Hey you
Yeah you.
The pretty person reading this.
Yeah I know..
You don’t believe me.
But shhh
Listen you little shit.
I love you.
Things are gonna be okay.
You know it and I know it.
And we’re gonna get through this.
Wipe away those tears
Put on your pretty smile
Laugh a little
live a little
Love a lot.
But not too much
Not too fast
Once you know it’s for sure.
Go all in and don’t let go.
I love you.
I’m here
Always will be
Always have been
Open your eyes
And see how much I love you because I do
Clearly I love you
Clearly you love me
Let’s get through this together c:
I love you.

stars pool in the puddles left at her feet
as she walks, and skips, and runs through the world’s broken streets

and the sky laughs in clouds
as she runs her gentle hands through slippery blades of grass, maps the cracks in aging trees

this goddess of kindness and sweet smiles
makes the flowers and trees strain after her fingertips 
even when she has moved on to the next and the next

she walks and she runs 
down abandoned country lanes
in that fine balance between the world sleeping and awakening 

down abandoned beaches 
where the sand kisses the grey ocean kisses the grey sky 
where the world stops and holds its breath 
as her luminescent footsteps press their mark into its skin
i am here

and the sky laughs in breezes
ruffling the pages of her books, trying to get more than a bright muffled laugh
and the sun shines in doses 
trying to emulate the warmth she wears like a cloak 

and the moon, she smiles
as the girl laughs, and lives, and breaks, and grows 

and the world
it holds its breath
as this goddess walks though its broken streets and reminds it of humanity


the goddess of warmth wears a crown of stars | s.a.s. | wild goddesses #2

I’m late but a little piece for @eunoiaschaos for her birthday–never stop shining bb <333

When you left, I felt broken. Sleep was a long lost friend, and eating became a lengthy process I hardly had the energy for. But now that it’s been a while, I’m better. I’ve gotten used to not hearing the music you call your voice and have become more of a fan of my own. My heart doesn’t drop into my stomach at the thought of you, it just beats. I smile, I laugh, I live. Now that I can think clearly, I realize that I never really lost anything when you disappeared, besides you. I was whole all along.
—  NaPoWriMo Day 14 - Whole // Maxwell Diawuoh
There For You || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1676 words

Warnings: divorce

Request from anon: Can you write an imagine where Peter finds out the reader has a tough home life and tries to comfort them?

No Homecoming spoilers


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They were always screaming at each other. Y/N’s parents had been fighting more and more recently, screaming at each other over meaningless, pointless things. Her parents had a tendency to give her mindless answers to questions she’d ask and not acknowledge what she said most of the time. All of their fights practically made them forget their daughter.

It was like she wasn’t even there. She wondered why they were even together anymore. They were miserable and couldn’t stand each other so what was the point of staying together?

​Y/N was now sitting on her bed, eyes bloodshot from all the tears she had. She remembered a time when they had a happy family. Childhood memories popped up in her head making the tears fall even faster. She shoved her head into a pillow to muffle her sobs. Even if her sobs were too loud, it’s not like her parents would come rushing to her side.

As Y/N’s tears began to soak into her pillow, she heard the front door slam shut. She sat up, her tears coming to a halt. Footsteps approached her bedroom door and she was curious as to who it was. The door creaked as it was being opened slowly. Her mother’s form was made clear when she stepped into the room.

Her mom sat on the bed, in silence thinking of what words to say. “Your father,” she cleared her throat, “Your father left, and I don’t know when or if he’s coming back.” Tears began to fall from her eyes as she watched her daughter’s eyes lose her last shred of hope for their marriage. She leaned over and hugged the young girl, cradling her body when they cried together.

“I’m so sorry,” her mother had chanted, holding Y/N’s body close, trying to stop her tears, whispering sweet nothings.

The next day at school, everyone could tell that something was off with Y/N. She wasn’t laughing or smiling or…. living (if you will). She was constantly zoning out in class, not focusing on her friends, Ned or Michelle, and she was being distant with her boyfriend Peter. He knew something was wrong the second he saw her and saw the dead look that had captivated her beautiful eyes.

Nobody wanted to bother her and ask if she was okay, people (including her friends) didn’t want to invade her privacy until she was ready to share what she was feeling. So, they waited to see if she would get better, but she didn’t. If anything, Y/N got worse. Everyone could practically watch as the life had faded from her eyes, and no one did anything to stop it. Not even Peter.

