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They picked up a stray! Hannibal is conflicted. I imagine Will was insufferable about it to the point where Hannibal was just like *sigh* “fine, but his name will be pretentious” and then Will was stuck with the name of Odysseus’ dog. Considering he still got A Dog he’s totally fine with that.

writerandstudent  asked:

How would the crew react to winding up in Wonderland? Which ones would try to reek havoc, which ones would try to find a way home, and which ones would stay?

All of them would be a little freaked out, wondering how on Earth they’d ended up in a place that normally shouldn’t exist. Which is ironic, considering that they technically shouldn’t exist– a fact that they’re all very aware of.

The more level-headed ones, like EJ or Jane would probably seem the most calm. At least on the outside. On the inside, they would be in a panic.

The hot-headed creeps, Jeff for example, would throw an absolute shit-fit. “How the hell did I get here, and how the FUCK do I leave?” or “Who can I murder to calm myself down before I destroy this entire place?”

The others who don’t necessarily fit into either category would react better than both combined. They would explore, interact, enjoy being away from their world, or the real world for a little while. Sure, they’d wonder how they got there, or how they’d make their way back home, but they wouldn’t panic over it.

Wreak havoc: Jeff, Zalgo, Toby, Dr.Smiley, Smile Dog, The Rake, Offenderman, Tails Doll.

Find a way home: Jane, Slender, Masky, Trenderman, Eyeless Jack, BEN, Silver, Liu.

Stay: Laughing Jack, Clockwork, Hoody, Grinny, Ms. PencilNeck, Splendorman, Sally.


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