I love pics of harajuku fashion because there are a bunch of people in the background in plain clothing just trying to get to work or live their lives and then in the foreground is this street style model wearing full body night gown covered in diamond lined smiley faces.

SHINee’s fansign at Pyeongchon Lotte Department Store
Last was Taemin. He greeted me in Korean and I told him he looks really happy lately. He said “thank you!” I asked him if anything good happened and he was like “I am happy we get to promote and meet our fans.” So i was like, “really?” He just looked up at me and was like “you speak Korean well!” (Again with thr sweet white lies ㅠㅠ) but the manager was shooing me off. Shinee time is the happiest time ㅠㅠ they were so beautiful. Taemin and Onew especially were so smiley. They had longest lines.
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I made yet another family tree but with a rule- I’m only allowed to use the most recent photo of the person they posted. I can crop images, and if the last photo they posted was a photoset i can choose between those photos, but it must be THE LAST PHOTO or from the last photos

As usual. grandparents at the top, heart lines= marriage, triangular lines = siblings, smiley lines = parent/child relationships

(also i feel need to say Maya that photo of you is hella cute)

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And I finally loop back to the reason this whole Secret Santa thing started. It doesn’t quite fit your theme but I just had to finally make this. And don’t worry, I’m going to be sending you some different types of content this week cause I feel edits are a bit repetitive. Do you have any quotes you like? (Also I just got a drawing tablet and I’m going to be testing it out for a little bit before I get you some digital art.) -S. Santa

PS: I’m resubmitting this because I saw you post the first thing but not this.

Yeah, that was probably faulted on my end, my wifi has been super choppy recently. It’s okay that it doesn’t fit, I’ve never been great at keeping to my theme much haha Merci beaucoup!!! (Also pretty much any cheesy quote from mark or jack makes me smiley, as well as lines from vidya games as well)