Headcanons for McCree, Hanzo, and Soldier out for a drink when they meet reader

Jesse McCree

  • Found at a hole in the wall dive bar
  • Dust covered jukebox playing some no name country tune
  • Room is filled with smoke and regret
  • Women of ill repute hang on the bar as if it were a lifeboat
  • Bartender makes ‘em strong and always has McCree topped off
  • Drinks himself into a stupor and passes out at the bar unless…
  • You come sauntering over to his corner
  • He wastes no time getting to know you
  • All hands on deck
  • He tastes like tobacco and gunpowder
  • Things move back to your place fairly quickly
  • A night of sloppy sex and drunken laughter
  • Lots of biting and pulling
  • Neither of you remember anything, not even names
  • He leaves before you wake up
  • Your panties are no where to be found
  • You’ve got a half smoked cigar to remember him by
  • Hot pot of coffee waiting for you in the kitchen
  • Thank you note on the counter
  • Thanks for the memories or for your panties?
  • Probably both…

Hanzo Shimada

  • He’s out with the clan at some high brow gentleman’s club
  • Classy as fuck
  • Girls wearing gemstones and pearls and little else
  • Live music on stage playing big band hits
  • Lots of girlish laughter from Hanzo’s table
  • The boys are having fun but Hanzo looks bored and disinterested
  • You’re working there as a server
  • Round of sake for the large party in the back
  • Don’t fuck this up
  • 2 trays of drinks and you’re having trouble snaking your way around the languid guests
  • One of the clan members sticks his leg out as a joke
  • You trip and try to maintain balance
  • First tray makes it okay, second one falls on the floor
  • A roar of laughter alerts your manager
  • Oh shit
  • Boss rushes over to berate and apologize
  • Hanzo stops him before he can begin, explains it was their fault
  • He has his men clean up the mess and asks you to join them
  • You don’t say much but Hanzo doesn’t seem to mind
  • He pours your drink and speaks only when you do
  • Says goodnight to you alone and bows when it’s time to go
  • He’ll definitely be back tomorrow

Soldier 76

  • Blending in at the local sports bar
  • Doesn’t care about the game but like the beer and the wings
  • Looks up every time the local team scores and cheers fill the air
  • More situational awareness than interest
  • Maybe a little PTSD
  • Loud noises and sudden shocks still get to him
  • You’re there with some friends, team jersey and all
  • They score again and you look around the room with a smile
  • Soldier locks eyes with you before looking back at his drink
  • He’s handsome in that silver fox way
  • Why the fuck not
  • You trot over and take the empty stool next to him
  • “Is your team losing? You don’t seem as thrilled as these idiots are.”
  • He chuckles dryly, offers to buy you a drink
  • You buy your own and side of mozzarella sticks
  • He trades you a wing for a stick, you both laugh
  • The space between you closes over time
  • By the end of the game he’s got his arm around your waist
  • Even cheers for your team
  • You ask him if he wants to come to your place for the after party
  • He says no but takes your number, declines to give you his
  • You leave with your friends shortly thereafter
  • Your phone buzzes. It’s him!
  • Says thanks for the cheese stick, asks if you wanna go out tomorrow
  • Suggests this kitschy steak house
  • He’ll meet you there at 8

Okay… so it’s not the best thing in the world, but over the course of the year, I have gotten to know quite a bit of awesome people! All of us are on tumblr, some I know and met in real life, some from deviantArt, and some from livejournal… 

The common thing between us all? We all have birthdays really close together! ^_^

Happy Birthday to us!!

jellyfishparall - July 1st – Happy Birthday!! =) You make awesome plushies!!

ichigohaatsu - July 3rd – Happy Early Birthday!! ^_^ You are super awesome, and thanks for all the translating, and helping me w/ the Free! LJ Community!

xkiyominationx - July 5th – I’ll be turning 27, I’m old! xD

smile-soldier - July 7th – Happy Early Birthday!! It was awesome meeting you at Kawaii-Kon finally! ^_^ Hope to see you again soon!

sentinelmutt - July 7th – Happy Early Birthday!! It was also really awesome to meet you too! I hope to meet you again soon! =)

sakura-rose12 - July 13th – Super Early Birthday to you!! You make the most awesome fanart of Rin and all the other Free! members! 

You guys are all super awesome!!! =)