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At the fall festival. I had my face painted like a skeleton. The kids loved it and more than a few requested skeleton facepaint of their own. I had a lot of fun pretending to be scared of skeletons, so the kids - all younger than six or seven - got a kick out of telling me Terrifying Skeleton Facts.

Child: “Ship… did you know that your TEETH are part of your SKELETON?!”
Me: “Oh my god! Really?! That’s so scary! I can see your teeth RIGHT NOW!”
Child: [smiles broadly]
Me: “Ahh! The worst!”
Child: “And guess what? You’ve got a skeleton inside of you!”
Me: [screaming in cartoonish horror]

2014 skeleton war shitposts are on the comedy level of preschoolers


Simone Biles has no time for your body shaming — she’s got records to break.

Simone Biles left the 2016 Rio Olympics with five Olympic medals, four of them gold. At just 19, President Barack Obama made a point to congratulate her during the Olympics. And the Associated Press just named her its female athlete of the year. Yet even with all those accomplishments and accolades, Biles is still having to deal with body-shaming trolls. The most recent example occurred just this week, after Biles posted an Instagram of herself wearing a white halter top and dark shorts, smiling broadly. Read more.

Lena is telling Kara all about a new project she has when Kara’s phone starts ringing. She already knows what its about..

Kara hungs up the call with Alex and starts gathering her things: Im really sorry Lena, but, I.. I have to go

Lena, smiling sadly: Its ok, we can continue our talk another day

Kara, smiling broadly: Definitely!! 

Then she goes to where Lena is standing, gives her a brief but meaningful hug and rush out while shouting: Im really sorry babe! Ill make it up to you!!

So Kara starts calling Lena “babe”, without noticing, everytime she has to leave in a hurry. And Lena gets all warm and smiles for a solid hour

Fifty-Nine Days

This is an extra part for my imagine Two Months.

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Summary: Derek wants to spend more time with (Y/N), he wants to get to know her biggest and darkest secrets but with (Y/N) refusing to be in a public relationship; he has to deal with that. (Y/N) only wanted a one night, maybe two night, stand.

Word Count: 989

Prompt: -

A/N: There is smut, you have been warned.

Originally posted by secretgif-s

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to (Y/N), Happy Birthday to you.” The gang sang around the kitchen of your house, you couldn’t stop blushing staring at each one of them smiling broadly at you. “Make a wish,” Lydia squealed, shoving the cake closer to your face. You caught the dark eyes of the werewolf through the candle’s fire; you smirked at him before blowing the candles out – not breaking eye contact with Derek who shifted awkwardly in his chair.

Scott switched the lights back on and patted you on the back. “Congrats for making it to 18.” You thanked him silently with a smile and stood up from being centre of attention. “Now cut that cake so I can eat it,” You teased, flattening your short black dress more and taking a sip of the alcohol in your red cup. It wasn’t a massive party that you were having; you only wanted your closest and dearest friends to come and celebrate with you. You were confused when Derek walked in with Scott at the start of the night, the pair of you weren’t close; of course, excluding the night that you spent with him in his loft. Other than then, you would only exchange small talk and smirks from across the one.

No one in the gang has figured out what happened between you and him, you were sure to keep it that way. Lydia cut the cake; ten slices for the eight guests that were here. You thanked her for the slice and wandered off to the living room where Stiles and Isaac were sitting playing video games. Derek’s gaze was transfixed on you as you wandered around the kitchen and then to the living room; talking and smiling at everyone you passed. Derek never noticed how kind and down-to-earth you were until he had you wrapped up in the sheets breathing heavily.

When he first met you, he didn’t think much of you. You were pretty but he had no intention due to the age gap. You kept him on his toes; he was walking around eggshells with you, but once that night happened, all walls collapsed and he wanted to get to know you and be with you more – preferably alone.

You waved goodbye to Lydia who was the final person to leave your house at around midnight. You shut the door and took a deep breath realizing that you were home alone. Your parents booked a night out of town so that you and your friends could have the house all to yourselves without parents butting in to the conversations. Walking to the kitchen, you near jumped out of your skin when you say a tall, handsome man with a trash bag in his hand cleaning up after the party.

“Derek, what are you still doing here? Other than trying to give me a heart attack.” You chuckled, picking up the other black bag and stuffing the nine pizza boxes in it. He mumbled an excuse causing you to roll your eyes and continued cleaning. The silence between you two wasn’t awkward, it was relaxing and it put you at ease knowing you weren’t alone.

