Groupchats ❀

➺ Jimin comments on your Father’s Day post

 ➺  Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jungkook fight for your attention and find out you’re dating Yoongi

➺  The boys comfort you after finding out your boyfriend cheated

Finally meeting their foreign friend

➺  Confronting you about drinking and doing drugs

➺  Them being cute to make you happy after rejection

➺  Finding out you’re a top supermodel

➺  Worrying about their younger sister

➺  Collabing with BTS

➺  Bad puns

➺  They get jealous of you being a fan of INFINITE

➺  Poly relationship with Yoonmin

➺  They come to you about their insecurities

➺  They worry about you when you’re stressed and miss them

➺  You want cuddles and kisses

➺  You’re being followed so you text them

➺  Them finding out you’re pregnant from the hospital

➺  Poly relationship with Taekook

➺  The boys talk you out of suicide

➺  They find out you’ve been sneaking out to the studio to make music

➺  Your parents find out you’re in a poly relationship with Yoonseok

Asking Yoongi and Hoseok to be in a poly relationship

➺  Yoongi and Jimin confess to you 

➺  The boys wonder why you don’t audition for a company

➺  You break your leg and the boys worry about you

 Vkook gets jealous (poly relationship)

  They find your chibi drawings of Yoongi

They ask about you speaking Patois

 Confronting them about the ‘DNA’ teasers


 You want attention

 Sibling!Jimin & You Are Tired of Bangtan’s Shit

 Poly!Vkook & You Deal With JK’s Scandal || 2

❀ BTS Snapchats ❀

➺  Goodnight snapchats

➺  They miss you while on tour

 Study breaks

 College badboy!Hoseok

 Bf!Namjoon just wants to see you (smile) again

 College au! with Namjoon

 Snaps with bf!Yoongi

 Bangtan Encourages You In Your Studies

❀ Maknae/Hyung Line ❀

➺  Anxiety attacks [Maknae Line] [Hyung Line]

➺  Making them feel better about their looks [Hyung Line]

➺  You’re insecure about your weight [Hyung Line]

➺  Mental breakdown over your scars *Hyung Line* [Jung Hoseok/Kim Namjoon] [Min Yoongi/Kim Seokjin]

➺  Pregnant from a rape that happened while they were on tour *Hyung Line* [Jung Hoseok/Min Yoongi] [KIm Seokjin/Kim Namjoon]

➺  You get into a fight with them [Hyung Line] [Maknae Line] | Part Two [Hyung Line] [Maknae Line]

➺  You’re on your period and you ask them to get you things [Hyung Line] [Maknae Line]

❀ Kim Taehyung ❀

➺  Morning texts

➺  Taking your bra on tour

➺  Confesses to stop you from going on blind date

➺  Taehyung is dating a black girl and she rants about anti-blackness in the kpop community

➺  The boys try to get you and Taehyung together

❀ Kim Namjoon ❀

➺  Morning texts

➺  Jealous over Namjoon’s Tinashe lock screen

➺  Protective older brother

➺  Fluffy texts with Namjoon

➺  The boys try and get you and Namjoon together

➺  Best friend Namjoon confesses

❀ Kim Seokjin ❀

➺  Morning texts

➺  Cupcake and chicken thieves

➺  Daily best friend texts

➺  Older brother Jin doesn’t approve of your relationship

➺  His way of implying it

➺  Jin gets jealous of Yoongi

 Comforting Jin

❀ Park Jimin ❀

➺  Morning texts

➺  Outfit opinions

➺  Awkward Situations

➺  Fuckboy Jimin

“I’m sorry…”

 Thought-Provoking Texts

 “Happy Birthday Loser” *jimin day special*

 Jimin’s Just Really Disappointed *jimin day special*

❀ Jung Hoseok ❀ 

➺  Morning texts

➺  “Are you calling me a liar?”

➺  You getting a puppy instead of a bunny

➺  He makes you feel better when you are on your period

Hoseok Gets Made At You || 2 (ft. Jungkook)

❀ Min Yoongi ❀

➺  Morning texts

➺  “I sent those over a year ago”

➺  Yoongi lamely confesses in the wrong chat

➺  “I want…”

➺  Your dad finds weed in your room

➺  Yoongi acts cute to get your attention

➺  Yoongi gets jealous of Taehyung

➺  Yoongi having an Armenian girlfriend

 The boys get you and Yoongi together

❀ Jeon Jungkook ❀

➺  Morning texts

➺  You and only you

➺  Saying how much you love each other

➺  Acting cute to get your attention

➺  You try to set Jungkook up on a date, but he accidentally confesses || 2

➺  The boys give Jungkook horrible advice

No decency II Pt.1

There were two things you despised in your current situation. The first thing accrued to be that your mom decided to move in with her new husband. The second one was that playboy number one Jeon Jungkook turns out to be your new stepbrother. As your parents spontaneously go on vacation you and Jungkook have to deal with the building tension between the two of you until an upcoming house party leaves you panting underneath him.

genre: stepbrother!jungkook, dom!jungkook, smut

word count: 9.8k

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