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baby fever [parenthood series #1]

 summary: Bucky wants a baby. || fluff & nsfw || [future]dad!bucky x reader ||

warnings: your heart will grow like the grinch at this sweet content, nsfw, smut, trying for a baby, fear of parenthood, [intentional] unprotected sex, mentions of prenancy, mentions of Steve/Natasha and their baby Sarah

note: I’ve been posting dad!bucky fics here and there, so I decided to make a legit series and stuff about it called ‘Parenthood.’ This series will show everyone how Bucky’s little family was started, and how they progress through milestones and all of that. Here’s the first part called ‘Baby Fever!’ 

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Didn’t Expect It

Jason didn’t expect it really. In fact, he didn’t expect it at all.

It had been a tough night. A drug bust that escalated quickly, and before he knew it Birdie had shown up to save the day, and while Jason would never admit it out loud, he wasn’t entirely pissed about the rescue.

Not since it gave him a chance to see the youngest of them again.

He didn’t expect it really, the feeling. The unfamiliar joy to see his littlest brother, jumping here and there, weaving in between the enemies and taking down one man after another like it was a ballet performance. The strange smile that unfurled behind his mask as he stumbled to his feet, clutching the wound staining his shoulder and watched the little boy roundhouse kick Mr. Boss in the face, sending the man flying into the wall with a deafening crunch. The indescribable pride as the kid straightened himself, hands on his hips, and smirked.

He didn’t expect the warm sensation when Damian practically jerked himself towards the criminal that aimed his gun on Jason because his little brother was protecting him.

The Boss Man stumbled back on his feet and trained his two pistols on the 12-year-old standing in front of him, and Jason attempted to move towards Damian, because he already died once, don’t you dare lay a finger on him you bastard-

“Put the gun down.” Came his small voice, ever so tiny. Too tiny. “And I’ll give you a 5-minute head start.”

The man stared for a moment.

“4 minutes.” Damian scowled.

And Boss ran.

Jason didn’t expect the fear that lurched inside him when Damian’s shoulders slumped and he grabbed his stomach. He didn’t know what to do when his littlest brother turned on him, anger flaming in his bright green eyes, and felt guilty.

But it was okay, because at least those green eyes were alive.

And so Jason leaned back against the wall and slid until his body collapsed on the floor. The throbbing in his foot wasn’t so bad now, and his shoulder wasn’t as painful as it had been a moment ago. He looked back at Damian, preparing himself for the tiny storm before him.

“How dare you, Todd.” He hissed venomously, eyes narrowed almost threateningly, and he stomped towards him, hands in fists. “Drake ordered you to wait for me.”

“I don’t take orders from Timmyboy, Demon Spawn.” The insult-turned-nickname rolled off his lips so easily he didn’t have time to stop it.

“Foolish!” Damian seethed as he marched towards him. “It was foolish! Idiotic! Stupid! You could have died!”

“Been there, done that. Hell couldn’t handle this.”

The little boy stopped at this and his eyes widened a tad, and Jason realized what he’d said. It was so easy, almost a habit nowadays, to make jokes about his own death. At first, it was to pour the blame on Bruce, to make him feel guilty, terrible, make him apologize because he deserved those terrible feelings, but now it was just humor for him. It was something he did.

Jason had been back from the dead for years now.

Damian had been back, what, a few months?

“B-besides,” Jason tried to amend his witless mistake. “Why would you care?”

“Foolish Todd.” The little boy whispered, so different to his tone a second earlier. So small.

And he didn’t expect Damian to stumble towards him, but he didn’t refuse the tiny arms that were reaching towards him. He didn’t mind for the moment that his blood was getting all over the kid’s suit or that it was probably in his hair too because Jason was holding him. He was holding his little brother’s tiny, adorable, alive body in his arms and he wasn’t going to argue.

“Foolish, idiotic, stupid, brave Todd.” Damian croaked, burying his head into the crook of Jason’s neck. “You were supposed to wait.” He repeated, but sounded so unsure this time, the childish confidence disappeared. “You could have been killed.”

