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Moon sign aesthetic

(Can also work for rising signs I guess)

Aries: First or most passionate kisses, crying on someone’s shoulder whilst deeply hugging them, psychedelic drugs, being a cheerleader, snacking on any visible food for comfort, screaming your lungs out at a concert, and giggling behind the scenes of a prank you tried to pull. Red Lipstick, Smiling, wearing oversized shirts, enthusiastic eternal questions.

Taurus: Sleeping gently, designer clothes, doing someone else’s hair, freshly planted flowers, slowly smoking cigarettes, feeding your beloved pets, absorbing new and useful information, playing with doll houses that smell of home, receiving a gift that means a whole lot, hearing songs of the past that you wish you could teleport back to, going for a special meal with your family.

Gemini: Talking so fast you forget to breathe, continuous music in the background, having tons of cute plushies on your bed, reading complicated books, always analysing or thinking about strange thoughts, confused eyes, eccentric ideas and feelings which keep on changing, people who have multi-talents or are multi-instrumentalists, being oblivious.

Cancer: Working diligently at a charity, shy smiles of recognition from others, closed eyes, understanding the atmosphere, intimate talk, deep music, unexpectedly hugging a close family member, observing people, falling asleep by listening to a lullaby, breathing calmly after snapping at someone and trying to forgive them.

Leo: Powerful dance moves, texting people just for pure reassurance, creating personalised cards for loved ones, radiating expressions, heavy lightning and thunder at night, vintage mirrors, mutual feelings for one another, waking up late, art supply shops, old-fashioned letters that are scented, grand piano’s, pugs, leather jackets.

Virgo: Waking up suddenly from a nightmare and feeling relief, fairies and mythology, playing a slow acoustic song, side glances, peering upon the sky from a window, getting ready for bed, shy body language, doing extra work and receiving credit for it, drinking fresh water on a warm day, films based in the Victorian era, realistic love stories, cute ways of organization.

Libra: Hippies, laying snuggly on the couch/sofa, hugging people who are not feeling well emotionally, giving people heartful gifts or compliments, never-ending compassion, flower crowns, spreading love at protests, casual conversations, clothes scattered all over their rooms, natural tans, family meals, being the entertainer of the friendship group, dramatic fashion statements, blowing out a candle.

Scorpio: Hugging black cats, listening to meaningful and deep songs on vinyls, running away from home, seasides, unexpected acts of passion, blue hues, drunk behaviour, witchcraft, symbolic art which you interpret at a museum, old trainers, blistering baths, heavy storms which echo at a beach, hidden diaries, night stars, emotionless looks, lyrics from favourite songs/bands.

Sagittarius: Group hugs, old motorbikes, going to rock concerts and going crazy, hangovers, staring pointlessly at the ceiling, going on late night shopping trips, giving people small gifts that weren’t expected, getting shots of vodka, opening your eyes after realising you overslept, libraries full of eccentric ideas, flying on a plane, lipstick left on clothes, sharing strange stories on sleepovers.

Capricorn: Being the counsellor to others problems, achieving everything you want, indescribable forests, writing a little note for some special people, deep eye contact from a distance, challenging activities, mutual silence, classic songs from the past, making people feel comfortable, indoor gardens, learning a new instrument, clear sky with a rain scent dragging on, reciting poetry.

Aquarius: Sitting on a roof at night, gentle breezes, scaring people for fun, cuddling people when they least expect it, playing twister, bonsai trees, music that is difficult to understand or is crazy, giving shelter to abandoned animals, passionately singing the lyrics to an important song with your friends, buying new clothes, giving someone genuine attention and expressing some feelings.

Pisces: Fortune telling, reading a book under your covers at night, dancing in your own style, meaningful songs that are easy to relate to, babysitting, finding a personal creative streak for something, baking for someone, childish reactions, 3am phone calls, subtle facial expressions, moving to a new house or apartment, watching a moving film, getting a crush on someone you wouldn’t expect.


Unitedite and Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley hopes to get one over on the Blades as he leads his Once Upon a Smile team of soap stars against the Blades Legends

Bidding on The Avengers (part 1)

F!reader x Avengers (eventually)

Summary: Tony is organizing a charity event in which all his teammates (individually) will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and go on a date.

A/n: This is just the first part, setting up the story. The rest of the series will be the reader x various avengers. I have Thor’s, Bruce’s, T'Challa’s, and Vision’s started.

“What a marvelous idea! This ball of charity!” Thor exclaimed. He had a big grin plastered on his face after hearing Tony’s announcement.

All the Avengers were gathered in the common area.

“You see? Thor, has the right kind of attitude!” Tony stated nodding his head, then he pointed at the rest of the Avengers. 

