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The Carsons return from their honeymoon - let me add my opinion to the Mrs Hughes/Mrs Carson discussion. Look at her face throughout this conversation. They’ve talked about it. They’ve agreed to do this. And he is the one to tell his lordship. And her face suggests that she wasn’t sure if Lord Grantham would accept this or if he’d dismiss it! What annoys me more is the way Robert reacts to it. But even this is fine for Elsie and Charles.

Scan - Ringo and Maureen’s wedding, 11 February 1965, Caxton Hall Register Office, London; the bride and groom with George Harrison, John Lennon, Cynthia Lennon, Brian Epstein, and the bride and groom’s parents

Photo: Robert Freeman

“The ceremony was over in ten minutes. There was no music, although I did think about humming the wedding march. Maureen is great, and we all like her a lot. This means there are now two married Beatles and two unmarried Beatles. Two down, two to go.” - George Harrison, Off The Record

As of this moment, this is my favorite picture of Aaron ever.  Now since this is a full blown obsession that could change any second now haha but he just looks so darn cute and sexy and so happy so how can you not love this?

Hogwarts/Carmilla AU (HCAU) "Dark Horse" Chapter Five

Pairings: Carmilla/Laura, Laura/Danny, LaFontaine/Perry

Word count: 4,244

Summary: Carmilla is heartbroken. Laura is heartbroken. Danny is heartbroken. It seems as though literally nothing is going right for any of them. Are they going to get out of this mess? Who knows.

Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three. Chapter Four.


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