smiley face t shirt

if u ever need to know just how pure™ hila klein is just remember the time in the pewdiepie vlog where ethan drew a swastika on pewdiepies t shirt and hila turned it into a smiley face

or the time where ethan were talking about how he felt fat and she said that her mom told her that she calls it ‘healthy’ not fat 

or the time ethan said he wished some guy who liked jeff dunham stubbed his toe and hila said that you cant wish anything bad on anyone 

or when ethan said he was scared of not being funny anymore and she said that it was impossible and shell always think hes funny 

or when they were watching that m*tt h*ss video and she defended the girl in the video saying that m*tt was the one who wrote her shitty character so it wasn’t the female character’s fault 

tbh i could go on forever pls protect her 

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nicknames: Sammi, Sam, and Samwise (thanks Kayla)

zodiac: Sagittarius 

height: 5′3″

last thing i googled: Zillow because occasionally I am a curious duck and wanna see how totally not feasible it is to live on my own on my current salary. Literally, a month’s pay would like… Maybe cover rent and utilities. 

song stuck in my head: Love You Madly by Cake

last movie i watched: We Need to Talk About Kevin

what am i wearing right now: A baggy navy t-shirt with a smiley face on it and blue plaid pj pants

what do i post: A lot of stuff, I don’t really have much of a filter on here. I do sometimes post math things though and I reblog a LOT of animals. 

why did i choose my url: During my freshman year of college, I was playing Super Monkey Ball 2 on story mode with Rae and Dr. Badboon said “subzy mumzoid” and the subtitles read “good riddance.” I knew in that moment I had a new and perfect URL and blog name. 

religious or spiritual: Probably spiritual, but I never really put much thought into it. I used to consider myself an agnostic theist and I don’t know if that has changed but I haven’t given it much thought recently. 

fave color: Purple! 

avg hours of sleep: My alarm usually reads that I will get in the 6-7ish hour range, but I wake up a ton and basically just don’t sleep too well, so I am not sure how accurate that is. 

lucky number: Not that I consider this number my lucky number, but my favorite is 37. 

favorite character: Probably Pearl in Steven Universe, but that is just because I have been thinking about Steven Universe a lot lately. 

how many blankets i sleep with: It depends on the time of year, but I have to at least have my quilt as the main blanket and then I will add from there. Right now I have three, but two of them are very light (a sheet and a Hello Kitty zombie microfleece throw). 

dream job: I wanna be a mathematics professor. 

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The Signs as Luke T-Shirts
  • Aries: His Misfits shirt
  • Taurus: His Cheap Monday shirt
  • Gemini: His "I'd rather play records than break them" shirt
  • Cancer: His Santa Cruz shirt
  • Leo: His "Destroy yourself and see who gives a fuck" shirt
  • Virgo: His "I don't trust me either" shirt
  • Libra: His smiley face shirt
  • Scorpio: His Green Day shirt with white sleeves
  • Sagittarius: His "GO ALL THE aWAY" shirt
  • Capricorn: His Nirvana shirt
  • Aquarius: His sheriff shirt
  • Pisces: His "YOU COMPLETE MEss" shirt