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"Will you do this for me?" Anders/Garrett

“Please, Anders? Please, please, will you do this for me?” Garrett was on his knees before the mage, clutching Anders’ coat with a desperate look in his dark eyes. The former Warden sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, looking uncomfortable.

“I don’t know, Garrett… This sort of thing isn’t exactly the kind of place a mage should be…”

“Why not?” Hawke demanded. “Besides, no one has to know you’re a mage if it will make you uncomfortable.” The rogue got to his feet, reaching up to turn Anders’ face toward him. “Please?” He put on his best puppy eyes.

“You know those don’t work on me. I’m a cat person.” The mage pushed him back, but he smiled. That was something. “Why don’t you just tell your mother you don’t want to go. Why don’t you tell her about us?”

Garrett caught Anders’ hands before the mage could pull away, drawing them up to his lips and gently kissing the knuckles. “I will. It’s just that she already planned this before you and I… And she invited a bunch of noble families. She’s trying to reestablish our family name, she can’t go around offending all the uptight nobles if she wants to do that.”

“Yes, but why do you have to be the prize?” Anders scowled, yanking his hands free.

A delighted grin bloomed on Garrett’s face and he pursued his lover across the room. “Why, Anders! I do believe you’re jealous!”

“Of course I’m jealous,” the healer snapped, finding himself cornered as Hawke backed him against the wall. He reluctantly lifted his eyes to look at the rogue. “You’re mine and I have to watch all these nobles parade their daughters in front of you in hopes of some political alliance.”

Still grinning, Garrett slid his hands up Anders’ sides, lowering his head near the other man’s lips. “They’d have better luck parading their sons in front of me,” he growled, mischief sparkling in his eyes.

“Garrett!” Anders shoved him away and he laughed, catching the mage again before he could storm off.

“I’m kidding, Anders.” He kissed the blond’s neck apologetically. “You know I’ve only loved you since I laid eyes on you.” The mage grunted, arms folded across his chest. “Besides, that’s why you should go. Protect me from the scary daughters.” Garrett shuddered in mock horror. “The powerful mage will save me from the hordes of marauding unwed noblewomen!”

In spite of himself, Anders laughed, and Hawke felt a thrill of pride. He treasured every moment he got the serious apostate to smile. Anders slowly unfolded his arms and Garrett caught his hand, pressing another kiss to it. “So… is that a yes?”

“Fine, I’ll go with you.”

“Yes!!” Garrett swooped in and tackled the mage onto the bed to show Anders just how much he meant to the eldest Hawke.

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