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1. Permanent Fixture by linksofmemories

Derek is Scott’s older brother. Stiles is Scott’s best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.

2. Baking My Way Into Your Heart by theSilence

Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new.

3. Strut on a Line, it’s Discord and Rhyme by xiaq

“Carry me,” Stiles says.


“But I’m injured.”

“You have a rash,” Derek says. “On your arm. Your feet work just fine.”


“No. You weigh almost as much as I do. And you ate a pound of chicken at lunch.”

“Well, yeah, but I pooped like an hour ago, so.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t play, you love me.”

I do, Derek thinks, relatively horrified. I really do.

4. Thrill (like white-hot wire) by raisesomehale

Stiles made the decision that Derek was his new best friend (and that he’ll one day marry him) the day he shared his dinosaur chicken nuggets with him.

5. Little Kid Crush by KuriKuri

“What’s your name?” Derek asks, wiping the last of the tears off the kid’s face with his sleeve.

“’tiles,” the kid mumbles, and Derek frowns, wondering if he heard correctly.

“Tiles?” Derek repeats.

“Stiles,” the kid repeats, pouting at Derek slightly, defiant even though his eyes are still puffy and red and his cheeks tear-stained.

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I Still Haven’t Won Against You

Part 1

Jeon Wonwoo x Reader

Summary: Played poker with him once. He lost. He finally got the rematch he wanted so badly but he lost again.

Genre: Mafia AU, smuttish

Word count: 2,590

Originally posted by mc-gyu

You have no idea how you got yourself into this situation. Seemingly only a few seconds ago you were afraid to go out of your house, hoping not to meet him and the next he had you pinned against the wall, making you feel all sorts of things. And now! Now you’re sitting, playing that stupid strip poker he came up with it. Luckily for you, you were so much better at this, still having all your clothes on. You watched him take off his shirt and throw it on the ground. You took the wine glass and sipped your drink, hoping he won’t notice you staring.

“How the fuck I keep losing against you is beyond me,” he sighed, leaning his head against the armchair. “I need another drink.”

He stood up and went to the kitchen. He kept doing that every time he lost, getting more and more irritated when he came back. Mostly because his phone has been ringing non stop all evening. You heard him argue with someone again before he hung up and continued the trail of thought he had.

“It’s been like what? The 5th time I lost now?” he shouted from the kitchen.

“6th,” you corrected him.

“And here I hoped I will get to see you in all your glory,” he pouted.

“Keep whishing,” you thought, standing up and picking his shirt up. You put in next to his other clothes. At least he still had his pants on. You noticed something fall out of the shirt and bent down to pick it up. You couldn’t believe this. It was a card. That sneaky bastard was cheating all this time! But you still managed to win, the goddess of fortune was on your side.

“You weren’t supposed to see that,” startled, you jumped up. You didn’t feel him approach you from behind at all. You turned around to look at him.

“What’s this? You cheater ~” you teased him, waving the card in front of his face. He quickly snatched him from your hand.

“You left me no other choice.”

“Yeah right! I knew you were a cheater. I noticed it the first time we played.”

“Oho!.. You noticed? The first time?” this caught his attention. He took a few steps to you, still holding the wine bottle in one of his hands. “Were you watching me?”

You started blushing, of course you were. He was sitting right across you but that wasn’t the only reason. He took a few more steps to you, till you hit the table with your back. He set the bottle on it, cornering you between his hands. You put your palms against his well toned chest in attempt to push him off a little but he kept his stance. You could feel his heart beating.

“Were you?” he whispered to your ear, leaning closer.

“Weren’t you?” you retorted. A smirk appeared on his face as he looked you in the eyes.

“Caught me red handed,” he breathed out. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you to him. “That’s what makes you special,” he said, before clashing his lips with yours. You didn’t know what you expected but you must say the wine tasted better off his lips. He pushed you to the table, before lifting you up and setting you on top of it, only then breaking the kiss but he still was so close, you could breathe in his air.

“Are we too drunk or do you really want this?” he whispered. You hooked your legs around his waist and you chuckled as he kissed you again, picking you up and going in the direction of his room. “I will take that as a yes.”

You heard his phone ring again but you two completely ignored it. He threw you on the bed, almost falling on top of you. Your hair spreading everywhere.  He took a few strands off your face, stroking them gently.

“Shit, with all this obsession to play with you, I never got the chance to tell you, how beautiful you are,” instead of letting him see you blushing, you used this opportunity to get another kiss, yanking on the tie he still was wearing for some reason, you ran your tongue over his lips.

“So needy,” he breathed out before going in for it. As he swirled his tongue around yours, he tugged your hair slightly to allow better access. He pulled away to get some air but you two were still connected by a slim trail of saliva. He bit down on his lip.

“Shit,” he said, nibbling down on your ear, sending shivers down your spine. He continued from the ear down to your neck, kissing and sucking on your skin, making sure to leave marks. You could hear his phone going off in the distance.

“Don’t,” you panted out, raking through his hair with your fingers. “Don’t answer.”

“I wasn’t planning to,” he said, shoving his knee between your thighs, he got one hand under your skirt and began hiking it up before you stopped him.

“How about you start from the top?”

“How about you don’t interrupt and let me take care of things,” he smirked, getting a hold of your arms and pinning them above your head, still doing what you suggested. He began unbuttoning your shirt but he quickly got tired of it and quite literally ripped it open.

“Wonwoo!” you whined, “This shirt was expensive.”

“Don’t worry, I will buy you a thousand more like it, after this,” he took it off and threw it on the ground along with his tie. You couldn’t help but notice how stunned he was.

“What? What is it?”

“They’re perfect,” he said more to himself than to you. He cupped your breasts. “So perfect, they fit right into my hands.”

“Wait for what you will see when you take this off then,” you teased.

“Can’t wait to find out,” he unclasped your bra. As if knowing what’s going to happen tonight you even put on the one that opens up in the front. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was just him but somehow you didn’t feel even slightly embarrassed exposing your half naked body like that. He went straight for one of them, planting kisses and sometimes sucking harshly while kneading the other. He pulled away, admiring his work, he brushed over the marks he left, making you fell sparks all over your body. Your breathing hitched as you couldn’t take the tension anymore.  

“Wonwoo-“ you whimpered.

“You asked for this yourself,” he teased, getting one of your nipples between his teeth and biting on it, making you moan.

“I would prefer if you were louder,” he took it whole into his mouth, you could feel his tongue snake  around it, when he released it with a pop. You immediately realized what it was. His phone. Again.

“Don’t you dare,” you ordered.

“Those pricks,” he hissed before giving you a quick peck on the lips and standing up.

“Wonwoo!” you shouted after him. What an asshole! Is he seriously going to leave you hanging like this? You lay down on the bed waiting for him to come back. After listening to his shouts who were incomprehensible from this distance, for at least five minutes, you clasped your bra back on and took your shirt from the ground, putting it on. You got off the bed and went to where he was. As you got closer you could hear the bits of the conversation.

“I said I’m not coming a hundred times today… No… No, it’s not about her… Can’t you just raid them and be done with it?.. Why am I even needed?.. No, you listen to me you motherfu-“

“Fuck!!” he shouted, smashing, his phone on the ground. His chest was rising from heavy breathing. You could see that he was pissed. Something that still scared you.

“Those idiots can’t do anything without me,” he clenched his fists, before turning around and noticing you standing in the doorway. He came up to you and started buttoning your shirt up.

“Is everything okay?” you asked him.

“Yeah,” he said, avoiding your gaze. “Work,” he simply stated.

He had trouble with the buttons though because he ripped half of them off a few minutes ago, so he got his shirt from the armchair, where you placed it before. It was way too big for you but you loved it, it had his smell rubbed off on it. He buttoned you up all the way to the top and you felt like a child, letting him dress you up like that.

“Is that it? Just like that?”

“I’m sorry but this is important…” he sighed. “I must say that this is way harder for me than for you.”

You caught up with what he meant right off the bat, sparing a quick glance down to his waist. He went to the hall to get your shoes and you closely followed after him.

“I already called for your ride back home, so don’t worry about that,” he explained. He gave you your shoes but you didn’t feel like putting them on. “Please don’t get mad… I feel like… I finally got to talk to you, even touch you without you running away… I want to know that I still have a chance.”

You didn’t know what to say, him saying those things didn’t feel like him at all, you were used to seeing him all cheeky and sly so you just gave him a smile while he guided you to the elevator. He went inside of it and gave you one last passionate kiss, he looked you in the eyes still holding onto your bottom lip with his teeth for a while before stepping out and pressing the button for the ground floor.

“When?” you asked.

“Be patient,” he said, as the door closed.


As soon as you were alone you pressed your head against the cold metal wall of the elevator. Oh my god! Were you about to have a one night stand with your ‘stalker’? That’s so not like you. Or could it have been something more? You were completely spaced out that you realized you need to get off when other people started getting in. You walked into the lobby and ignoring the looks people were giving you, started putting your high heels on.

“You must be Y/N.”

“Jesus! Don’t scare me like that!” you looked up to see a man, almost as handsome as Wonwoo is.

“I’m Seungcheol. I will take you home. Come with me,” he said, going to the exit. You quickly finished putting your shoes on and followed after him.

“Were you the one who called him just now?”

“Nope. He has his own things to take care of,” he opened the back door of his car for you.

“Can’t I sit in the front?”

