smile to the camera

It was that time of the week again, where Kristi started up her live sex chat, to show off to the world. Little did she know this week was gunna be different …

She started off by simply smiling and pouting in front of the camera, she seemed more hyper than usual, like she had a surprise. When the viewer count reached a level she was happy with she decided to reveal it.

She pulled out a dildo that she had gotten from one of her viewers as a gift. It was a brand new release onto the market. It was called the “BimboDildo”, for a good reason. It was supposed to make a girls assets grow and give her the best pleasure imaginable! 

She leaned back and started rub her clit, her legs were shaking with excitement! She slid the dildo inside of her, immediately she was overcome with a shiver of pleasure. She felt it run all over her body, she felt a strong tingling sensation in her breasts, ass and lips. She looked down to see them swelling!

“Works faster than I thought it would” she giggled

She continued to fuck herself with her new favourite toy as her body rapidly swelled! Her loose tank top was turning into a tight crop top fast! Her lips were big enough to give Kylie Jenner a run for her money! Her ass was lifting her lower half up higher and higher as it swelled! At the same time she felt her mind keep going blank, it was as if she was getting … dumber . . . 

She continued to moan as she stared down at her swelling body in awe. Her top was now becoming skin tight, her nipples were on the verge of forcing there way out!

“Look at me grow, maybe I should have done this naked” She sheepishly giggled

Her tits were the size of watermelons before … 


Her tits surged out of her top towards freedom! Her ass was bigger than basketballs, and her lips were twice the size of her idol Kylie. She felt a pressure growing inside of her! It grew stronger and stronger! Her moans grew louder!

“Howy shit!” she tried to scream through her swollen lips

She dropped the dildo as she came, she sat up from her position and stood up, struggling to squeeze her now huge ass out of it. She looked in a mirror to see her new look, she couldn’t believe how big she had gotten!

“Oh my god! I totally look like a bimbo slut! I’m gunna get like so many views! Guys love a big bimbo, but what if I was bigger! More guys would want me! I’d get like more views, and mores views means more money for shopping!” she thought to herself

She rushed back over to her laptop, she turned it to face her and then backed up from it!

“You guys want meh biggr?” she once again struggled to say through her lips

The chat was flooded with yes’s! She tried to slide it in her while she was standing, seen as her only seat was too small. But her tits and ass had gotten so big she couldn’t reach down her front!

But then! She had a plan, she tried reaching around the back, to her rear hole! She was never a fan of anal but right now she didn’t care! She managed to slither her hand along with the dildo in between her ass cheeks. She pressed the alright pussy juice covered dildo into her butthole! She slid it in fully, moaning with every inch that entered!

She felt an orgasmic rush, so powerful she fell to her knees as her body started to rapidly swell! The warning label strictly said to “Not insert into rectum”! In seconds her tits were touching the floor, her ass were like beach balls and her lips so big she couldn’t speak!

“Oh god, I think I made an oopsie, this is way too big and too fast!” she thought

She tried to reach back but her breasts prevented her from arching her back, she tried to push the dildo out but her giant swelling ass was blocking it! It was trapped inside of her!

“Oh well, bigger is better” she giggled in her head

“Mpmh mpmh mpmh mpmh mpmh mpmh” (See you guys on the news) she tried to speak through her enormous lips before her swelling body smothered her laptop as she filled her room!


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can u do a Dacre imagine where you go public with ur relationship at an award show and everyone thinks ur a Power Couple from the start


    • he’d be all suited the fuck up (a rare instance where his shirt is BUTTONED THE FUCK UP) and you’re right at his side looking just as fierce.
      • maybe some floor length evening gown with your hair tied up
    • and as you walk down the carpet, his hand is either on the small of your back or around your waist
      • he keeps whispering to you, some joke to calm your nerves or something about the award show
        • but mostly telling you how amazing you look
      • every time he talks to you, you smile
        • and the cameras eat you two up
      • the entire show, you’re sipping champagne and clapping and laughing with each other with his hand on your leg
      • and you spend the after party the exact same way
    • after the events, you come back and go to bed
      • but by the time you’re up and at the world, pictures have already hit and you’re not sure how it happened but you and dacre are on headlines
      • praises of how amazing you both looked and intense you were together
    • you’re stunned by this, by this overwhelming positivity
      • dacre just shrugs as he makes you toast
      • “i coulda told ‘em how amazing you were babydoll”


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For Ducktales 2017, how do you think Panchito & José would interact around Mark Beaks? ((Please include some pissed off Panchito interactions too, since I find it kind of funny,))

In a continuity where smart phones now exist:D, I headcanon Panchito often sends his pals very cool selfies and photos of his travels with Senor Martinez. 

Mark would actually be a bit of a fanboy on Panchie’s social media, and he’d be elated to meet him in person, mainly because of how effortless yet badass Panchie’s selfie game is. 

Forget typing YOLO while you fall off a building - Panchito will take a non-blurry selfie somehow while having both revolvers in his hands, with a bandit tied to a post behind him and the people of the little town in the middle of the desert cheering from the windows and a perfect rainbow cuts through the sky. A phoenix is flying in the distance and it turns to the camera and smiles just as the button is clicked. You look me in the eye and tell me Mark doesn’t want an IG account full of pictures like this.

Panchito on the other hand wouldn’t really see what the big deal is? He doesn’t plan his photos, his adventures are just pretty crazy sometimes and he loves to tell his friends about them. That’s what social media is to him. 

Mark otoh is a lot more interested in the exposure and fame pics like that can get him rather than the stories and the lives behind those photos. Panchito’s IG would have an incredible number of followers and growing daily because the pics are just that outrageous and dynamic(he’s like a celebrity traveler account on IG), and Mark wishes for that without the actual, you know, traveling. He keeps asking Panchito for tips and advice online. Panchito doesn’t care about the numbers, and he’d think Mark is just missing the entire point of social media.

Jose’s social media would be quieter. His pics are mostly selfies where he tries to look as smoldering as possible, lots of pretty girls, capoeira, and scenic photos of Brazil. He grew up in a poor neighborhood, but the pictures he takes even there have a lot of love in them. Some people would absolutely dig that, but Mark would be like ‘boooring’ and wouldn’t follow.

(You know what I can see Panchito getting pissed off over? Mark shooting a video of something serious instead of helping. It’s one thing to take photos and selfies when everyone’s having fun, it’s another to watch something bad unfold and do nothing. I highly doubt Mark would ever stoop to taking a video of something inappropriate but if we assume he does, you can bet his phone would have a hole through it within minutes.)

Jungkook when he saw Jimin pop the bottles🍾🍾: ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

Jungkook mentally:Okay so… 아미 사랑해요 and all that jazz but ya boi tryna get LITTY. Umm this Vapp gonna have ta end soon. How many bottles we got?? One, two…seven, e-eight? We got eight bottles on deck?! It’s ooooover my guy. As long as the camera is off no ones gotta know.

*Continues to smile into the camera*

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Now excuse me while I just… lie here on the floor, consumed with duck feelings.