“You’re something,” He mused, turning to face you in the chair that he sat in now. You looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “I mean, I never thought that I’d start falling for a younger girl – that was until you convinced me otherwise.” You looked at him with wide eyes, he was falling for you? You didn’t want that to happen. You wanted a one night, maybe two night, stand and leave it at that. “Derek,” You muttered when he started towards you, “I didn’t want, I don’t want a relationship.” You pointed out to him, gasping when he placed his lips straight onto your sweet spot.

He nibbled the spot – sucking, and licking, “Who said that I wanted a relationship?” You rested your head against the fridge, giving him more access to your neck. He kissed down your collarbone and towards your breast which the dress made look amazing. You felt his hand slide down your side, to the hem of your dress and slipping under it. His finger slipped under your panties and he rubbed his finger along your clit, feeling how wet he was making you with simple kisses and suspense.

You let out a moan as his fingers moved in circular motions until they reached the entrance. You bit his neck when you felt one finger enter you, pumping slowly until his middle finger joined in. He started to pump faster, your insides tightening with each movement, “That’s only two fingers.” He whispered into your ear, licking your earlobe. “Will I add another?” You nodded eagerly, his eyes darkening, “Beg.” He demanded causing you to moan at how sexy he sounded.

“P-Please Derek,” You bit your bottom lip, trying to sustain the scream that was trying to escape when he entered the third finger. “Scream for me, princess.” He hissed in your ear, he stepped closer to you and you felt his bulge rub against your thigh. Derek started pumping faster, the veins in his arms popping out and you felt yourself coming to your high. “Cum for me, (Y/N).” You let out a scream as he surprised you with one more finger and you felt yourself coming to your release. You moaned as you came down from the high, and he slowly slipped his fingers out of part.

He looked you in the eye as he sucked on each finger individually. “I don’t want a relationship, but I do…” He started, placing his hands on your waist, “I do want to do this more.” He whispered, placing a sweet kiss on your lip.

You looked at him, amused, “You didn’t want to do this two months ago.” You teased which made him shrug, “Seeing you naked changed my mind.”


Okay, I know Harry lost the ability to speak Parseltongue after he defeated Voldemort, but hear me out. Imagine Harry whispering sweet nothings in Parseltongue and just barely touching Draco’s ear with his lips, imagine this sending shivers down Draco’s spine and turning him on more than anything. Imagine Draco being eager to learn as much of the snake language as he can. Imagine after an intense and passionate kiss between the two of them Harry whispers something against Draco’s lips and the blonde boy says “What does that mean?” and Harry just looks deep into Draco’s eyes and says I love you in English and Draco smiles broadly while repeating what Harry had said moments ago in Parseltongue.

I had to get that out of my system, the Parseltongue kink is real over here

Happy Birthday, dork!

The club was full of people. You barely knew half of them. It made you wonder about when your best friend had gotten so popular.

You scanned the room, trying to find his tall figure across the crowd. Before spotting him though, someone padded you on the back and pressed a brightly coloured cocktail into your hand.

“Y/N!”, Niall yelled over the loud music.

You smiled broadly. You could tell he had been here longer, his alcohol level was already pretty high.

“Hey there, Mister Irish Man! How are ya?”

Niall giggled. “I’m very well, a bit tipsy to be quite honest.”

“You don’t say.”, you stated, fake shock lacing your words.

Niall laughed his characteristic laugh.

“Have you seen the birthday boy?”, you asked, looking around.

Niall shrugged. “Not since I’ve walked in, which was a while ago.”

You grinned, nodding at him. “I think I’ll go find him, but let’s have a drink together later…when I’ve had time to catch up.”

Niall chuckled and nodded.

You made your way through the crowd, saying your Hello-s here and there and asking if anyone had seen Harry. Oddly enough, no one had in a while.

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Why did you drag me to your bed?“ I asked confused He looked away shyly "I need a nightlight” I look at him weirdly “I don’t glow”

“No” he said while smiling “But you make me feel safe” He smiled broadly at me

“That’s what night lights do, they make you feel safe, like your untouched, as if nothing could hurt you. So that’s why your my new nightlight” He kissed my stunned cheek and laughed “You make me feel safe”

—  poems-she-wrote

The first time Alex says “I love you” to Maggie?

