One of the things I love so much about this fandom is that we genuinely care more about Taylor as a human being than as an artist, and I don’t think that that can be said about a lot of other fandoms. All we want is to see her happy and flourishing and successful. We went three years without new music, a year without really much content, and we were all still here, making sure she knew how much we love and appreciate her, and that we would still be here when she was ready to come back. Then, the second she did, we made sure we broke all the records for her, just because we knew it would make her smile. The love and respect we all have for Taylor is unlike anything else. 

I must admit, the days have been hard. My heart has been aching, I have cried, I have felt lonely.

And yet…even though the weight on my chest feels heavy, I can feel it. I can feel it coming-rising and rising. Light. Hope. Love. I can smile. I am loved. I am so, so loved. I am never alone. God’s love washes over me. Wave after wave. That’s what it does. That’s what He does. Even when things feel lonely, heavy, scary or dark. Even when things feel like they’re crashing down all around you. There is still reason to sing, to hope, to rejoice.

We’re never alone in this world. There is a strength and a love unstoppable. It’s God. He’s coming-His love, His light, His mercy-it’s all coming. It’s rushing in. The darkness cannot stay. The light is coming, as surely as the sun rises. There is reason to hope. Rejoice. Smile. Laugh.

God is with you.

October thoughts (letters to myself) // b.b.

Good boy

This is because Kasttle keeps making itself present. It’s the trailer’s fault, of course it is. 

It’s nothing like canon. I wrote it in a non-Punisher universe, but it can be read both ways. Reader’s choice, really. 

Hope you like it. I dropped a Karedevil piece for this, because everything is pretty shitty right now, and Kastle makes everything better. Hopefully it will make someone smile. 

Much love. 

She couldn’t even ask him about it.

It was there. Clear as day. She knew it, knew it like she knew her own name, but she couldn’t ask Frank about it. The one time she tried, he looked at her with such a condescending look in his face, as if she was telling him a joke he didn’t find funny, but smiled anyway to humour her.

But she knew.

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Hangman was the first one I met, he so sweet. From my drawing, he recognized it because I tagged him the day before. He gave me a hug, I told him that he also helped me through some things and that made him so happy to hear it. He smiles so hard, it was the cutest thing in the world. He also signs a separate one for me. I give him the bunny gift and I tell him my brother helped me picked out. He smiles and says “ it’s going to be on my dashboard in my car.” I giggled and he hugs me again telling me how sweet I am and that I should keep smiling.
I love Hangman so much



The Assafs are still here, and still very cute.

Smile, Irsu!  Your family loves you.  :D

Because it is boring af to watch someone playing WA locations, the queue is now bumped up to five posts a day again.

Hannictober Prompt “Apple Picking”

Some short Marlana fluff. :)

Alana placed another apple carefully into the wooden basket in Margot’s hands.

“Think we have enough?” She asked.

“We have enough for us, and all the horses and all the pigs, to subsist on for weeks.” Margot teased, pressing her hand on the small of Alana’s back.

“You’re probably right,” Alana laughed. “Just wanted to be sure we had enough.”

“You are nothing if not thorough my love,” Margot smiled, more easily than she had in awhile. The fresh air was different here than it was at the Verger estate, purer. But, overall, things were getting better as they slowly built the place into something of their own, something brighter, but it would always hold shadows, too. They were learning to take the good with the bad, and now they had each other.

Alana leaned over and pressed a kiss to her fiance’s lips. Margot wrapped her arms around Alana’s waist, and they let the kiss deepen for a moment, tongues sliding inside of each other’s mouths, before breaking away with happy laughs and smiles.

“Let’s head back home,” Alana said. “It’s getting cold out here although it does make your cheeks look lovely.” She pressed another quick kiss to Margot’s cheek.

“This was…refreshing,” Margot said, slipping her hand into Alana’s. “Thanks for taking me here.”

“This was one of my favorite traditions as a child. Maybe we should make it one of ours, too?”

“I’d like that, love.”

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14 + cynco

“You’re never gonna let that go, are you?”

