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TEACHERS!!! and david’s role explored!

Gwen is still in tired college student mode dragging herself to teach class to class… the under-staffing affects all…

David is an UPBEAT SCHOOL COUNSELOR SLASH TEACHER, the school is hella understaffed BUT david loves to multitask, so its win-win for him. The upside is he has two locations to work in, the classroom (with desk) and the counselor’s office (without desk). He went to this high school before and his goal is to BRING BACK SCHOOL SPIRIT! David sees himself like one of those motivational 80′s movie teachers. Living the g-rated “Good Will Hunting” fantasy.

Max’s genre is most likely Riverdale. so yknow. conflict of interests. as mentioned, he has to visit the counselor every day or so after school instead of detention haah suffer, boy