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Rising Signs

… as the world sees them and you experience them.

(Personal opinion gained from my experiences)

ARIES: Likely to come across as intimidating. Sometimes will give the impression they don’t like you. Resting bitch face. This initial impression will barely last a few minutes though once you start speaking properly with them.

TAURUS: Kind eyes. May have a calming aura about them. Will likely look very put together. Tendency to have a more curvaceous or rounder body.

GEMINI: Double personality - depends which side of them you meet. Talkative or observant. Tendency towards gossiping. Intelligent and alert eyes.

CANCER: Mood oriented. If they’re in a good mood they’ll come across really well, if they’re in a bad mood they’ll seem like a stuck up bitch. Will likely come across as shy or overly emotional even if they aren’t.

LEO: Will likely be very well dressed. Smiley. There is a confidence about them even if they’re the more reserved type. Will act like they’re top shit without even realising. Great hair.

VIRGO: Graceful. Kind’ve think willowy frame. Photogenic. Might give the impression that they are a hard worker, intelligent or organised.

LIBRA: Likely to be attractive (conventionally or unconventionally), thought of being beautiful. Charming. May come across quite fake or wishy washy with their opinions at the expense of pleasing others.

SCORPIO: Those eyes tho. Will have an intense look about them. Likely will seem mysterious and secretive.

SAGITTARIUS: Bad ass. Resting bitch face. Upbeat and positive on first impression. Very good initial conversationalist - likes to tell stories upon first meeting someone.

CAPRICORN: Comes across quite cold and distant upon first meeting. Ambitious. May focus the conversation on what they’re interested in and try to show how successful they are.

AQUARIUS: There will be something quirky about them. Will not seem like their sun sign when first speaking to them. Striking appearance. Something unusually attractive about them.

PISCES: Very dreamy. In their own world. Spiritual. May say something randomly profound, unique and intelligent.

Rising Signs … as the world sees them and you experience them.

(Personal opinion gained from my experiences)

ARIES: Likely to come across as intimidating. Sometimes will give the impression they don’t like you. Resting bitch face. This initial impression will barely last a few minutes though once you start speaking properly with them.

TAURUS: Kind eyes. May have a calming aura about them. Will likely look very put together. Tendency to have a more curvaceous or rounder body.

GEMINI: Double personality - depends which side of them you meet. Talkative or observant. Tendency towards gossiping. Intelligent and alert eyes.

CANCER: Mood oriented. If they’re in a good mood they’ll come across really well, if they’re in a bad mood they’ll seem like a stuck up bitch. Will likely come across as shy or overly emotional even if they aren’t.

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the language of flowers

request: ayo since you want a request,i’ve been thinking about this scenario for a while! so can you write something where the reader(y/n)is being hired by Bighit to work for BTS and like help them with so much like making sure they eat sleep and practice well, also be on time ? like being their manager for a while *since lets say Sejin (their real manager)is going to get married and will be on a honeymoon*so she will be around for 1month or more,1of the members will fall in luv with her, maybe suga? thx

pairing: min yoongi x reader

genre: fluff

author: admin m


You weren’t sure what to expect walking into the office of Big Hit Entertainment. It wasn’t like it was a choice, well, I mean, it was but, it didn’t quite feel like one when your good friend, and former colleague called you at 2 am, demanding you take his role at work whilst he goes on his honeymoon. Sejin was lovely, you admired him thoroughly, and immediately agreed. Or maybe you hadn’t, maybe it was a tired mumble that sounded like a yes and was actually a no, because, hi, it was 2 am, please don’t call past 7. You weren’t sure why you wanted to get out of this job so badly, you were well acquainted with the Kpop industry, and you had worked with groups much longer than the measly month you were being offered, but working with BTS felt different. You didn’t know what to expect, from what Sejin said, they were lovely, but you were Y/N, not Sejin, and would they be upset about the brief manager change? All those thoughts were cut off as you were ushered inside a room, sitting down at the now empty long table. You welcomed the quiet happily, breathing deeply as you tapped your nails against the wood. Suddenly, the door was swung open, welcoming eight people.

