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lol @ the haters being pissed jonerys are meeting and are going to fall in love. It's been foreshadowed since book 1 and episode 1 of the show. People just mad because they are haters and D&D aren't going with some crack ship. Jon and dany are meant to be. Thanks for spreading positive love! 😄

Thank YOU.

Imagine lance having a tendency to put his fist up in a fist bumping motion subconsciously when he and blue succeed in a mission all the time as a habit of doing that a lot at home. Imagine lance bringing his fist down after he remembers “oh yeah blue is a mechanical lion” so he just kinda smiles a little embarrassed and pats blue’s paw before going into the castle. Imagine blue kinda getting the idea of what lance is trying to do (since they’re connected by mind im guessing she can see his thoughts). Imagine lance’s suprise when he brings up his fist in a fist bump subconsciously again only to see blue lift a massive paw and ever so gently nudge his fist. Imagine lance standing there in suprise because “holy shit my lion actually just fist bumped me???” and then smiling before patting blue’s paw and saying “thanks blue.” before heading into the castle to tell everyone what just happened.


Stranger Things appreciation week // day six » favorite scene

El are you okay?