Peter was busy too, saving the city from bicycle thieves, to have much time to actually talk to her about what was going on. He wanted to talk to her, make sure she was happy and bring the sparkle back to her eyes. The sparkle that he saw when he fell in love with her.

“So,” Tony started as he walked through the Avengers compound with Peter, “How’s that girlfriend of yours? Y/N?” Peter stopped in his tracks and let out a heavy sigh, shaking his head.

“If I’m being honest with you Mr. Stark, I have no idea. She……. she’s not alright and I don’t know how to help her.” Peter looked around the room, trying not to see the face of a disappointed billionaire. Tony grabbed onto his shoulders with one hand, ripping the dark glasses off of his face with the other to try and make eye contact with the webslinger.

“Peter,” He said, making Peter’s eyes divert to his own, “This may be weird taking relationship advice from a man permanently labeled as a playboy. But you have to talk to her, you have to know how she’s feeling.” He stood there, with his hands awkwardly by his sides, “But Mr. Stark-” Before he could complete his thought he was interrupted by Tony.

“Get out of here, kid. Go be with her. The city could deal without Spider-Man for one night.” He corrected his posture, pushing the black frames back onto the bridge of his nose. He started walking away as Peter’s feet stood rooted into the ground, “Happy will give you a ride to her home. Good luck, Peter.” He waved his hand, going back to work on whatever he was doing before Peter had arrived.

He had soon reached Y/N’s house and thanked Happy for the ride, making sure that the grown man knew he didn’t have to stay and wait on him. Peter stood in front of the door and noticed that it looked like no one was home. But he knew that she was inside. He pulled out his set of keys, quickly finding the one to her house. About 6 months into their relationship, Y/N gave him a key in case she was in an emergency. To him, this was an emergency.

He opened the door, shutting it quietly behind him. Being in the house had felt different, it felt cold almost. Peter looked around seeing what had changed in the once cozy home, there were no longer many pictures up. The only pictures that were hung on walls and resting on tables were ones with Y/N and her Mom. None of the pictures had her Dad.

He walked towards her room, gathering his thoughts on what to say to her. Peter brought his fist up to knock on the wooden door. He heard slight shuffling from the other side and a gruff voice mutter a swift, “go away.”

He shook his head, practically telling himself ‘No, I won’t go away.’ Peter pushed the door open to see Y/N curled up with blankets on her bed. She was looking out the window but when she heard her door open, she turned to see who it was. She gave a small, slightly forced smile to the boy before her.

“Hey Peter,” she said with a sad voice trying to sound happy, moving into a sitting position on her bed, “What’re you doing here?”

Peter stood there watching her as he tried to remember the reason for his visit. “Umm, look we-we need to talk.” He said as he played with his fingers, becoming more and more interested with them. The smile on Y/N’s face instantly dropped. “Are you breaking up with me?” She asked with her voice barely above a whisper. He looked at her with wide eyes. “What?! Of course not. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Peter moved closer to her, sitting right next to her on her bed. “I-” he paused, letting out a shaky breath as he formed his thoughts into words, “What’s been going on with you? You’ve been distant with everyone and you’ve been acting weird for the past few weeks. Everyone’s worried about you.”

Y/N sighed, tears already escaping her eyes. Peter brushed away her tears with his thumb. “My Dad, he uh, he left. Walked out the front door and didn’t look back. Haven’t seen him in weeks.” She scoffed, looking into his eyes with her tear filled ones.

“And my parents had been fighting a lot before that. It just felt like I meant nothing to them. Like their intolerance for each other made them ignore me or something.” Peter wrapped his arms around the girl, pressing her head into his shoulder. He pressed his lips on her head to let her know that she could tell him anything.

“I’ll always be there for you Y/N. Always.” He stated, moving back to make eye contact with her. He kissed her cheeks, where her tear stains were making her close her eyes.

“I didn’t want to worry you with my problems. You already have enough with being a superhero and all. I didn’t want you to-” Peter interrupted her before she could complete her sentence. “Hey, I will always worry about you. Worry if you ate 3 meals everyday, worry if you had enough sleep, worry if you made it home safe. Worrying is a huge part of being your boyfriend. Your problems will always be my problems Y/N.”

Peter rubbed a hand on her back soothingly as she snuggled farther into him. “You always know how to instantly make me feel better Pete. What did I do to deserve you?” She wrapped her hands around his back, releasing a breath she didn’t know she was holding.

