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Harry letting you ride his face and he's pressing you down onto his mouth to get you closer and he's properly moaning and smacking your ass.

This..,.,.,.this is an attack..,.,.

Just imagine you guys are laying back on your king bed, facing the flat screen TV across the room and locked in a heated match of Mario Kart. Harry’s clad in an old, scuffed up pair of black denim jeans and the yellow smiley face t-shirt he nearly wore to shreds back in Jamaica. His socks are mismatched (one has a fuchsia background with tiny flamingos all over it– this sock is actually yours– and the other is a plain black Nike ankle-high) and his pants are unbuttoned, hair fluffy and somewhat tamed since you’d just gotten home from a movie date.

He’s been gunning for you since the match started, storing away shells for just the right moment to knock you right off the track. Every time a turtle smacks the back bumper of your tiny vehicle, you let out a screech, which he returns with a smug grin and maniacal, triumphant little giggles.

When it’s come down to the two of you at the front, you randomly start to kick at his feet and legs, trying to topple him off the bed and distract him just enough to end him once and for all. But Harry can play dirty, too, resulting in him rolling onto you and crushing you under his weight as he looks over his shoulder, aiming the controller over his head and using this advantage to the max.

“Harry, stop it! That’s not fair!” You buck under him, shoulders thrashing as you try to free your arms to at least keep moving in the game.

“You started it!” He aims a bomb at you, dangling the remote above your head and tapping his finger threateningly over the release button. “Sorry, pet. Gonna have to try harder than that.”

You kick at his knees violently, wailing out in defeat when you feel your controller shudder and let out the sound that signifies you lost.

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I saw the Rent tour last night so here are a few things:
- “April left a note before she slit her wrists; ‘We’ve got AIDS.’” Mark looks at the ground.
- Angel makes her entrance for “Today 4 U” by jumping from a fucking raised platform onto a table in 7 inch heels
- Mark resting his hand on Roger’s shoulder and saying,“take your AZT,” then resting his head on Roger’s back and heading out the door
-Benny pulls up Angel’s skirt during “You’ll See.” Angel sits far from him the rest of the song, looking really anxious as Collins holds her
- Mimi straight up balances on a ledge with only her leg and spins around it during “Out Tonight” and walks backwards down the stairs in her heels
- when Roger starts singing to Mimi after “Life Support” the life support group stares down at him from a raised platform, Angel at the front
- during “On the Street” Angel is looking for a jacket for Collins at the bodega. she is going through them, repeating “no” to herself quietly. the bodega worker lifts up a disgusting orange camo shirt and Angel legitimately screams “NO”
- Mark and Collins holding Roger tightly and singing to him amusingly
- at the beginning of “Santa Fe” after Mark’s altercation with the police, Angel says “yayyyyy New York” really nervously
- during “Santa Fe” Collins spins Angel into Mark’s arms where he’s sitting on a table. they spend the rest of the song in each other’s arms, smiling
- in “Over the Moon” Maureen made the audience moo with her
- ok this is about La Vie Boheme
a. Mark fucking throws his body onto the table like a plank of wood
b. when Collins and Angel sing “brothers!” they Eskimo kiss and it’s super cute
c. when they sing “to any passing fad” Maureen and Mark dab at each other and everyone in the audience lost it
d. when the waiter returns and seeing chaos, he joins the dancing
- during “Take Me or Leave Me” Maureen gets on her knees and sings to JoAnne’s vagina
- in “Without You” Collins lays with Angel, then picks her up and carries her to a different table, where she starts convulsing, then crying into Collins’ arms
- all the couples get under a white blanket and moan and grunt during “Contact” while Angel emerges from the top and rings a reprise of “Today 4 U”. the couples leave one by one, shouting “it’s over.” finally the blanket is pulled away and Collins sits on the table facing the audience while Angel faces the back of stage, motionless. bitterly, Collins whispers,“it’s over.”
- during “I’ll Cover You Reprise” Mark and Maureen sob in each other’s arms while Collins sings at the top of the stage, voice cracking
- the priest kicks the group out and calls Collins a “queer who can’t pay” and Benny offers to pay the burial change. Collins says “you should know the persons funeral you just paid for killed your dog.” to which Benny replies,“I know. I hated that dog.”
- Mark stands apprehensively at the edge of the darkness during “Goodbye Love” waiting to see what Roger will do
- Mark slamming the phone so hard during “What You Own” that the stand shakes
- during “Your Eyes” Mimi convulses and starts repeating lines from “Candle” and Roger looks horrified. when she comes back to life and says she saw Angel, Collins beams
- Angel’s spot is left vacant during “Seasons of Love Reprise” -During the finale, Angel runs back onstage to the group wearing a white smiley faced t shirt and white pants, although no one on stage notices her
-Mark projects images and videos of the group onto the walls of the theater, moving his projector from side to side so it moves across the walls

sorry if this was long but the performance as incredible so I thought I’d share


Thank you @sherlove-freebatch for helping me find @pembroke who is the artist of our lovely little cartoon above!! Thanks for the inspiration for this little fic :)

Stiles doesn’t know exactly when it began. No, that’s a lie, it started with the Fairy Incident of July. What he means, is he doesn’t know when it became normal. The first time it happened was last year with those godforsaken fairies.

The Big Bad wasn’t exactly big, but damnit, they were mean.

It had begun as pranks almost, little things done around the pack as inconveniences and something to roll your eyes and sigh at. Things like adding blue hair dye to Isaac’s conditioner. (Scott’s blush when he let the word ‘cute’ slip made Stiles ‘aww’ resulting in a nice bruise on the arm from Isaac.) Then it was the thing where all the forks in Derek’s apartment up and disappeared. Then Boyd’s car got saran-wrapped.

Easy stuff, really inconsequential. Sure, it was annoying and made Erica wolf out when her favorite t-shirt had a smiley face cut out of it, but it wasn’t like they were actually hurting them. Derek decided it was probably best to leave them alone and leave them shiny trinkets in the forest to keep the pranks from persisting.

It worked, too. (Crazy? Stiles definitely agrees.) They have a nice month of quiet and the settling feeling of their territory being at peace. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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I went back down south recently for a couple of days to catch up with people and go places I don’t often get to go anymore.  I’ve lived up in the north a good while now, and more and more friends are moving away from places I used to know and have less reason to visit.

Brighton is one of those places.  For people outside the UK, Brighton is known for being a bit bohemian and having a big LGBT population/being a day trip spot for Londoners.

As a queer teenager I loved Brighton and wanted to move there.  Once I went to pride and spent the night clubbing then sat on the beach all night with friends watching the sun come up around a bonfire and I was in love with the place.  It was so creative and vibrant and I loved visiting.  But going back it somehow seems very unchanged, almost like it’s stuck in a late 90’s - early 2000s world of “Don’t worry be happy” smiley face posters, “No one knows I’m a lesbian” t-shirts and neon fluffy bags.  It just seems a bit worn around the edges.

I loved Brighton’s creativity, but going there now I was shocked to find the handmade shops stocking mostly work from people I know in Yorkshire (!), Donna Wilson (who is rad, but everywhere nowadays!  And good on her!) and pseudo-handmade shabby chic things.  I walked around enjoying the place on a nostalgic level, but lamenting the lack of locally made work, which is what I love to see in cities.

I went to Snoopers Paradise, a fantastic sprawling second hand shop full of absolutely anything you could want.  I’ve spent so many hours in that shop, but now being a northern expat, northern second hand shops are so cheap in comparison!

