smiling couple


Suga x Reader

Warming; None.Just really Fluffy

Word Count:350+

You placed the Korean Beef Dish in the blue containers,You had learned the dish yourself since Yoongi,Your boyfriend loved it so much.

You quickly fixed up the kitchen and grabbed His drink before leaving the house to get to the practice room before their break is over.


You looked threw the small glass window that was on the door that lead to the practice room.

You smiled to yourself because you seen how happy Yoongi was.You quickly shot him a text that said you was at home to throw him off.

You watched as he check his phone and texted back. ‘Okay, Babe Love you ;)’

You smiled and waited a couple of seconds before opening the door.

Yoongi looked away from the conversation to see who came threw the door.He smiled when he seen  you and walked to hug you.

He embraced you in a tight hug as gave you a quick kiss upon your forehead.

“Jagi,What are you doing here?"He mumbled into your lips as he placed a kiss there.

"I brought you lunch."You smiled up at him.

He chuckled and grabbed the food and your waist.

'You know you didn’t have to.”

“But i wanted too."You responded,With smile.

After a few seconds of staring at each other,You heard someone clear their throat.

"Who’s this.”

Being that you have never met the members before,They didn’t know.Plus you and Yoongi liked to keep your relationship private.

He grabbed your waist and walked you over to the guys.

“This is my girlfriend,Y/n"He answered with the biggest smile on his face.

You threw up a light wave and buried your face into Yoongi’s Shirt.What can you said,You are a little shy.

after the introduction,You guys sat down and talked for awhile.

"Wait,Whose your Bias?"Namjoon asked,with curiousity.

"Actually,It’s Y/B”
(If it’s Yoongi just say someone else :) )

Yoongi stopped chewing his food and pouted.“What.?”

You giggled at him,“Well,You’re boyfriend."You pecked his lips and began to talk to Jungkook and Tae about your level on Overwatch and your favorite player.