“That was suppose to be my line,” He stated in a mock scolding voice which made Y/N chuckle, a beautiful sound he hadn’t heard in a while.

“But I meant what I said earlier.” Peter muttered, Y/N moving her head to look up at him confusingly, “You really are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He kissed her nose, pulling her body with his to lay down on the bed making her giggle, with a real, genuine smile lacing her lips.

Peter leaned closer to her, pecking her lips over and over again before she held onto his cheeks, keeping his lips against hers. He smiled into the kiss, glad that he could finally feel her touch, her warmth. Their lips moved together slowly and softly as he grabbed onto her waist.

He pulled away from his lips speaking breathlessly, “God you’re amazing.” A smile formed on her lips again, their foreheads pressed together. Her smile then turned into a playful smirk, “I know.” Peter chuckled, then mimicked her smile. There she is, he thought as they cuddled together talking about everything that has happened in the past few weeks.

Always ~ Fred Weasley imagine

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Hi!Can I have a fred weasley imagine where it’s the final battle hogwarts the reader is like a female harry so voldemort is after her and after going into the hall she finds her parents Remus and Tonks injured along with Fred, so when she tells them she’s going to the forbidden forest to confront him they get upset but they let her go when fred sees her “dead” he loses it along with tonks And you can include 19 years later too?basically the ending of deathly hallows pt 2 alot of dialogue please

mentions of blood.

[A/N: (Y/F/N) means Your Full name :).]


The day had finally come. The Battle of Hogwarts. Death Eaters were seen fighting the staff and students around every corner. You entered the great hall, and you felt your heart break at the sight.

Classmates. Teachers. Friends. All either injured or dead.

You searched for Remus and Tonks. You knew what you had to do.

As you searched among the faces, your eyes finally landed on them, and you immediately ran over to them and into their arms.

“(Y/N), thank goodness you’re alright,” Tonks breathed, holding you tightly.

“We were so worried,” Remus choked.

“I’m okay, you guys.” You paused and looked at them.

“What’s the matter?” Tonks asked, searching your face for an answer.

You took in a breath. “I have to face him.”

They both looked extremely puzzled.

“I have to go to the forbidden forest and face Lord Voldemort.”

“(Y/N), you will not! We’ve lost enough in this war, we aren’t losing you too!” Remus shouted, his eyebrows furrowing in anger.

You were about to speak, but a loud cry caused you to turn your head.

Across the room, you saw Mrs. Weasley leaning over a body. You ran over to her.

When you saw why she was crying, all the color drained from your face.

Your boyfriend of nearly 4 years, Fred Weasley, lied there on the floor as stiff as a corpse with a bloody gash on his cheek.

You brought your hand up to your mouth as tears began welling up in your eyes.

“Mrs. Weasley… He isn’t… Please tell me he isn’t,” you sobbed, getting down on your knees next to her.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N),” she cried, taking your hand in hers.

You felt sick looking down at his lifeless figure. Memories of the two of you rushed into your mind like a tsunami. You thought of when you first met him on the train; you became a victim of one of his pranks by accident. The moment your eyes met, you both felt a spark.

You’d never be able to gaze into his eyes again.

Everyone thought he was dead. But, no one could see his chest ever so slightly rise and fall. His breathing was faint and so was his heartbeat. He was trapped in his head. His limbs felt like they weighed tons. He wanted desperately to tell you he was alive, but he couldn’t move.

You leaned down, placed a gentle kiss on his lips, your lips trembling as you did, and stood up.

Anger and sadness took over your entire being. You began to make your way to the exit, not stopping for anything, until someone grabbed your arm.

“(Y/N), don’t. Please…” Remus begged, holding onto you tightly.

“People are dying! My friends! My teachers! Fred!” Your voice cracked as you said his name. You looked away from him.

“I can’t let any more people die,” you whimpered.

Remus stared at you with a sad and scared look. Then, he slowly let go of your arm and wrapped you in a hug.

“Come back alive… Please.” He held you close to him. You buried your face, crying into his shoulder.

You pulled back from the hug and wiped away your tears. “I’ll try.” And with that, you left the Great Hall.


The forest was dark and cold. You made your way into a clearing where you saw them.

The Death Eaters. And Lord Voldemort.

They all turned around when they heard your footsteps.

You looked around, your wand in your hand, and saw they had Hagrid tied up.

“(Y/N)?! No! What’re you doing here?!” He cried out.

