RWBY Pre-Volume 4



I’m totally hyped for it, I’m already aboard the RWBY Volume 4 hype train and I am ready to ride it straight into a pit of flames and feelings because that is where this volume is going. We will never be truly ready for it.

But before it starts, I wanna talk about some things!

1.) YANG’S NEW LOOK. It looks badass (because she is badass) and it looks like she won’t be getting a new arm? I mean, look:

(Link to picture x )
See that? Sure looks like a metal covering (I don’t know the proper name, I’m sorry) for her arm. She seriously looks amazing though. Also, seems like there’s a flower theme going on in the pre-volume pictures? Tell me I’m not alone on this

2.) The previous volume. The feelings. The pain. IT IS STILL THERE. I can’t wait to see where the story is going to go from the events of the Vytal Festival and the Battle of Beacon. We lost Pyrrha, and the emotional effect on the other characters is still unclear. I’m terrified yet extremely excited for it.

3.) Spoilers. Not everyone is a sponser, so try to keep spoilers to yourself until the next day or at least tag your posts and any other posts you reblog. PLEASE.

4.) Hate. Don’t hate please. Don’t hate on other people in the community and don’t hate on CRWBY.  I just want to remind people to be patient and remember that CRWBY is doing their best. The story may not go where we think it will, but we just gotta sit back and enjoy the ride. 
(Also, I hate to bring this up, but I think we all remember the letter incident earlier in the year. Let’s leave that be, please)

5.) HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!! Let’s hype this volume up! RWBY is an amazing show and I know that I can say that I have made some friendships that’ll last a lifetime because of it. Let’s show our support and make this the best volume yet.