It’s Sunday evening, Alex and Maggie are sitting on the couch at Alex’s apartment. Alex in the corner, her legs spread out on Maggie’s lap. Maggie is reading a book, Alex is going through some files from case she and DEO are currently working at.

Maggie chuckles at something she is reading and Alex raises her eyes to look at her. She is studying Maggie’s profile like she’s trying to remember every inch of her beautiful face. Maggie smiles broadly, still reading, but after a little while she realizes Alex is looking at her.

“What?” still smiling, she looks at Alex and puts the book into her lap on Alex’s legs.

“Nothing, I just…,” Alex is still scanning Maggie’s beautiful face, not able to form the words properly.

Maggie puts the book down on the coffee table, and moves closer to Alex, who puts her legs under her, the files still in her lap.

Maggie puts her hands on Alex’s knees and with a little head tilt to the side raises her eyebrows in question.

“I’ve never felt like this before,” Alex breathes out, finally finding the right words for what she wanted to say. Maggie smiles and her hands find Alex’s.

Alex cups Maggie’s cheek, brushing it with her thumb, looking into her beautiful dark eyes.

“I love you,” Alex almost whispers, feeling her eyes watering with all the emotions she feels at the moment. All the love she feels for Maggie.

Before can Maggie react in any way, Alex kisses her. Slowly and gently. She is so happy and so in love with Maggie Sawyer.

Jesper Fahey: Hogwarts AU
  • Hogwarts is a thrill for Jesper
  • it’s inviting his friends to the best Hufflepuff party of the year, telling them the secret pattern they must tap on the barrels at the entrance to enter the common room 
  • sneaking into the kitchen, smiling broadly when the house elves greet him with a delighted ‘Mister Fahey!’
  • the elves eagerly handing him the food that was ordered the day before; cinnamon cookies, pumpkin pies and chocolate cake are among Jesper’s favourite
  • laughing along with his friends at the midnight party, there’s music playing, people eating and drinking, someone even managed to sneak in Firewhisky
  • going up the the dormitory with Wylan early in the morning, cuddling up together in bed, gazing out the round window at the full moon and the star-strewn sky, occasionally sharing soft kisses
  • mastering Exploding Snap, matching the quick-shuffling cards in the blink of an eye, leaving his opponents dumbfounded
  • fiercely protecting first-years who are being bullied, because Jesper knows what that’s like and he’s not having any of it
  • watching Prefessor Sprout shake her head as she gives Jesper detention again, but he’s grinning all the while because he knows all the teachers are secretly fond of him
  • working in the greenhouse, polka-dotted ear muffs covering his ears as he places the screeching Mandrakes in new pots
  • mounting his broom, waiting for the shrill voice of the whistle
  • feeling the air playing with his robes, adrenaline rushing through his veins, bat in hand, knocking away incoming Bludgers at his opponents’ direction
    • Jesper will always be remembered for that one time when he was feeling slightly mad and grabbed the other Beater’s bat in addition to his own, striking out and hitting both Bludgers simultaneously
  • becoming Quidditch Captain in his sixth year, taking the responsibility very seriously, wearing the hard-earned badge with pride, setting up the best Hufflepuff Quidditch team the school has ever seen
  • the seven years Jesper spends at Hogwarts are the best years of his life, and when he has left Hogwarts he will often look back on those happy memories he made with his friends

Other Hogwarts AUs: Wylan / Inej / Nina / Kuwei / Kaz

When he saw Potter, Draco’s jaw dropped.

“Hey,” Potter said, grinning when he saw Draco.

“Oh for the love of all things frightful please tell me I’m dreaming,” Draco said faintly.

Potter was wearing nothing.

Alright, so he wasn’t wearing nothing, but he might as well be. The only thing Potter had on was a cut out cartboard painted as the sun on the top of his head and very tight, very shiny golden pants. Short golden pants.

“What are you wearing?” Draco exclaimed, trying to ignore the way his body was reacting to Potter’s skin, his muscled flesh, and the very distinct outline of his impressive cock.

“Take a guess,” Potter said, spreading out his arms and smiling broadly.

Draco eyed him critically. “Oh bloody hell,” he groaned, realization dawning. “Don’t tell me…”

“I’m the Golden Boy,” Harry said, bursting out in laughter.
—  A Series of Unfortunate Events by plotting_pen

Grantaire who gets a big dopey smile when he’s genuinely happy is my literal weakness.

Like, Jehan says something about how cute dark curly hair is with bright blue eyes and nudges R. And it takes a while for it to register and then there’s just this massive smile on R’s face.