“Quiet!” A Death Eater hissed.

Your eyes focused on Voldemort. His pale eyes were piercing into yours, making you feel uneasy, but you had to shake that feeling.

You had to face him. And you had to die.

“(Y/F/N),” Voldemort began, his voice raspy and cold. “The girl who lived…”

“Come to die…”

As he finished his sentence, he slowly began to raise his wand, and pointed it directly at you.

You took in a breath and closed your eyes, awaiting impact, drowning out everything.

“Avada Kedavra!” He shouted. A green light shined, you felt a massive explosion, and when you opened your eyes, you were in someplace quiet and white.

But, you weren’t dead.


Narcissa proclaimed that you were “dead” to the Death Eaters, and Hagrid carried your body all the way back to Hogwarts, doing his best to hold back tears.

As they all marched up to the school, everyone inside began filing out once they saw Voldemort leading his army.

“Who is that… Who is Hagrid carrying? Who is it, Neville?” Ginny questioned, worried she already knew the answer. All the students were staring, trying to figure out who was in Hagrid’s arms, including Fred, who was very much alive.

“(Y/F/N) is dead!” Lord Voldemort announced.

Those words shot Fred right in the chest. “No…” he whispered, shaking his head. “No!” Fred cried loudly. He tried to run to you, but George grabbed him and held him back as he tried to fight to get away.

“(Y/N) is dead. From this day forth… You’ll put your faith in me.”

Everyone was dead silent.

“(Y/F/N) is dead!” He cackled once more as the Death Eaters laughed along.

He then told everyone to either join him or die.

After Draco was forced to go to his parents, you heard Neville’s voice.

He was giving a speech. At the end, he unsheathed a sword.

There was your opportunity.

You tumbled out of Hagrid’s arms and stood up, causing a chorus of gasps to fill the air. Tears welled up in Fred’s eyes and he began to smile.

“Confringo!” You yelled, causing a distraction. Then, you ran.

Voldemort desperately threw spells your way, hoping one would hit you, but you were gone and out of sight.

Death Eaters began to flee as all the students ran inside the school, including you. One of the teachers put up a barrier in front of the entrance once everyone was inside.

You were going to win this fight.


The battle against Voldemort was gruesome, but as Neville destroyed Nagini, the final horcrux, Voldemort grew weak enough for you to defeat him.

Hogwarts had won.

As you walked through the Great Hall, covered in cuts, dirt, and blood, the room was warm. No worries or fears. It was the calm after the storm.

You gazed around the room, looking at all the broken bits of the hall that now laid on the ground as rubble.

“(Y/N)?” A familiar voice shouted.

You slowly turned around and saw Fred standing at the entrance of the Great Hall. You both started walking towards each other. Then slowly the two of you broke into a sprint, and slammed into each other’s arms.

“Freddie, I-I thought you were dead,” you sobbed into his shoulder, gripping tightly onto his torn shirt.

“I thought you were dead,” he cried back, burying his face in your neck.

You both broke away from the hug and gazed at each other for a moment. Fred caressed your cheek with his thumb, placing his free hand on the small of your back.

“You know, even when you’re smudged with dirt and smoke and blood… You’re still just as gorgeous as the first day I met you,” Fred smirked, staring deeply into your eyes. You let out a laugh.

“You mean the day where you got orange paint all in my hair and all over my robes? And I bloody yelled at you for it but ended up laughing it off with you?”

“Yes, that day,” he smiled. “The day I knew you were the one for me.”

Your lips curved into a smile as you rested your head against his chest, so thankful to hear his heart beating.

“Don’t ever leave me, Fred…”

He let out a sigh. “I don’t plan on that, love.”

There was silence until Fred gently pulled you away from his chest.

“What’s the matter?”

Fred took both of your hands in his and looked down at his feet.

“(Y/N), I…”


“I-I need to marry you.”

Your eyes went wide. “Come again?”

“God, this is a mess. I know this isn’t romantic whatsoever; if this were in any other place, I swear to you, (Y/N), I’d have bloody fireworks and roses.” He paused.

“But, this whole war has made me realize that… Life is short… And, (Y/N), I need to spend the rest of my life with you. I am so madly in love with you and there’s no one else I’d rather be together with. I want to wake up next to you, and cook breakfast with you, and kiss you whenever I want.”

“Freddie…” you smiled.

“I want to start and end my day with you, every day for as long as I live,” he stopped to gaze at you, placing a hand on your cheek.

