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How’d they take it?

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Thanks guys!  

They didn’t say much about it.  Mom is kind of in denial it seems but what she actually said was “we’ll see” as in she won’t comment regardless of whether I bring home a girl or a boy.  

Dad gives me the impression that he knew already.  Sneaky bastard.  :P  He didn’t say a worddddd.

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Should I read Pride and Prejudice? Or is seeing the movie enough? I've heard its overrated.

Oh, I will never tell you to read a 19th century novel, but it’s one of the least boring, I guess. And I could never sit through the miniseries with Colin Firth, but damn I was charmed by the Keira Knightley version.

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I’m less concerned with the house assignments and more concerned with the characters. Last time I checked, thats what really matters. But this fandom will debate anything into the ground.

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HP here

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If you could work a Durmstrang Santana and …Hogwarts Brittany that’d be even more satisfying to me ;)

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HP BRITTANA x3984723

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Everybody’s pulling for HP so far!

And uh oh, Beth’s using my full first name. Shit must be getting that serious.

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First, let me say that you are the goddess of Brittana fic and I weep with joy whenever you write anything. Now, I'm probably going to start reading OGC even though it's unfinished and I generally have a 'completed fic only' rule. I just have one question. I've heard its fairly angsty right now and that you're not promising a happy ending. As another general rule, I don't read angst. Can you give me even just a tiny nonspoilerish hint about whether it will be a happy ending. Even just the odds?

The reason I’m not promising a happy ending is because I refuse to tell people, in any way, how the story ends. Not even the people who know what happens in all the chapters know what happens at the end. 

So, no… I can’t give you “a tiny nonspoilerish hint about whether it will be a happy ending”. 

I would never give ANYONE anything like that. 

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AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Congrats, bro. We should probably have a virtual FINISHEDFIRSTYEAROFUNIVERSITY flail party. I’m available all day, every day.


Also I felt bad that I haven’t checked my personal tumblr for a week so here I am.  Bahahahaha.

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That's actually really helpful. Thanks! Canterbury Tales, hey? I'm not a huge fan actually. It's just so Middle-Englishy. Tell me how you feel about Edgar Allen Poe. He's one of my very, very, very favourites. Tennyson? I think the last 8 lines of Ulysses are some of the most beautiful ever written in the English language. Or, if you have other things to do than discuss literature with a random person on the internet please do those things and ignore me. Whichever.

Oh no! I never have better things to do than discuss literature! I just fell asleep!

However, I must confess that I have little to no interest in anything written in the 19th century. American authors are better than British, so Poe is okay–sometimes–but… Yeah. I like the old, old stuff and then the stuff from the 20th century on. 

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Ah. I see. I'm writing this big term paper for my History of English Lit class right now and could not be having a rougher time. Any words of inspiration for writing supertough English papers? Compare/Contrast essays specifically?

I would say first find three main points to discuss, and then use at least two examples for each point and explain each example as best you can. This is a vague structure, I know, but that’s about as much planning as I ever did for an essay. Mostly, if you can find examples from your text that back up anything you say, you’ll do fine. It seems professors like it when it looks like you did your reading.

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Hey! You have an English degree right? Is there any area in particular you specialized in? Is there any century/genre/whathaveyou of literature that you're especially into or have particularly wonderful insights about?

Oh dear. Where I went to school, we had to take basically a survey of English literature, but I tended to prefer the classes on literature from before 1800–I used to know a lot about Chaucer and Shakespeare. Unfortunately, those days are a few years behind me, and the literature I now know most about is young adult fiction. Maybe if I started thinking academically again, I could have an intelligent conversation about The Canterbury Tales, but who knows.

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Have you read On The Road? By Jack Kerouac. I started it and expected to be blown away because it has such a reputation as a classic, generation-defining text, but I just couldn't get into it. He's so whiny! Do you know if it's maybe a gets-better-as-it-goes kind of thing?

I have read it. I think I read it when I was eighteen or so, and yeah, it didn’t really blow me away either. Jack Kerouac writes some really beautiful descriptive passages, but his plot and characters are just…not engaging. I really can’t say if it gets better as you get into it, because Sal Paradise is so…meh, but if you keep reading you may run into a paragraph or two that kind of take your breath away, so it could be worth it to read the whole thing.