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Please don’t go
I’ll eat you whole 
I love you so.
- Alt-J - Breezeblocks

Literal murder husbands! Probably got married during a killing spree while on the run, likely under the pretense of acting the part in some elaborate scheme to mess with the FBI. Details very much inspired by this gorgeous piece of artwork that gave me the idea for the moon and the Hokusai waves.

Say It (Jungkook/Reader)

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Genre: Smut - Inspired by a fic written by Admin JP + Say It by Tory Lanez.

Words: 7.2K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: Honesty was a trait you had always prided yourself in being strong in possession of, something your friends and fans all admired you for; so the day you announced you did not like Jeon Jungkook, they knew your words were true.

Tags: Dance room rendezvous, slow and sensual sex against the dance studio mirror wall, etc. 

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A/N: again i don’t care. Jasper is sexy.


“Starting without me? I’m offended” you jump behind jasper as he was explain the best way to defeat a newborn army. He jumps, surprised, you were the only one that could surprise the major.

You and jasper met when he was with Maria and the moment he saw you he immediately lost interest with Maria and you two got close, much to Maria’s disliking. But since then you both have stuck together, changing your ‘diet’ together, sticking together through the hard times. Although you have been separated for a year now because you’ve been spending time with jasper’s distant family members and also peter and charlotte in Texas. After hearing from jasper that a new born army was coming after Edward’s mate you immediately volunteered to help.


“I hate it when you do that” jasper playfully scolds

“Shut up, you love it” you tease, going up on your tip toes to kiss him before he can say anything. Swiftly turning to face the human, you smile and introduce yourself before turning back and asking jasper where he got to in explaining how to win.

“So where were we?” you ask cheekily

“(Y/n)? What would you say would be the best advice” jasper asks you a sweet smile on his face

“Oh that’ll be, never let them get their arms around you they’ll crush you instantly” you reply

“And second never go for the obvious kill, they’ll be expecting that and you. Will. Loose.” Jasper got really intense and you could see the major coming out and it. Was. Sexy

“Emmett!” he calls out. They don’t fight for long and before you know it, it’s your time to go against your mate.

“Don’t go easy on me” you warn

“Don’t worry I’ve learnt my lesson” he grins and you both laugh at the inside joke. You fight for a bit before you easily win.

“You’ve gotten slower babe. What happened?” you tease

“Oh you’ll pay for that”


When Bella asked jasper on how he knew about all of this war the topic of you came up

“She was the light in my darkness, I owe my better  life to her” jasper describes his love for you as you walk up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist, resting your chin on his shoulder after kissing it

“God I sound awesome don’t I?” you joke

“Yes you are” jasper replies seriously. You smile at each other and passionately kiss. Bella looking at the both of you and thinking that you and jasper are what she aspirers her relationship to be like.

Tease (M)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: one shot, angst, fluff and a little bit of smut

Word Count: 3,298

Request: for @shesdreaminginoverdose :  Hi author-nim can I request 33 with Baekhyun fluff and a bit smut (*´艸`*) 

Summary: (33- “Bite me” “If you insist.”) Ever since you moved next door to Baekhyun, you have been the victim of his teasing and you had enough. 

A/N: Hey everyone, this is my first one shot from the prompt list I posted a couple days ago. I will try to post the other requests soon (btw I didn’t proofread so sorry if there are any mistakes). Enjoy!

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You run into school late, your hair everywhere and your breathing rigid. It’s your first time being late, your alarm clock not ringing for some reason.

Thankfully, you get to class before the teacher arrived. You walk into the chaotic classroom full of rowdy students talking, laughing, and throwing things around. You walk to your seat in the front of the classroom, planning on just studying when suddenly a body steps in front of you.

“Hey Y/N,” smirks Baekhyun.

You roll your eyes, not wanting to deal with him so early in the morning. “Move Baekhyun.”

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Favorite Color? (Soulmate Au)

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Request: A soulmate Au where you see grey until you meet your soulmate.

The world had always been grey for (Y/n), and it would probably be grey for the rest of her life. You see (Y/n) was raised by a pure-blood family, and being a pure-blood came at a cost. They never meet their soulmate. Sure on occasions, if you were lucky, they’re betrothed was their soulmate but most of the time it never happened.