“It will be safer if you sit in the back,” he said. You decided not to argue and got in. The back windows were tinted. Maybe that’s what he meant. Why are you so trusting anyway? At least you can blame it on you being quite drunk if anything happens.

“I live on-“

“I know where you live,” he said, looking at you through the rear view mirror and starting the engine. “Wonwoo told me all about you. Actually the only thing he has been talking about for the past months was you.”

You wondered what he knew and if Wonwoo and him are close. You decided to use this opportunity to find out something about him because he seemingly knew everything there is to know about you.

“I heard he lost against you,” he was the first to speak again. “That was a big surprise for all of us. He hadn’t lost in ages,” he laughed.

“Is that good or bad?” you asked him.

“Depends,” he gave you a quick glance again. “What were you two doing up there?”

“Why cards?” you changed the subject quickly.

“It’s almost the only thing he’s good at. He got himself in a pretty nasty situation. He needed money. The easiest way for him to get some was poker,” he took a sharp turn and you slid down the seat. You found the seatbelt and fastened it. How fast is he driving?

“What did he need the money for?”

“If you don’t know this, it means he didn’t tell you on purpose. I guess if he wants to, he will tell you yourself one day,” he shrugged. After taking a few more turns, you were already home.

“Last question,” you said. “Who are you exactly?”

“I’m the leader.”

“The leader?” you repeated. “Of what?”

“He never told you that too?” he started laughing again. “Then the only thing I can tell you right now is that I’m his boss.”

Is he serious? Leader? Boss? What the hell is he talking about? Both of them are suspicious after all.

“Getting serious though,” he said, turning in his seat and sending you a glare. “I hope I never see you again. You distract him too much,” he leaned over the seats and opened the door for you. “Now, could you please get out of my car?”

You gave him a quick thanks and stepped out, slamming the door shut. You watched him speed away, down the street. Rude.


He told you to be patient but it has already been a few weeks till your little get together. You had to finish these documents by the end of the week but everything from the clock to the thoughts of him sidetracked you. Someone knocked at your door and you got up from your place on the sofa to go get them. You looked through the keyhole and opened them with the speed of light.

“Wonwoo?” you questioned.

He came in and kicked the door close with his feet, wrapping his arms around your waist. He started kissing your neck and you had to push him off.

“Wonwoo are you drunk?” you could smell the alcohol from here.

“I need you,” he said, embracing and holding on to you tightly. He nuzzled his head in your neck. “Sometimes… I just can’t do this.”

“Do what?” you asked but he was quiet. “Wonwoo?.. Are you?.. Are you crying?”

You brushed his hair off his face. He was actually half asleep. Great.

“How much did you drink? Why were you drinking in the first place?” you threw his hand, around your shoulder and dragged him to the bed. Man is he heavy. You dropped him down but as if he waiting for this precise moment, he grabbed your hand and pulled you to the bed. He rolled over, so he could be on top.

“What are you doing?”

“Finishing what we started.”

“I’m not doing anything with you tonight, you’re too drunk.”

He hovered above you for a few seconds. Gazing into your eyes when he plopped down on top of you.

“You’re right,” he whined. “I want to remember every second of it.”

“Wonwoo, could you maybe get off? You’re heavy.”

He did as you asked but still didn’t let go and instead snuggled up to you.

“I’m staying over,” he said.

“Of course you are,” you rolled your eyes.

“You know,” he started again. “I never won against you.”


“So…” he said, drawing your body closer to him. “I still can’t let you go,” he whispered into your ear.

anonymous asked:

Hello !! Exo and/or bts reaction when you suck his bottom lips during a kiss please ??

Hiya Anon! Thank you for this request. It’s the first kind of smutty one… ;) 
Hope you enjoy this!

Happy reading!

                - Admin Elle 

(Also I may have gotten carried away writing these reactions but I’m not sorry…)

EXO/BTS: When you suck his bottom lip during a kiss

WARNING: Slightly smutty! ;)

(Gif credit to original owners)

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Believe in me

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: BTS scenario challenge? this is where I determine the title, fluff or angst and the member. BUT YOU determine what happens in the story based off of how you interpret the title. sound good? READY? here’s the criteria. TITLE: Believe in me, Angst to fluff, MEMBER: Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by sugutie

With trembling hands you held your phone, walking up the same steps you had many times before. When you walked up these stairs before it was different. Before you felt this rush of excitement in your chest, you could barely wipe the smile off of your face, and you were only thinking about one thing. Jungkook, himself. The boyfriend you had loved so dearly had invited you over for something a little less than exciting. As you walked up the stairs this time you felt scared and worried about what was going to happen. You wanted to trust him in his choices but for once you wanted to be greedy and tell him he was wrong. You wanted him to push aside everything else and just hang around for one more day. One more day to tell him how much you loved him, one more day to wake up to those good morning texts, one more day to tell people he was all yours. 

But you weren’t that person. You weren’t going to tell him how hard it was going to be without him and you weren’t going to cry in front of him. You weren’t going to tell him to quit his dream or even think about begging him to change his mind. You told yourself it took a lot to do that for a person. If you were willing to do anything they ask, including break up, so they could achieve their dream then you were really in deep. 

A steady finger lingers its way to the doorbell and presses it down carefully. After a few seconds of hearing something shuffling from inside your face is met with a familiar one. 

“Hey…” Jungkook let’s out with a saddened tone.


You gave a smile despite the situation and it seemed to have caught him off guard. He took your hand to bring you into the house, taking you to his room. As he shut the door behind you, you sat down on the desk chair next to you. 

“Y/N-…Damn this sucks…”

You look up at him promptly. “It’s okay, kookie. I already know the gist.”

He sits down on his bed, looking down at his lap. You can tell this was bothering him, bad. 

“The company just thinks it would be best if I debuted without a girlfriend. The whole devotion to the fans sort of thing. But I promise, right now, that when we make it big i’m going to find you and make this work again.”

“Do you want to promise that though? Who knows how long that could take. Wouldn’t it just be easier on you to just let go? This whole thing means the world to you and you know that i’m not going to be the one to get in the way.”

Jungkook sighs. “I know, I know. I just need you to believe in me. It’ll take time but I’ll find you again. We agreed on no contact until then and I’m not going to ask you to wait for me if you find someone else but I’m telling you that for me I don’t think there is going to be anyone else.”

“Jungkook you don’t know that.”

He looked away from as if he was not going to fight with you about it. His foot was tapping on the hard wood flooring.

“I just wish I could do this without leaving you behind..” He mumbled. 

You opened your mouth to argue the benefits of it but he surprised you with the tears welling up in his eyes. You were suddenly frozen since you’d never seen him cry in front of you before. The overwhelming urge to cry was back but you tried not to make it worse than it already was. You stood up from the chair, sitting next to him. You reached over and hugged him close to you. Your hands gently stroking the back of his neck. 

“I’m sorry.” You said, not knowing what else to say as comfort. 

He sits back to look at your face, with your arms still around him. 

“Yeah. Me too…” 

You lean up to give him a kiss but he stops you.

“As much as I want you to, please don’t. It’ll only make it worse.”

You give him a nod and stand up from the bed.

“So this is it, huh?”

Jungkook manages a nod back. “For now.”

You smile at him one more time. “Yeah, For now.”


3 years later

It seemed almost like yesterday when you thought about that day. You could still remember the look on his face and the heavy mood of the room itself. Sometimes you wondered what it could have been like if you didn’t just walk away but you have to tell yourself you did the right thing. The group he ended up debuting in seemed more than successful for about a year now but you still hadn’t heard a word from him. It was strange to you on why you even started to think about this. 

Maybe it was the hot weather that reminded you of the summers you spent together or maybe walking in the city reminded you of how you ran into him for the first time. You had just come to Korea and had no idea how to get to the apartment you had previously purchased. You stopped the person who seemed the nicest and even though you Korean wasn’t the best back then he walked you all the ways there. He always was the sweetest person you knew even when he pulled those dumb pranks or got competitive over the little stuff. To be honest, you loved those things about him. He’d pretend to act bratty or get on your nerves but when it came down to it he was caring. A bit strange sometimes but definitely caring. 

“Excuse me, I’m a little bit lost. Do you think you can help me?” Someone asked in English from beside you.

You glance up from your phone. “Huh? Oh sure. Where do you need to go?”

The brown haired man explained in detailed a near by cafe that you had remember going to before. You tried to explain to him that it was just down the road but he insisted that you showed him. As you politely agree you can’t help but think he must be really afraid of becoming lost. If he was foreign then you could definitely relate to the feeling of not wanting to get lost in a different country.

As you two approached the cafe he stops in front of it.

“Is it okay if I buy you a cup of coffee as a thank you?” He asks.

You look at your phone to check the time.

“Uh sure. I still have another hour to spare.”

The man smiles. “Good.”

He guides you into the cafe and walks you over to a table. You assume it’s because he wants you to sit down while he gets the coffee but when you see Jungkook sitting at the table in front of you, you cover your mouth in shock. He must have asked the guy to do it as a favor.

Jungkook gives you a smile this time, bunny teeth and all.

“Hey Y/N. Have you been okay?”


Theo x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One

Warnings: Theo attacks, Violent Theo, Possessive Theo

“McCall!” You huffed as he jogged up to you and pinched your side laughing as you tried to wriggle out of his reach.


“Hey look I’m sorry about the other day, the whole thing you know, I didn’t mean to ditch you.” He grinned and slung an arm over your shoulder as you made your way to meet the pack in the library, missing Theo stood glowering at you as he headed to his truck.