Cindy pitches the Monopoly box into the dumpster.  "Any other garbage games?“ she asks seriously, dusting off her hands.

“You were winning,” Cisco points out, exasperated fondness clear in his tone.

Cindy grabs him by the back of his shirt and throws a portal up, hauling him through it and back into his apartment.  "Games that don’t end aren’t games,“ she says for the fourth time that night.  Other casualties of war included: Suduko, Rubik’s cubes, and Twister.  Also known as: “games that are not games,” a fact which Cindy is not going to let go any time soon.

Rolling the proverbial dice again, Cisco asks, "Have you ever played tag?”

Cindy’s eyes narrow skeptically.  "Tag?“ she repeats, in the world’s most unimpressed tone.

Cisco can’t help but smile; he *loves* the cultural discrepancies between parallel universes.  Not that he could ever forget, given how much awesome Cindy exudes merely by existing, but he likes the reminder that the breathtaking woman in front of him is not only extraordinary in all the mundane ways but extraordinary in even more unexpected ways.  "Yeah.  It’s fun.  See.”  Tapping Cindy’s shoulder carefully, her gaze on his hand ready to burn a hole through it, he explains, “You’re it.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you have to tag me back, or you lose.”

Cindy jabs a finger at his shoulder obediently, but he jumps out of reach.  "Too slow,“ he explains with a grin.  Without missing a beat, Cindy rushes him, and Cisco hastily tumbles back into a breach.

There’s no way to tell exactly how much time he spends fleeing across the multiverse, but judging by the darkness it’s quite a bit later by the time Cindy forcefully tackles him to the floor in his own apartment.

"Tag,” she says gruffly, knee on his back and hands on his wrists, arresting-officer style.

“I am never, ever, ever getting on your bad side,” Cisco vows.  She lets him up and he can’t help it, the chaotic evil urge is too strong: he taps her shoulder and grins.

He totally deserves the impulse she fires at him, blasting him off his feet.  Crashing into the opposite wall, he oomphs and hits the floor.  "A powerful adversary,“ he wheezes, picking himself up.  "Worthy of even the most nonsensical games.”

Huffing, she takes his hand and says, “Sorry.”  When he lifts both eyebrows inquisitively, she explains, “I hurt you.”

“Oh, hon.”  Kissing her once, quick and light, Cisco promises, “You are going to have to try a lot harder than that to hurt me.  How about a rousing round of putt-putt to make it up to me?”

Cindy’s eyes narrowly suspiciously.  "That’s not real,“ she says bluntly, evidently hoping to call him out on a lie, but Cisco merely smiles, and within sixty seconds they’re standing in front of a mini-golf place.

"I promise it has an end,” he assures her.

She follows him warily inside the grounds, holding a purple golf ball thoughtfully, club resting against her shoulder like a baseball bat.  "Okay, all you have to do–“ Cisco begins, but Cindy merely steps forward, tosses the ball skyward, and swings the club hard, cracking the ball across the lawn like a homer.  It arcs gracefully into the water trap near the center of the course, landing with a loud *pink* at the bottom.  "Oh, this is gonna be real fun,” Cisco says, jogging over to retrieve a net and the ball.

And it is fun – Cindy scores 193, Cisco 87, and it’s the first time he’s ever won mini-golf.  Eating ice cream with Cindy at a parlor after, he doesn’t have the heart to tell her how the scoring system works, but she says simply, “I liked that game” and he knows they’re both winners.

Head canon where the wolf pelt Hanzo wears is McCrees wear wolf form

Hanzo didn’t know why he wore the pelt.

Some would say it’s disgraceful. And he knew it was…

Skinning his husband was the worst idea he ever thought of.

He sat by the fire silent and alone, clutching the pelt around him, trying to be safe from the snow and wind. He nuzzled into the pelt, Tears beggining to slip down his face. He was alone… and there was nothing he could do.

Memories fludded into his mind…

Cuddling, Laughing, Smiling, Loving…Crying together… . He wanted so much to be able to fall into the gunslingers arms and cry into him, Say he was sorry…

They got into a fight that night, they where on a long trail, it was quiet, Hanzo had slain the sparrow, and McCree couldn’t stand for it

“What in Mighty hell where you thinking darlin! He could have helped us??,” The country man finally spoke out. Hanzo stoped and turned towards his lover angered.