The team continued to glare at Tony in response.

“The rest of you… Could be a little more excited, it’s for underprivileged children after all.“ 

Pepper cleared her throat. 

“The auction is raising money for education. I already gave generous donations to various children organizations on your behalf.”

Tony shrugged, “Either way, it’s for a good cause.”

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@froekenpest (is it working now?) and I are talking about Draco’s characterization, specifically having lots of life history and dealing with it.

Every now and then, Draco stumbles with his feelings. It’s shitty and he’s the worst person to be around ever because he’s moody and cruel and nasty and self-destructive, but he’s the type to disappear when that happens. He doesn’t want to be around anybody, and he doesn’t want anyone to see him–for vulnerability reasons, but also because he knows it’s not fair to lash out at people, even if he wants to (and he does).

I have this scene of Draco with his back to Harry. Harry trying to get Draco to talk about it, but the more he tries, the more infuriated Draco gets.

Harry just doesn’t get it. He couldn’t possibly understand the things Draco’s grappling with, because their lives have just been too different. He wouldn’t understand the way Draco needs to push at the bruises he’s harbouring until they hurt and feel like they’re bursting open, because that’s his catharsis: remembering every single mistake he’s made, every fucking choice that has led him to being where he is today, every cursed, wretched thing he’s ever done that make him this ugly amalgamation that’s more beast than human sometimes.

Harry couldn’t possibly understand, and that infuriates him even more. Harry, the perfect human. Harry, who is lauded as amazing, who saved the world and is treated like a hero, Harry who can do no wrong.

He’s so angry and bitter, and the next time Harry opens his mouth to say something, Draco jumps down his throat.

“Don’t treat me like your charity case, Potter,” he snarls, and behind him, Harry’s mouth clicks shut in surprise. There’s a second of silence, and then he exhales sharply, sounding angrier than Draco expects when he speaks next.

“Is that what you think this is–what you are? Charity?”

Draco smiles cruelly to himself, feeling the bitter words crawl up his throat and spill out of his mouth.

“That’s what you do, isn’t it, Potter?” he sneers Harry’s surname acrimoniously, and doesn’t have to be facing the man to see how he flinches at the animosity. “You take in the strays, people who can’t get by without your help. Isn’t that what you did with the  Weasleys? Pathetic and contemptible, too poor to even feed their children but too stupid to stop having more.”

Harry’s silence speaks louder than any words he could have said then. Draco feels the shame creeping up his neck, making his cheeks burn like he’s standing in front of a blazing fire.

See? He wants to shout into the silence. See what I am? Not so eager to help now, are you?

The quiet continues, and Draco tenses and relaxes at the same time, waiting for Harry to explode, to shout abuse at him, to hit him, assault him, call him exactly what he is and what he deserves.

Harry doesn’t do any of that. What he does is breathe, raggedly at first, and Draco counts the inhales, synchs up their breathing without really noticing.

Then, after what feels like a lifetime, Harry says:

“I won’t be here if you’re going to behave like this. When you’ve calmed down, I’ll be in the living room.”

He leaves, then: leaves Draco to his miserable desolation, and Draco triumphs in having driven him away. He’s fiercely glad that Harry’s left and incandescently angry at him at the same time. How dare he leave–how dare he not get angry–how dare he walk away?

He’s so bitter and angry and resentful in that moment, because Harry is supposed to be different. Harry isn’t supposed to give up on him, isn’t supposed to leave him alone: that’s just not what Harry does, and Draco is incensed.

How dare he be like everyone else? But then… of course. Of course he is. That’s what Draco wanted: he wants to be alone. He wants to push people away, because that means he’s right, that Draco is as big of a mess as he feels–that he isn’t worth staying for, and the thought burns and burns at him, making him even more furious.

Draco feels like a volcano is about to erupt inside him. It’s hot and angry and bubbling dangerously like if he so much as twitches, he’s going to burst and breathe fire more savage than fiendfyre, and he wants to let it–good god does he want to just let it out and let it consume him and burn the whole world to the ground.

It won’t come, he knows, because it never does, even when he’s burning brightest and wants it most, it refuses to manifest and Draco is trapped with it simmering just under his skin, zinging through his veins until he wants to tear at his own flesh to make it stop. But he can’t, because this is what he is. This is who he is–and that thought winds him higher.

(Of course, when he does come back down and regain sense of himself, he goes out and stiffly, unhappily apologises. He knows he’s wrong, he knows what he said is terrible and not true, but apologising still hurts, even if Harry–and the Weasleys–deserves it.)