I went upstairs and found where Brighton’s local creatives are hiding, Snoopers Attic!  If you’ve been to Wilderness or Secret Garden Party and enjoyed it you’ll feel right at home.  (I definitely was!  I spent last year decorating SGP and felt like I was back there!) It has that wonderfully faux-folksy, outdoorsy festival vibe of a Pinterest garden party board.  That may sound like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not!  It’s wonderful!  It’s beautifully decorated and stocked by local highly talented designers.  There’s sustainable clothing, collars, taxidermy, terrariums, jewellery, all sorts!  All handmade, all in Brighton, and not things I’d seen before!  And it all works so well together.  Even the stairs up to it are beautifully decorated with dried flowers, bunting, the people who decorated this know what their doing.  

I would recommend if going to Brighton you go their first, and explore the rest later!  And if you’re going to a festival this year, get your outfit here!

More of this kind of thing please =]

There were a few other good crafty things in Brighton, but more on that soon!

have you considered sho in the following tho

hinakawa sho in casual clothes

hinakawa sho in a too-long purple sweater that almost reaches to his knees

hinakawa sho in mismatched socks

hinakawa sho in an over-sized hoodie

hinakawa sho in a bright orange raincoat and polka dot galoshes

hinakawa sho in boxer shorts and a smiley-face t-shirt with his hair still ruffled from sleeping

"Who needs breakfast?" :Harry smut

I blink my eyes open, blearily taking in the vision of my sleeping boyfriend lying next to me. He mumbles something unintelligible before rolling onto his back, softly sighing.

Quietly, I extract myself from the bed, pulling on Harry’s smiley face t-shirt and a pair of underwear. I lean down and kiss him gently on the forehead before going downstairs to make breakfast.

Once downstairs, I turn on the oven and grab a box of Bisquick out of the pantry. Humming to myself, I mix the batter until it’s smooth. Just as I’ve finished spooning the first pancake onto the pan, Harry enters the kitchen.

“Morning babe.” He greets groggily, his voice rough and thick from sleep. He grabs a cup out of the cabinet and orange juice out of the fridge, pouring himself a glass. “Pancakes. Yum.” He peeks over my shoulder.

“Good morning sleepyhead.” I smile up at him. After putting the pancake on the plate, I turn to face him. “Glad they look yum.” I laugh. “Hungry?” I raise my eyebrows and rest my hands on his hips.

“Yeah, but not for the pancakes.” He winks. “Although they do look delicious and I have every intention of eating them AFTER I eat my beautiful girlfriend.” He places me on the counter opposite the stove, sliding a hand along my thigh.

I roll my eyes, pushing on his shoulders. “Harrryy.” I groan. “I need to finish breakfast.” I try to hop off the counter, but he stops me by placing his hands firmly on my hips.

“Breakfast can wait.” He murmurs against my skin, nibbling at my collarbone.

I roll my eyes again, and thread my fingers through his hair, huffing. “Fine, you’ve swayed me, but make it quick. I reaallly want to eat breakfast.” My stomach growls an agreement.

“Nope.” He smiles against my skin, lifting his head up to peek at me.

“What do you mean ‘nope?’” I pull his head away from my neck, tugging at his hair.

“I mean,” his hands inch under my shirt to toy with the waistband of my underwear, “I’m going to make slow, sweet love to you. Nothing’s going to be ‘quick’ about it babe.” He grins toothily as he slides my underwear down my thighs.

“But Harry…” my protest stops there as he enters a digit into me. I exhale loudly through my nose, locking eyes with him. “Come on I’m hung…” I’m cut off again as he enters a second finger, curling both slightly.

He smirks cockily, removing both fingers only to suck them clean. “Mmm, definitely better than pancakes.” He groans, dropping to his knees. He buries his head between my thighs, peering up at me cheekily. Still keeping eye contact, he licks a stripe up my center, flicking his tongue over my clit. “Do you still want to eat breakfast?” he pulls away, his chin glistening.

“No, um, I’m-I’m good.” I stutter out, breathless. My chest heaves up and down. “Now fuck me Harry Styles.” I demand, pulling him up so that he’s standing. I hurriedly move to push his boxers off his hips, but he places his hands over mine, stopping me.

“What’d I say Y/N?” he whispers against my ear, nuzzling his nose against the side of my face.

I whimper.

“Well?” he nips at my lobe.

“Um, not to be quick?” I guess, hoping it’s the right answer.

“Good girl.” His voice is husky. He takes a step back from me, removing his boxers from his slender frame. He moves forward, pulling my hips so that my butt is on the edge of the counter. He grabs his length, positioning it at my entrance. Slowly, he pushes into me.

I moan, wrapping my legs around his hips. “We should not eat breakfast more often.” I huff, rocking my hips to meet his thrusts.

“Yeah, yeah. Breakfast, who needs it?” he mumbles, watching himself slide in and out of me. He grips my waist and bites his lip. “Have I,” he grunts, “ever told you how beautiful you are.”

“Only every day.” I laugh softly before inhaling sharply. He’s changed angles so that with every thrust he brushes my g-spot. “H-Harry, keep-keep doing that. Right there.”

He gets a few more thrusts in before I cum, a low moan emitting from my throat. I dig my heels into his lower back and tug on his hair, shuddering.

He creases his eyebrows and bites his lip so hard that it turns white. His thrusts grow sloppy as he nears his release. “Y/N, I’m gonna cum.” He swallows thickly.

“Cum for me baby.” I murmur. He groans. I smash my lips onto his, swallowing the deep moan that pushes out of his throat.

He thrusts tiredly a few more times before coming to a stop. His breath is ragged and his hair disheveled. I’m sure I don’t fair much better. He rests his forehead on mine, pulling out slowly. I sigh already missing the feeling of him inside me.

“You really are though.” He’s not looking at me. His head is cradled in my neck. I feel him sigh against my skin.

“I really am what?” I rub his back, placing tender kisses on his head.

“Beautiful.” He raises up, staring at me lovingly. Leaning down he places a peck on my nose. “I love you lots.” He whispers.

“I love you lots too.” I giggle back.

“Can we eat pancakes now?” he commences whispering.

I burst out laughing, practically doubling over. “Yes. We can eat pancakes now.”

dylan sprayberry imagine (requested by anon)

prompt: Can i have an imagine with dylan where its my first staying over (nothing happens) and we wake up the next morning you can go on idk

The moon had risen over the city hours ago, yet I still found myself in my boyfriend’s bedroom, laying on the floor listening to him list off names of different proteins and their functions. I twiddled with the carpet and sigh deeply. He looked up from the list he had in front of him and looked at me puzzled. “Something the matter?” He asked.

“I’m having so much fun.” I grinned, obviously sarcastically.

“What? You don’t find pre-molecular biology even the slightest bit fun?” He laughed and slid off the bed and lay on the floor beside me, twirling my hair around his fingers. I yawned and snuggled my head into his neck.

“I should get going,” I tried to stand up but Dylan pulled me back down, grasping me in his strong arms and not even having the slightest idea to let me go.

“Nooo,” he breathed into my neck. “Please stay.”

I paused for a moment, contemplating his request. “Could I?” I asked, turning my head to look at him and smile. His eyes filled with excitement and multiple “yes“‘s exploded from his mouth and he kissed all over my face.

“Okay, okay! Let me tell my mom. She won’t mind.” I pulled my phone out of my pocket and Dylan loosened his grip so I could text my mother. Within a couple seconds she responded with a smiley face.