She was only 7 when she found out that most people could see in color. Which surprised her, considering her parents also only saw grey. That’s when (Y/n)’s parents explained about soulmates and how if she met hers then the world became colorful. Even then she still was okay with seeing grey for the rest of her  life.

That was until (Y/n) arrived in Illvermorny. Sure for awhile all the kids saw grey but by 5th year almost all of them could see in color. All except the pure-bloods. She tried to ignore the taunts of being called “Soulless.” or the taunts of “Hey pure-blood are you sure there’s even someone for you out there?” That’s when the hatred for grey bubbled inside her. 

It was that very blasted color that kept her from being normal. That one color. The bullying was extremely worse one day and that’s when she met the Goldsteins. 

“Hey Pure-blood you do know what color this is right?” A boy taunted waving a grey fabric in her face. No matter how hard she concentrated (Y/n) couldn’t tell, but she knew what happened if she got it wrong. Tears gathered in her eyes as she grew more and more frustrated. “Hey pure-blood I don’t hear an answer!”

“Leave her alone! She’s not bothering anyone” A voice cried out catching the group off guard. Another student, a girl, stood with her arms cross. She was a fairly tall girl with short wavy hair and a frown was on her face.

The boy huffed slightly. “Aw come on Queenie it’s just a little fun!” (Y/n) watched cautiously as the girl made her way over with a sweet smile on her face. It honestly scared (Y/n).

Queenie let out a giggle and replied,”Oh I’m sure it is, but do you want me to tell your soulmate about your other fun?” The boy’s face seemed to get paler and Queenie smirked. “That’s what I thought now run along.” Tina plopped down beside (Y/n) as the boy quickly made his get away. “Are you alright sweetie?”

(Y/n) shifted slightly and gave Queenie a thankful look. “Yea it’s pretty normal…” She mumbled fiddling with her hands.

Queenie huffed slightly shaking her head causing her curls to bounce in every direction. “Well it shouldn’t!” She turned to (Y/n) and smiled. “I’m Queenie Goldstein by the way.”

(Y/n) smiled slightly. “(Y/n) (L/n)… It’s nice to meet you…”

It seemed after that day (Y/n) no longer cared about colors. Cause when she met the Goldstein sisters she found out that not only pure-bloods got stuck seeing grey. That in fact sometimes other people met their soulmates later on in life. In fact, she had accepted that she might not meet her soulmate and decided that grey was her favorite color. That was until she met her soulmate.

(Y/n) had been slightly fidgety all day. Queenie was bringing her soulmate over to meet her along with his friend. She would have been glad for it, but this was not the week. You see (Y/n) and her parents had struck a deal a long time ago. She had 1 year to find her soul mate or else she would be married off. This was her last week to find him, but she knew that no matter what she couldn’t say no to Queenie.

So here she was in one of her nice dresses waiting for Queenie to show up. She glanced around making sure that her apartment was all set. Her great horned owl, Athena, was perched in her cage sleeping. All her papers were neatly organized on the coffee table in the living room. The flames in her fireplace were going steady and she glanced into the kitchen. the table was all set for everyone and the food was still cooking.

A small knock sounded on the door and (Y/n) was instantly at the door. “Queenie!” She exclaimed hugging the girl tightly. 

Queenie let out a laugh and pulled out of the hug. She grinned widely at the girl. “(Y/n)! It’s so good to see you!” She stepped inside and pulled a short man in with her. “(Y/n) meet Jacob my soulmate!” Queenie leaned in and whispered excitedly,”He’s also a no-maj so let’s try to keep this quiet.”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened slightly at the word “No-maj” but kept her mouth shut. She and Queenie knew the consequence of being caught… But if Queenie was happy that was all that mattered. She smiled at Jacob and held out her hand. “Nice to meet you Jacob.”

He smiled slightly. “It’s nice to meet you as well  (Y/n). Queenie speaks fondly about you…”

(Y/n) smiled slightly at the thought. She suddenly remembered something and frowned. “Hey wasn’t there supposed someone else?”

Queenie giggled and replied,”He’s outside the door… He’s just a little shy” She took Jacob’s hand and sang, “Come on Newt. She won’t bite.”

(Y/n) watched as a tall man came into view. His curly hair covering his eyes as he stared at the ground. He was carrying a slightly beat up suitcase as well. “Hello I’m-.” The moment his eyes met hers a pain shot through her skull.

