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Can I just tell you how happy and smiley I get every time you write "Wedginald" I am right now sitting in my least favourite place in the world, where I am normally miserable, smiling, because "Wedginald"

aadffhjsdfh hahahah @gaymaul this is your legacy.

Wedginald makes me happy too. He’s such a good man and I love calling him by such a silly name (old-school Wedge Antilles stans are probably mad that we’re calling him this instead of “Veggies”)

Imagine being Mr. J’s girlfriend and trying to give one of the guard dogs a bath

(Idk I would just think he has a guarddog)

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Y/n looked at the two sweet yet vicious dobermans sniffing her to make sure she wasn’t an imposter or a threat to Mr. J. “Frosty?” Y/n looked over at the statue-like guard next to her. “Yes, Y/N?” “When the last time that Smiley and Chuckles had a bath?” She noticed the look of confusion on Frosts face and made her mind. “That’s it! I’m giving them a bath!” 

Time Skip

Mr. J growled at the disappearance of his dogs and his puppy-loving Y/n. “Where are they?” He was answered by the dogs running out covered in bubbles and soaking wet and a towel-wrapped, squealing Y/N. “Come back! You’re still wet!” Y/n skid to halt in front of Mr. J. He smiled at her wet form and wrapped a arm around her waist and yanked her flush against him. “Oh hi J~” She twirled a wet a strand of hair, giving him puppy dog eyes. “Oh hello my sweet devious girl~ care to join me for a bath?” He cackled while she blushed.

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A Sunday 7 kinda Sunday,

So its been a while since ive actually posted stuff here. Ive been lurking, but it’s been for a reason. A lot is going on….

- Too many people dying. Yeah, you heard that right. First it was a high school friends baby, who we were all rooting for to have a child, who died of SIDS. As someone who is childless , I hurt for them.

Then it was the man who helped shape my personal spiritual journey as a kid growing up, our parish priest. Now before I hear the guffaws about religion, he was pretty big on being mostly socially progressive. But what he gave to all of us was the idea and the feeling of spiritual awakening, teaching about why we did things the way we did them and truly blending the mysticism of traditions with a search and openness for the spirit. I always thought this was an incredible thing, because as I get older and see God in things like whales, the laughter of friends, the look of love on the faces of an older couple, I think he really got that right because I’m still curious and im still open to not just my own interpretation of the divine, but others.

And lastly, my fathers brother, my uncle Marty. Our relationship started the same day that I met my father. He had come along to make sure there was not anything bad in my intent with my dad. And I think the second that my dad and I hugged, Marty knew he was just along for a cup of coffee. He knew my mom pretty well, as like most people who go to small schools and know each others siblings, and oddly enough he was part of the pipeline of people who were secretly checking in on me growing up. He was a good and honest man, was an expert at dad jokes, a hard worker, and left everybody with a smile on their face. And while he had ALS, my last memories of him are of he and his wife having a sweet moment together in the kitchen. I will miss him greatly.

-Both of my parents are going to require surgery this summer. My moms is pretty minor(lymph node removal, thanks to a spider bite LAST YEAR!). My dad however, his is a bit more drastic. His knees are destroyed from, much like me, having an invincibility complex. So Hes having both of them replaced this summer. Not a huge deal, but he has Parkinson’s, and both of my other brothers are elsewhere in the US. Sooooooo…….yeah. Not to mention He’s having his heart stopped and restarted on the 23rd(rhythm issues), so im kinda worried about that.

-im doing my best to find a quick season of work so that I can take a good part of the summer off, but its been a challenge so far. Im probably going to gave to head to AK as early as Friday, but not doing what I had in mind. I need to have this time for my parents, but I also need to pay bills and move AND……go do my maritime stuff. Which means

- trying to set up a meeting with a local tug boat owner who is looking for people to get into the rotation. His company is experiencing severe burn out. They work in the long beach, ca harbour, offer full benes, its union, and it would be a great job to get me out of Alaska for the most part and get me onto tugs.if I can get them to hire me right away and help me get my merchant mariners credentials, that would be pretty awesome.Then I can have a real life again, including music…

-Music is just a blur for me. Ive been playing lots of little local gigs since ive been back, and applying for many northwest festivals. I have 2 so far, and we are putting on a third in Aberdeen, “songwriters gone coastal”. There are 4 groups playing, including one of the recent contestants on “the voice”(who is super cool, btw), and im trying to throw together a thing at the end where we all have a sing a long(may sound hoaky, but we are all becoming a family. Plus, a rousing version of “pastures of plenty”, which was written in Washington state by Woody Guthrie, is appropriate) im not tooting my horn when I say this(and please don’t take this as being conceded), but there’s some serious talent taking the stage that night. Im really excited because we are all doing a CD this summer, and its like a 400 seat show, and im going to do my best to sell it out. The new songs on mine are solid, the other folks are amazing, and its going to be broadcast on Facebook(hint hint).

-But no matter what, im learning that Facebook, no matter how good a tool it is for marketing myself, is just a pit. I had a guy the other night send me a message about my mom, more or less saying she needed to not be so crass in he opinions and be quiet. I didn’t know this guy from Adam, so I asked a few questions, and he said he didn’t know whether I was her husband or that i might be her brother.


Im going to post this one of these days, not because I want a pat on the back but because this guy really thought it was ok to shame a woman by talking to a male relative and getting her to “understand” . I told him in explicit terms that he was no better than the Taliban, and that his puny words would have no effect on a true feminist like my mom. The stumbling on his retort was typical of a complete copy and paste politibot. You might enjoy the rant, it was kinda funny….

-anyhow, enough of my ranting. I just want to say thanks for reading this, and I seriously hope you are all doing ok. I know, I kinda go nuts on the hearts thing but y'all have great content. Seriously! Keep it up!!!! be kind to yourselves and to those you love, and I hope this finds you all ok, if not well.

if u ever need to know just how pure™ hila klein is just remember the time in the pewdiepie vlog where ethan drew a swastika on pewdiepies t shirt and hila turned it into a smiley face

or the time where ethan were talking about how he felt fat and she said that her mom told her that she calls it ‘healthy’ not fat 

or the time ethan said he wished some guy who liked jeff dunham stubbed his toe and hila said that you cant wish anything bad on anyone 

or when ethan said he was scared of not being funny anymore and she said that it was impossible and shell always think hes funny 

or when they were watching that m*tt h*ss video and she defended the girl in the video saying that m*tt was the one who wrote her shitty character so it wasn’t the female character’s fault 

tbh i could go on forever pls protect her 


Adventures with Arden + Kat - Coachella Day 2

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4, 5, 7 :)

4. How old were you when you started playing video games? (Or Zelda specifically)

I was born playing video games lol. As for loz, I got into it around the age of 8 (might’ve actually been 7) when my brother and his girlfriend at the time got me Ocarina of Time for Christmas. They had no idea what it was they were just like, “Here, maybe you’ll like this.” They were right.

5. What is your favorite Zelda moment?

There are so many good ones, but having recently played SS in the winter and really enjoying it, the scene where Link and Zelda finally reunite (THE HAPPY ONE)

7. Which dungeon would you say you enjoyed the most?

Hmmm, this is something I’ve never thought about before to be honest. I enjoy just about all of them for the puzzles they offer, but if I had to choose just one…..I’ve always loved the Spirit Temple in OoT! The drastic, yet kind of depressing atmosphere it offers with the music is something I really enjoy, and also the fact that it really feels like the final dungeon before getting ready to go up against Ganondorf himself (unless people did the Shadow Temple after the Spirit Temple lol I’ve personally never done that tho)