Feeling Sad?
  • just so you know
  • tyler is existing at this moment
  • typing up a paragraph of #smileaways
  • still not so great?
  • ethan is existing too
  • dabbing probably, being energetic and happy.
  • still not there?
  • beautiful amy is here to help you
  • with the adorable obsession over aliens (which are very cool lemme just say)
  • getting there?
  • we have the cutest kathryn
  • a bubbly smiling girl who is just as sweet as candy
  • one last final push? right on the line, still need help?
  • mark fischbach.
  • not markiplier
  • the honest mark fischbach.
  • someone who has gone through thick and thin, and still smiles everyday, that doesn't let hate get in his way, that loves all his friends and family like no one else, mark fischbach who's job is to act as a friend for you, recording fun videos (even though some are rage induced, tear drowned, and very 'manly' reactions to jumpscares)
  • and mark just being
  • mark fischbach.
  • with all his friends and family
  • and they all want to see you smile.
  • so will you?

Everything you do is an accomplishment.
Finishing school.
Going to work.
Hanging out with friends.
Making yourself lunch.
Getting out of bed.
Everything you do
No matter how small…
You matter.
You’re wanted.
We love you.


Whelp, I’m heading off to China for spring break in 16 ish hours) and I still have to pack and all but I’m all nervous as it’s my first international trip so here’s the result of my nerves:
* OK, so Tyler easily coulda been Medusa (Stone face Tyler and all, not to mention his curls would be great snakes)
* BUT I see your eternal bad hair day and raise you…
* OK so he obviously would wear all black designer clothes (partly because he’s sick of people making fun of his Ninja Turtle shirt, partly because he has a reputation to uphold)
* And of course he has an all black crown made of bones, like what else would he have? An eleven circlet? Please.
* His build and height make him a ruler that intimidates you and seduces you (the latter being purely on accident)
* He’s also good at raising hellhounds, who are quick to yield to his strong voice (He doesn’t say anything, but his favorite is the youngest- Chica, who he plans to gift to a friend)
* It’s hard to imagine this guy rules the undead with his excessive beanie wearage and adorable inspirational monologues for the nicer spirits
* But there’s a reason those on Mt. Olympus call him “The Apocalypse”
* Once, an unruly Skeleton Warrior stepped out of line
* The River Styx churned for days
* Despite his modesty, Tyler is actually incredibly knowledgeable. The man has seen the very best and the very worst in humanity, he’s learned a thing or ten.
* He chose to rule this land and sometimes, it’s too much for him. Some nights he thinks that maybe he wasn’t made for this life. What would his life be like if he didn’t rule this land? If he wasn’t a god?
* But as he sits on his throne, overlooking the boats as the cross to his domain.. As he punishes the evil and guides the good to their perfect eternity…
* He smiles and knows that he made the right choice

You are your own being.

Everything about you… belongs to you.

Your name.

Your personality.

Your identity.

Your gender.

Your sexuality.

These are things that make you up.

If something doesn’t fit or feel right, then it’s alright for you to change it.

It is your decision to do so.

Don’t let others play your life.

You are valid.

You matter.

Whatever choices you make;

I’ll be here for you.