“Do you wanna borrow a t-shirt and some of my shorts or something to sleep in?” He asked, opening a drawer. I nodded and sat on his bed. “Go ahead and change in the bathroom, cutie.” He smiled and opened his bedroom door for me.

“Such a gentleman,” I giggled and made my way to change. When I came back, Dylan sat up on his bed in a big t-shirt and a pair of briefs, scrolling through twitter. I laid my head on his chest and he put his arm around me.

“You’re cute in my clothes,” he kissed my hair and squeezed me tighter.

“They’re comfortable!” I hugged myself and kissed his cheek.

“You wanna keep them? They’re too small anyway.” I nodded and watched him scroll through notifications for a little while longer. I leaned up and peppered his jaw with soft kisses and put my arm over his waist, sitting myself upright and lifting my leg over his body to sit on him. I kissed his lips and he fell into sync with mine, feathering his fingers over my waist. I couldn’t resist but to bring my hands to his hair and pull softly, causing him to let out a weak moan.

“(Y/n), are you sleepy?” He released, laughing and putting his nose on mine.

“A little bit,” I kissed his cheek and made myself comfortable next to him again. “I could sleep now if you want.”

“That sounds good, not that I wasn’t having fun, I’m just not ready to do any more than that.”

“I’m not either,” I reassured him, grasping his hand. We laid in his bed facing each other, talking and giggling like 12 year old girls all night, or at least till around 3 am. We started to yawn more than we should and he wrapped his arms around me, spooning me.

“I like feeling small in your arms,” I whispered, his body heat keeping me warm in the cold room. He kissed my ear and whispered back,

“I like protecting you.” I blushed, biting my lip.

“I love you, Dylan.”

“I love you too, (y/n). Good night.”

**the next morning

I awoke to my head resting on Dylan’s chest, the warm sun rays shining on our faces and his eyes relaxed on mine. “Good morning, honey pie.” He kissed my hair and stroked it softly. 

“Good morning, sweetie cake,” I giggled and pressed my lips to his. 

“Would you like me to bring you some breakfast?” He drew shapes in my arms with his finger tips and stared at me in awe.

“I would love that,” I began to get out of bed when Dylan told me to stay and relax, that he was bringing it to me.

“Really?” The look on my face was probably the most excited my boyfriend has ever seen me. 

“Yes, my dear.” He bowed slightly like the Japanese do and turned out of the room, reentering about 5 minutes later. 

“My mom made it already, I just had to put some on plates.” 
I smiled at him sleepily and took a bite of the colorful omelette sitting before me. 

“Dylan?” I asked, finishing my food. 

“Yes, baby?” He set his plate aside. 

“I love you a lot.” 

“I love you a lot too.” He pulled me into his arms again and kissed my temple. “I want to love you forever.”

a/n: this was so cute and fun to write and im sorry it took so long!!! i've been working on school and homework and things like that. i hope you all enjoy it!!! dont be afraid to request here or read the rest of my imagines here(just noticed I accidentally wrote beacon hills I'm so embarrassed)

So I was at a concert yesterday and there was this girl with the whole grunge look going on. I mean, yellow Doc Martens, ripped tights, high waisted jean shorts, smiley-face nirvana acid t-shirt, dark purple lipstick, short choppy blonde hair and pointy sunglasses. And she was working it.

So I saw her sitting alone by a tree at one point, and I decided to walk up to her and say “Hey, I just wanted to tell you that whole look you’ve got going on— you’re killin’ it.” She didn’t even look up at me, she just muttered, “Yeah, whatever, thanks.” I just walked away.

And this goes to anyone with any style: I kinda just wanted to say that just because you dress like you’re too cool to care, doesn’t mean you actually have to be too cool to care.

The Stylist (Harry Styles) Part 3

“I don’t like blueberry muffins, Y/N.” Niall reminded you, raising an eyebrow and picking at his muffin. You had been given a list of all the drinks and the food that the boys wanted. Of course the note didn’t have a name on it, but you took it anyway, because you didn’t want to screw your job up.  

“They were out of chocolate.” You muttered, going through all the clothes. They couldn’t have been pink. Not all of them, at least. You didn’t even remember putting something pink in there. And then you found it. It was your bright pink tie-dye bandana that you carried around with you. Zayn had bought one for you when you dressed up as a gangster-ballerina for Halloween.

“Care to explain?” Lou huffed, clearly frustrated. “Y/N, they have a huge show tonight, and they have to wear bright fucking pink t-shirts and socks. How could you be this irresponsible?” 

“Y/N, I wanted a hot coffee, not iced.” Louis sighed. 

“And I wanted the strawberry scone, not the chocolate croissant.” Zayn mumbled. It seemed that everyone was pissed with you. At least Harry wasn’t here to see. Your phone buzzed again and you checked it, it was a text from your dad, and your friend, Y/F/N. 

To : me

From : dad

happy birthday y/n. another year older. your mum and i love you.

To: me

From : y/f/n


“Y/N! Please pay attention!” Lou’s shrill voice brought you back, and you nearly dropped your phone. “I can’t believe you would pull something like this, do you think it’s funny?” She snapped. 

“No, no! I would never-” 

“Where the hell did I put the lyrics?” You heard Harry’s deep voice, and you turned around, sighing as he was searching for something. 

“What are you looking for?” Zayn asked, standing up. 

“Remember the lyrics for all the songs we wrote yesterday? I can’t find them and I could’ve sworn I put them here. I’m going to be so pissed if we lose them. All the new songs for Four are in that pile of paper.” 

“Yeah, you left them there.” Niall reminded him. 

“But they’re not there!” Harry whined. 

“Pile of paper?” You said quietly, all five heads whipping around to face you.

“Yes, Y/N. Pile of paper. Have you seen them?” Liam asked. He looked frustrated, and you knew how scary Liam was when he was angry. They were all pretty scary when pissed off. 

“Could this pile of paper be resting on the edge of the table?” You asked slowly. Harry nodded his head and raised an eyebrow. 

“Yeah, where is it?” 

“Inthedumpster.” You said quickly, avoiding eye contact with everyone. 

“Pardon me?” Niall stepped forward, drumming on the table impatiently. 

“In the dumpster.” You repeated slowly and quietly. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Niall snapped. “I can’t fucking believe this shit! Y/N, do you even realize how long we’ve been working on those songs?!” 

“I-I saw a note that said to throw them away so I-”

“You can’t blame it on something else when you know it’s your fault, Y/N.” Zayn groaned, running his hand through his hair. 

“You’ve screwed up so much, Y/N. I can’t even believe it was possible that you’d be this irresponsible.” Liam grunted, slamming a fist down on the table. You wanted the floors to swallow you up. 

“Wow, wow. What a surprise. Y/N screws up once again.” Harry stated sarcastically. “Now tell us what the hell we’re gonna do, since we have no lyrics, and the new album is going to come out in less than a month.” 

“Jesus Christ, Y/N. Read the damn papers before you throw them away.” Louis said, his eyes full of anger. 

“I-I’m sorry, I-”

“Sorry doesn’t fix this shit, does it?” Louis tilted his head. “Sorry doesn’t fix our bright pink clothes, our screwed up orders,” He lifted up his iced coffee, “and our lyrics that are in the dumpster.” 

“They’re not in the dumpster anymore.” Harry came back, shaking his head in disappointment. “Thanks a lot, Y/N.” 