The first man, was recognisably one of BTS’ assistants. Following him was a broad shouldered, puffy lipped angelic- looking man, donning a yellow sweater, and pale wash jeans. His chocolate hair mixed in well. The man behind him was a little shorter, of a smaller build. His eyes reminded you of cat eyes, darting across the room warningly, but still hidden under the blonde of his hair. Your eyes flickered to his outfit, a camo jacket, grey jumper, and tight black jeans. His hands were littered with rings. The next man was a little taller, brown haired, and doe-eyed. He seemed soft, dressed in a cream long sleeve tshirt and jeans. The following man was the tallest, hair a grey toned brown, eyes settled straight ahead with an air of confidence. His clothing was akin to many of the other idols you had worked with- Supreme tshirt, shorts, and converse. Typical, but stylish. Next came a shorter man, who was dressed in a white tshirt, that was tight against his obvious muscle. His red hair framed his face well, and you noted the pout of his lips. Behind him, was a cute looking guy, height taller than the last, with a lithe body, and brown hair. He had a rather boxy looking smile, but it was endearing all the same. Following him was a musclier, smiley boy, who was dressed in white, and flattening his black hair with the back of his hand. The assistant smiled at you, motioning for the boys to sit. You noted that they each sat in front of a nametag, and for that you were grateful. You didn’t do much research on the group, and weren’t familiar with the members thoroughly yet. You noted the boys’ names. The first boy was Kim Seokjin/Jin, the second boy was Min Yoongi/Suga, third, Jung Hoseok/Jhope, fourth, Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster, fifth, Park Jimin/Jimin, Kim Taehyung/V, Jeon Jeongguk/Jungkook. You appreciated the naming, because now you felt a little more comfortable in such a familiar place. “Welcome, Y/N, we’re very glad you accepted this offer, as the boys simply cannot go without a manager. You’ve already been emailed the requirements, and I am assured you have gone over them. I will leave you now to familiarise yourself with the boys.” The assistant stood up, slipping out of the room. It was silent, and you gazed up slowly to the seven boys in front of you, each watching you. Namjoon was the first to speak. “Hi, Y/N, thank you so much for accepting Sejin hyung’s request. I’m the leader of Bangtan, so don’t hesitate to ask me anything!” You smiled gratefully at him.

“Thank you, Namjoon. I’m very excited to work with you all.” The boys cheered in agreement, but you couldn’t help but notice Yoongi’s mind was elsewhere, a scowl on his face.


It had been two weeks, half way through managing BTS. You were enjoying yourself, familiar with their schedules now, and pretty satisfied that you could finish this off easy-fuckin’-peasy. Your only issue was Min Yoongi. He barely spoke to you, he barely even acknowledged you, and you weren’t sure what you had done wrong. It didn’t help that he was extremely attractive, and smart, your type, and working with him was becoming difficult just for that reason alone. You would never break idol/manger boundaries though, the risk was never worth it. Deciding to go to Namjoon about it, you set down their planner on the desk in your room, before slipping down the halls into the dorms. You knocked on Tae and Joon’s door, waiting hesitantly. A loud gruff came from behind you, and you squealed, spinning around. Yoongi was gazing at you, shaking his head with a small smirk. “I knew it, you like Namjoon.” His tone of voice was demeaning, and you glared at him.

“No, Yoongi, I do not ‘like Namjoon.’” Yoongi shook his head, rolling his shoulder.

“Then why are you here, huh?” You were fed up, first, he doesn’t talk to you, and now the accusations. You were sick of it. “No, I’m here because you never seem to even take into consideration the work I’m doing for you, you ignore me constantly, brush me off, shit, dude, you even laugh when I ask you to go to training,” you paused, cheeks flushing, realising your mistake, “I apologise, Yoongi. My professionalism is lacking, please excuse this. Ignore all that I said.” You bowed your head, awaiting to be berated with anger that you most likely deserved. “I, I’m sorry I make you feel that way.” Yoongi mumbled, brushing his blonde hair from his face, before turning quickly and racing away.

You’d fucked up.


It was the last day of working with the boys, and you were sad, but excited. It had been lovely, you had learnt a lot about them, and their music, and had even become friends with Taehyung, something you had doubted would happen, because your personalities were far too different.

