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Emmmm I'm sitting her smiling SO HARD over that duck fic. I love duckies I love sterek I love this fic!!!!!!! The whole 'please tell me that's not the pack' thing was weirdly hilarious to me (and now I lowkey want a fic where the pack is turns into ducklings. jackson proudly preening his feathers, duckie scott trying to woo duckie allison, sterek exasperatedly trying to care for them. i don't have time to write adorable duck crack, dammit em!). aaaaanyway, this was so so cute and sweet and [1/2]

[2/2] perfect!!! also, derek trying to care for little orphan ducks makes me SO SAD and it’s SO CUTE and I love you a lot. thank you for gracing my dash with the adorableness <3

EM!!! NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN SOMEONE TELLING ME I MADE THEM HAPPY!! The image of the duckies is aaaaaall thanks to nonnie, but I will take credit for the duckie!pack feels ;) (sorry not sorry!)

Oh my gosh, but, like, little duck!Isaac too, trying to warm himself up with an itty bitty piece of cloth as a make shift scarf (maybe preening a little when he gets Allison and Scott’s attention), and duck!Lydia just sitting there and hardcore judging Stiles because he’s trying to feed them biscuits. Biscuits, Stiles, really?? Derek, why are you dating this imbecile? she tries to convey, ruffling her wings furiously. 

Oh, oh oh, and baby duck!Kira, who would be the cutest one of all though, perched happily on Derek’s shoulder while he reads, trying to help him, and pecking his shoulder consolingly when he starts getting frustrated because apparently no pack in the history of forever has been stupid enough to get themselves cursed and turned into ducklings. (He’s just really grateful Stiles wasn’t with the pack at the time when it happened because he has a feeling - call it a hunch - that Stiles would make a more frustrating duck than a human. He’d probably try and peck at Derek’s pants, just to screw with him.)

Ducks!Boyd and Erica being all cozy together, maybe going out for a wee romantic stroll to the local swimming pool (Erica’s idea because she lives to make Derek and Stiles’ lives difficult, and Boyd half amused, half horrified this might count as their first official date.)



Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Carmella x Reader - Ride Along WWE

“Dibs on the charger.” Enzo blurts out as soon as his butt is in the backseat. “No… I need it.” Carmella turns around in the passenger seat. “Too bad I called dibs.” Enzo stuck his tonge out at Mella as he leaned forward plugging in his phone. “Kids if you keep fighting we are staying home.” Cass smirked as he cranked the car. You laugh as Enzo and Mella pout. Today you and three of your best friend were filming a Ride Along for the WWE Network. It was a double date edition. “I’ve missed this.” Cass announced as he backed the car out of the parking spot. “Me too… Its been forever since we drove to the next show… Having Mella here is like the old days and now that (Y/N) is here is like a cherry on top.” Enzo gave you a kiss on the cheek. “I feel like an outsider to this dream team.” You laugh. “Nah you’re family girl.” Carmella smirked as she looked over her shoulder at you. “So does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the time go by faster??” Carmella asked as she crossed her legs in the seat. “Truth or dare??” Enzo grinned evily looking to everyone in the car. “This won’t end well…” Cass chuckled. “You first wise guy.” Enzo leaned back in seat. “Hey I can’t play I’m driving.” “Then just do a truth.” Enzo scoffed. “Fine. Truth.” Cass rolled his eyes knowing there was no telling Enzo no. “Hmmm…” Enzo scratched his beard as he thought. “What was your first impression of Carmella…” Enzo wiggled his eye brows. Cass shrugged his shoulders as he changed lanes. “I thought she was teh most beautiful girl I had ever seen.” “AWWW BABE!!” Carmella gushed as she blushed. “Gag.” You and Enzo say in unison before you break out in giggles. “(Y/N) Your turn… Truth or dare.” Cass shot his eyes back at you from the rear view mirror as you calmed your fit of laughter. “Dare.” You smirk confidently. “Okay… Fake drunk text Finn Balor.” Cass smirked as Carmella died laughing. “Seriously?? Saying what??” You shake your head in confusion. “Better yet let Carmella type it out.” Cass got a laugh from Enzo that time. “Babe you’re supposed to be on my side.” You glare at Enzo. “I think it will be hilarious. Do it. You gotta its a dare.” Enzo encouraged. “Ugh fine… If the boyfriend is okay with it I don’t care.” you hand your phone over to Carmella who giggled excitedly. She took her time writing out a long text message. She sent it and handed it back to you. “You cant look at it until he replies.” Cass adds. “Anything else master of dares??” You scoff throwing your phone back in your bag. “Nope.” Cass smiled satisfied. “Fine Carmella truth or dare.” “Truth.” She batted her eyelashes looking back at you. “Other than Cass who do you think is the hottest guy in the industry.” You cross your arms over your chest. Carmella frowns as she thinks. “Hmmm… Maybe Roman… Those eyes are beautiful.” Carmella shrugged. “Gee thanks Mel.” Enzo huffed acting offended. “You’re annoying… I don’t know how (Y/N) puts up with you.” Carmella sasses. “Whatever. I’m twice the man Roman could ever be.” “Okay whatever… Truth or dare.” Carmella rolls her eyes. “Dare duh…” Enzo scoffs. “Put on one of (Y/N)’s bras.” “Fine.” Enzo undid his belt buckle and rummaged through the bags in the very back of the car. You smack his butt as he is leaned over the seat. “HEY!!” Enzo yelps. You and Carmella giggle as Cass just rolls his eyes again. “Found it.” Enzo held your bright pink bra up in the air. “Wave it around for everyone to see why don’t you.” You giggle as Enzo gets to work stripping off his jacket and shirt. He puts his arm through the straps and turns so you can hook it in the back. You pop it against his back and he lets out a yelp. “Ow that hurt.” “Remember that next time you think its funny.” You sass as he turns around. Carmella busts out laughing at the sight of Enzo in a bright pink bra. “Take a picture of that.” Cass laughs as he hands Mella his phone. “Smile.” Enzo makes a duck face and throws up a peace sign. “I’m at cochella!!” He says in a cali girl voice as everyone dyes laughing. The video ends with you four still bursting with laughter as Enzo continues to ham it up for the camera.