“Damian, I’m okay,” Jason whispered, completely bewildered by his brother’s behavior. They had never been chummy. They respected each other, maybe even liked each other a minuscule amount, but Jason was no Dick Grayson. “It’s not a big deal.”

“It is.” The boy pressed, curling even tighter into his arms and Jason couldn’t help but feel how freaking small he was.

So small, so precious.

“It is because,” he swallowed against his neck and Jason felt something wet hit his skin, but he dared not expect it to be tears. “Because Jason,”

He squeezed the boy tighter, “Dami…”

“You’re the only brother who knows what it’s like to die…” he whispered sadly. “I-I want you to know that-that I’m very glad you aren’t dead anymore.”

Jason’s eyes widened until they were saucers, and his jaw dropped, but his grip tightened. It tightened with new resolve, with new purpose, with new revelations at his smallest brother’s confession.

Damian held on for a little longer, but Jason wasn’t complaining.

Jason didn’t expect the gentle, loving smile that slid onto his lips as he rested his chin on the 12-year-old’s hair.  The protectiveness that gripped him in a vice, a chain wrapped around his heart. A new hole in his heart that was perfectly Damian shaped, and it was strongly defended.

He didn’t expect himself to tilt his chin to kiss Damian’s forehead, and Jason didn’t expect the smile that he felt against his neck.

“I’m glad you’re back too, Bud.”

They stayed that way for a while, clinging to each other until Tim and Bruce arrived.

Jason didn’t expect for him to hold onto his small brother the way he did. He didn’t know exactly why he wanted to come back to the Cave, to make sure that the knife wound was just a knife wound. He was surprised with himself, as was Bruce, when he decided to stay the night, to make sure the kid doesn’t steal my stuff. He didn’t expect to go to Damian’s room before he went to bed himself, wounds freshly cleaned and bandaged. He didn’t expect for the little boy to be asleep soundly, a peaceful expression that barely graced his face now adorning his cheeks.

He didn’t expect the emotion. The pride, the protectiveness. The love.

He leaned down and kissed Damian’s forehead silently, pushing back some of his hair before turning.

He didn’t expect his tiny, sleep filled voice to emerge, “Goodnight, Todd.”

Jason grinned, turning to close the door. “Night, Tater-Tot.”

The smile that was plastered on his face as he fell under the wings of sleep was anything but forced.

He didn’t expect it.

He didn’t mind either.

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hi! can you do a Stanley x reader where they’re all on the cliff & stan really likes the reader and all the losers know it, but the reader doesn’t know? and then when they’re all jumping off the cliff richie makes inappropriate comments lol and stan is like ‘get away from my girl’ basically and then the reader hears him and is like ?? lmao idk where i’m going with this oops

Richie making badly timed comments its basically me with shitty pick up lines, also dude this is hella 

You were invited by the losers to go for a swim you complied seeing as summer is never truly well spent if you don’t go for a swim.  Everyone just stared down the cliff

“So… who is going to ju-” a sentence interrupted by Bev who was the first one to jump “never mind” was all you said

“Ladies first y/n” Richie said as he gave a small bow 

“ what kind of bullshit rule is that Richie?” you inquired the be-speckled boy

“just showing my manners that’s all, and it would get me some points with tapping that sweet booty” adding a wink on the last part making you groan and start to walk away, “what? plus seeing you get wet is going to be seriously hot like those playboy bun-aaaahhh” all you see is a falling Richie as you turned, but who pushed him?