“Marry me, (Y/N). I promise I’ll be the best husband I can be, and make you laugh, and smile, and live every day to the fullest.”

Your eyes began to well up with tears again. You didn’t speak. Instead, you grabbed Fred by his shirt collar, stood up on your tippy toes, and pressed your lips against his.

A smile from Fred crept its way into the kiss. He snaked his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. The two of you threw every bit of passion you had in your bodies into that kiss.

Eventually, you both broke away.

“So, was that a yes?” Fred teased.

“Of course, you git,” you laughed, playfully smacked him on the chest. He then pulled you into another kiss.


“Got everything, dear?” You asked your daughter. She nodded gleefully, glancing at her cart of luggage.

“Remember, young man; if you’re going to cause any trouble…” Fred paused from speaking to his son to see if you were listening.

“Don’t get caught,” he finished with a wink.

“Okay, you two. Give mum and dad some love,” you smiled, holding your arms open.

Your children attacked the two of you with hugs.

The Hogwarts train let out a hiss, signaling for everyone to get on.

“Here are your tickets. Stick together, be safe, and don’t go near the whomping willow!” You stressed, handing them their train tickets. They both gave you a strange look.

“You’ll know what she’s talking about when you get there,” Fred added.

The two of you watched your kids board the Hogwarts train. They waved goodbye as the train began to leave.

“Don’t forget to write!” You called out.

You let out a content sigh and rested your head on your husband Fred’s shoulder as he placed an arm around yours.

Your life had become wonderful. A few months after the battle, you married Fred. Not long after that, you had two beautiful children. Life was grand.

You gazed up at Fred and he smiled back down at you. He then gave you a sweet peck on the lips and the two of you watched as the train left the station.

Life couldn’t be better.

~The End~
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Wake me up when someone writes a fanfic about V and Saeran embarking on a journey of healing and recovering together, learning to forgive each other and themselves and learning to smile and laugh and live the carefree life of happiness they deserve surrounded by people they love, preferably becoming inseparable best friends by the end of it


My body is home to an invisible illness. If we were to meet in passing you would see no visible sign of ill health on my body. To your eyes I would appear healthy and strong, but on the inside my body is fighting a never ending battle against itself. This is both a blessing and a curse.

In our society healthy is the normal and sickness is something to be overcome so that one can return to this state of normality. When you are unwell things are often taken from you; relationships wither, and opportunities are lost (this is another story entirely and I will save it for another day).

Since becoming sick I have spent my time striving to conform to the healthy standard that society expects of us. Having an invisible illness simplifies this task greatly. My exhaustion can be covered with concealer, a shower goes a long way in washing off my sleepless nights, and a bubbly ‘hello’ can cover any pain I may be feeling. The only give-away is the pink scar that lies across my neck. Maybe this wish to appear healthy is denial or maybe it’s strategic, but either way it comes at a cost.

It turns out that appearing healthy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When people can’t see your illness it’s hard for them to believe it’s there at all.  I can’t even express to you how many times I’ve heard the phrase “but you don’t look sick” after confiding in someone about my illness. This is a phrase that frustrates me greatly. To many people who are chronically ill, it is a reminder of the battles they have been through to prove their illness not only to friends and family but also to medical professionals (yes, this invisibility can even fool doctors).

This is not to say I wish to appear sick, I certainly don’t. In fact, if anything I wish for good health. But just because my illness is invisible it does not mean it isn’t there. People see only the times I am expending energy but what remains unseen is the equal or greater amount of time I spend recovering.

The façade of health is exhausting but if I were to let myself feel the full extent of my illness I would never get out of bed. So I smile and I laugh and I live my life because at the end of the day this is all we have and I refuse to let it be taken from me.  

let’s talk about dean ok? this is a man who suffered in hell for 40 years torturing and being tortured and who jump started the apocalypse and this is the man who killed the first demon a man who is known as one of the best hunters in the world. yet, he is still gentle and he is still kind he is man who doesn’t trust easily but will love you with his entire being and will cook you the best meal you’ve ever had and this is a man who has gone through so much and has done so many hard things still loves and still smiles and still laughs and still lives on because that is who he is he is a fighter

It was Taako she lost first.