“It’s cool, you wanted to see Kira, besides I hung out with the brain team and tried to help figure stuff out.” You rolled your eyes dramatically and nodded towards Lydia and Stiles who were deep in a discussion that had Liam and Malia looking back and forth like they were watching a tennis game.

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Tutoring | PJ  {Pt. 2}

Pairing: Student!Jimin X Student!Reader {ft. student!Jungkook and student!Taehyung}

Summary: Park Jimin was known for studying hard and getting good grades, but when he starts failing his parents force him into tutoring which is where y/n is pushed to step in and help the boy. Let’s not forget that this boy used to be her ultimate crush before he broke her heart.

Genre: Fluff, angst, smut

Warnings: fake sex, fake moans, mentions of sex

Word Count: 4.1k

Note: This is part two, you can find part one here

Y/n wasn’t a big fan of going to the lounge, mainly because her friends were always trying to set her up with some guy that she had no absolute interest in whatsoever. As soon as she stepped inside that café and looked over at the lounge she saw a massive group of people, laughing and talking. She turned around, about to head out when she heard the call of her friends. “Y/n! Y/n come sit!” Park Cho-rong said, a boy latched onto her neck as he left hickies along the skin that she exposed. Y/n turned around and sighed, walking over and sitting down between her and a boy who she saw around school; Kim Taehyung.

“Yo! Finally, you two arrive!” Taehyung suddenly shouted as y/n turned to look Jungkook and Jimin walk through the door. “Oh, look Jungkook, your boyfriend really missed you.” Jimin said indicating Tae and Jungkook were in a relationship causing him to playfully punch Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin smiled before noticing y/n and sitting on top of Taehyung so he could be next to her. “Yah! Pabo get off!” Taehyung said trying to push the boy off him, but he just ignored him and kept his eyes fixed on y/n’s orbs. “Hey.” He said, running his tongue over his bottom lip before smirking slightly.

Tae managed to push Jimin off him but it caused him to fall on top of y/n, his face dangerously close to hers that she could hear him breathing. His chest moving in sync with her own as it raised and fell with each breath. “S-sorry.” Y/n stuttered, feeling a blush creep onto her cheeks as she went to reach up and brush some hair behind her ear, but Jimin beat her to it. Pushing the strand of h/c behind her hair and smiling, running his tongue over his lips once again. “You’re apologising for me falling on you?” He asked causing them both to laugh slightly.

“Guys you in?” A voice broke the two out of the trance, they both turned their heads and looked at the girl with long black hair and a black cap placed on her head. “What are we doing?” Jimin asked, pushing himself off and away from y/n and awaiting the girl’s answer. “We’re playing Shadows, you guys in?” She asked and y/n cocked her head to the side. “What’s that?” She asked and everyone smirked at her. “A little game. Sort of like, hide and go seek except the first two who are caught have to…do stuff” She explained and the air got caught in y/n’s throat.

This girl may attend church and be innocent but she knew exactly what the girl meant. “I’m in.” Jimin spoke up, y/n turning her head and looking at the boy who didn’t even meet her gaze. He just held a charming smile on his face as Tae patted his back. “I’m in too.” Y/n said, everyone nodding and smiling. “Okay, I am the seeker—“ The same girl was cut off by Taehyung. “But you’re always the seeker.” He whined and everyone laughed. “Fine, Tae and I will be the seekers. Now remember the three rules, you can only hide up to the bridge, you can’t hide with more than one person and if you’re caught you can’t back out.” She explained and everyone nodded.

Y/n felt nervous, she prayed she wouldn’t be found first unless maybe if Jimin was found first. Y/n was innocent yes, but she’d do anything with Jimin. She does have sexual desires and dirty thoughts too about the boy. “Alright. Let the games begin. Remember, one minute to go hide. Starting…now.” She said and everyone ran out of the café, Jimin grabbing y/n’s hand and finally making eye contact with her once again. “Come with me.” He said, and all y/n could do was move her feet as he dragged her to god knows where. They ended up running into an alley, the walls so close together but there was enough space for the two to be pressed up against each other.

Chest to chest, feeling each other’s heavy breaths they take and let out. Y/n could feel something pushing against her thigh and she thought it might be his phone or his keys so she decided to whisper. “Umm…Jimin?” She asked, her voice so quiet but so loud in the alley. “Yeah?” He whispered back, thanking that it was dark because he was so red in the face right now. “Could you move your phone, or keys, or whatever is in your pocket?” She asked and he felt his cheeks heat up even more. “I don’t think I can do that…” He whispered back and y/n furrowed her eyebrows.

“Why not?” She asked, moving her leg to try and find a more comfortable spot but as she did so Jimin released a small whimper. “Oh.” She dragged out, realising Jimin had a hard on. Jimin squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to restrain himself from just fucking the girl right then and there. “Sorry, I-I didn’t realise.” She stumbled over her words a few times, feeling her own cheeks heat up and questions swarm her mind. Did I cause that? She smirked a little, the thought so good for some reason. “It’s okay, just try not to move too much.” He managed to squeak out without letting out a moan of a sort.

Minutes past but it felt like time was going so slow for them, there they stood pressed up against one another in the cold. Suddenly a light shined down the alley and landed on both of their faces. “Oh!” Taehyung called out, smiling and throwing a whistle as he looked at the two. Both squinting as the light shined brightly in their eyes. “Come out you two! Looks like you two will be doing some naughty things later.” Why did this make y/n nervous yet excited? Maybe because she had never done anything with a guy but she finally was but it was with her long-time crush who broke her heart.

 There y/n sat on the bed, feeling weird and awkward while Jimin sat in his computer chair, spinning around. “So, how do you want to do this?” He asked finally coming to a stop and flashing that millions dollar smile that made the girl’s heart melt. “I-I don’t know.” She stuttered, feeling heat in her cheeks as she looked down to avid eye contact. “How about this…” Jimin took out his phone and opened the voice recorder, y/n was confused but he made his way over to the bed. Smirking at how uneasy she would get around him, yet so calm in a way.

“Just go along with it.” He mouthed and she arched an eyebrow. Suddenly Jimin moaned, it was awkward cause y/n didn’t know what to do. He gave her a questioning look, and she nodded. She began to made seductive moans, acting like she was having sex with Jimin. The two began making moans and grunts, Jimin’s hands were placed on either side of her as he began to push down into the mattress to make it squeak. Making it bounce and squeak as y/n layed underneath his frame.

Her moans sounded so real to the boy and sounded like music to his ears, he had never heard anything so beautiful to him before. In a way, he was getting turned on but knew he needed to control his hormones before his dick makes another awkward appearance. To be more convincing y/n began to spit some words out, using dirty talk and it almost felt so real to Jimin. Jimin knew what she was doing and decided to give it a try too, yes it made them both cringe but it sounded believable. They finally finished and made it sound like they finished and Jimin turned off the recording.

“Do you think they’ll believe it?” She asked standing up, walking towards the boy as he began playing it and listening to the recording. They both look at each other and cringed. “I don’t know. We might need a little more evidence than that.” He said, Jimin knew they had enough but he just wanted to have a little fun. “Well what else could we do?” She asked, and Jimin made it look like he was thinking but he already had an idea in mind. “Take off your panties.” He said sternly, making eye contact with the shy girl with a confused expression on her face.

“What? No. That’s weird.” She said lying straight through her teeth. She would take them off straight away for him but she didn’t want to show him that he had an effect on her. “Do you want to be caught?” He asked and y/n sighed and rolled her eyes, giving him a gesture to turn around and he did. She reached under her skirt and pulled down the white lace panties she was wearing and handed them to the boy. He was shocked at first but just smiled and placed the lace between his teeth. Pulling a fuckboi face as he took a selfie of it quickly and then handed them back to y/n.

“Was that really necessary?” She asked slipping them around her ankles and pulling them back up while his back was still turned. “Yes, unless you want to get caught I would thank me.” He said, locking his phone and slipping it into his pocket. “Thank you? If it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t have been caught in the first place and been forced to have fake sex with you and then give you my panties to put in your mouth.” Her voice changed as she grew slightly irritated with the boy in front of her. “Ah, I never knew you were so good with words.” He said placing his hand over his heart and smiling.

Y/n huffed and stormed past him, leaving his house annoyed and frustrated. “Idiot!” She yelled at herself as she got closer to her own house and then went inside. Greeting her parents coldly before storming upstairs and into her room, closing and locking her door as she landed on her soft bed. The mattress muffled her loud screams thankfully. Her phone beeped and she grabbed it, unlocking it to see Jimin had posted in the group chat.


Done and dusted. Nice and tight! Thanks y/n.

Jimin sent an audio.

Jimin send a photo.

 Y/n scoffed and cringed at it, hating herself for listening to him. Maybe he isn’t different, maybe he’s still the same guy from elementary. She thought to herself, feeling the need to cry but she shook away the tears that were about to fall. She changed out of her clothes and into some sweats, feeling more comfortable and warm. She rubbed her moisturizer on her face when her phone began going off, everyone in the group chat.


Y/n you dirty girl! Go you!


Wow, you guys did it. Jimin you dog!



Jae Eun

That’s fucking gross. Don’t post that shit in the group chat


Stfu Jae Eun, nobody asked for your opinion. Just because you wanted to be the one to do it with Jimin.