BONUS VIDEO: When you four make it to the hotel your phone goes off. “Oh crap I forgot about Finn.” You dig through your purse pulling out your phone. You read the messages and bust out laughing. “What did he say??” Enzo grabbed your phone and read it aloud. "(Y/N) I respect both you and Enzo both professionally and personally. I assume that you are drunk off your ass and I appreciate the offer but I am going to have to say no and suggest that you find Enzo and sleep off the alcohol… Good luck with the hangover.” 

You post a screenshot of the actual text message that Carmella posted on your instagram when the episode airs. 

“Heyyyyyyyy Finn… I am LIVING righ nwo… This paty is LIT…I was wondering ig you ever get some tiem off from looking so SMExY that you would want to help me out with an experihmetn… Is regular you or demon you btter in bed?? Its for science honestly… please let me know somtine soon… lke now possibly… i love you BAElor… get it like bae… yeah…” 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… i hope this turned out good… i have been toying with this idea for a while now… please let me know what you think and if i should do some more ride along fics… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING


Happy Birthday Kwon Jaehwan  04031987

❝ My name is J.Heart, real name is Kwon Jaehwan. Jae (宰) meaning “premier” and Hwan (煥) meaning “shining”, so it means someone who shines from a high place. It suits a leader? J.Heart comes from the initials of my real name. The intended meaning is someone who treats others with a sincere heart.

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With Dean: "I do."

“No, you don’t” Cas sniffs and tries to wipe away the tears, “You don’t care, Dean, because if you did, you wouldn’t be saying those things about me.”

“Cas…” he sighs and tries to reach for his hand, but he pulls it away “It’s not what you think, the guys don’t know I’m…that I like…”

“That you’re gay?” Cas interrupts, “God, Dean, you can’t even say it? I can stick my dick up your ass, but you can’t even even say that you’re gay?”


“No,” Cas scoffs and pushes off of the couch, “You’re so pathetic, Dean, I can’t-you can’t expect me to be with you when you talk shit about me to your ‘friends’ and then ignore me for a whole week! Then you come over here trying to get me to fuck you and now you can’t even say that you like guys!” Cas yells, “How the hell am I suppose to feel?!”

Dean gapes up at his boyfriend as his face gets more and more red with every breath, “It’s not easy for me either Cas,” Dean says slowly, standing up to face his pissed off boyfriend, “I’m the quarterback, man, people expect me to be with chicks and to make fun of the nerdy kids.”

“Oh, fuck you.” Cas grunts and grabs his keys, “Fuck you and your macho man  bull shit. I would say shove it up your ass but that might be too gay for you.” he spits and heads for the door, leaving a dumb stuck Dean behind. 