You were sat at the table all this had started at, the seven boys in front of you. Yoongi still hadn’t spoken to you since the incident, and you were surprised you hadn’t been fired yet. Namjoon grinned at you, before standing up with the other boys, hugging you as a thank you and goodbye. “Thank you so much, Y/N!” Jungkook grinned, hugging you firmly as the other boys took turns. Yoongi kept his distance, eyes glued to his phone. You sighed, as the last goodbye left Jin’s lips. “Thank you boys, it was lovely meeting you. I hope to see you again!” You walked out, feeling accomplished. You’d managed a somewhat rude idol, a crush on said rude idol, and seven young men. As you landed at the bottom step, you felt a hand brush your shoulder. You turned, and let out a small gasp. Min Yoongi was in front of you, holding a gorgeous bouquet. “I, there’s uh, different flowers for different reasons, I read about them in one of my English books and I,” he seemed shy, and your heart swelled in your chest. “Yeah, its stupid but, the uh, this one, the, acacia blossom, it means, concealed love and, yeah. The ivy represents an apology, so uh, yeah, um.” Yoongi’s cheeks were the colour of cherry blossoms, as he passed it to you. His hands brushed yours, and your body thrummed at the contact. “I was rude because I, liked you, and I didn’t want to be stupid, and get you fired so I just kept my distance and-“ You leaned in, kissing his cheek softly, noting the pink flesh’s warmth. He turned to you, smiling slightly. “Go on a date with me, Y/N?” You nodded, gripping the flowers in your hands.

“Of course, Yoongi.”

Jack Gilinsky - Family dinner

Request: Can you make a Jack Gilinsky imagine for me, please? It can be where he takes you to meet his family for dinner at his house.


“Baby, calm down, you are shaking like a Chihuahua,” Jack told me as we were heading towards their front door. I was invited over for dinner but it surely felt like I was going to die. What if his parents don’t like me? What if his sisters will hate me?

“How can you be so calm?” I asked quietly while he was looking for his keys in his pocket.

“Because I know that they will like you,” he smiled at me kissing my forehead.

This meeting was very important to me. Jack told me how his parents hated Madison when he brought her home. I could understand why, but I didn’t want to end up like her. Surely, they broke up because Madison was too childish and it had been four months since we got together, but it still bothered me that I could end up like her. Dumped.

I took a deep breath before we stepped in.

“Guys, we are here!” Jack shouted walking inside. Their house was big and beautiful, and highly cozy, I immediately felt home.

A beautiful woman showed up in front of us all smiley and nicely dressed.

“Jack, I thought you two would never arrive!” She greeted Jack with a warm hug and then turned to me.

“Mom, this is my girlfriend, Y/N. Baby, this is my mom, Katherine,” Jack introduced us, and suddenly she hugged me too.

“I’ve heard so much about you! I’m so glad you could come!”

“It’s nice to meet you, um…” I was unsure how to call her, but she just waved her hand at me.

“Just call me Katherine.” I smiled at her. A man walked in in a dark shirt and greeted me with a hug. This family surely liked hugging.

“Y/N, welcome! I’m David, make yourself home, please.”

“Thank you, sir,” I smiled at him warmly.

“Just call me David, sweetie. We are so glad you are here! Girls, they are here!” he shouted and a few moments later two gorgeous girls appeared, a brunette and a blond girl. “They are our daughters, Molly and Laura,” David introduced them and surprise! They hugged me!

“Jackie, you didn’t tell us she is this beautiful!” Laura smiled at me. I felt myself calm a bit, they were really friendly.

“Don’t lie, I told you how beautiful she is,” Jack said hugging me from behind. I felt a bit awkward to do something like this in front of his parents, but they seemed so happy to see us together.

“Okay, dinner will be ready in fifteen, so we can set the table and get ready,” Katherine announced clapping her hands together.

“You are doing great, baby,” Jack murmured into my ears as we all went to the diner. I smiled at him thanking him his encouraging words. Everyone had a task and the table was done in seconds.

“So, Y/N, we already heard how you two met, but Jack is such a boy and he cut it short. But we want to hear the details!” Molly wiggled her eyebrows at me. I laughed knowing that Jack probably didn’t tell too much about our first meeting.

“Um, it was back in May, I was helping my dad who is a photographer and he was shooting Jack that day. He always looked at me while my dad was trying to take the photos, so they ended up really weird. After a while my dad noticed it that he is all about me and he made me stand next to him, so Jack would look in the way of the camera. And then when the work was over he came to me, and started to stutter about drinking something and his career, I still don’t know what he was trying to say,” I laughed as I remembered how nervous he looked at that moment.