“He was going to betray us! I do what I must,” he protested. McCree growled.

“I know Genji! I used to work with him,” he snapped.

“I know him better then you, Jesse McCree, He was my brother,”

“The last time from what I know you’ve seen him is when you tried to slaughter him In the first place,” he bellowed

Hanzo frowned and turned away, continueing down the back, Clutching his bow tightly.

Jesse didn’t follow. “Han I love you but you can’t just-,”

“Be quiet! You fool! Do you not think I feel remorse!” He snarled.

McCree frowned. “Quite frankly no. I don’t, He could have been a good help to us, and he was a good friend to me! He was a good man!” He says raising his voice.

Hanzo snorted angrily. “HE WAS NO BETTER THEN SCUM OFF OF A POND!” He yells angrily.

McCree narrowed his eyes. “Hanzo this isn’t like you… What the hell has gotten into you?! You never act like this!” He huffs angily, Worry in his voice.

Hanzo muttered and turned away. “Stop this foolish behavior McCree, we need to get going” he mutters. McCree looked at him and shook his head, kicking the dirt.

“Darlin…I love you..But what you did wasn’t okay..”

Hanzo stops and growls sharply and turns around again, stomping over, He grabs the front of McCrees shirt and pulls him down. “Don’t…Call me darlin… I’ll do this myself if I have to” he threatens. McCree huffed.

“Darlin don’t start this, Not now”*he whines.

Hanzo mutters and drops McCree and turns and starts walking off. Jesse mumbles and follows behind, slowley.

Half way down the path McCree stopped, Wolf ears poking up from his head. He looked around. “Er..Pumpkin…” he mutters quietly

“Enough with the nicknames McCree! Im tired of them! What do you want!” He lashes out, turning towards him.

McCree had stopped and just stood there. He’s in his wolf form now. He stair at Hanzo for a moment then his eyes narrow. “Look! I know yer mad! But there know God damn reason to yell at me like this!”

“Shut your mouth, I don’t want to hear another word from you wolf..” He growls. McCrees ears flattened and he stepped forward to say something. he stops short, a sword plunging through his throat. He jerks and gags, Blood dripping from his mouth, He staggers and falls forward to his knees. Hanzo’s eyes grow wide and he rubs over shakily, dropping to his knees next to the larg wolf putting his hand on him. “j-Jesse?!” He whines out shakily and looks up, Growling slightly. Three assassins sprint towards them. Hanzo quickly turns back to McCree and shakes him. “Jesse?! G-get up, We need to go” he says shakily. The wolf didn’t stir. His eyes were barely open and beginning to glaze over now. Hanzo staired at him shakily and sobbed soflty. He quickly got to his feet screaming angrily, Knocking three arrows at once, each of them finding a place in the heads of the assassins. He stood there shakily then fell to his knees again, starring at the gun slinger. He sat silent for a moment then sobbed and burried his face into the wearwolfs soft fur, Crying out.

Hanzo drew out from his thoughts. Tears where pouring from his eyes. He couldn’t help but think

This is my fault.

He cuddled into the pelt shakily, hiding his face.

For the first time in forever…He was alone…Again.

Every time the Bleach ending comes to mind, all I can think of is how the last chapter would have been so much better if 1) Ichigo were single 2) all prominent characters were shown and Ichigo was surrounded by all of his closest friends. That’s seriously such a good ending. Like, how great would it have been for such a thrilling and angst filled ride to end with the guy who sacrified everything so he could HAVE a moment like this with the people he loves, knowing that they were safe, surrounded by their smiles and laughter and love.


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50 Shades of Dean Ambrose (Day 2)

                                                 Happy Dean

Dean generally tries to be happy all the time, but he’s only truly happy around you. Watching you smile at something you love, or playing with y’all dogs, even when he comes home. He loves to see you smile when you’re around him. It just brings hapiness to his heart.