“get those filthy comments away from y/n! she deserves sweet words!” is all you can hear coming out of Stan’s mouth, causing a small blush to form in your face 

Nice one Stan!” chimed in by Ben as he gave him a friendly punch

“yeah, Richie should know better than talking to my girl” he says a little too quietly while turning to your figure

“what was that Stan?” you asked causing the boy to turn beet red, as you walked closer to him you saw how he was fidgeting for the right words to say “No-nothing I was” Stan couldn’t form the words, seeing it as a lost cause you decided to give him a small kiss on the cheek “thank you for that” a small smile was given tot the boy 

“Ye-yeah!” was all he could say “I would push a million Richies off a cliff just to keep you with me”

“thank god there’s only one Richie or we would all be dead” you say as you both laughed at that comment

So…a whole NCT 127 is gonna guest on Night Night…




Dad Reflexes (Soldier 76 x Reader)

Dad Reflexes (Soldier 76 x Reader)

Jack was fast, you know that, hell, everyone knew that. Either due to his training, his Indiana farm roots, or the chemicals they managed to pump into him, Jack was quick on his feet with a body that wouldn’t quit. Despite this, the poor man was tormented for these skills with the most embarrassing of labels; dad reflexes. Jack would always deny that he was a dad by nature though he let it slip out once in a while around Lúcio or Hana. After all the denial though, you knew Jack really did care for his fellow agents including you, just a simple support. It even got to the point where it seemed he cared about you in a deeper way and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel those feelings as well. It was these thoughts that were swirling in your mind as you were currently cleaning your utensils, getting ready for your next patient but the slam of the door made you jump. Turning around instantly, you spotted the man on your mind, arm around his middle, getting a bit of blood on the floor.

“Ja-ack?” you stuttered, getting over your spooked moment, “How are you?”
“I’m fine,” Jack sighed as he took a seat, taking off his visor and relaxing a little as you moved his arm to reveal a big of a big wound on his stomach, “Just a small wound.”

“Tsk, tsk,” you scolded, knowing it wasn’t just a small wound but you’ve seen this too many times from him that it practically numbed you, “Always getting hurt.”

Turning your heal to get some bandages as well as the utensils for stitches, your ditzy mind forgot about the blood on the floor as you stepped in one of the small puddles and lost traction. “SHIIII-”

Anticipating your crash to the floor, you felt yourself stopped before that happened, looking up to see that Jack stopped you in the nick of time. “Jack-k? I’m-m sorry,” you start to apologize though you couldn’t help but like the moment, your cheeks turning rosy red.

“Don’t worry about it, kiddo,” Jack hummed, giving you a week smile as a similar shade lined his face before he grunted deeply, his quick action and pressure on his gut agitating his wound, “(y-y/n)?”

“Yes?” you looked blankly before you realized, biting your lip as you got out of his arms, “Oh, sorry!”

Despite the blunder, you managed to fix up the super soldier without any other incident. Jack was quiet during that time, looking lost in thought as he bit his lip for a moment before you snapped him out of it.

“Jack?” you snapped your fingers in front of him.

“Dinner?” Jack asked, looking a little confused before he managed to collect his thoughts, “I’m sorry… would you like to have dinner with me?”

“I- sure,” you answered, rather flustered now, “But only after your wound heals.”

“Deal,” Jack chuckled, willing to endure so he could have a decent time with you that didn’t involve him getting hurt… yet.


But you decided to take fate into your own hands, well for the most part. It seemed you got into more accidents with Jack right around the corner, always there to save you like some clumsy protective knight. Yet the man was no fool, seeing that these tri[s and slips seemed more on purpose than accident now. But he guessed that’s what falling in love was all about, dad joke intended. And speaking of dad, he was soon going to be one after years of flirting, dating, and finally getting married to you, part of the American dream he was lucky to have and now he was getting another piece to that dream as he was taking a walk with you, well it was more like hovering over you, back to your room, laundry in hand.

“Jack, I’m alright,” you mumbled as you bit your lip, a hand on your bulging middle as you tried to calm the bouncing child inside as you carried the basket with your free arm.

“You can’t be too careful,” Jack mumbled, trying not to sound worried but he totally was, “You’re carrying precious cargo.”

“I know I am,” you sighed, gently smiling at him, “Believe me, I know.”

“And a man has to protect his girl,” Jack stated proudly, returning the smile. A perfectly placed kick from your unborn child managed to hit the basket, kicking a sock out and with your clumsy curse, you managed to step on it and lose traction.

