St. Smil[e]y Gakuen New Album
Smile MiX

An album of one and a half-years of St. Smiley Gakuen will be released!
Together with 8 newly-written songs,
A re-recorded 7-person version of the school song “Stay Smiling” will also included.
A drama where you can hear the noisy, humorous student council’s work place was also recorded ★*

Release Date
— June 8, 2014 [the same date as the Bunkasai 2014 Live]

01. Short Drama
02. CHIGUHAGU – Mucchi & vipTencho
03. explorer – Mi-chan & Kettaro
04. risky*2 – Mi-chan & Kettaro & Mucchi (Rikei)
05. Gemini – Mi-chan & Rumdarjun
06. Double Face – Rumdarjun & Kogeinu & vipTencho
07. Sins SKY – Kettaro & YU
08. SAYONARA no Mae ni – Kogeinu & Mucchi & YU
09. blooming*2 – YU & Kogeinu & Rumdarjun & vipTencho (Bunkei)
10. Short Drama
11. stay smiling 2014ver. – St. Smiley Gakuen Student Council

*I’m not confident about my translations. ;__;


Latest video by Smiley2G -Crazy Night

Sang by YU

Para Para Dance by Mucchi, Mi-chan, Kettaro, YU, Rumdarjun

It’s coming! To be released October 10, 2014.

Tracklist : (subject to change)

Honpen :

01. twinkle*2 (all cast)
02. smiley*smiley (all cast)
03. Laevateinn (Kogeinu)
04. under the sun (Rumdarjun)
05. let me know (Kettaro)
06. STRAY CAT (Mi-chan)
07. mIsty (vipTencho)
08. Mihatenu Sora (YU)
09. Yume, feel in my Song (Mucchi)
10. Chiguhagu (vipTencho, Mucchi)
11. Gemini (Mi-chan, Rumdarjun)
12. Sayonara no Mae ni (YU, Mucchi, Kogeinu)
13. explorer (Kettaro, Mi-chan)
14. Sins SKY (YU, Kettaro)
15. Double Face (Rumdarjun, vipTencho, Kogeinu)
16. risky*2 (Kettaro, Mi-chan, Mucchi)
17. blooming*2 (YU, Rumdarjun, vipTencho, Kogeinu)
18. 777 (Mi-chan)
20. “Dokusai” Girl (vipTencho)
21. Bokura no Kiseki (all cast)
22. Dareka ni Koi wo Shite Kimi ni Kataomoi no Boku wa Sonna no Yamete Shimae to Ienakute Kuchibiru wo Kanda. (all cast)

[ENCORE] Re:Start (all cast)
[ENCORE] Stay Smiling 2014ver. (all cast)

Tokuten :

Bunkasai 2014 Making

Where to purchase :


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[ 8 ] Smile MiX previews on Nico Nico Douga + links + illustrations

˫ risky*2Kettaro & Mi-chan & Mucchi ★ new ★
˫ blooming*2
YU& vipTenchou Rumdarjun & Kogeinu ★ new ★ ˫ Sins SKY / YU & Kettaro
˫ Double Face / vipTenchou & RumdarjunKogeinu
˫ explorerMi-chan & Kettaro
˫ Sayonara no Mae ni / KogeinuYU & Mucchi
˫ Gemini / Mi-chanRumdarjun
˫ ChiguhaguMucchi & vipTenchou 

loose translations; Hitsujikawa Jun's Mornings and Evenings (Special CD ~Stay Smiling~)

because i wanted to

Hitsujikawa Jun (cv. Rumdarjun)
羊川准 cv. らむだーじゃん

— Hitsujikawa Jun’s Morning(s?) and Evening(s?)

St. Smiley High School, 2nd year, Liberal Arts. Hitsujikawa Jun’s mornings and evenings.

— Hitsujikawa Jun’s Morning(s?)

It’s already morning. Eh? One more minute? Then, I’ll start counting… One sheep… Two sheep… Mary’s the third sheep… Kedama’s the fourth sheep… Huh? You’re awake?

— Hitsujikawa Jun’s Evening(s?)

Huh? You’re already sleepy? Well, let’s go to sleep? Okay, let’s start counting she— Eh? It’s okay if you don’t count sheep? Eeh… That’s the most fun part of the day… What a shame.