“I can help you rewrite them or something. A-And you still have a while to write the songs. I was hoping if you wanted to spend the day together because it’s my birth-”

“You guys! Can someone explain to me why I found your lyrics flying out from a dumpster?” Abigail walked in, holding the pile of paper, along with two bags from Starbucks. 

“Abigail! You’re a lifesaver!” Liam ran over, taking the papers from her and giving her a big hug. She was praised by the rest of the boys, you watched as they gave her kisses and hugs. She took some things out of the Starbucks bag and handed them to the boys. Louis got his hot coffee, Zayn got his scone, and Niall got his muffin. Of course, Abigail was perfect. She was better than you, and the boys clearly liked her more. 

“How about we spend the rest of the day just hanging out? We can go to the mall and stuff. Lou, wanna join us?” Abigail looked over at Lou. You turned around and gave Lou a pleading look, as to remind her today was your special day. But you knew it was going to be fine. They’d return by tonight and spend your birthday with you. You were sure of it.

“I,” She glanced over at you and raised an eyebrow, taking her purse. “Would love to, Abigail.” 

“Y/N, I’m sure you’re going to be busy. Maybe we can hang out another time.” And with that, the boys, Lou, and Abigail piled onto the van, leaving you to fix up the mess. And you could start with the clothes. It was fine, you still had plenty of birthday’s to celebrate.

“Okay, Y/L/N. You screwed everything up, you fix it.” You murmured, going through the pile of clothes. Three white shirts from Gucci, Louis’ favourite white t-shirt with a smiley face that you had to replace as well.. The list went on and on, and you knew that you were going to have to spend the rest of the day replacing everything. You had received your paycheque around a week ago, and you were going to have to use all of it to buy the ruined clothes. 

“Okay, first stop. Gucci.” 

Unexpected (Calum Hood Imagine)

  “Come on. Please come to my party tonight.” The Calum Hood was currently begging me in the middle of our English lecture to attend his frat party. Over the past few months of school we had become quite good friends, sometimes getting coffee or hitting the books together. He had never been able to get me to go to his dumb fraternity parties because I hated majority of the frat boys. And most of the girls who were there were easy, just looking to hook up. DOn’t get me wrong I loved to party and get a little drunk but not with Calum’s crowd. “Just this once, I won’t leave you alone and I won’t let anyone spike your drink. I’ll even call you my date so the other boys don’t try to hit on you. Okay?” He continued trying to persuade me as we walked out of the lecture hall. “Ok I guess, but what do I even wear to a frat party? Is it different than a normal party?” I asked as we crossed the lawn towards my dormitory. “I’ll stop by your room before the party and help you okay? I got to go but I’ll see you later babe!” Calum winked and took off in the opposite direction. 

  “Wait, Calum Hood is going to be here in like five minutes?” My room mates were currently freaking out at the fact that I was personally invited to Calum’s party. They were your typical party girls and sorority girls who loved getting to know the frat boys. Especially if their name was Calum Hood. “Yes, he’s taking me to the party after he helps me find an outfit.” I said as I stood in front of my wardrobe in my underwear. There was a knock on the door, “Oh my god! He’s here!” They squealed from their top bunks. “Shut up!” I snapped as I let him in. “Tell me you’re not going to the party dressed like that.” Was the first thing Calum said when he saw me. “Why what’s wrong with it?” I joked, embarrassed that I forgot I had next to no clothing on. “Absolutely nothing, just I don’t want other guys- ya know never mind.” He trailed off and joined me in front of my wardrobe. I took a good look at his profile, he was wearing a black snapback, black skinny jeans with a hole in the knee, black Vans, and a grey t-shirt with a giant yellow smiley face on it. “Cute shirt,” I smirked. “Shut up,” H laughed, shoving my shoulder lightly. “Okay, here.” Calum pulled out a white lace, cropped halter top and a pair of shiny black disco pants. I got dressed while he found some black combat boots to go with my outfit. “Thanks,” I said as I zipped my boots and flipped my hair one last time. Calum stood by the door, watching me. I raised an eyebrow at him and he blushed a little bit before opening the door for me, “After you.” I grabbed my phone and walked out in front of him. “Bye Calum!” My room mates called after us. I rolled my eyes. As I lead the way down the hall I could feel Calum’s eyes on my ass. I turned around suddenly and slapped his arm playfully, “You’re such a boy!” I giggled. “What?” He played innocent, but his cheeky smile gave him away. “You picked these pants out on purpose didn’t you?” I said as I fell into stride next to him. Calum shrugged, “Maybe. You look good in them,” He said, pretending to let his eyes focus their gaze on my butt. “Stop!” I pushed him as we exited the building. 

  “I won’t leave you alone okay,” Calum reassured me, resting his hand on my back as we walked up the steps of the frat house. I nodded and we entered the house. “You want a drink?” He asked, pointing his thumb towards the kitchen. I only nodded because I could barely hear anything over the sound of the music. As he pulled me through the crowd I felt someone grab my butt, stopping I turned around to find who did it. “Hey, watch yourself buddy.” I snapped at a boy who looked like he couldn’t even remember his own name. “You’re asking for it in those pants.” He slurred. “Oh yeah? Well then you’re asking for this-” I went to slap him but Calum caught my hand. “Step off mate. Show some respect.” Calum warned him, slightly pushing me behind him. He turned back, resting his hand on my waist and I lead the rest of the way to the kitchen. I sat on the counter as Calum made me a drink. “I could’ve handled it,” I muttered. “I know, but that guy was fucking huge and drunk. He might of crushed you if he fell over after you knocked him out.” Calum smiled to himself as he focused on the drinks. I laughed quietly and watched him. “You know if you want to leave, I can take you back. I don’t want you to feel-” I stopped him, “It’s fine Cal, you wanted me to come so I’m going to stay.” Calum looked up at me with a grin, “Call me that again.” I furrowed my eyebrows, “Cal?” The smile on his face grew, causing me to smile. “I like when you call me that.”

   Several hours later and a few drinks later the party was winding down and there were only a few people left. All of Calum’s bandmates and several close friends. Calum and I were sitting on the couch and his hand was rubbing my leg slowly. “Some one bring out the guitars!” A voice called from the kitchen. “Mate do you really think I can play that thing drunk?” Luke whined from the floor, where he had his head shoved against a pillow. “C'mon it can’t be worse than when you’re sober.” Calum teased, kicking the younger boys’ leg. Luke let out a muffled groan before lifting himself up and heading towards the back room. He emerged with a guitar in each hand. Michael shook his head when Luke offered it to him. Calum sat up and stretched his arm out for the guitar. Settling the instrument on his knee, Calum looked towards Luke. “What song mate?” “Rolling In the Deep?” Luke suggested. “Okay, no promises.” Calum said, glancing at me. I smiled as they started playing, taking another sip of my drink. Calum and Luke both managed to play the song correctly for the most part, despite their drunken state. “Well done.” I whispered into Calum’s ear when he leaned back. “Thanks babe.” He smirked, pulling me into him. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes.

