smiles i smile too

i know im late but i didnt have the opportunity to post this because i was in school but i can imagine mark trying to act all cool and manly with his new hair but still has that adorable smile on (does this even make sense) this is too cute for my heart to take

Katie McGrath artwork, done in procreate app on iPad Pro. 14 hours of work, sketched over the original image, and then free coloured and shifted and blurred, original removed after initial sketch. Enjoy, I know I love it too. And Katie is freaking hot!

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Get out

I was walking home from work yesterday with music blasting in my ears, these 2 boys flashed past me running… like running for their lives 🏃🏿💨so I took my headphones off and looked back… nothing! I got nervous then dashed for my life too 😭when I got to the high road I saw them, turns out they were running to catch the bus 😂😂😂


Happy birthday to the man that inspire me the most; Kim Junmyeon. ♡

You inspire me to always look forward and keep going. You spent seven years, working for your dream and it sure as hell paid off. You’re the very core and strenght of EXO and you’re the best leader anyone could’ve asked for. I just appreciate you so so much and I’m so extremely grateful for everything you do. Thank you for being your amazing lovely self. Thank you for being our guardian. I love you little bunny prince. Happy Birthday  ♡


The way they look at each other when the other is not watching :))
 Should someone tell them or…??

Request for  @mnerd63 . Your request said Klance and I wasn’t sure if lance or keith… so both o)-< 


Happy Minnie Day!! | Brighter than the Sun~