I think that’s how Harry would handle Draco’s self-hating episodes. After the first couple times of them winding each other up and blowing up together, Harry would get smart and not engage when Draco was like that–just walk away and talk when he was less awful about things. And Draco would learn (conditioning, Harry is absolutely treating him like a dog, haha) that responding like that isn’t appropriate or even a good way to handle things, and they’d end up doing better together. And that’s how Harry helps.

Some things to do when you have your menstruation in Ramadan ♥

1) Cook Iftâr!

When you cook Iftâr and feed someone else when they were fasting, you get the reward of his/her fasting.

Zayd ibn Khaalid al-Juhani (r.a.) who said:
The Messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h.) said:
“Whoever gives iftaar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the fasting person’s reward in the slightest.”
(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 807; Ibn Maajah, 1746; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani inSaheeh al-Tirmidhi, 647.)

Perhaps you are not fasting, but you can still reap the rewards of your family and friend’s fast in shaa Allah, without them loosing any reward, Alhamdulilah ♥

2) Increase in charity

Remember sisters, even a smile is charity. Help around the house, especially when your family (etc.) are too tired and hungry to do anything.
If one of your elders are fasting and cooking Iftâr, tell them to relax and that you will complete it. There is alot of Barakah in that!

3) Increase in Dhikr

Having your menstruation does not mean you can’t practice Dhikr. Whenever you see you’re not doing anything, or you family is praying, it is the perfect opportunity to do some Dhikr.

4) Watch Islamic lectures and/or read Islamic novels

Basically increase your knowledge of Islam through various mediums, just make sure those mediums are giving correct information in shaa Allah!

5) Do more good deeds

Feed some birds, clear a path, wash the dishes, be good to your parents, etc.

6) Spread true Islamic knowledge

Start a blog or share some of your self-made pictures (etc.) on social networks. Sharing knowledge in Islam has alot of Barakah.
(Sisters, if you are going to pursue this please make sure that the information you post is 100% correct, and also that you do not mix the media with any haram content (such as foul language or anything not Islamic or without good manners) in shaa Allah.

♥ Sisters, do you do anything special during Ramadan when you have menstruation, to increase reward? Submit your story with your blog name (optional) on Islam For Girls, and I will share the beneficial information on Islam For Girls in shaa Allah . It is a great way to receive Barakah and motivate many sisters, in shaa Allah ♥

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the boys from Stranger Things at the Days of the Dead convention in Atlanta (2/4/17) and seeing their panel.  I thought I’d share some cool things the kids talked about:

  • Finn got his first acting jobs off of Craigslist ads.
  • Stranger Things was originally called Montauk and took place in Long Island.
  • Before auditioning, the kids were sent movie clips to watch from Jaws, The Poltergeist, Let Me In,  E.T., and  The Goonies to get a “feel” for how the Duffer brothers wanted the show to be like.
  • At the auditions the boys read from the script of Stand By Me.
  • Stranger Things was originally going to be a mini-series.
  • Gaten was the only person the Duffer brothers auditioned for Dustin.
  • Noah originally auditioned for Mike.
  • The cast (with the exception of Gaten) complained that the 80’s clothes they had to wear were uncomfortable. They were even given “tighty whities” to wear, which they said they refused to do.
  • When talking about the technology from the 80s that they had never seen before, Finn said that Millie had never seen a record player before prior to filming the first season. The boys couldn’t believe this, because as Finn said, “you can get one at Urban Outfitters.”
  • Gaten said the worst scene for him to film was the scene where Dustin and Mike are being chased by the bullies in the quarry because he hates running. When told he needed to keep up with Finn, Gaten said “then Finn needs to slow down.”
  • In the last episode, the scene where Jonathan picks up Will from playing D&D was improvised. Lucas says that Dustin farted, but he originally said “Dustin sharted.” However, the voice was dubbed over in the final cut because the Duffer brothers said that nobody said “sharted” in the 1980s.
  • Gaten said that his favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan. Finn’s is Trainspotting, and Noah’s is Castaway. Caleb couldn’t pick a favorite movie.
  • Gaten’s new charity, CCD Smiles, should be up and running in the next month or so.

Plus some cute things:

  • Finn said when he went to his audition he was excited because the Duffer Brothers had bought him business class plane tickets, much to the disbelief of Noah who said he was given an economy class ticket. 
  • Caleb corrected his own grammar once when answering a question.
  • Noah recently bought Dungeons and Dragons, much to the delight of the others who can’t wait to play and they all exclaimed “let’s play tomorrow!”
  • When the panel moderator said no more questions and thanked the boys for coming, Finn said “Wait, we’re done? No we can take more questions.” When the other boys joined in the moderator allowed 10 more minutes of questions.
  • At one point a lot of static came out of the microphones, prompting the boys to say things like “hello?” and “it’s here.”