What the Emojis are Like in Bed


Gene would be super sweet and gentle, making sure he doesn’t hurt you. He’d be slow at first, but work his way up to a faster pace, leaving you a moaning mess. 


KINKY AF. Hi-5 is a mad man in bed. When you guys are going at it, make sure a safe word is involved, because he will not hesitate to pound you into oblivion.


Jailbreak would be real smug, making sure she takes care of you before herself. She loves watching you squirm while she goes to work on you. 


She would be very dominate, making you her slave in the process. Chains and leashes are always involved. She also loves making you with bruises on your ass, claiming you as her own. 


Poop has the stongest thrust out of all of them- this is both a blessing and a curse. Also, to no surprise, he like anal. A lot. 

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**So this is pretty messy right now, but once more work is published I’ll make it more organized**

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