There are a billion scenarios that run through my mind everyday. All of which are ways that I could have prevented what happened.

There are so many moments where I wish I could just tell you everything that you did to me. Maybe I shouldn’t blame you for everything, but you did hurt me and took all of my “friends”.

Now I’m here all alone trying to keep myself busy enough to not think about our whole situation, but it always somehow slips in little by little. I can’t even bring myself to think about the good memories because they’ve been overshadowed by the worst.

I don’t think you even realize or care about what you have done. You’ve become one of the most selfish and untrustworthy person in my life. You’ve changed in the worst possible ways, and you’ve made everyone think that everything you’ve done is the right thing.

I don’t know how anyone thought it was the right thing.

One thing’s for sure though, I never want to be with you again.