 After reading that last message y/n put her phone down, feeling worried that Jae Eun would now hate her after having fake sex with Jimin. She couldn’t believe they all believed it, except Jungkook who seemed a bit sceptical about it all. “I’m telling you, she was so upset when she ran out of here. I have another tutor session with her tomorrow afternoon and I’m going to play the good guy again.” Jimin said into the phone as Jungkook laughed on the other end. “So, you guys haven’t boned yet?” He asked finally stopping himself from laughing. “No not yet, but give it time. That girl is slowly falling for me. And she wants me. I can tell.” He said looking out his window over at y/n’s house.

“How?” Jungkook asked as Jimin stepped back from the window and ran his fingers through his hair. “She was wet. Like her panties were white but I could see that she had leaked a little in them. It was fucking hot.” Jimin said smirking to himself as he thought back to it. Jungkook began laughing like crazy before he finally calmed down and had to go. Jimin layed in bed, enjoying and letting the silence consume him as he stared at the ceiling. God, she was such a tease. He thought as he thought back to the time with her in the alley. How she kept moving her leg that was rubbing against his bulge.

 When y/n walked into school, she felt embarrassed and annoyed. Not wanting to talk to anyone, not wanting to smile, laugh, eat or do anything really except for study, work and do something she enjoys. “The three solutions of the equation f(x) = 0 are -2, 0, and 3. Therefore, the three solutions of the equation f(x - 2) = 0 are…” The teacher said, looking around the classroom for someone to put their hand up besides y/n who had her hand up each time the teacher asked a question. “Miss l/n” The teacher sighed as y/n smiled. “four, two and five.” She answered feeling proud before someone chimed in. “Wrong.” Everyone’s heads turned back to look at the boy who spoke.

 Park Jimin, who finally actually had the right answer and payed attention in class. “What’s the answer then Mr Park?” The teacher asked, feeling a little intimidated but waited to hear his answer. “zero, two and five.” He said and the teacher walked over to her desk, reading the answer before looking up, y/n had a ‘please say he’s wrong’ look on her face. “He’s right.” The teacher answered and the class was in a daze, people whispering. Y/n slumped back in her chair feeling embarrassed. She had never gotten the answer wrong in class, what was going on with her? It’s like ever since she started talking with Jimin her life began flipping upside down.

Her head popped up at those thoughts, looking ahead but in her mind the cogs were working. That’s it! She thought, smiling to herself before getting back to her work and writing down notes. She was so annoyed though that she couldn’t even concentrate on her work properly and time felt like it was flying by. The bell rung and y/n looked up at the clock that read 3:00PM, gripping her pencil more tightly before looking back down at her work seeing she had only gotten three questions done in an hour. She grumbled and began putting her stuff in her bag, the teacher dismissing them all as she stormed out and into the library. Not even wanting to tutor him anymore.

She doesn’t care if he fails but she made a promise to the principle, her parents and his parents she would help get his grades up. She sat in the library waiting, checking her watch every few minutes before looking at the door. But he didn’t walk through at any moment, and that’s when y/n knew she was being stood up. “Hey, is this seat taken?” She turned and looked at Jungkook, shaking her head and pulling her lips into a straight line as he sat across from her. “I’m Jungkook, you’re y/n, right?” He asked and the girl nodded, smiling slightly at the boy. “So, word is you’re the smartest girl and the best tutor?” He asked arching an eyebrow at her and she couldn’t help the blush that crept onto her cheeks.

“Y-yeah. I wouldn’t say that. I mean I’m doing the hardest subjects but I don’t know…” She said, trying to calm herself down but her heart rate was picking up, her cheeks now a cute red and her palms slightly sweaty. “You see I’m having trouble, with some of my work.” He said pulling out his own maths book, y/n went and sat on the other side next to him so they both could view it. Her face was so close to Jungkook’s even though it wasn’t even facing his. He watched as he tucked her bottom lip in between her teeth and her eyes fluttered back and forth reading his working out, the equations and his answers. Her nose twitching so slightly every now and then. “Okay, so what you’re doing wrong here is—“ She was cut off with Jungkook pushing his lips onto hers.

She squealed, the kiss a surprise. She tried pulling away but he held her head in place, pushing his tongue past and into her mouth. She bit down on his tongue, causing him to hiss and pull away. She grabbed her things and ran out of the library and few students giving Jungkook a funny look wondering what happened. Y/n ran home and upstairs, once again locking herself in her room and throwing her stuff onto her bed before going into her bathroom and brushing her teeth. Her first kiss and it wasn’t the guy she wanted it to be with. To many girls their first kiss wasn’t a big deal, but it meant everything to y/n. She was the only virgin left in the school. The only one who hadn’t been touched. Who hadn’t even been kissed, until now.

She heard the doorbell ring and was hesitant to answer it, afraid it might be Jungkook again. Even if it was him coming to apologise, she didn’t want to see him. But no one else was home, so she had to answer it just in case it was someone else. She walked downstairs, her pepper spray hidden behind her back as she opened the door to see Jimin in a grey t-shirt and some black skinny jeans. He was sweaty, his hair pushed off his face and loud pants leaving his lips. His flushed pink cheeks and chest that kept rising and falling. “I’m sorry, I know I wasn’t there for tutoring but—“ He stopped mid-sentence when his eyes landed on her lips.

 They were more swollen and red than usual, and Jimin couldn’t help the jealousy brewing up inside him. He stepped inside and y/n looked confused, he was so close to her. Tilting her chin to look up at him, he examined her lips more closely. “Who kisses you?” He asked, his voice darker now and y/n didn’t want to answer. She didn’t want to believe that she had her first kiss taken by a complete asshole. She didn’t want people to think she gave herself up that easily. “Y/n who kissed you?!” He yelled, his voice more aggressive now and it was starting to scare the girl more now. She couldn’t help the tears that began to fall, she needed an excuse or something. She knew how close Jungkook was with Jimin and she didn’t want them to have a falling out because of her.

“Y/n I swear to god if you don’t tell me.” He pushed her body up against the wall now, tears falling down her face as she shook her head and faint whimpers left her lips. “It was no one. I promise. No one. I just got hit in the face with a ball.” She said trying to come up with another excuse. Not only to get rid of Jimin but because she didn’t want to have her first kiss with Jungkook. “Why? Why are you lying to me? Who was it?” He asked again, his voice sounding as if he was pleading. And that’s when she did it, she brought her hand up and pushed his neck so his lips crashed against hers. His cherry flavoured lip balm chap stick on her lips.

The tears touching his skin as they came tumbling out of her eyes. Both just melting into the kiss, and she compared it to Jungkook’s. His was rough and unwanting, unlike Jimin’s whose was kind, soft and calm. Their lips fit together like they were made for each other. They finally pulled back, y/n’s hands still on the back of his neck and his hands still on her hips firmly. “You. That’s who I kissed. You were my first kiss.” She said softly, his orbs staring right into hers. “I was?” He choked slightly, he had never been someone first kiss. He always thought it was the best thing to be someone’s kiss because you can tell who someone is by their kiss.

“Was it good?” He asked, his voice a little shaky due to him being worried it was bad. She nodded her head and he smiled, pressing his plump lips too hers once again. After a hot make out session y/n invited Jimin upstairs so they could do their tutoring session which was just them two messing around with their work out in front of them and untouched. “S-stop!” She giggled as his fingers pressed into her sides, adding pressure to the sensitive spots. “Give me a kiss and I will.” Jimin said puckering his lips out for her. She smiled and climbed onto his lap, straddling the boy and kissing his lips once again. Oh, how she could kiss those lips forever.

She pulled back and looked into his orbs, a question that she’s been dying to ask all night crossing her mind once again. “Jimin…” She asked as he hummed a response for her to continue. “What does this make us? I mean, what am I to you now?” She asked and there was just silence, Jimin licked his lips slightly. “Well…” he said before swiftly turning them over so she was now pinned down to the bed, his body hovering over hers as she smiled. “How about girlfriend?” He asked, smirking slightly at the blushing girl. She nodded her head before his lips attacked the exposed skin on her neck. As much as she was enjoying the feeling of his lips on her skin the sounds of her parents walking into the house made her push the boy off her body onto the floor.

His body made a loud thud causing y/n to suddenly panic. “Y/n you okay?” She heard her mother’s voice call out. “Yeah, just about to take a shower!” She called out, her parents feet suddenly heard as they began coming up the stairs. Y/n grabbed Jimin and bolted into the bathroom, turning on the shower and ridding herself of her clothes and pushing Jimin into the shower before closing the shower curtain on them. “Y/n? you in here?” Her mother walked into her room and into the bathroom. “Yeah, sorry mum. Just in the shower.” Jimin tried his best to look away from y/n’s body but it was so beautiful. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her breasts.

“It’s alright. How was tutoring with Jimin?” She asked causing y/n to look at the boy who she was pressed up against. “Good. He got a lot done. I think he still needs some more sessions though.” She called out, her heart beat picking up and Jimin could feel it against his chest. “Okay, well once you’re done showering with him come downstairs for dinner okay?” Jimin went wide eyed and looked at y/n, wondering how she knew. “His homework was left on your bed. Be careful so your father doesn’t find him in there.” And with that her mother walked downstairs. “Oh my god. I’m in the shit.” She said to herself before turning off the shower and stepping out, wrapping a towel around her body as Jimin also stepped out still wearing his damp clothes. Y/n chuckled and handed him a towel. 

