Okay… so it’s not the best thing in the world, but over the course of the year, I have gotten to know quite a bit of awesome people! All of us are on tumblr, some I know and met in real life, some from deviantArt, and some from livejournal… 

The common thing between us all? We all have birthdays really close together! ^_^

Happy Birthday to us!!

jellyfishparall - July 1st – Happy Birthday!! =) You make awesome plushies!!

ichigohaatsu - July 3rd – Happy Early Birthday!! ^_^ You are super awesome, and thanks for all the translating, and helping me w/ the Free! LJ Community!

xkiyominationx - July 5th – I’ll be turning 27, I’m old! xD

smile-soldier - July 7th – Happy Early Birthday!! It was awesome meeting you at Kawaii-Kon finally! ^_^ Hope to see you again soon!

sentinelmutt - July 7th – Happy Early Birthday!! It was also really awesome to meet you too! I hope to meet you again soon! =)

sakura-rose12 - July 13th – Super Early Birthday to you!! You make the most awesome fanart of Rin and all the other Free! members! 

You guys are all super awesome!!! =) 

Before I hit the bed, I was tagged by wingblade so gonna do this before I forget for eternity. (Go follow ‘cause that blog is one of my favorites.) 

As for people I tag, do it if really want to. 

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