That’s when she saw it. At first she didn’t know how to describe it. It was the most beautiful color she had ever seen and almost immediately the name clicked. She was staring into his green eyes. That moment she decided at that very moment that green was her favorite color. His eyes were wide in shock.

“Newt? (Y/n)?” Jacob’s voice pulled the two back from their moment. ‘Are you two alright?”

(Y/n) let out a small laugh and turned to them again. Queenie instantly noticed the sparkle in her eyes. (Y/n) grinned and replied, “Yea Jacob perfectly fine.”

Newt stepped beside her and hesitantly took her hand. “I guess I should introduce you to my Soulmate,” Newt joked sending a flutter of butterflies through (Y/n).

Soulmate…. (Y/n) smiled softly at the word. I could love this….

HEY GUYS I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD! That’s right I’m back I have finally been inspired and it’s about time! Also any valentines day ideas would be awesome! Anyways this is my longest one I’m pretty sure so I hope you like it!s

on the post about earth prison, what if humans were once a major threat to the universe?

The humans are a horrid race where each individual could match 3 alien soldier equivelents and their society was ruled in a strict militaristic Empire. They had taken over a quarter of the universe before they could be thwarted.
It took everyone else left to band together and take them out, culling their race in a costly war that spaned millenium. Eventually they got us down to an endangered species, only the richest diplomats who payed their way to be given the ‘mercy’ of being placed into a inhospitable prison with memory wipes. Earth.
No technology on planet, heck the whole sol system is in a intergalactic black out zone to insure that no outsiders can find them in the chance certain individuals were payed off to save them before hand.
Covered in more deseases than any place else in the universe, many of the strongest predators gathered and placed there to keep their numbers in check, with a good spinkling of poisoness plants and animals for good measure. A hair balanced ecosystem was also created so that in the off chance they happen to start progressing technologically again, in the minimum 6000 years (500 faster than the fastest progressing race recorded in universal history) it will take them to progress through the industrial age, their entire planet would have have become devoid of any form of sustenance to support themselves and they will either have to give up or die.

this is all punctuated with their already small planet being mostly covered in undrinkable water and filled with even more deadly creatures so as to deter them from populating its surface, hence keeping their numbers down. While this resulted in some of the landmasses being a little too hospitable, we evened things out by altering their structure until there was a constant threat of natural disasters to deter them from settling in those areas.
We even went as far as placing fake evolutionary fossils around to help turn them away from thoughts of where they came from leading to ideas about space travel.
I think we can safely assume they will serve their punishment for their races crimes well here, or die trying to escape it.

~year 3452AD earth years~

After finding a drifting peice of strange metal in space, a trading ship sent it into our department as it seemed to be sending out a strange noise on radio wavelengths. something only descovered due to certain animal cargo they were transporting stressing out when near the device. After our department analysed it and found it to be a message of peace we were exstatic, hoping to meet a new species to introduce to the galaxy.
However the excitement died down quickly once its point of origin was tracked down… a black out zone containing the most heinous of criminals. Due to how it was traveling through space, we believe it was sent over 1000 years ago. Which should be impossible as due to all calculations they should barely be out of the stone age by now… these implications are worrying to say the least, and unbelievable to most. Although the majority have come to the conclusion it is simply some distastful prank, we must check to be sure.

And so the first check up on the human prison was started. A fleet of 300 science vessals to quickly scan the planet and leave within a few days. They also were accompanied by 20 military ships to deter any would-be pirates. They all enter ftl with the destination of earths moon to set up a temporary station while the scanning will be on going.

The crew is discussing and argueing about whether the humans will either be dead or they will get to see the galactic boogey men poking at monsterous beasts such as the legendary ferocious ‘bull’ with sticks. Only to be shocked into silence upon exit of ftl to see litterally tens of thousands of battle space ships aiming their weaponry at them, their sensors indicating that at least 20 of the biggest ships have weaponry that can wipe through a quarter of their fleet and their sheilds in a single blast. After only 5 minutes of silence their com links seem to have already been hacked through and a screen opens with a terrifying angry human on the other side shouting at them in another language, after a breif few seconds the auto translator kicks in and their voice rocks them to the core.

“I repeat! You are in the United Continents of Earths no space flight zone! Identify yourselves immediately or by law we will be forced to remove you perminantly via lethal means!”