“AHHH-” You were ready to fall, trying to move onto your back to protect your kid when you stopped suddenly, clothes all over the floor as you looked up, seeing that Jack managed to catch you in the nick of time. He managed to shuffle into a squat, one hand on your upper back, the other on your lower back.

“And I guess he has to protect his child too?” you couldn’t help but chuckle, heart racing as you tried to calm it down as not to stress the baby

“Especially from their klutz of a mother,” he mused though his voiced seemed a little strained.
“Jaaaaack,” you whined, playing the emotionally sensitive card a little too much, especially with his teasing.

“But I still love you,” he mused, kissing your cheek as he would always love his girl, no matter what.

“Oh, Jack, that’s so-” You were cut short as you noticed Jack whimper a little, furrowing your brow as he was straining to keep you the way you were now, tremors shooting from his tense muscles to your bloated body.

“M-my kn-nee-es,” he barely managed to grumble before he laid you down rather quickly, only to fall onto his side and rub the pained area. At least you weren’t alone on the floor anymore, giggling as you figured you could enjoy your time here as you pecked his cheek to help ease his pain. Especially since it would take forever to get you back up on your feet again. At least the laundry was warm…


“I’ve got you in my sights,” Jack mumbled in his serious commander voice as he was watching his daughter, (d/n) dancing around in a silly pink tutu, trying to show her dad what she learned in daycare. Despite Jack’s hard demeanor, he was proud of his little girl, seeing her grow up was making the old man soft and even giving him some hope in the world, especially when it gave him you and you gave him this little angel. (d/n) had her father’s blue eyes though sharper as compared to his weathered eyes and she was rather stubborn as well, especially during naptime. She got her nice (h/c) locks and beautiful looks and you hoped- no you prayed that she didn’t get your curse; your clumsiness.

“Oh please, she’s just fine,” You retorted in a hushed tone, curled up nest to your husband, watching the little show as you bit your lip, worried as you wonder even your curse would strike your child.

“I can’t help it,” he snickered, sensing your fear as he kissed your lips for a brief moment, “It’s my dad sense.”

“Well dad sense or not, our kid is gonna be alright,” you scoffed, knowing he’d always pull out the dad jokes card whenever he liked. Out of the corner of your eye though, you spotted that (d/n) managed to stumble over her wonky steps and was about to fall, potentially hurting that darling face or head. You knew what you had to do as you prevented her hit to the carpet, swooping her up into you arms with lighting quick reflexes.

“Are you alright, sweetie?” you asked her as you pecked her temple, worry deep in your (e/c) orbs.

“Again! Again!” the tot squealed, smiling wide as she bounced up and down in your arms.

“Only if your dad reflexes can catch up,” you chided, looking over your shoulder at him with a wide smirk on your face.

Jack got up, slowly clapping for you as he lightly nuzzled your cheek with his scruff. “You gave her your clumsiness in the first place.”

“Hehehe,” you laughed before you handed (d/n) off to Jack, mumbling into his ear, “I guess that’s not more ‘dirty dancing’ for the rest of the week.”

Jack was a blushing mess now as he looked at his daughter, hoping she didn’t hear that but a child’s ears are always open and absorb everything. His pulse quickened and blood got cold when his fears came true.

“What’s dirty dancing, daddy?” asked (d/n), too innocent and pure for this world questioning about the worse thing she could ask at such an age.

Queue Jack stumbling through an B-Sed answer of seeds and a farmer, red in the face and hoping this quick skills could get him out this situation… hopefully.

  • Inuyasha: Then your dad saved her like usual, the wolf really never had a chance.
  • -smiles at a young tot with dog ears- wolfs are bad
  • Boy: Wolf bad
  • Inuyasha: Good job son!
  • Kagome -yelling from a distance: Are you teaching our son to hate Koga again
  • Inuyasha: -looks at son-
  • Noooooooo -whispers- don't say that in front of your mother.