  I woke up to the sound of the coffee maker. My legs were cramped as I stretched them out on the small sofa. I accidentally kicked Michael who was sat at the other end. He opened his eyes slowly, grumbling something incoherent. “Sorry,” I whispered. Calum shifted underneath me, before falling still again. I got up slowly and made my way to the kitchen where Ashton was sitting at the counter with his head in his hands. “Bad hangover?” I asked, looking in the cabinets for ibuprofen. Ashton just muttered yes as I passed him a few pills and a glass of water. “How was your first official frat party?” He asked. “Good, actually. Pleasantly surprised.” I smiled, pouring myself some coffee. “He likes you a lot you know,” Ashton said, taking the cup I handed him. “Who? Calum?” I asked, I tried to fight the smile off my face without success. “Yeah, and I gather the feelings are mutual.” Ashton laughed lightly. “Yeah he’s alright.” I giggled as Calum stumbled into the kitchen, bumping against the door frame. “I thought you left,” Calum pouted as he buried his head in my shoulder. “Aw are you tired Cal?” I asked, running my fingers through his hair. He had lost his snapback sometime in the night. Calum groaned in response and moved to lean against the counter. “Do you want something more comfortable to wear?” Calum asked suddenly. “Yeah that’d be nice. Calum nodded and gestured for me to follow him upstairs. "Use protection!” Ashton called out. I flipped him off and followed after Calum.

  “Here,” He handed me a pair of sweats and a black muscle tank. I stripped down, not caring that Calum was still watching me. “Did, uh, did Ash say anything to you about me this morning?” Calum asked quietly. I nodded slowly, “Uh yeah…” “Dammit I told him not to say anything I didn’t want to ruin our friendship and I didn’t want you to feel like you had to say anything back-” “Cal?” I interrupted him. “What?” He asked suspiciously. “Do want to be my boyfriend?” I asked, feeling a surge of confidence. Calum smiled at me, “Are you being serious?” I nodded, giggling at his confusion. “Obviously yes I do.” He pulled me into a hug. “That was not the response I was expecting.” Calum confessed. I laughed against his chest. “Well, it was the only way to get you to stop rambling.” I pulled him down for a kiss. 

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Nerdy luke pretty pls

Your head was ducked when the classroom door creaked open, slamming shut as quickly as it opened. Your gaze snapped up from your Physics homework, pencil immediately dropping in shock when you took in your tutor’s battered face.

Luke’s thick rimmed glasses had various cracks zigzagging the lenses, one part of his lip busted in a bit and a small bruise bound to turn into a black eye on the rise of his cheekbones. He smiled sheepishly, sliding into the spot across from you. “Uh, hey.”

“Don't hey me, what the hell happened to you?” You leaned over the table to grab his cheeks between your hands, immediately hushing out an apology when he winced slightly. 

“They, uh, found me on my way here,” He sheepishly bit the ripped corner of his lip, blue eyes shimmery behind shattered glass, “it’s not big deal, really.”

They referred to a group of football players, self titled as popular with an odd claim over you, in which you’d rather never associate with them even in the form of eye contact. According to them, nerdy Luke Hemmings with the big yellow smiley face on his t-shirt wasn’t worthy of breathing near you.

“Luke,” You sighed, subconsciously stroking your thumb across the slight stubble on his jawline. 

“They uh,” he dropped his gaze to the side, fiddling with some stray strands of paper peeking out from his notebook, “they said stuff about you this time. I-I tried to stand up for you and they pushed me against the wall and smashed my glasses..”

Your entire body flushed red with a mixture of anger and happiness, the slightest of smiles flitting to your lips. Ever so gently, you leaned in and placed a feathery light kiss to the bruise on his cheek to the cut on his lip, whispering softly, “Thank you, for standing up for me. But in the future, let me handle them, okay?”

Luke’s eyes resembled bright blue China saucers at this point as he croaked, “Anything for you.”

Sleeping with him (4/4):


Ashton would make sure you were the little spoon all the time. I think Ashton would sleep shirtless so you’ll be able to feel his warm chest against you all night long. After the good nights and I love you’s, when you’re all cuddled together, Ashton would keep lazily kissing the back of your neck, then he’d slowly rest his head on yours and kiss your ear, giggling when you start giggling because of how ticklish it felt and then he’d finally rest his chin on top of your head and fall asleep. When Ashton snores, at first you’d keep waking up and asking him to shut up but as your relationship grew, you would stop asking him to stop because just having him lying next to you, no matter how annoying his snoring was, was much better than having to lie by yourself when he was away on tour.



Calum would sleep naked, I think and he’d keep asking you to do it too but if you weren’t comfortable with it, he’d at least try to sneak his hands under your t-shirt. Calum seems like a warm person so if you were feeling too cold at night, you’d hardly ever need a blanket because Calum would pull you into his side and intertwine your legs with his and make you lie half on top of him to keep you warm. He’d keep kissing the top of your head and murmur little I love you’s and you’d keep tracing his tattoos until you fell asleep and then Calum would hold your hands in his and fall asleep.



Michael would try very hard to be the little spoon and he’d always whine until you wrapped your hands around him and tried to sleep. But Michael is a tall guy so you’d end up getting uncomfortable pretty quickly so you’d sigh and pull yourself away from his back but just quickly kissing his neck and then lying on your side, facing away from Michael. A few minutes later, you’d feel Michael tapping your shoulder and you’d turn around ready to tell him that you can’t be the big spoon but Michael would kiss you and be like “hi, I realise that you aren’t a very good big spoon so here” and turn you around so you were lying on your back. He’d slide his head down the pillow and the nuzzle his head into your neck, kissing your neck and chin, his hands loosely resting on your stomach and he’d fall asleep telling you how warm you were and how much he loves you.


You’d always steal one of Luke’s old t-shirts (like the smiley face one) and wear it to bed and you’d never be able to resist the urge to lie on top of him because his chest is so broad and comforting. Luke would always let you sleep on him because he seems like the kind of person who, if he falls in love with someone, he’d do anything to make them happy. You’ll rest your head near his heart and his hands will rest on the small of your back and yours would be resting on his chest or his sides. He’d draw small circles on your back and keep kissing your forehead while you spoke about your day and you’ll always fall asleep to the vibrations in his chest as he softly hums some song he hasn’t been able to stop listening to all day long.


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#34 The Portrayal (Harry Styles)

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I have a story in my head. It’s about him and I. I hear my voice repeat every line again and again like a clock with its needles going around the same numbers over and over again, like my story with him. I see us start a little trippy, we stumble along the way, tightening our hold on each other we grow into each other. But, it’s still a story.

- The Planning -

“Stories don’t come true, Eden!” Harry repeated for the fifth time, this evening. “I feel like I am going in circles with you.” I nodded, not wanting to annoy my head any longer and stepped down from the stage. “We are looking for something realistic. Something which can actually happen! This dream of yours sounds impossible. People don’t just accept each other for who they are! Especially you main lead, she has to change if we can make it sound a little believable.

“But, I don’t want to give her a makeover. Why should she? Why can’t I-, I mean, she be happy with herself?” I asked.

“Because the guy won’t give two looks in her direction! It’s reality Eden, it’s what happens, and you have to accept it. I am not making a fairytale. We want hardcore reality!” The word reality was giving me a headache. It was ‘unrealistic’ for a girl to find a guy if she was herself. She had to change, be more acceptable. Acceptable in her appearance, in her personality, I needed a coffee.

“One Iced latte, please, medium,” I  gave my order and took a seat, my head going between my palms.

“I have no idea why you are still pursuing this story,” Harry took a seat in front of me, his hand coming through his black hair. He had a little stubble on so, he was either trying to portray he didn’t care or was just lazy. My coffee arrived, and I took a sip of it.

“I believe in it,” I told him plainly. “I believe someone will like as I am without asking me to change. I want my character to portray that,” I told him and he just laughed.

“Like you as you? No one gets that, Eden. Even, I don’t!” He laughed.

“Like you’re some god, aren’t you?” I rolled my eyes.