It’s been a week since Cas last spoke to Dean. He’d been avoiding him at school and trying not to miss the douche bag. He knew that Dean was knew to the whole gay thing, but that did not give him the right to treat him like garbage. Cas was thankful for the end of this week and he nearly cries tears of joy when the bell rings for lunch period. The worst part about school was that Cas and Dean shared a lunch together, but Cas had started bringing his own lunch to school again and sitting with his old friends instead of Dean. 

Charlie smiled at him when he sat down and he gave her a weird look, “What are you so happy about?”

The red head shrugged and bit into her sandwich, “Nothing…Just happy it’s Friday.” she said suspiciously. 

Cas was about to comment when suddenly everyone turned to see Dean himself standing up on his lunch room table. Cas froze as Dean asked for everyone’s attention. 

“I’m Dean, uh, but you all probably know that.” he says with a little smirk as the cafeteria laughs and the girls giggle. “I have something to say, and I don’t really know what your reactions will be, but frankly, I don’t give a fuck.” some people snorted and Cas watched with wide eyes.

“What the hell is he-” Charlie shushed him and nudged his shoulder back to Dean.

“So, uh…here we go,” he let out a nervous chuckle and looks for Cas, “I’m gay.” he says, and the cafeteria goes silent, “I’m gay! I like guys and one in particular. In fact,” he blushes and locks eyes with Cas, who’s own eyes are watering, “I’m in love with a guy, and hell he’s a nerdy, beautiful guy, but I love him. I love him and I don’t care if you all hate me because all I care about is whether or not he loves me too.”

“Cas?” Dean says a little lower, “I love you, man. I love the way your eyes light up when you get a good grade and I love the way you can make the ugliest sweater vest look sexy,” some of the kids laughed happily and smiled up at Dean, “And I love the way you look at me when I laugh at your lame jokes, and the way you smile when I make you breakfast. Castiel Novak, I am in love with you and I’m done caring about what people think of me.”

Cas is up and out of his chair before Dean finishes and Dean jumps down from the table to wrap his arms around Cas. The lunch room explodes into applause and hollers as the boys embrace, Cas weeping into Dean’s letterman jacket. 

“I’m so sorry, baby.” Dean whispers into Cas’s ear, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me. Baby, please don’t leave me, I love you-”

“I love you too,” Cas chokes out, burying his face into Dean’s neck and holding him tighter, “I love you so much you idiot.” he chuckles against Dean’s skin and makes him smile and duck his head down. 

“Can we be boyfriends again?” Dean whispers. 

Cas chuckles and pulls away, looking up at Dean with wet, blue eyes, “Yes,” he laughs and kisses Dean, pulling another round of hollers from the cafeteria, “Yes.” he mumbles against Dean’s lips.

Dean smiles and kisses him harder. 

submission by @alecciobyas

See, the funny part is, this actually isn’t the surprise. I had a really, really long drive back to my apartment today and got stuck in some gnarly traffic, and this just started writing itself all inspired by you so I hope you enjoy! 

There are a bunch of outtakes, too, this could’ve gone in so many directions.

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my biggest question is who the fuck takes pictures at a funeral?! every funeral I've been to nobody has been on their phones unless they were reading a speech they pre wrote... management really fucked up if they expect us to believe that zerrie is real just because zayn was at the funeral but nobody in their right mind takes pictures & IS SMILING at a funeral....

I honestly never went to the funeral, I did not have the courage or stomach to go to a funeral

but i imagine that at some point when the family is reunited and telling stories about the person who died maybe that lift the spirits and make the situation  less heavy and they can smile and take photos

but realese photos at a moment so personal and painful is inhuman

and for one side you are on a family funeral but you see zayn malik so of course you gonna take photos with him and this is part of what I understand to have so many photos of zayn and one of the things that i love on zayn is that he  don’t try to put a character, he doesn’t have a smile for fans if he is not feeling like it at the time if he is happy he will smile or make a duck facebut if he is not happy or don’t want to be there or take photo he will not smile

so having said that this was zayn on the funeral

 now perrie?

this is perrie on the funeral

and this is perrie posing to photos

Perrie no, Perrie has a character she have a smile tipic when she is posing to photo but see you have a character is not something  bad is normal famous people have a character, but if you’re in a moment with you  family at a delicate time you’re not supposedly to be with you character which only leads me to believe that Perrie knew what she had to do

to finish, i feel bad for this girl it’s obvious she doesn’t want to be in the photo she’s sad but she is trying to smile this is the behavior i expect from someone who takes pictures at a funeral