smilesfps- because of tumblr’s new rules in regards to fanmail, I can’t reply to you :(

As for if the codes will work for a European region locked 3DS, I have no idea if the codes would work? The codes are for unlocking status/prizes for club Nintendo so I wouldn’t think that region locking would matter? Unless you’re thinking they’re for downloadable games, in which they’re not codes for that, unfortunately.

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¡Hola! Me encantan tus themes, son preciosas *v* El botón de ask en la Cake Party no desaparece, sólo se mueve una línea abajo porque no cabe en el post de 400 px. Para solucionar el problema de la página del ask he convertido todos los posts de 400 px a 500 px en los permalinks. Haciendo esto, el botón del ask aparece en mi página /ask ;u; Luego, sólo queda el problema de las captions porque no se alinean. Para eso cambié en las Captions el width de 390 a 490px. Ojalá a la gente le sirva :)

smilesfps : Sí de hecho ya supe cuál es el problema. Lo que pasa es que, el pop up ask mide aproximadamente 500px. Así que, para que quepa en la página de /ask y se vea el botón Ask, debo reducir el cuadro del pop up a 400px. Es lo mismo a lo que tu hiciste pero en vez de aumentar los posts de 400px a 500px, yo reduzco el pop up de 500px a 400px hahaha pero muchas gracias! Actualizaré el código y lo subiré de nuevo, y gracias por tus cumplidos ;3; <333

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Hello there! I love your themes, especially your Cloud theme (which I'm trying) ;u; When I click an image in the Permalink Page of the Photo post it refreshes the page, is there anyway I can change that? Because I'd love it to go to the click-through link or, if it doesn't have one, to go to the fullview page. I've tried to change it myself but the result does not look good :( Thank you in advance!

Hi, on the cloud theme I added a link to the permalink page on all the photo posts that’s why when you’re on your permalink page already it refreshes. Im not sure what you mean by “click-through” and “fullview” but i can teach you how to remove the link on the post when you’re in the permalink page 

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Please help me to win a contest with your vote

Hello there!

I know I have not been so active as usually, but I have a little request to ask you, if you don’t mind.
You sure remember this drawing I made for a contest. Well, now it is the time for people to vote for their favourite entry! The one that gets the highest amount of votes will be the winner of 80 dollars! Aahhhhh!

I feel pretty secure about the effort I made, but I’m not able to know how many votes I have currently, since those are hidden (I think). That’s fair for everyone, though it just makes me feel more nervous!

So here is how you can help TvT If you have a deviantART account, you can vote for me or for the entry you liked the most: You are free to give your vote to whoever you want ;u; (Nobody but the host will know your vote).

Just remember: you can only vote for ONE entry. You can’t vote twice or use another account to increase your votes. The voting closes on April 10th!

I would be very thankful (and more calmed) if you join the voting. I hope everything will be alright TvT Thank you, in advance!