“Compared to you? Yeah. At least I carry myself well,” He smirked.

“What are you trying to say? Haven’t you insulted me enough?” I got up, and he pulled my hand, making me sit down again.

“Eden, it is one thing to believe in yourself, and it is another thing just to be delusional. You are delusional. You believe someone will like you for you and that’s just fine but, I doubt you like yourself. You’re just lazy,” I got up from my seat and just spilt my coffee on him.

“You have no right to say all that to me,” I told him. But, he just took a napkin and wiped his face.

“Look at what you did, I can’t help it if you don’t like the truth! Even your main character, that guy doesn’t exist! You can’t quote fictional characters, ‘look at Bridget Jones’ to validate your story! I know what guys like and want and right now, it’s not you!” He followed me as I walked out of the shop.

“How dare you, Styles! You have no right to comment on my life while yours is in the same state!” I shouted. “Didn’t your girlfriend for a week come and break up with you in front of the entire team!”

“Three weeks!” He said, “Okay, I know, I am obnoxious at times but, you have to agree that our bodies are like our advertisements. You won’t come and even see the product if it’s not attractive. And, there are rules to the attraction which your laziness lets you think is not important but, it is!”

“Why are you following me? I don’t have another story. I really want to go ahead with this, this time!” I told him as we stood in the middle of the road. Even in his coffee covered self, he looked handsome.

“Okay, let’s make a deal,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Let’s give it three, wait, four months, that’s enough time for even you to make a guy with the credentials like your story fall in love with you. You are clearly that character, changing her name to Emily doesn’t change that fact. Divide it into two months each. You try your way and then, I make you try my way. And, if you succeed, you win, and we do that story. But, if we don’t, you write a new story like the amazing writer I know you are on how I tell you to make it, deal?”

“What?” I frowned.

“ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY! GET OFF THE FUCKING ROAD!” A car and stopped right before us and, Harry pulled me to the sidewalk.

“C’mon! I know you aren’t that slow! Pick a guy! C’mon” He said, trying to urge me.

“Where will I find a guy from?” I asked him.

“What about Niall? The guy in my finance class, you like him?” He looked into my eyes.


“I know you do! You were ogling over him the other day and my darling, he didn’t even notice you. You get two months to make him fall for you. Like yourself, no changing your lazy ass who doesn’t even comb her hair in the morning, to make him fall in love and then  if you don’t win, I get two months, and he will fall, I guarantee,” He raised his eyebrows. “Shake on it, c’mon!” He said.

“Fine!” I took his hand. “I will prove you wrong! And, by the way, I don’t comb my hair because they are curly and will get extremely frizzy if I do!”  I shouted.

“Yeah, yeah! What’s the reason of your ketchup-stained T-shirt? Adds to the masterpiece that smiley is?” He said looking at my smiley faced t-shirt which did have a stain on it. “At least, separate your laziness and your I love myself attitude, I will see you on the battlefield. It starts tomorrow, by the way!” He said, walking off and I wanted to throttle him.

- The Initiation -

I woke up next morning with a text from Harry.

Wake up your lazyass self. The challenge starts today!

I hate him. I have no idea how people liked him, but everyone did. He was nothing, but mean to me all the time and people went gaga over his kindness and niceness. Girls went crazy just to talk to him and, almost everyone I knew had a crush on him. He was horrible, though I think I was the only one who saw through him.

I took a bath and got ready to go to college. Niall was in my Media and  Law class and, I should at least start talking to him to come close to winning this challenge. Niall was, he was amazing actually. A singer, an amazing guitarist and extremely lively in the circle. Everyone like him loved him, and he was always extremely sweet and single at the moment, so good for me.

I walked into class and, took a seat beside him for the first time.

“Hey,” He smiled, and I nodded. He went on to chat on his phone and, I thought of a topic to talk to him about, but nothing hit my head.

“Hey mate!” I closed my eyes, cursing as Harry walked in.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” Niall asked, giving him a hug.

“Was free, thought I’d attend this class. Hello, Eden!” He smiled, but I could see Satan behind it.

I smiled back and took out my books.

He won’t get impressed with a loser hiding in her books.

He texted, and I sent back one with a curse word.

I thought this was about doing it my way.

He smiled at me cheekily and showed his hands in surrender.

It had been a month since then, and I had made zero progress. I felt Harry’s smirk increased day by day and, I couldn’t do anything to change it.

“Hello Eden,” He caught me running this morning.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“So rude! No wonder you are nowhere near wooing Niall,” He laughed.

“What’s your point?” I asked, increasing my speed and he easily caught up. Good at everything this fucker.

“One month left. Why don’t you give up? I can start mine and at least get you somewhere. Walking him to his next class won’t get you a date!”

I stopped in my tracks, “You-”

“Harry!” A girl screamed and ran up to us. She leapt into his arms and kissed his neck and cringed. “I didn’t know you ran every morning!” I looked at her, running in her sports bra and an almost underwear shorts while I was in an oversized T-shirt and leggings. I shook my head and started running again. My clothes shouldn’t define me. I wouldn’t give up on this.

It was fifteen days later when I gave up. I was going to ask Niall to the bar for a concert, but he cut me before that, “Eden, I just wanted to make things clear…”

“What?” I smiled.

“I mean, don’t get offended, but I hope you aren’t looking for a relationship with me?” He said, awkwardly.


“I mean, I don’t see you that way or would rather. We are just really different and these walks to the class or coffee shops, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression,” He said, and then, checked out a girl walking across us.

“You are not…” I said, giving up. What was the point now?  I controlled my tears and, “ I didn’t even know, I was giving you this…I should go,” I said walking off. He called me once, but I didn’t look back, running to the studio.

I slammed my script on the table where Harry was soothing a girl and looking at her hands, “he can’t read your palm, he is lying!” I told her. She made a face and hit him on his arms and walked away.

“That was my evening date! Eden!” Harry shouted.

“You win! I’ll write your script!” I told him and involuntarily felt my tears flow down my cheeks.

“Hey…hey, what happened?” Harry’s voice softened, and he almost whispered cupping my cheeks.

I shook my head in his palms, and he wiped a tear, “Nothing, you win, I’ll write the story the way you want it to be.”

“Don’t cry, Eden. Tell me what happened,” he said, wiping another tear.

“He said, that he and I can’t happen. That he didn’t want to give me the wrong impression and then, checked out the girl walking by,” I hiccupped. “So, you win. I get it. No one can like me for me. Just send me the idea, and I’ll write it.” I pulled away.

“Hey, hey…I didn’t mean that no one can like you for you. Of course, they can, you’re absolutely amazing,” He said, pulling my arm and making me stand in front of him. “I just meant, that the outer you needs maintenance. That you don’t love yourself because you aren’t taking care of yourself. Your personality has nothing to do with it and that, jackass is blind.”

“I don’t know what to do,” I cried.

“I promise, he’ll be on his knees begging you for a walk to the class which he just declined. Will you let me show you? How amazing you can be? How amazing your personality can be showcased with how you portray yourself? It’s just about the portrayal.” He asked, meeting my eyes. “C’mon, I still have my two months,” He smirked, and I nodded.






Pairing: Reader/ Luke Hemming’s

Rated: R

“Oh my god!” I begin to laugh as Lumpy Space Princess begins to act like a big idiot trying to get Finn’s attention. I roll over and look around the room, clothes thrown everywhere mostly Luke’s since he is gone from tour and only coming back in just one more week.

