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headcanons for how gom + kagami laugh?

General: A light and soft melodic chuckle. 
LOL: A snort, followed by a light and soft melodic chuckle. 

General:This loser literally giggles, like a girl
LOL: A loud cheerful fit of AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! with tears.

the tips of the corners of his lips twitch, ever so slightly, followed by an amused smile which lasts a few seconds.
LOL: A well disguised silent laugh which is hidden by his hand. He also successfully manages to restrain his shoulders.

He chuckles, and when he’s done theres’ an amused smile or smirk plastered across his face.
LOL: A deep throaty BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! followed by depending on the situation, obnoxious pointing, slapping of furniture and if he’s really, really getting into it, he howls and tears up.

General: He raises an eyebrow, followed by a rude comment such as: What an idiot, or stupid, moron you get the delio.
LOL: Very, very, very rare: A cute childish light laugh, his eyes light up and his smile is just adorable. 

An amused smile
LOL: Canon fact: Akashi does not know how to laugh, but i reckon on those once in a blue moon situations when something gets to him, his eyes are filled with amusement and  his shoulders shake as a pfffttt escapes followed by light melodic laughter; his smile remains hidden by his hand.

A throaty, boyish laughter
LOL: A loud bark, followed by howling, tears, stomach clutching and wheezing. Dork.