sooo, today was an okay day. it wasn’t too bad, had a good Art class. hahahaa, lately, I’ve found myself looking forward to that class everyday. my classses are allll sooo boring and Art is just fun. It’s like a hangout place. Anyway, I know I’ve promised myself that February was going to be my month and all, but you kinda ruined it. I don’t blame you though, I mostly blame myself for liking you and actually believing we would go anywhere. I guess I didn’t know you as well as I thought. You made me feel sooooo stupid and you completely played me. Do you think that’s fair…? You get her and she gets you while I get nothing..? Yeah, it reallly isn’t fair, but I can’t do anything about it now. I’ve beeen sooo patient. I’ve wanted you ever since I broke up with him. I seriously thought I didn’t like you that much and that you were just a little crush, but I guess that wasn’t true. I guess I’ve been lying to myself all along. Anyway, besides what you’ve done. I’m gonna try to make the best of Valentine’s day and the best of February. I’m not saying I’ll forget you, but I’m not saying I’m not trying. </3