I sit up,grab the remote off of the white duvet and shut off the TV, I pull back the duvet and let my feet hit the dark oak flooring of the ground. I walk over to the stereo near the TV stand, I begin to hear the stereo blast All Of Me and I turn it up and begin to sing along while I begin to straighten up our room.

After the a few minutes the room is tided up,the clothes that are dirty thrown into the hamper, and the duvet neatly made on the bed. I crack my back and head towards the dressers and grab my panties and one of Luke’s over sized plain black t-shirts.

I head into the bathroom, I begin to make my way to the shower, my feet smacking against the cold tile floor. I turn on the shower and wait until its the right temperature for me to get in.

I strip off my clothes and step into the shower, I grab the shampoo from the lower rack and begin to shampoo my hair.

After the shower I lotion up,change into my clothes,brush my teeth, and apply my deodorant. After checking how I look once again, I walk into the room, and see rose petals against the dark oak flooring. My head snaps up and I see Luke setting up on the bed and rose petals surrounding him and Luke smiling up at me.

I quickly surrey to Luke,straddling his lap,peppering kisses all over his face.

“I’ve missed you so much!” I breath into his neck, Luke begins to pepper kisses on my collar bones. I move away from his neck and look into this ocean,blue eyes and place a passionate kiss to his lips, I place my hands onto Luke’s shoulders and shove him down onto the bed.

I attach my lips back onto Luke’s and swipe my tongue along his bottom lip, he grants me my wish, I move my head to the side to slip my tongue into Luke’s mouth and begin to explore his mouth.

I pull away from Luke trying to catch my breath but my adrenaline taking over my body. I begin to place kisses down Luke’s neck.

“(Y/N)” I hear Luke moan underneath me. I feel butterfly’s erupt in my stomach when I hear Luke moan my name. I begin to grind against Luke feeling his member poke my inner thigh. I begin to play with the hem of Luke’s smiley face white t-shirt. I remove my lips from Luke’s collar bone when Luke rises up and swiftly removes his t-shirt. I smile down at Luke and capture his lips in mines once again. 

I push Luke back against the bed once again and begin to place open mouth kisses down his abs . I make my way down south, I kiss along Luke’s v-line and smile at the tent showing in his tight black boxers.

I unbuckle Luke’s belt and quickly shove off Luke’s pants wasting no time, taking Luke’s member into my hands.

“Holy shit babe” Luke groans,bucking his hips into my hand.I bend my head down and lick a stride up from the base to the tip. I put my mouth on the tip and begin to suck on the pre-cum licking out on the tip.

“Fuckin, Shit,(Y/N)” Luke grunts, I begin to bob my head and use my tongue in swift motions.I look at Luke, and examine as his abs flex as he sucks in a breath and then realize there is sweat dripping down his forehead, sliding down his chest.

“I can’t hold it, oh my god baby!” Luke moans, I feel him twitch in my mouth,Luke grips my hair in his hands and pulls my head deeper onto his member, his member hitting the back of my throat, I feel his cum shoot down the back of my throat. 

I remove my mouth away from his member and lick my lips savoring the taste on my lips. Luke sets himself up on the bed, pulling his t-shirt off of my body. I quickly tug down my panties, tossing them across the room. Luke takes my hips in his hands.

“Turn over for me babe,let me see that pretty little ass of yours” I turn my body around, my ass sticking right in front of Luke’s face. Luke places his palms against my cheeks and rubs them together.

I feel Luke’s hands remove themselves off of my body, I turn my head around to see Luke laying down in the middle of the bed now. I crawl over to Luke on the bed.  

“Turn around” I turn around, I feel Luke’s hand grasp my hips and picks me up straddling his lap, but my behind in his face. I pull my body up and place Luke’s member between my wet core. I slowly sink down on his member, Luke and I both moaning in unison.

“Hmmm you feel so good,so wet,so tight” Luke groans when I begin to move my hips in figure eight motions. I moan at Luke’s foul mouth,placing my hands onto Luke’s legs. I feel Luke place his hands on my hips, bringing my body up and down, his thrusts meeting my movements.

“Fuck! Luke!” I moan and pick up my pace feeling a knot appear in my stomach.

“Fuck (Y/N) I’m going to cum!” I feel Luke twitch in me for the second time tonight, I feel his cum shot into me, sending me to go over the edge and setting off my orgasm. I ride out Luke and I’s high and pull myself off of Luke’s member.

I set myself right next to Luke, feeling the white duvet stick to my body because of my sweat.

“Holy shit, baby that was amazing!” Luke says and rolls over, I give off a tired smile. Luke bends down and places a kiss on forehead.

“I’ll get the bath started” I smile and giggle.

“You are the best boyfriend ever” I say and smile as I watch Luke’s naked ass strut to the bathroom. 

Backseat Serenade (Luke smut)

So I asked you guys last week about whom you wanted smut inspired by Backseat Serenade written and I got a shit load of messages asking for Luke so here you go! 

It’s very similar to the song (and I’ve included some lines from it) so if you havent heard it before, you can check out the song right here!


“Luke, can you come over? I need someone..” I said on the phone to my best friend. “I’ll be there in 10 minutes” he replied and I put my phone down. Luke and I had been this way for almost as long as I’d known him. It was a never ending cycle that started when we were both drunk one night and I got lonely, so we’d have some sex that would mean nothing more than just that. We had just ended up being friends with benefits without ever intending for it to happen.

“Hi!” I said smiling, and opened the door. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and from the sweat dotting his forehead, I realised that Luke had walked here. “If you’re happy, why am I here?” he asked, walking in. “Because I needed-” “Sex” he cut me short. I shook my head, “I want sex” I said, trying to make him notice the difference.

He bit the corner of his lip, and I pulled him towards me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing his lips to mine. We’d done this so many times before that he knew exactly what I wanted. He sucked on my lower lip, pulling away slightly but I quickly pushed myself towards him, tangling one of my hands into the ends of his hair.

I felt Luke’s hands slip under my shirt, holding my waist, and I guided his face down to my neck, leaning my head back. I used my free hand to meddle with the button of his jeans. He placed small, soft kisses along my jawline, and I undid the button, pulling his jeans down. I heard him moaning against my neck as he dragged his kisses down and he stepped out of his pants.

He moved his lips off my skin, and I pulled his hands off me, guiding them to my shirt, placing them right on top of my boobs on purpose. He smirked massaging them, “You know me so well” “Off” I commanded, and Luke touched his forehead to mine.  “Gladly” he replied, slightly touching his lips to mine and he tugged at my bottom lip as his hands slowly undid the buttons of my shirt.

I vaguely hear Backseat Serenade start playing on my radio, and Luke let go of my lips and started kissing me in a line down my neck following his fingers. As he undid a button, he sucked hard on the now exposed skin, slowly sinking to his knees in front of me. “Luke..” I moaned, feeling a wetness between my legs as Luke’s kisses got closer to my shorts. He finally undid my shirt and held my waist, “Take it off for me, baby” he said, before kissing me below my belly button, sucking on my skin and looking up at me as I pulled my shirt off my shoulders and threw it aside.

I looked down at him as he undid the button on my shorts, pulling them halfway down my legs and traced his fingers up my outer thighs to my panties. “You aren’t even going to take your t-shirt off?” I asked, resting my hands on top of his to stop him from pulling my panties off even though I wanted it to bad. “Whatever you say” he said, dragging his hands down my legs and to his t-shirt, lifting it off his head. I watched at the sweat glistening on his chest and he looked up at me, “Now can I?” I nodded, and he bit his lip, hooking his hands on the top of my panties, sliding them down my legs, and pulling it off me along with my shorts.