              Lucretia felt bad about long stretch of time without visits. How many years had it been? Two? Three? She was still getting used to that; the permanence of these years after so many that didn’t count. After all, how much can change in just a few years? The Bureau had expanded so much in that time, and she had put so much of her life into it. More and more recruits joined, and more and more died trying to recover the relics. Lucretia was on the brink of being overwhelmed. But she stayed strong. She was always so strong , she had to be; she was the leader of the Bureau, the last hope for humanity. Lucretia held the weight of the world on her shoulders and that weight was slowly killing her. That’s why, when she received the flyer with the familiar ginning face winking at her over a plate of steaming food, she knew she needed a break. She had to see them again, smiling laughing, enjoying the lives she had made for them. The lives without her.

              From the moment she touched down in the little village near the Felicity Wilds she knew something was wrong. Taako’s shows always drew crowds; large boisterous crowds that laughed at his stupid cooking puns and were mesmerized by the way he performed. He always did love to be the center of attention. But in this town, there were no crowds, no flyers, no wonderful smells of that cooking Lucretia had missed so much. How could this be? It was the right time, the right place…wasn’t it?

              Lucretia managed to flag by a passerby to ask about the flyer she clutched tightly in her hands.

              “Oh, haven’t you heard?” they said, “Sick bastard poisoned a whole town a couple weeks back. And they never caught the monster!”

              She was sent reeling. Taako? Her Taako? No! It had to be a mistake, an accident. Even with his memories erased, he could never do something so horrible…could he? She had to go, she had to make sure. Maybe she could find him there, where it had happened and he could explain, and she would find him a new life, a happier life. A life without her.

              But the only thing waiting for Lucretia in Glamor Springs were forty fresh graves, the dirt still disturbed.

              She went to the beach next. She needed to see him, to see that he was all right. He would be alright. He was always so happy with the ways the waves constantly changed, the salt hung in the air, and how the sand felt beneath his toes. Of course he would be there waiting for her. But when Lucretia came to his cottage where he lived with his wife she found that another strange dwarf had taken his place as father and husband. How did this happen? She had to their wedding! She remembered everything; the vows the music the food. That happy twinkle in his eye as he ask her—this stranger—to dance with him on the happiest day of his life. Lucretia had cried for days.

              Desperate, she found Mavis wandering the beach. Was she really this old now? She remembered when the girl had been born, how happy that had made him. Not caring about being recognized, or about anything really, she collapsed in front of the girl. “Where is your father?” desperation clung to every word, and the tears threatened to overflow, “Where is Merle?”

              And with the bluntness of a child abandoned Mavis replied, “He’s gone. He left us.”

              The darkness that she felt then could rival the sheer destructive force of the Hunger.  Lucretia was drowning in it and there was nothing that could possibly console her. But she stayed strong, she held back the tears until she could get where she wanted to be, where she needed to be. He could still be there. He had to be there.

              She didn’t need to see the crumbled towers of Raven’s Roost to know that her search was futile. She didn’t need to pace the empty streets that she had walked so many years before, nor did she need to see the cold ashes of the very woodshop that she had chosen just for him. And she especially didn’t need to see the two roughhewn wood headstones that stood among those ashes, the carful carved strokes that were so familiar to her to know in her heart—her very soul—that she had lost Magnus too.

              And she let the tears fall.

              How much could change in just a few years? That question hung in Lucretia’s mind. It was the first thought that woke her in the morning, and the last ringing question in her exhausted mind until it finally allowed her rest. She searched for them—of course she did—she knew that her efforts were in vain. This was her penance, the painful retribution that the gods brought down on her for her betrayal of her friends, her family. And she knew that she deserved it.

              In creating a life without her, she also made a life without them.

              It was a year later when she got the call. She told herself that she was strong, that she was over it, but she still felt that darkness that threatened to consume her. She didn’t know how much longer she could continue.  And then she heard the crackle of the stone of farspeech. Killian, sent to recover another mind corrupted by the relics. Lucretia didn’t want to answer, didn’t want to know the destruction that she had wrought on the poor soul. But she had to be strong, she knew that. So she answered.

              “Hey director? I don’t know how, but these three dumbasses managed to recover the phoenix fire gauntlet,”

              The stone dropped to the ground as Lucretia went slack with disbelief. It couldn’t be. Of all the coincidences…but no, it had to be them. Those thin silver threads that had bonded them together throught the century could not be broken so easily. They had done it. Against all odds they had found each other again, and they had found her too.

              Tears in her eyes, Lucretia bent down and retrieved her stone. Her voice wavered as she said, “Bring them up,” And silently she added, bring them home.