To all H!P Fans:

Are you a fan of Hello! Project, but are unsure of who’s a fan in your area? Well, I decided to create a map that shows H!P fans from all over the world! 

It’s super easy, you just go to this link right here, go to where it says “additions”, and in the drop-down box, click “add marker - simple”. Add your name (preferably your tumblr url, or your actual name), and you can add your other social media stuff in the description box! and maybe your favourite groups and girls, too

it’d be cool to see who else is a fan, especially anyone living in Manitoba. Please don’t put personal info, like your address and phone number. Social media is perfectly fine!


“By some possibility there might be some people who feel like S/mileage is getting left behind these days, but the members have absolutely no impatience. Now, we as individuals have a ton of confidence. I believe that the current six members are the greatest. So I don’t feel any concern, and I want to continue on this path” - Wada Ayaka

Happy 4th Anniversary S/mileage! Thank you for always keeping your smile when times get tough and for making people’s days brighter! I hope the best for your futures! Good luck on your Nippon Budokan concert! 

Keep your smile!