“Sorry, I have some of my brother’s old clothes if you want?” She asked and he nodded, grabbing a towel and trying to dry his clothes body. Y/n quickly went and grabbed him a blue Harvard sweater and some grey sweat pants. Closing the bathroom door so he could get changed and she could too.After the two were clothed and dry y/n hesitated to go downstairs. What would her father think of Jimin? Jimin held her hand and y/n looked at the sincere smile he gave her. “It’ll be fine.” He cooed softly, taking her hand in his as they made their way downstairs. “Finally, I have some people I want you to meet.” Her father said as they got downstairs, a man stood there in a suit next to a face that y/n can’t seem to escape.

 “Y/n, this is Mr. Jeon and this is his son Jungkook.”


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Requested by anonymous: You should do a Shawn imagine based off the song F.U. by Little Mix I think it’d be so good to see an imagine like that

Word Count: 1,698

Note: this is obviously just writing because Shawn would NEVER do this, but it’s still fun to write ya know. plus the Glory Days album by LM is suCH A FREAKING BOP I LOVE IT ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You knew exactly what had happened the minute he didn’t walk through the door like he promised.

It wouldn’t be the first time, and that’s what caused your heart to sink.

Your eyes landed on the cold, untouched plate of meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

To be completely honest, that’s how your heart felt, too. It wasn’t always like this, though.

There was a time where the both of you were still happy - where you didn’t want to constantly take a bat to everything he owned and let him know he messed with the wrong girl. It started about two months ago; you and Shawn had gotten into a huge fight following several smaller fights that had blown you two out of the water.

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some Jonghyun headcanons

•  Jonghyun loves everything about Christmas
•  the decorations, the food, the warm fuzzy feeling everyone has during the holiday, and ofc, presents
•  he refuses to get you anything generic and predictable
•  since he loves it when you give him anything handmade and simple, he’ll think outside of the box and come up with something totally creative as a Christmas present
•  he loves being the small spoon, there’s just no arguments there
•  the way you engulf him in your arms and make him feel all safe and loved feels like absolute heaven
•  he’ll wrap himself around you like a monkey and that’s his favorite way to fall asleep
•  when he wants to be motivated to work out, he’ll cheekily ask if you could lay under him while he does push-ups
•  lmao he’d be freaked out if you actually do it “oh- uh…yes, ok, up and down, ok…”
•  he snores a little when he sleeps in late and it’s the most adorable thing
•  nothing puts a bigger smile on his face than waking up to find you dancing around to his songs, wearing his shirt
•  he uses that deep and silky voice when he really wants something
•  like he leans his head on your shoulder and moves your hair aside so he can whisper in your ear
•  “just one more smoothie….please ;;;;”
•  jong leaves messages for you on the fogged mirror in your bathroom after he’s done taking a shower
•  and when you’ve finished with yours, you’d laugh seeing his message bc he’s a dork
•  “love you, boo -ghost”
•  he over fills his cupcake with icing when you’ve both finished making them
•  but his lips taste so sweet after oml
•  sometimes he uses your perfume bc it smells so good (it’s just that it smells like you and it makes him smile)
•  every kid you’ve met probably thinks you’re married
•  he’ll intertwine your fingers and nod happily while looking at them “yup, it’s just that y/n doesn’t know yet lol shh”
•  he still gets butterflies when you kiss his cheek in front of people
•  the whole intimacy thing in general really makes him blush bc he doesn’t want to make others uncomfortable, yet he wants to have himself wrapped around you 25/8
•  tries his best at giving fashion advice but tbh he shouldn’t be talking
•  booty bumps you every morning when you’re both brushing your teeth, it’s just a habit now
•  pizza for breakfast is a must
•  pizza for breakfast on the bed is a must
•  his hands feel so warm and soft all the time and you still don’t know how
•  when he gets drunk he’s even more loveable and cuddly and he just wants to dance w/ you
•  he lets you style his hair in any way you want as long as you let him do your makeup
•  domestic life with jjong is goals 💖

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Imagine you and Chris going for a midnight drive.

A/N: Inspired by real life events. I know I haven’t posted in a while, so this is just me slowly dipping my toe back into the water. I haven’t been very inspired lately hence the silence. Also editing is kicking my ass, but I’ll make more of an effort. I love you all very much. ❤️ 

Chris peeked one eye open when he felt you adjust your sleeping position for the fifth time in half an hour. You had trouble falling asleep most nights, but it was rare you tossed and turned unless you were stressed or anxious about something. Chris was sure it had something to do with your dental appointment on Friday even if it was just a consultation. He was sympathetic towards your angst because he realized it was a consultation that could lead to a surgery. It wasn’t the best news to give someone who feared dentists as much as you did. It wasn’t the pain that scared you, it was the lack of control. It wasn’t even that grisly an experience, but your anxiety worked together with your vivid imagination to convince you otherwise. You shifted again then stilled when you heard Chris took a short, sharp breath. You carefully pulled your fleece throw up to your chin then swallowed as quietly as you could. You didn’t want to wake Chris because you felt like he’d chide you if he knew what was keeping you up.

“I know you’re still awake.”

Your eyelids slammed shut milliseconds from the moment you heard Chris’ voice whisper in the darkness. You heard him exhale a chuckle through his nostrils as though he’d seen you, then a soft rustle of the covers as he reached over to turn on his table lamp. When you reopened your eyes, the soft yellow light had illuminated three quarters of the master bedroom. Chris shuffled closer to you, draping his arm over your waist as you turned your body towards him. With his other hand tucked under his head, he quirked one corner of his mouth to offer you a sympathetic smile.

“It’s just a consultation, Y/N.” His thumb slipped under the cotton material of your t-shirt, gentle circles on your bare skin created to soothe you. “Going for the surgery will be your choice, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.” Your tongues brushed all four areas of your mouth where your wisdom teeth lay tucked beneath your gums. “There’s a chance Dr. O’Connor was wrong, okay? Surgery might not be the only option, I’m sure there are other ways.”

You’d known since you were eight that the emergence and extraction of your wisdom teeth were going to be a painful hassle. It was a terrifying experience you’d moderately prepared yourself for, except you didn’t expect your teeth to betray you the way they had. You’d found out in your last dentist visit after you complained about uncomfortable gums that all four of your wisdom teeth were laying horizontally. You wished you’d remained silent so your dentist didn’t send you for the x-ray, people stated that “ignorance is bliss” and well- you wanted bliss. Currently the only option was surgery, Dr. O’Conner had explained the details to you but you’d tuned out promptly after hearing that word. There were memories of a few phrases: “cut through the gums”, “shatter the tooth”, “remove the fragments”. It would’ve been one thing if you only had one problematic tooth, but you had four.

“We both know there aren’t,” you muttered bitterly then pouted. “We called your dad already, even he said surgery is the only option.” Chris sighed, running his hand up towards your arm to give your elbow a gentle squeeze. “I don’t want to go on Friday, Chris. That dentist is going to say the same thing and then he’ll give me a run down on what he’ll have to do and- I can’t listen to that lurid description again. I feel sick enough about it already, I don’t-” You cut yourself off with a huff then groaned, “why is this happening to me?”

“Oh, sweetheart,” Chris wrapped you into a hug and kissed the top of your head as you buried your face into his chest. “I know it sucks and you’re scared, but it’s going to be okay. You are not the first person with this problem, I’m sure it’s common enough for the surgery to be a smooth ride.” You whimpered, feeling your eyes well with tears. “We can fly back to Boston and get Dad to operate so I can sit in the room with you.”

“Can we stop talking about it?” You quizzed as you pressed your palms against his chest, pushing yourself away from him. “I just- I want to sleep and this conversation is not helping.” You brushed your tears away with the back of your hand and turned your back onto him, tucking one hand under your pillow and wrapping the other tight around your wrist. “Goodnight,” you murmured, knowing sleep wouldn’t come for another hour or two.

“Okay, hey.” Chris sat up, leaning over you to catch your gaze. “Let’s go, c’mon.” He reached for your hand and pulled you into a sitting position despite your fighting and groaning. “We’re going to go for a drive, a little midnight adventure to get you to stop thinking about this.” He released you from his grip and got out of bed, padding into the walk-in wardrobe to grab your jackets. “I’m serious, let’s go.” He told you when he returned, holding out your jacket for you to take.

“Chris, it’s like one in the morning.”

“And it’s going to be four in the morning before we get any sleep.”

You sighed because you knew it was an accurate assumption. “Fine, let’s go for a drive.” You swung your legs over the edge of the bed and rose to your feet, taking your jacket from Chris to put it on. “I’m playing my music though.” You told him as he slipped his jacket on, you grabbed your phone as he grabbed his keys from the dresser.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.” He wrapped an arm around you and steered you out of the room and towards the front door. The thumps from your footsteps and the jingle-jangle of Chris’ keys woke the sleeping puppy on the couch, forcing his all fours to make their way towards the two of you. “Hey, pal.” Chris leaned over to pat Dodger’s head. “We’re just going for a quick drive, we’ll be back soon.”

“Can we take him with us?”

“The drive will excite him, so no.”

You gave Dodger’s head a quick kiss before following Chris to the garage.

Driving with Chris was always favorable, especially drives at night. It wasn’t the first time the two of you’d been driving at 1:12AM, but it was definitely the first time in pajamas. There was a sense of comfort being in a car in your pajamas with the love of your life, it felt like utopia. The two of you sang along to Ed Sheeran for a while before transitioning to soundtracks from various Disney movies. You didn’t feel tired, but at least your mind was off the surgery.

