smiley moon

got7 goes on blind dates!


  • movie and dinner, in that order so that in case they have nothing in common..they could at least talk about the movie 
  • plays the question game and asks each other questions to get to know each other better
  • what are your hobbies?
  • would you rather eat sweet stuff or savory stuff for the rest of your life?
  • how did they start talking about theories of time and space
  • ends up staying in the car for hours after a conventional length of time for a date, talking about everything~ :’) 


  • watches a play tg so that he “could do some thinking/introspection and also spend time with this person he knows 0 about at the same time!!” 
    • genius
  • all black outfit with leather accents 
  • takes his date to a late night market to eat korean street food and drink soju together
  • surprisingly his date out-drinks him, but he’s swooned af by that for some reason 
  • smiley moon eyes 
  • date gets him to do aegyo, which he doesn’t want to do but does as so long as his date does aegyo back 

wang jaegun:

  • batting cage to hit baseballs with bats
  • rly just to show his date that he’s athletic and that he looks FINE in a baseball tee and cap (refer to Homerun dance practice, nawm sayin)
  • date: excuse me, r u jaegun (재근)? (ot6: giggles af; jackson: (╯°□°)╯did u guys rly just)  
  • “do you know wanna know how they came up with the term ‘baseball;?” 
    • date: yeah!!
    • jackson: yeah, same LOOL
  • brought a baseball tee for his a date to wear too
  • *to date, towards the end of the day* “hey, do u come here often. I’m jackson” 
  • laughs a lot tg 


  • coffee shop and a million laps around the block tg 
  • “isn’t this so nice?” (date: can I have a water break?)
  • date’s order: 8 oz black coffee (jinyoung: *is this going to work out, he thinks, while holding his 24 oz green tea frappuccino with whipped cream and chocolate curls)
  • charms with original dad jokes
  • tries to hold hands, but it got awkward for a second because he accidentally grabbed his date’s wrist 
  • laughs nervously and improvises by grabbing said wrist with his other hand too 
  • did not successfully maneuver through that situation 
  • it was cute tho, so they laughed it off 
  • *has a nightmare later that night about it with bounce.mp3 playing in the background* 


  • open mic karaoke night!!
  • sings the sappiest ballad in the trolliest way with fake sobbing  (BOHHGOHHHSHIPDAHHH~~x2) 
  • date is totally widdit and fakes sobs alongside him 
  • jb: guys, I did this. this is perfect. I set them up. just for the record
  • has so much fun together that they already planned when they’re going to hang out for the next 2 months 
  • how do their faces not hurt from smiling like that 


  • pottery painting bc it’s cute and so that he could flirt by surprise painting a small portion of his date’s arm
  • heheheheehehhe mild paint fight!!! that won’t get in hair or clothing or mess up our mugs!!
  • shows up wearing the same black choker 
  • you’d think it’d be awkward, but bam is actually super stoked about it 
  • date is also thai, so they switch languages at any given time with no notice
  • so when do you wanna meet my best friend yugyeom  


  • raccoon cafe (ot6: y tho)
  • *date is 5′2″* (yg: how’s the weather down there? hahahah)
  • date: “what kind of cat is this?”  (☞゚∀゚)☞
    • yg: idk calico?? (☞゚∀゚)☞  
    • ot6: ಠ_ಥ
  • let’s both choose one and name them!! (even tho they already have names, yg decides this is a fun thing to do)
  • chooses the albino raccoon and names it “vanilla latte”
  • shares a slice of green tea cake  
  • ends up watching dance covers together on a side walk bench 


Headphones $20?? (not pictured bc using)

Harley Quinn Socks $15 Blind Bag $5??

Smiley Earrings $3
Moon Earrings $13

Sun & Moon Earrings $6

Blackhead Remover $7

Black Candles $3

Candle $5
Candle Holder $3

TOTAL: $80