He tangled his fingers with mine, surprising me a little and pulled my hands, “Sit down” he said, and I did so, still unsure about what was happening. It was always something different whenever Luke and I had sex but I had at least a vague idea of what to expect. He was kneeling between my legs now and used his hands to pull them apart a little more as he leaned forward, kissing me. I felt one of his hands drawing small patterns above my slit, while his other hand quickly undid my bra, pulling it off my shoulders.

“Okay?” he asked, and I nodded, feeling him exhaling against my cheek as he rubbed up and down my slit. I leaned forward into his chest, and kissed it, feeling the heat of his skin beneath my lips. “Oh my god, Luke..” I moaned, when he slowly moved one finger into me, rubbing hard against my clit. I couldn’t help but suck hard on his skin to muffle my moans as he rubbed his finger in circles in me.

“One more?” he asked and I nodded, leaning my head back as Luke used his free hand to press my shoulder so I would lie on the floor. I closed my eyes as I felt Luke’s kisses move from my neck, to between the valley of my boobs and down my stomach. “Fuck” I gasped when he quickly thrust another finger into me, while simultaneously sliding his tongue in. He sucked my clit, as he moved his fingers in circles inside me, holding my hips down with his other hand.

“You’re doing this so right, Luke” I breathed out, closing my eyes and tangling my fingers into my hair, and Luke swirled his tongue around my clit, as he pulled his fingers almost all the way out before thrusting them in again, moving them in a come hither motion, right against my G-Spot. “Fuck, you’ve got it, Luke. Keep going” I moaned, unable to stop myself from biting my bottom lip. He sucked harder on my clit, before licking around it with his tongue, as he rubbed my insides.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD” I yelled, feeling my inner thighs shaking as I reached my peak, while Luke continued to massage his fingers in me. I felt him moan inside me, the vibrations of his voice making me push against his hand and thrust my hips up towards him. I half opened my eyes when he lifted his lips off me, licking them. I exhaled, opening my eyes completely as he pulled his fingers out of me, sitting up between my legs and licking them.

“I’ll never get tired of how you taste” he murmured, and I sat up, lifting myself up slightly so I could sit on his legs. I felt his sweaty chest pressing against mine and I slowly grinded down against his bulge. “I’ll never get tired of this, Luke” I replied, letting one of my hands massage Luke’s hard on. I kissed one of his collar bones, then the space between the two, before kissing the other, feeling it rising as Luke hunched forward towards me.

“You really want more?” Luke asked, and I nodded, feeling his hands holding my back as he stood up with my legs wrapped around his waist. I held onto to Luke as he threw me against the wall like so many times before but this was different because neither of us were drunk. This was deliberate. Luke pulled his boxers off as I kissed the sweat off his chest, running my finger tips down his sides.

I let one of my legs slide off Luke and rest on the floor, but Luke continued to hold my other leg below my knee so it was wrapped around his waist. His other hand grabbed my arse and he pressed me into the wall using his hips. I wrapped one of my hands around the base of his cock and pumped up and down a few times. I could feel him throbbing under my touch, as he hid his face in the crook of my neck, his breathing getting faster.

“I need to be in you. Please.” Luke begged. I held my breath and felt Luke gasped as he slowly moved into me. I was already very sensitive from my first orgasm so every thrust from Luke pushed me closer to my next one. I felt Luke’s body pressing closer to mine as he thrust deeper each time and his moans were muffled swears hidden in my neck. I could feel his hair sticking to his sweaty forehead as he pressed his lips hard against my neck and I rested my chin on his shoulder, gripping his hair, as his thrusts got faster and sloppier.

“Luke, I don’t think I can-” “FUCK” Luke yelled, cutting me off as he thrust hard into me reaching his peak. Hearing him screaming my name made me feel a pull in my lower abdomen as my second orgasm hit me. “Fuckfuckfuck” I screamed, holding on to Luke because I couldn’t stand. “Oh my god..” Luke breathed out, still not moving his head out of the crook of my neck and we both stood pressed against the wall in silence for a few seconds, our breathing almost in sync like it always was every time we were done having sex.

I gasped as Luke pulled out of me and I let my leg slide off him and stood on my tip toes, with my hands still wrapped around Luke’s neck and his around my waist. “I’m in love with you” Luke murmured, quickly followed by a “Damn it. I-I don’t know why I said that.” “Luke, you can’t..” “Can’t what?” “Be in love with me. We’re supposed to be friends. With benefits” “We are but fuck. I am in love with you, okay? And god, I’m sick of sleeping alone.” I looked up at Luke’s face and damn it, I was in love with him, too. I’d known that for too long, “But we can’t mess this up, Luke. And telling you that I love you too would do just that..” “Wait. You love me too?” Luke asked, cocking his head to one side.

“Yes, you idiot. I haven’t gone out with a guy in months. It’s been ages since we’ve both had drunk sex. It’s been deliberate for so long now.” “And you just had two orgasms in one day” Luke said, smiling a little. “I did. And it’s all you. I’m in love with you and this is so stupid because nothing will ever be the same after this and-” Luke pressed his lips to mine, making me stop. “Nothing will be the same because now I refuse to go home after sex. And because we can go on dates and I can spoil you and I can call you mine and we can still have sex that keeps getting better every time” Luke said, touching his forehead to mine.

I nodded and we stood quietly for a few seconds. “Can we um.. cuddle?” I asked, softly. “Yes, please.. But I’m probably a bad cuddler” Luke whispered, kissing my nose. “No such thing” I said, then continued, “I’m in love with you” giggling when I realised what just happened. “I know. I’m in love with you, too” Luke replied, letting go of me. He picked his t-shirt off the floor and handed it to me, and I put it on as Luke put on his boxers and I wore my panties.

“Do you still have that smiley face t-shirt?” I asked, walking to the couch. “What?” Luke asked, clearly confused as he sat down next to me. “I’ve always wanted to wear that. After we have sex, you know?” I said, as Luke laid down on the couch. He giggled and pulled me on top of him so I was straddling his hips. I placed my hands on his bare chest, feeling it vibrate as he said, “I do but I’m too punk rock to wear it now” “You still think penguins are cool because they come with a built in tuxedo. You can wear the smiley face t-shirt next time” I said, laughing.

“It’s white so after sex, let’s have a water fight okay?” Luke suggested, holding my waist and pulling me down towards him. “Perv” I said, giggling and kissed Luke’s nose. “So is that a yes?” I nodded and Luke whisper-yelled, “Woohoo!” and giggled. I rested my head on his chest, feeling it rise and fall as Luke reached for the remote. He slipped his hand under my t-shirt, but this wasn’t sexual. He just drew patterns on the small of my back, as he flipped through the channels. He kissed the top of my head when we reached a channel which was playing some odd movie from the 1940s. “I like this” Luke said, “The movie?” I asked, looking up at him and resting my chin on the space between his collar bones. “No, silly. This. Us.” “So do I, Luke” I replied, watching his smile growing as I kissed up his neck until I reached his lips that I knew so well.


Material List

College is currently taking up too much of my time so requests are closed but I’m working on these (and they should be up sometime this week):

  1. Michael smut about you being each others’ first time

  2. 4/4 blurb about dancing around the house

  3. Backstage sex (undecided about whom so if you’re still reading, tell me who you’d like it about!)