Or Bahorel tackles him to the ground in a fight but they end up laughing because they’re both too ticklish for this shit and once they catch their breath, R’s smiling so broadly it hurts.

Or Joly and Bossuet plan a mini flash mob for R’s birthday and his smile takes a few seconds to get there but days to leave.

And the first time Enjolras said he loves him, he thinks R’s mocking him because he’s kind of smirking but it slowly grows into this gorgeous smile that R promptly buries in Enjolras’ neck.


Grantaire with this rare dopey smile that is literal perfection.


New Photographer

He noticed her as soon as he walked into the room. She was looking down at the camera in her hand, nodding as the man next to her pointed to something on it. Maybe it was the gentle smile on her lips, or the way her hands cradled the camera, Joe wasn’t really sure what drew him towards her. But he wanted to know who she was.

“Joseph!” The man standing to her called out, smiling broadly over at Joe as he walked over. “So lovely that we get to work together once again!”

“Hi, Evert.“ Joe greeted the photographer, reaching out to shake the older man’s hand. “Thanks for doing this again. You gave me some really great shots last time.”

“Oh that was nothing,” Evert waved a hand towards Joe, “The model is what makes them great.”

“Cheers.” Joe blushed lightly, his eyes darting over to the woman standing a bit back from them. “Same team as last time?”

“Mostly.” Evert smirked as he followed Joe’s gaze, “With a slightly new addition. Y/N!”

The woman lifted her head to look over at the two men.

“Come meet our lovely model!”

“Oh, hello.” Y/N smiled at Joe as she came to stand with them, holding out a hand to shake. “I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N here is getting into the photographer business, and because her uncle is such a darling friend of mine, I agreed to let her work on the shoot. You don’t mind do you? Oh of course you don’t!” Evert clapped his hands together. “Now, off to make up to make that gorgeous face even more gorgeous. Y/N, we need to adjust the lights. And don’t forget to switch out your lens if you’re going to be doing portrait shots…” He trailed off, walking towards the set up, leaving the two to stand there, a little unsure of what just happened.

“Erm,” Y/N blinked over at Joe. “I should…go prepare.”

“Right.” He nodded, “I guess I should go get my ‘gorgeous face’ made more gorgeous.”

“You don’t need it.” She told him, a light blush on her cheeks.

“Ah, you’re just saying that.” Joe winked before excusing himself to head over to make up.

Throughout the photoshoot, Joe kept getting distracted by Y/N.

Yes, she was beautiful and he definitely found himself attracted to her, but it was the way she worked. As soon as she had a camera in her hands, she became someone else, and it was clear she had a passion for what she did. The way she handled the equipment was with such confidence, and every thing that Evert offered her as advice she took seriously, adjusting what she was doing to try and get that much better of a shot.

For most of the first half of the shoot, Y/N was the one taking the pictures, with Evert jumping in occasionally to correct something. But Joe wasn’t complaining, because everyone was saying their praises, and he got to enjoy that pleased little smile that appeared on Y/N’s lips when they did so.

He had never found himself enjoying a photoshoot so much.

And when they stopped to take a break and switch out the set up, he made his way directly over to Y/N.

“So I have to ask, how long have you been doing this?”

“Taking photos of famous YouTube stars?” She laughed, “You’ll be the first.”

“Well, that’s an honour.” Joe smiled, “But I meant photography.”

“Oh, for years. I just fell in love with it.” He loved the way her eyes lit up as she got into the story of how she got into photography and the stuff she has done to get to where she is now. “And now with this in from Evert, I think there’s a real chance of me making something of it.”

“I think you’ll do great. And if you’re willing, I’d love to see some of your work.” Joe told her, the two of them sat side by side, leaning in close to be heard of the sound of the rest of the team.

“You don’t want to see that.” Y/N blushed, eyes falling to her lap.

“I do. If you can make me look good, I’m sure you can take some pretty amazing pictures.”

“Well, I have some with me on my computer….”

“Don’t be shy, love.” Joe nudged her knee with his, and when she lifted her gaze to his, he offered her a kind smile. “I mean it, I’d love to see some of your stuff.”

“Alright. Fine.” She laughed, “I’ll be right back.”

His eyes followed her as she crossed the room to her bag, grabbing the laptop. She was nervous, which was expected from showing an almost stranger your work, but Joe could also see the excited energy in her eyes.

