I think I have been to Wetherspoons too much lately..

I actually dreamt we were at Spoons.. It was weird.

Like, we were all there and then I lost everyone.. So I went to buy hot chocolate, then the others turned up with people I have never met. And they said they had found this really cool room - and it was actually like 3 massive rooms all made from marble. There were two really posh sitting areas with huge chairs then there were these massive archways and it had a huge dance floor with lights like they have in clubs that we could turn on or off.

Anyway, Pamela and Chloe were really drunk and Pamela was trying to teach people to dance, but Chloe did it wrong and Pamela got annoyed.. So Chloe went and got in this lift and went to floor 1.45, Lauren and I tried to follow but we put the numbers in wrong so it didn’t work. So we went and talked to these people we hadn’t met before and one of the girls was called England so we were discussing her name.. And then Chloe returned with a book about Criminology. Then Lauren was eating sherbet and then she was trying to feed it to me. And she had tubes of it and it was “Harry Potter” sherbet and something else.. And Lauren gave me a tube of the Harry Potter one :3

… Weird dream XD