You smiled when you looked over at the man who clearly knew you better than you knew yourself. Two years you’d been together with Chris and you were still as happy as the day he asked you to dinner, you couldn’t imagine having to spend your life with anyone else. And honestly, if having troubled wisdom teeth was the sacrifice you had to make to have a life with Chris- so be it. You reached over the gearbox and slipped your hand into his, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

“You’re welcome,” he glanced at you with a smile.

You pulled your hand away and curled your legs onto the seat, leaning your head against the window. The soothing melody of the ‘Winnie the Pooh’ theme song played through Chris’ stereos and your eyelids slowly became heavier. Chris redirected his vehicle back towards his home and threw you another glance, whispering “goodnight.”

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Still The Same

Summary: Benny finally feels comfortable enough, to show you his vampire side. Yet, he’s still scared of you running away, little did he know you were not scared of him at all and your goal was to prove him.
Requested by: @allinhishands

Words: 1745

Pairing: Benny Lafitte x Reader

Originally posted by mooseleys

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, biting

A/N: This was a request written for Smut Appreciation Day, which I will also combine with Benny’s Creation Challenge by @loveforbenny Also a big thanks to the amazing @romanovoff for betaing this for me! <3


The first time you met Benjamin “Benny” Lafitte was shortly after Dean returned from purgatory. He had called you and asked you to pick him up, without Sam, and we would tell you later why.

As soon as you met the man giving Dean some company, you knew why. He was a vampire. While neither Dean nor Benny told you, you knew it. Vampires were always your special area when it came to hunting and that way you could always tell a vampire apart from a human. And you knew Sam would be able to tell as well, that’s why Dean only wanted you to come.

You would handle the situation better.

Benny had suggested breaking apart now, he had suggested for you and Dean to head home and go back to being the family you were before, while he was going to see how much of his old life he would be able to get back.

But for some reason, something inside you couldn’t just let him go on his own. Who knew how long he has been in purgatory? So you had suggested to stay with Benny for some time. At least until he got used to living in this world again.

Dean and Benny had both protested at first, but you assured them that you would be fine and that it was for the better.

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Hogwarts! Jun

anon requested: “I love the hogwarts au!! Please continue with other members, maybe Jun or Woozi?????”

  • Junhui has a reputation around Hogwarts 
  • he’s the Gryffindor house’s seeker 
  • make that star seeker 
  • as in the kid is good 
  • like always winning good 
  • and he knows it too 
  • he’s never actually practicing on the quidditch field if he can escape Seungcheol’s sharp supervision 
  • he’s too busy perfecting broomstick flying tricks 
  • whether that be jumping up over the goal posts and landing perfectly back on his broomstick again 
  • or zooming past the girls in the stands and shooting them winks 
  • he never fails to catch the snitch 
  • all the teams playing against Gryffindor always have to come up with a strategy knowing they’ll be 150 points behind once Jun catches the snitch 
  • as he always does 
  • he never really has any trouble doing it 
  • he’s only ever missed the snitch once 
  • and that was because the beater from the Slytherin team, Minghao, hit the bludger right into Jun’s broom 
  • and everyone was shook thinking that Jun would hate Minghao forever for it 
  • but Minghao ended up visiting Jun in the infirmary right after, really worried
  • and ever since that they’ve been best friends everyone is always in shock seeing the best friends from Gryffindor and Slytherin 
  • but the two get along so well 
  • pranking the others in their friend group 
  • no one can tell that Jun’s a year older than Minghao 
  • they practice their flying tricks on brooms together 
  • and they are often breaking the sitting at your own house table rule
  • though honestly their entire group does it, all 13 of them
  • and anyone else who has the guts really
  • and no one ever says anything cause who want to be that person
  • everyone who doesn’t know Jun very well might assume Jun’s a bit of an arrogant prick 
  • though ask any of his close friend group 
  • “Jun hyung? I mean Jun hyung is very confident in appearance but he’s probably one of the shyest of the group in reality." 
  • Mingyu tells you and your friend who’s in the third year like Mingyu 
  • you’re a fourth year Gryffindor like Jun 
  • and although you know him because everyone else in Gryffindor knows him 
  • and share plenty of classes 
  • you can’t really believe he’s the shy type 
  • he’s a bit intimidating, always surrounded by his friend group 
  • good luck trying to squeeze past his friend group if they’re all packed in the hallway 
  • and a bunch of girls are after him just because he’s a great seeker 
  • and he knows and is aware of these facts too 
  • which is why you felt iffy with how Jun’s personality was 
  • granted, you haven’t talked to him much 
  • but maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? 
  • you don’t know when exactly 
  • but you started paying a lot of attention to Jun 
  • surprisingly, Jun’s best classes were transfiguration and potions, but especially care of magical creatures 
  • and he never really seemed to study for those classes 
  • the only time he went to the library was to bug Wonwoo about something 
  • sometimes he just wonders around the school grounds walking with Joshua, or Minghao, or someone else, just talking 
  • despite never going to the library to actually research and study
  • his papers were always done well and his exam scores high 
  • it kind of made you wonder why he was in Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw
  • besides his confidence in his own skills that is 
  • no one knew exactly if he were a half-blood or pure-blood either, besides his friends 
  • if he were from a pure-blood wizard family, it could answer why he was in Gryffindor if all the rest of his family were in Gryffindor 
  • he was still a mystery to you though 
  • that is until one day in care of magical creatures 
  • the professor brings in a hippogriff 
  • and Jun fearlessly steps forward, making eye contact with the hippogriff, not blinking as he bows 
  • the professor is kind of taken aback when the hippogriff quickly bows back 
  • faster than it has ever done for any other student 
  • and is even more surprised when Jun starts petting it as if they’ve known each other forever 
  • it’s legit just Jun the hippogriff does this with 
  • everyone else has to wait a few additional minutes before gaining the hippogriff’s trust 
  • and Jun just sits on the ground next to Minghao and Jihoon watching everyone else struggle a bit 
  • you’ve also heard he leads a few younger kids out at night to raid the kitchen for desserts past curfew 
  • and you point this out to your friend when you’re sitting with her and Mingyu at lunch 
  • "Ok but a late night dessert raid is so impractical." 
  • "I agree but it’s Jun.” she says laughing at you 
  • “Oh you mean that night? Well it was Hansol’s birthday, we went to get cake.” Mingyu says shrugging and giving you a chuckle 
  • “Jun may seem a bit arrogant, but trust me, he sometimes acts like our mom. Refused to let Hansol’s birthday just pass without cake, he was dead-set, couldn’t stop him so you had to join him." 
  • Mingyu then got called over to the Ravenclaw table by Seokmin about some assignment 
  • "What’s your sudden obsession with dissecting what kind of person Jun is?” your friend says pointing her fork accusingly at you before proceeding to stab her steak aggressively 
  • “No way!!!! Do you like Jun?” she says nearly choking after seeing you turn pink at her accusation 
  • “What the heck of course not! He probably doesn’t even know I exist!”
  • “Mhmm…” your friend says nodding and waving her fork in circles
  • “Maybe I’ll believe you.” she finally decides 
  • sighing in relief you tell her you’re going to get some air and try to finish that potions paper you’ve been sleeping on 
  • you walk along the path, thinking sitting by the lake might be nice when you spot a figure standing on the edge of the forbidden forest 
  • “Hey! You might not want to be there-” you say running up to them when you see it’s Jun 
  • and he’s carrying a snow white owl with a crooked wing in his arm 
  • “Oh.” you say slowing down 
  • the owl starts flapping its wings in a panic surprising you 
  • but what’s more surprising is when Jun grabs your arm 
  • “Don’t move y/n, I think something attacked it and it’s really scared now.” he tells you softly in a whisper 
  • lowering your voice you slowly raise a finger to pet the owl, who then begins to calm down a bit 
  • “Wait how did you know my name?” you asked Jun in a quiet tone 
  • “I’ve been in your classes for years now, y/n, I’m not stupid.” he says giving a shy laugh and letting go of your arm 
  • wait a shy laugh? 
  • yea, you notice how Jun focuses on the owl and how he seems to sink lower into his scarf when talking to you, the slight flush of pink in his cheeks 
  • he was almost cuter than the owl 
  • ‘Did I just call Wen Junhui cute?!?!’ you think to yourself 
  • he’s too busy focusing on the owl to notice you blushing 
  • “I was supposed to collect the bludgers after practice because Seungcheol caught me goofing around again instead of practicing and when I came out of the field, this little guy fell out of the sky.” he tells you
  • “Hmm seems like a broken wing." 
  • "Yes that’s what I thought too, might bring him up to the professor later, get his wing checked out." 
  • he straightens up and you give him your scarf to wrap the owl’s wing with 
  • "Are you sure? It’s kind of cold.” he says giving you a sideways glance  
  • “Yea it’s fine I’m not cold at all.” you say trying hard not to let Jun hear your teeth chattering 
  • and failing miserably 
  • Jun takes his scarf off and wraps it around your neck while still holding the owl 
  • “You don’t have to give it back anytime soon, I’ll just ask Mingyu to make me another one." 
  • you can feel your cheeks blushing as you cough and turn away quickly and start walking back to the castle 
  • Jun jogs lightly to catch up with you and you catch him hiding a smile
  • "You’re pretty good with magical creatures.” he compliments you while walking next to you back up the path 
  • “No, not really, I just don’t like seeing things get hurt.“ you grimace awkwardly 
  • "No I think you have talent, lots of it, especially for care of magical creatures.” he says nearly beaming 
  • “Says the person who sweeps every quidditch match easily without having practice.” you say laughing 
  • Jun doesn’t respond right away and you look at him 
  • he’s blushing and trying really hard to keep the huge smile off his face 
  • “That’s more luck than talent.” he says nearly stuttering over his words 
  • you’re trying really hard to resist thinking Jun’s cute but damn, now you know what Mingyu means by saying Jun’s shy 
  • “I mean, I think I’m pretty talented, especially if you think so too, but I’m worried people might not like me if I always say that.” he says giving you an embarrassed look 
  • “Your self-confidence is beautiful Jun, everyone likes you don’t worry.” you say with a smile 
  • “Well…” he begins 
  • “Hm..?" 
  • "You should come to the last quidditch game next weekend, I never see you at the after-match celebration party anyway, so maybe we could just go grab a butter beer at Hogsmeade." 
  • "Are you asking me out on a date Jun?” you’re reeling in surprise 
  • “Yes why? Am I not good looking enough for you?” he says laughing and raising an eyebrow at you 
  • “No, you’re too good-looking, that’s the problem.” you tease him 
  • “I’ve actually sort of liked you ever since you hexed that bully who was picking on that first year in front of potions." 
  • you recall the kid who had been calling the first year "mudblood” and how you had thrown perfecticus totalus  
  • “He deserved it.” you say shrugging 
  • “Yea but you stood up for that kid. I bet people would have called me that if they found out, if it weren’t for my friends." 
  • "So you’re muggle-born?" 
  • "Yup." 
  • "That’s so cool though, you’re good at so many things!” you laugh eyes lighting up 
  • you had always thought that Jun’s confidence in himself was admirable if anything 
  • “You’re just cool,” he said laughing, “sorry if I sound like a dork now though." 
  • "No way, I- I’ve kinda low key been trying to figure out what kind of person you are for the past few weeks and it took me this long to realize, but it might be because I think you’re pretty cool." 
  • he gives you the cutest smile ever 
  • "So is that a yes then?" 
  • "Only if you promise to get rid of all your fangirls by telling them you’re mine.” you say boldly 
  • “Deal." 
  • from then 
  • well, let’s just say everyone freaked out 
  • with Jun holding your hand when walking into all your classes 
  • and Minghao just shaking his head at the both of you and looking at Jun like  
  • "About damn time." 
  • and you always wear his scarf he gave you 
  • Mingyu just glaring at you and laughing 
  • "So that’s why he asked me to make him another one, could have just told me…" 
  • late night adventures sneaking out into the kitchen for cookies together -until Joshua catches the two of you giggling 
  • "Jun this is fifth time this month, I really don’t want to give out detentions.” Joshua says laughing and shooing the two of you away 
  • and since the both of you share so many classes, even the teachers give up and let you two sit together 
  • which ends up being a huge distraction for you because Jun’s busy drawing circles or spelling your name out on your arm or hand with his finger while you’re trying to concentrate 
  • “Hey just because you’re smart doesn’t mean I can magically transfer this info into my brain.” you tease him smacking his arm away 
  • and on the weekends the two of you just walk around the school grounds
  • or in Hogsmeade 
  • with people pointing and staring 
  • “There goes Jun and his girlfriend.”
  • “Honestly they’re always together in classes, it’s cute enough to make you want to jump out a window." 
  • him shooting you winks during quidditch matches or during practice, with girls looking at you jealously 
  • and every time Jun disappears from celebratory parties over a Gryffindor win 
  • everyone knows that you two are off together sitting by the lake and hanging out with the giant squid 
  • holding hands and teasing each other 
  • shoulders touching 
  • Jun trying his best to teach you how to fly on a broomstick, his arms around your waist  
  • "I kind of can’t fly if you’re holding me Jun." 
  • "What if you fall and scrape your pretty face, how will I live?” he jokes 
  • “Get over yourself.” you laugh 
  • and when you finally get the hang of it, you both just fly around, him showing you his favorite places in school 
  • until the two of you land on the roof by the astronomy tower 
  • and sit there together watching the sun setting 
  • your head on his shoulder 
  • hand in his and the both of you just enjoying the beautiful view 
  • oh and there’s the sunset too of course