“This is from a more recent shoot…” She mumbled, settling back in her seat, turning her computer towards him.

“Holy shit.” He said in awe, pulling the computer closer to flip through the pictures. “These are amazing, Y/N.”

“Thank you.”

“I can’t wait to see how mine look if they are half as good as these.”

“I hope they turn out.” At her nervous words, Joe looked up at her again.

“Hey, I’m sure they look great. Don’t worry. And even if they look like shit, I’ll pretend to like them.” He winked at her, smiling as she giggled softly.

“Thank you. And thanks for letting someone who is pretty much an amateur shoot your pictures.” Y/N told him, tucking a piece of hair behind her eyes.

“I’ve never had so much fun on a shoot, so thanks for that.” Joe shrugged.

“Alright, love birds!” Evert clapped, making the two jump apart, blushing at his words. “Time to get back to work. You can flirt after. And yes Joe, Y/N is single.” The older man winked at them before he turned back to the monitor, saying something to the team.

“Oh gods….” Y/N groaned, closing her computer and pushing herself out of her seat. “That was embarrassing.”

“Is he telling the truth?” Joe asked, standing as well. “Are you single?”

“Oh,” She blinked over at him. “Uhm, yeah. I am.”

“So that means if I ask you out for coffee, you’ll say yes?” He smiled hopefully over at her.

“Let’s finish the shoot, and after you see your pictures, ask me again.” Y/N winked at him, heading to grab her camera.

Dreamboat (40′s!Bucky x Reader)

Pairing: 40’s!Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 911

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Request: 40’s!Bucky x Reader thing where the reader is this quiet, sarcastic and witty girl who just sits at the corner of the bar just reading a book or whatever and she catches Bucky’s attention while multiple girls are constantly hitting on him?

A/N: I was lacking in inspiration for this one, so it’s extremely boring and is a short drabble. Requests are still open! Happy Reading.

Your name: submit What is this?

Bucky strolled into the bar, dressed rather smartly for a change, with the intentions of being with a pretty dame that night. He knew he could have any pick of the girls in the bar, and you knew that too. That’s why you stayed tucked up in the corner of the bar, book in hand and your hair tied back. Almost every day was the same. You’d all of a sudden see a swarm of girls rushing to a particular booth, all dressed to the nines and smiling broadly, and then you’d hear “Now, now, girls, there’s enough of me to go around,” followed by loving sighs. Of course, Bucky loved the attention he got, and was never one to turn a lady down; sometimes you’d even see him leaving with more than one girl.

That’s why when Bucky pulled up a chair next to you, you ignored him. You weren’t going to be another girl he could just take home, another notch on his bed post. No. You were worth more than that so you kept yourself cool and carried on reading your book. Bucky cleared his throat, not once, but three times, causing you to snap your head up.

You were met with a grinning Barnes and a drink in front of you. “You know, it’s rude to ignore people doll, especially when they buy a drink for you,”

“You know, it’s rude to interrupt people just because you think you’re a dreamboat or somethin’,” You replied, laying your book down on the table. 

“See the thing is, that’s be-“

“Hey Bucky, are you coming to dance?” One of his many admirers called from over the booth he was originally sitting in. Bucky slightly turned his head and called, “Give me a minute doll face; I’ll be over real soon.”

You could hear all of the girls whispering, all asking the same question. Why was Bucky talking to you? You had been asking yourself the same question ever since you saw him place the drink down in front of you. Bucky turned back to you, a glint in his eye, “Now, where were we?“ 

“I’m sure we were in the same spot as we are now, unless we moved at some point, I mustn’t have bee-”

“Are you kiddin’ with me?” Bucky leaned back, grinning widely; it was as if you could see the gears turning in his head as he planned on what he was going to say next. “How ‘bout you make my day and tell me your name?”

“How ‘bout you make my day and leave me be?” You said, a smile almost making its way onto your face. 

“Come on, just a name, that’s all I’m askin’ for,” His eyes were full of hope and you could see the big blues getting wider as you huffed at him. 

“Fine, dreamboat, I’m Y/N,” you said, “-and I still don’t get why you’re hittin’ on me when you got at least seven girls waitin’ for you over there,” he held his calloused hand out, waiting for you to shake it. You obliged, since, he did buy you a drink and all.

“Y/N, what a fitting name, just as beautiful as the dame it belongs to,” Bucky said, lifting up his glass slowly to meet his perfectly shaped lips. You found yourself staring as he slowly took a sip and licked the liquor from his lips, “Oh, and to answer your question, those girls ain’t got nothin’ on you, I like a girl that keeps me on my toes.”