“Aw, Jack, you were completely knocked out by a beautiful girl, am I right?” Molly teased him, but he just rolled his eyes as we all sat down.

“Do you remember what you were trying to say?” Laura asked.

“I don’t know, okay? I was trying to look cool but I was as cool as a broccoli, okay? Now, let’s move on!” Jack said groaning. He put his right hand onto my thigh as I continued the story.

“Okay, so I managed to guess that he wanted to ask me out, but I was only free that day, but he had something already scheduled. But he just called his manager and canceled it so he could spend the evening with me.”

“Jack, that’s sweet, I’m proud of you!” Laura smiled at him, and he just shrugged.

“Anything for my girl.”

“That’s a really sweet story, I’m so glad you two met,” Kathrine told us as he set the food to the table.

“It was time Jack found a nice girl,” David commented looking at me proudly. I felt so blessed that this dinner went this good so far. I was happy they all liked me and I finally could calm down.

“Oh, yes. I’m glad you are next to him when he is not home. He needs someone to keep him sane,” Kathrine nodded furrowing her eyebrows.

“Mom, I’m an adult, don’t talk about me like I’m a twelve year old?” Jack groaned.

“Oh hush Jack, you have to be thankful that she is with you!” Molly claimed pointing to Jack.

“I am, don’t worry.” He turned to me giving me a playful smile. “I will be always thankful for her.”

I know what a girl is. Course I do. I seen ‘em in the Noise of their fathers in town, mourned like their wives but not nearly so often. I seen 'em in vids, too. Girls are small and polite and smiley. They wear dresses and their hair is long and it’s pulled into shapes behind their heads or on either side. They do all the inside-the-house chores, while boys do all the outside. They reach womanhood when they turn thirteen, just like boys reach manhood, and then they’re women and they become wives.

page sixty-eight of The Knife of Never Letting Go

And Noise women have lighter hair and biggest chest and wear less clothes and are a lot freer with their affecshuns than in the vids, too. So the thing to remember, the thing that’s most important of all that I might say in this here telling of things is that Noise ain’t truth, Noise is what men want to be true.

page twenty-two to twenty-three 

Theeeese are an interesting view into Prentisstown society and the gender roles that existed, and also into Todd’s perception of women

In regards to the first quote, of course we can’t be sure if things did happen this way or if this just how the men like to think about it - as Todd talks about earlier in the second quote - but if we do take it to be somewhat true then woweeeee the gender roles were strict plus wow they became wives at 13??

Jessica what kinda town rife with child brides were you running hMMmM??

And if it didn’t happen like that, well then evidently we can see how Todd grew up surrounded by heavily warped perceptions of women - both wives and daughters. He was literally constantly bombarded with sexist and distorted images, even more so than men in our society do.

In our society stuff like this leads to men holding sexist beliefs that they have to work to unlearn, which Todd had to do to, but I also feel as if, at least for women but less so for daughters, he quickly realised that men’s views were skewed and that women weren’t really like that, which is really important imo. Like, Todd thinks critically about the images he’s been shown and compares the two different sources and concludes that women weren’t like what men think and that men lie.

Idk obvs I’m not gonna applaud a guy for not being sexist bc that’s like basic level human decency, but I think it’s p cool that Todd hasn’t completely, blindly accepted what the town has presented to him, that he does think critically and analyses information to some extent.

And when Todd meets Viola and realises she’s a girl, a girl who doesn’t line up with the image of a girl he’s been given, well he accepts that

“She don’t look like the girls I seen in vids or in Noise and I never seen no girl in the flesh but there she is, she’s a girl and that’s that.”

page sixty-nine

I mean he does go on about her not having Noise but he quickly sees that what he’s been told about girls is wrong and revises that and accepts the truth which is p noice

yh idk I just liked how perceptive and accepting Todd was here

and ugh like srsly Todd has never even met a girl before and isn’t sexist towards her yet boys today will grow up surrounded by them and are complete assholes rolling my eyes so much.

mmm i expect Ben and Cillian helped here too

These quotes also show the extent of the men’s sexism, if these were the views they held of their own wives and daughters..well idk but kinda makes it easier to imagine them killing them all