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Braids {Sirius Black x Reader}

Anon requests are a bit slow today so I decided to write down one of my ideas where Sirius is actually great in braiding (cuz I want me a man like dat)




“Hey, Sirius,” (Y/n) smiled at her boyfriend, wrapping her arms around his neck from the back. “Are you ready?”

“Of course, darling. I’ve been waiting for this,” he replied before sitting down on the ground as she climbs up on his back.

It was the end of autumn and the trees had shed all of its red leaves, leaving them in a beautiful pile of orange and yellow shades. The weather was cold and so the two were in their coats and mittens. They were supposed to go to Hogsmeade with their friends but seeing as the castle was deserted, they decided to take advantage of this moment to enjoy the empty castle.

Sirius carried her on his back and walked to the courtyard, gently putting her down on one of the benches.

“So, what do you want to do?” He asked before sitting beside her.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes, trying to seem as though she was thinking very deeply when he surprised her by kissing her cheek softly.

“You are so adorable,” he whispered.

“You’re more adorable!”

“Why, thank you, love.” He said, kissing the top of her head while she chuckled.

“You need to improve on your flirting,” (Y/n) said, facing away from Sirius while he began to comb her hair gently with his fingers. He loved the way it cascades down her back, the way it always smells sweet, and the way it tangles in his fingers. Although there were some days she often complained about her hair, wishing it was just like some one else’s; Sirius loved it the way it was because it made her who she is. He leaned close to her left ear and softly whispered, his breath tickling her neck.

“What do I need it for? I already got the one I want right in front of me.”

(Y/n)’s heart leapt out of her chest at those words. She blushed and pulled her knees to her chest.

“T-That was…”

“What? Too cheesy?”

“It was cute…” She mumbled, a small smile on her lips as Sirius continues to brush her hair.

“Mmm, guess I still got it,” he replied. “Could you give me a hair tie, love?”

(Y/n) pulled out a black hair tie and gave it to Sirius who placed it in his teeth, his fingers twisting small pieces of her hair and braiding them together.

“Do you suppose they’re having fun in Hogsmeade?” (Y/n) asked after a while.

“Why? Do you want to catch up? They’re still daylight, you know.”

“No, just wondering,” she said, “What’re you doing back there?”

Sirius did not reply, intending it to be a surprise but his silence slightly worried (Y/n) so she tried to turn around until she felt him accidentally tug on her hair.


“Don’t move now, love. Just a bit more,” he said and with the hair tie he borrowed, he tied her braid and pulled out his wand, sprinkling small stars on her (h/c) colored hair. He smiled triumphantly and rested her braid on her shoulder.


(Y/n) looked at the intricate braids he did and she had never seen her hair look this beautiful. She watched the stars he placed twinkle into red and gold then white, matching the color of her hair and eyes. It was like a mermaid’s hair, only it was hers. She could almost say Sirius was better than the other girls who would fix their hair in different braids (Y/n) could never master. She had no time. But now it seems like she will attend her classes in style.

She smiled at Sirius and kissed him lightly on the side of his lip before whispering, “You know, I’m starting to think you might have been a girl in your past life.”

“But I’ll still be adorable, won’t I?”

She laughed and nuzzled her nose against his, their foreheads pressed together as they shared another kiss.

anonymous asked:

Undertaker, sebastian and Ciels reactions to helping their s/o babysit their little nephew and once their s/o isnt there for a moment the kid just turns evil and glares at them, calls them names because they dont want the boys to touch or kiss the s/o???

That was so much fun to write (❛▿❛✿)

Playful sounds were echoing in the room filling it up with positive vibes and an aura of overwhelming joy when you were trying to find your little nephew between all the furnitures with your eyes blindfolded with a long scarf. When he offered you to play this childish game, you thought it will be way easier than it now appeared to be and your bruised knee (since when was the table standing there?) already reminded you of it with pulsatory pain. Not that you minded, it has been almost an year since you saw him for the last time and started missed him. The boy never let you get bored with the variety of his ideas, different games to play which necessarily had to involve you and those cute, handmade gifts from him. For such a young boy, he seemed to be very talented already and watching him grow up was surely a great pleasure for a proud auntie you were.

After a few attempts of finding him, you finally managed to catch the boy just when he was about to jump on the sofa but ended up in your arms, wriggling and laughing out loud in a breaks of repeating how this one shouldn’t count and eventually stopped complaining when you tickled him and took off your blindfold.

“All right, all right,” you sat him down on the said sofa and watched him pout at your sudden seriousness. “We will play one more round but first, I am going to bring something cold to drink, fine? I can bet that you are even more thirsty than I am.”

Your nephew, still pouting, nodded slowly, as if he still was not completely convinced. You smiled to him and put the scarf on the nearby armchair, finally turning to your boyfriend who was simply observing your games, not really wanting to participate for the whole time.

“Keep an eye on him for a while,” you stated and before he could offer you some help in the kitchen, you were gone behind the doors, leaving him alone with the young boy.

Undertaker giggled when he felt the strand of his long, white hair being sligtly pulled. He was used to the way they would fall everywhere, sometimes disturbing his actions or even sleep when they got tangled but nevertheless he enjoyed how they were giving him a substitute of privacy and helped to hide the scars, so he never complained. The next pull was, however, a little bit more stronger and if he was not a grim reaper, it would probably hurt him. Turning his head toward the young boy who was now holding a fist of his hair, he didn’t let the smile to drop, still amused after watching you two play.