You could feel yourself starting to blush at Bucky’s comments so you quickly changed the subject, “So do I get to know your name or is this just a one way kind'a thing?” You asked, slightly turning away from Bucky. You already knew his name, everyone in the whole town knew his damn name.   

“Pardon my manners, Y/N, I’m B-”

Yet again, he was interrupted mid conversation, this time by an over enthusiastic blonde draping herself over him. “Come dance with me Bucky, you said a minute, but I already miss you! You can’t leave a girl waitin’ all night.”

“Yeah, Bucky, you better learn to treat a girl right,” You smiled. 

But little did you know, Bucky’s heart was doing leaps in his chest as soon as he heard his name fall from your lips. Your voice was velvety smooth and Bucky couldn’t get enough, if he could, he’d listen to you saying his name all day. 

But little did Bucky know, you felt as if you were on cloud nine whenever he gave you his signature smirk, or when his skin brushed against yours. You were the one that couldn’t get enough, not him. 

“Look, Y/N, I-”

“Cut the sweet talk, dreamboat, why don’t we reschedule? Meet me here tomorrow, 7 o'clock sharp,” By now the smile wouldn’t leave your face, never did you expect the Bucky Barnes, the neighbourhood charmer, to take an interest in boring old you that would much rather read a book than go out. But he did. And there you were, planning a date with the fella, his face all lit up like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. 

“Well, make sure you wear your dancing shoes doll,” Bucky beamed at you, before standing up from the stool, but instead of going back over to all of the ladies waiting for him, he left the bar, feeling the happiest he’d felt in months. 

Moments Series “Do you trust me?”

1 month

“Let go of the wall, take my hand.” Your boyfriend tells you. He’s skating backwards in front of you. Your right hand is in his left, but your other hand is gripping tightly to the wall, trying not to fall.

“No way. You’re not even going forward.”

He chuckles. “I played hockey for years. Do you trust me?”

You hesitate for only a moment before silently taking his hand. He smiles broadly, picking up speed as he pulls you around the rink. You laugh as you try to keep up, but he steadies you every time you lose your balance. You trust him, and he doesn’t let you fall.

But, has it ever happened to you… while reading a book, there comes a moment that just makes you smile like an idiot, and then someone calls your name, and you’re just too excited and snap your head up at their direction like “Huh?!” (Maybe saying it louder than you’re supposed to talk) but still continue smiling broadly like an idiot??
Welp… guess I’m the only one…

Mutant...Part 15

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21)

Smoothing out your dress as you tousle your hair one last time, you let out a nervous sigh as you clench your hand lightly around the bag housing two nice bottles of wine and a decadent dessert from the bakery down the street.

“Here goes nothing,” you murmur to yourself.

Knocking lightly on Spencer’s door, you hear shuffling behind the door just before something metallic clanks onto the ground.

“Shit,” you hear Spencer whisper to himself as you smirk in amusement.

As the door rips open in front of you, a tall and disheveled Spencer smiling broadly at you, your eyes rake down his body as they stop at his chest.

As your eyes read the inscription on his apron, chuckling with amusement, you raise up on your tip-toes and plant a light kiss on his cheek as Spencer blushes furiously.

“If you insist,” you murmur lightly into his ear before pushing past him.

“If I insist?” he questions.

And that’s when you point to your own chest, circling your finger in the air as his eyes glance down at the apron he didn’t realize he was still wearing.

Kiss the cook, because it’s healthier than a handshake.

“Geez,” he murmurs as he rips it over his head.

“Gag gift?” you ask as you set the bag of goodies down on his counter.

“Rossi got it for me for my birthday last year,” he muses as he hangs it up on a coat rack by the door.  “He uh, thought it would be funny.”

“Knowing David, he probably thought it would get you lucky.”

You threw him a playful wink just to set him a bit on edge.

“Whatever you are cooking,” you start as you pull out the two bottles of nice wine that Rossi had instructed you to purchase, “it smells wonderful.”

“Thanks!  It was, um, a recipe Rossi recommended,” he admits.

“No wonder he knew exactly what wine to tell me to pair with it,” you smile lightly, holding up the bottles for Spencer to see as he pulls out two wine glasses and a corkscrew.

“He kept insisting I follow the directions exactly, and I still had to call and clarify a couple of things,” Spencer says as he sets the glasses down and takes the bottles from you.

