Over the course of a year...

I have gone from being a shy, lonely, overly anxious person, to being an out going, confident, happy person. A year ago this week I was preparing myself to move into my dorm at Iowa. I was going to be rooming with a girl I had never met before, who was from another country, and someone I would be on the track team with. I was so scared to leave my friends at home behind. I spent 10 minutes in my best friend’s driveway crying and hugging each other wishing this day had not come. 

At the time I was closeted to most everyone except to a few close friends and my parents. Both my parents and I struggled to come to terms with what my sexual orientation meant. Days later I was settled into my dorm and was excited to start this new chapter of my life. 

Though I was hesitant to be honest with people about my sexuality, I found someone I could be myself with. It was in a debate about religion that Maisie and I came out to each other. I was ecstatic because I had finally found a friend who understood the feelings and emotions I was experiencing.

Come October and I slowly started to drift from my friends at home and grew closer to the ones I had met. Though Maisie and I were able to talk to each other, I longed to have a role model who was out and confident in with they were. One day I stumbled upon and It Gets Better video and came find out it was made by a girl who lived across the hall from me. Taylor became that friend that I longed for. Someone who was comfortable in her skin and didn’t let people stop her from accomplishing what she wanted to do. She became a true inspiration. 

As the year drew on I started realize I had lost my passion for track. I had suffered injuries that set back my training, and I never felt truly welcomed. My new friends became family and I never wanted to leave. I had finally found people who celebrated who I am. 

Though I suffered the loss of a close friend I have been introduced to tremendous people who I would have gotten to know if I hadn’t let go of past friends. I was able to express my fears and anxieties and actually have them understood. I want to thank Sara, Kelsey and Jess for accepting me like no one had done before. Spending time with all these tremendous people have developed into the person I wished to be. I love them with all my heart and look forward to having them in my life in years to come. 

gaygleegirls asked:

Dear best friend?

Dear best friend(s)-

I am so glad I got the chance to meet you. I have some of the best times of my life with you guys. One of them being the derpvenger reunion in Chicago. All have been so supportive and bring a different quality to our group of friends. You’ve let me crash on your futon for a month and a half, you put up with me as a roommate, you throw pre-wrap at me when I am being to negative about myself, you offer plenty of cuddles, and you always make me laugh to the point of tears. I look forward to having you guys in my life and many more derpvenger adventures.

Love Hulk