“You are quite mischievous, aren’t you, little one?” he wondered out loud.

Your nephew’s face was not all brighten up with joy as it was barely few moments before you left, he was now staring at the Undertaker as if he was trying to kill him just with the gaze.

“And not really talkative to the strangers, huh?” The grim reaper swayed forward and then backward on the edge of simple, wooden chair, giggling once again when recalled something funny you said this afternoon.

“You’re weird,” the boy commented straightforwardly.

Undertaker busrted with short laugh.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve heard that already but tell me, who isn’t weird at all?”

The boy frowned and let go of the strand of his hair, letting it fall down on the floor, then crossed his arms, still glaring. After thinking for a while, the grim reaper leaned slightly to the younger one, baring his teeth in an amused smile when a simple thought crossed his mind.

“Could it be that you are jealous of your precious aunt?” he inquired.

There was a spark of shock visible in your nephew’s eyes but it disappeared as fast as appeared, leaving him frowning even more than before.

“You’re a freak,” he stated with slight disgust.

“You have no idea how righ you are.”

The boy turned around and stamping loudly approached the Undertaker, probably wanting to finally see his eyes, still covered by the white bangs. He didn’t have an opportunity to do so since just when he was inches close to him, the grim reaper stood up and placed his long, black nail on the boy’s forehead, stopping him in the middle of the walk as if he was a clockwork toy.

“No peeking, little one,” he hummed.

It seemed like Undertaker had a perfect answer for literally everything your nephew was doing, moreover, he was having a lot of fun with him and his attempts of hurting his feelings. However, he was not the one to give up easily.

“I bet you’re ugly, that’s why you’re hiding your face.”

“Well, you are not wrong,” the grim reaper giggled.

“Too ugly to date her.”

“And yet, she is there.”

“Because she hadn’t seen your ugly face.”

“Oh!” he laughed. “She saw way more than my ugly face, little one.”

Just when the boy was about to say somethig more, you opened the door and came back with few cold drinks. Seeing those two facing each other, your nephew clearly annoyed, frowning, cheeks reddened with emotions and Undertaker holding his stomach when he was trying to hold back the laughter made you immediatelly think that you missed something very important which you didn’t necessarily wanted to know about.

Sebastian would have sighed if it was not about his perfect butler appearance. Instead, he just looked at the boy who was still sitting on the sofa which now looking way much bigger with such a small human on it, and after a while stood up up from his current, comfortable position on a chair in the corner of the room. Approaching the child, he put the most gentle and kind smile he managed to on his face, hoping that you will be back soon and he won’t have to deal with him for longer than needed. He had enough of human cubs for the next hundred years, after all.

Your nephew, however, seemed to be well-educated and rather polite boy so spending few minutes with him probably was not going to be as bad, as Sebastian thought. Sitting in front of the boy on an armchair where you previously put your scarf on, the butler realized how wrong he was after hearing the first sentence said directly to him:

“You’re a spawn of satan.”

Sebastian freezed and so did the smile on his face. For a single moment, he could swear that he felt his heart beat slightly faster in a sudden realization that this young man was actually able to recognize him, to see through his disguise which he still didn’t take off even in front of you, to bare his secrets, to…

The demon coughed once, twice and looked at the boy again, this time straight in his eyes, focusing on guessing his true intentions. It was impossible that he could know it, no, it must have been some kind of joke and all he had to do was to talk about it with him before he could eventually reveal this secret to you.

“What makes you say such a strong words?” Sebastian asked, not affected by the nephew’s gloomy and averse stare.

The boy didn’t reply at first, he let the demon to wait patiently in silence and wonder what may the true answer be. Just when the butler thought that he won’t hear another word, the reply appeared and hanged in the air between them, heavy and uncomfortable.

“I don’t like the stuff you’re doing to her.”

For once, Sebastian thought that maybe he would want a glass of water also, he was clearly not ready for a conversation like this one. Adjusting his tie, he decided to not get fooled, now almost sure that the boy didn’t truly recognize him but saw or heard way worse things… Before he said anything more, he had to analyze the situation; your nephew couldn’t be that smart and he was probably assuming wrong.

“The stuff?” Simple, stupid question, way lower than his actual level but he was talking to the child, human child, wasn’t he?



Well, maybe he was that smart.

“Young man, it is not-“ Sebastian couldn’t end the sentence because the boy interrupted him right in the middle.

“I don’t want to see you close to her ever again, you trash, or else…”

The demon didn’t recall you having any kind of pocket watch but you seemingly didn’t need one to be in a right places on a right time which was now proved again by your presence in the room, the salver with drinks in your hands. You didn’t notice the way your nephew looked at Sebastian, no wonders, in the exact second when you opened the door, his expression changed completely, the image of innocent boy painted on his face once again. The boy happily jumped off the sofa and run to you to get his glass of juice, leaving the butler sitting still in the same place, completely confused.

“I see you were talking?” you asked him, handing your nephew a drink. “He is not that scary, isn’t he?”

The butler stood up to immediatelly help you with the salver.

“Oh no, you were completely right, my love,” he stated with a kind smile. “He is purely an angel.”

“You’re too short for her.”

Ciel almost spit out the tea he was currently drinking, hearing those words from the young boy who was so nice in your presence – until now, that is. He slowly put the teacup on the table and looked at your nephew who was now staring at him deadly.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard. You’re not much taller than me.”

The earl felt something similiar to the big bump growing in his throat, making him unable to speak nor think properly. He never had to deal with such situations before, not to mention with somebody – willing or not – close to him. In any other moment he would just walk away or demand getting rid off those who dare to insult him in so humiliating way, today was different and the hardest was that he had to be nice to the child sitting on the sofa. It is your nephew, he repeated himself in the mind, he can complain to you later.

What occupied Ciel’s thoughts the most was the reason why would he say something like that? Obviously, he didn’t want to insult him in front of his dear aunt but nevertheless he hadn’t given him any reason to act this way. He was a little bit proud, of course, but it couldn’t be the exact reason for this behaviour.

Not to mention that for the whole time he was spending with your relative, he was wearing those short heels which made him appear taller than he truly was. Is it possible that he was that short…?

Ciel cleared his throat.

“The height is irrelevant in an adult relationship, you will understand when you grow up,” he stated seriously, not wholly convinced about the truth of his own words.

“But you’re not an adult.”

If there would be somebody who could read in minds, he would certainly hear Ciel snap in this moment.

“Of course I am,” Ciel objected. “I am the head of the Funtom Corporation, the head oh the Phantomhive household, it makes me be an adult no matter how old I am.”

“But it doesn’t make you taller.” Vicious smile creeped upon the young boy’s lips who couldn’t not notice the change in Ciel’s attitude and tone of his voice.

“I-It is highly inappropriate to say such things to an earl,” he stuttered and immediatelly cursed himself internally for that.

What kind of child was it? Where did you take him from? And why the hell weren’t you coming back for so long? He had more than enough and didn’t want to participate in this conversation anymore.

“You’re my aunt’s boyfriend, I can speak what I want.”

Your nephew started slowly waving his legs hanging from the sofa and this only proved that he was having a great time. Ciel opened his mouth and quickly closed it, not wanting to offend the child but wishing he could shut his mouth with one, strong command which made him seem like a carp picked out of the water. However, for the next minutes the boy was quiet which let Ciel believe that he is done with insulting him and his problem was solved by itself. He quickly changed his mind when he heard him muttering something more under the breath.

“And you wear heels like a girl.”


For the user who requested a Namjin Single Dad AU (with Taekook) fic. I forgot to take a screenshot of your username… I’m sorry; it was supposed to be mainly Namjin but I don’t know how it turned out this way. Hope you’re still satisfied. Jin’s really direct in this hahaha.

Namjoon never thought he would be a single dad. There were plenty of reason; he is a famous producer who didn’t like being in the media, he hasn’t had a girlfriend since he was 15, but mainly because…well, he’s gay. Yet here he is, waiting outside Seoul’s best primary school waiting for his son, Taehyung.

“Joonie!” The familiar third grader ran up and hugged him around the legs just as the bell rang, signalling the student’s dismissal. Namjoon sighed as he picked the boy up; Taehyung had bad habit of sneaking out of class at the end of the day. The boy justifies it by saying ‘I pass the doors as the bell is ringing so I’m not leaving school early", which technically is correct. Even when Namjoon tries to argue that the teachers don’t see it that way, the boy’s puppy dog eyes always gets him.

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Part Two

Originally posted by aestheticsprouse

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: not really, except Jughead may be slightly ooc but just a little

Summary: Jughead is reunited with (Y/N), after meeting her in juvy six years previous.

Part One

“Max, you can’t just pick all the vegetables out,” (Y/N) scolded, as her brother pulled a ketchup-soaked lettuce leaf from his burger and dropped it onto the side of his plate, where it fell with a wet splat.

“Wa-watch me,” Max stuttered smugly.

(Y/N) didn’t force the issue. She watched him take a huge gulp of his milkshake then screw his eyes shut against the brain freeze. In the soft neon glow of the diner, Max couldn’t be mistaken for anyone else’s brother, with his (Y/H/C) hair falling in his (Y/E/C) eyes, he was (Y/N). Minus the criminal record.

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