“And here I thought you were a genius,” you joust, the low playfulness in your voice raising the hairs on the back of Spencer’s neck.

“Oh!  I also took the liberty of stopping in a bakery I passed on the way here to get this,” you muse as you pull out two pieces of tiramisu in the shapes of hearts.

“You walked here?” Spencer grunts as the cork finally pops.

“It’s not that far.  Plus I enjoy the fresh air,” you add.

“It’s supposed to rain later on tonight…” Spencer trails off.

“You mean you aren’t ripping my clothes off on Valentine’s Day weekend and bedding me until I’m begging for mercy?” you muse lightly.

Spencer dropped the corkscrew onto the counter as his hands faltered their movements.

“I’m just playing,” you snicker as you turn around and set the desserts off to the side, “I have an entire side of me that’s water.  A little rain never hurts.”

The nervous chuckle that came from between Spencer’s lips made you suppress a giggle as he hands you a glass of wine with his trembling hand.

“Thank you,” you muse, trying to settle him down a bit.

“For-…for what?” he asks as he brings the wine to his lips.

“This,” you ask as you gesture around.  “I’ve never done this before.”

“You’ve never been on a date?” Spencer inquires.

“Is this a date?” you muse, looking up at him from underneath your lashes as you bring the glass to your lips.

You enjoyed flustering the genius as he darts his eyes around.

“Well…I-I-I uh, I mean…if-…if you-”

“It’s alright,” you muse as you reach out and touch his forearm in comfort, “I’m under the impression that it is.”

“Oh,” he says as a relief passes over him, “good.”

“What I meant was, I’ve never done Valentine’s Day before,” you clarify as you retract your hand and bring your glass to your lips again.

The two of you downed the first of your glasses before the timer for the oven went off.

“Well, I-…I haven’t really either,” he says as he turns around and bends down, opening the oven as he reaches in for the food he is making, “unless you count celebrating with your mom when you were a kid.”

“Do you love your mom?” you ask as Spencer turns around and strides over to the table he had set up for this evening.

“More than words,” he breathes as he sets the roast and vegetables down in the middle of the table.

“Then I would think it counts.  Valentine’s isn’t just romantic, it’s also full of love.  That part is important, I think.”

You take the liberty of pouring the both of you another glass of wine as you bring them over to the table.

“She would like you,” Spencer muses.

“Hm?” you hum as you take a sip before setting your glass down.

“My mom.  She would like you,” Spencer reiterates.

“She a mutant?” you ask as you turn and look Spencer in his eyes.

His wonderful, dazzling eyes…

“No.  But she finds them fascinating,” he says.

There was a slight twinge of sadness there, and you wanted so badly to ask him about it.

But you decided to leave it for another day.

“Is there anything else we need?” you muse lightly.

“Nope,” he says as he begins to look around the room, “just…hold on.  I need to go find some matches.”

“Oh, Spencer,” you chuckle as you hold your fingers over the unlit candlestick, “looks like that memory needs a refresher course,” you tease.

And as you snap your fingers, a flame dancing along your thumb as you light both of the candles on the table, Spencer looks on in awe as the candlelight plays seductively off of your features, his eyes never wavering from you as he watches you bring your finger to your lips and lightly blow out the flame.

“There,” you state as your eyes find their way back up to his.

And you committed the look in his eyes to memory, hoping one day to be able to elicit it again.
Karlie Kloss ditches the glamour to show off her natural beauty
She may have been wearing no make-up and just a casual ensemble, but Karlie Kloss still looked naturally beautiful as she stepped out on Wednesday.

Make-up free Karlie Kloss ditches the glamour to show off her natural beauty as she steps out in bobble hat, casual coat and leggings

By Mail Online Reporter
PUBLISHED:  9 February 2017

She may have been wearing no make-up and just a casual ensemble, but Karlie Kloss still looked naturally beautiful as she stepped out on Wednesday.

The 24-year-old sported a black bobble hat, striped top and long moss-green wool coat as she headed out for a coffee in New York City.

She teamed her outfit with a pair of black leggings and matching black mid heeled boots.

Naturally stunning: Karlie Kloss still looked naturally beautiful as she stepped out without make-up in New York City on Wednesday

Looking in good spirits as she smiled broadly while walking down the street, she accessorised with a large black leather bag while her blonde hair was worn loose under her hat.

Daily Mail