The chief scientist scrambles at the controls before managing to hit the right button “W-we come in peace! j-just some civilian vessals passing through, we will just… turn and go now! haha!” he blurts out nervously as a few crew facepalm and the rest sweat just as nervously.

“civilians is it? a likely story! Do you take me as a fool!?”

“oh no of c-”

“I dont even need to glance at my scanners to see the military vessels hidden among your fleet! Who are you allied to?! Is it those red mars scum!? no… the ship style isnt like them… Ah, you must be part of those damn reclusive jupitarians huh? the saturnites giving you too much trouble so you tried to sneak back the homeworld did you? well too ba-” the angry human is interrupted by a smaller and thinner human arriving beside him, handing over a peice of glass with glowing letters before saluting and running off. The angry man peruses it for a short while, tension in the air before a disturbingly sweet smile crosses his face.

“Well well, honored guests from another galaxy is it? forgive my inhospitality earlier, i was unaware who you were. It seems obvious we couldnt identify you sooner now. Please, do let us guide you down planet side so we can talk further on this…” he glances down at the glass again “ FTL drive. I am sure we can come to a reasonable understanding.”

Alien crew members start screaming things like “oh gods! how do they-” “we cant!” “we would be hated as the villains who brought mankind back to the universe!” “were screwed!” before they are quitened down and the cheif researcher tries to see if they can be reasoned with.

“o-oh, we simply couldnt, perhaps another time! uhh, we really dont want to inconvenience you.”

“oh no, I insist.” the human punctuates his words by waving his hand in a seemingly meaningless gesture… if you were able to ignore the entire fleet of tens of thousands of warships move out almost immediately after to surround them.


(this idea got a little away from me, plus bad writing cuz im lazy on my mobile)

170402 CH+ CHATROOM W/ HOSEOK (pt. 1&2)

> Good morning @-@/ *J-Hope sticker*
> I just started this chat, but
> But I have to go to rehearsals…. *aegyo*
> I’ll go and come back later *aegyo* *J-Hope sticker*
> 😭🙌 
Exits at 6PM CST

Enters at 6:20PM
> I’m back *aegyo*
> But
> I have to get my hair cut …… *aegyo*
> I’ll come back again *aegyo*
> 😭🙌

trans: jhope-shi

How BTS Would Kiss You After Being Away For A While

The boys go away on tour for a while, how would they kiss you when you meet them at the airport?  

Jin: Jin would have kind of a blank face as he walks around, but as his eyes would hit you, he would melt. He would look at you like you were the sweetest, most pure thing on earth, he’d smile at you and cup your face in his hands gently, and pull you in close kissing you softly at first, then deeper and harder, before pulling away and kissing for face all over softly. He wouldn’t be able to keep a small, sweet smile off his face as he takes you all in. Your eyes, your smile, your hair, your sweet smell, your everything. “I have so much to tell you,” He’d say as he kissed your temple, keeping an arm around your shoulders hugging you as the two of you walked.

 Suga: He’s kind of stoic when he’s alone in public, so as he walks out of the plane terminal and sees you, his stone cold expression would melt into a soft smile. He’d quicken his pace and hold out his arms, collecting you and pulling you against him in one swift motion. He’d hold you against his body tightly for a moment, closing his eyes and enjoying the feel of your body against his for a moment, before pulling away enough to look into your eyes. He’d study your face for a moment, his smile growing, before putting a hand on your cheek and kissing you deeply for a moment, and pulls away keeping his arm around your waist and holding you against his side. 

 RM: He’d be in his own, philosophical world as he walked out of the terminal. He’d look up and scan the people around the terminal before his eyes would land on you. He’d pull his headphones out, and smile as he sees your face light up. He’d walk over with his arms outstretched and hug you tightly against his body. “How’s my baby girl been?” He’d ask, his lips against your neck. He’d kiss your neck quickly, then your jaw, cheeks, and lips. “I promise, there’s more where that came from.” He’d promise, smiling sentimentally at you, wanting to hold you against him and never let you go again. He’d keep you against his side as you two walk, occasionally leaning over to kiss your head. 

 JHope: Our Hobi is an optimistic one, pretty happy most of the time already. But when he saw you standing there waiting for him, his smile grew even bigger. He’d drop his bags and run to you, capturing you in his arms and spinning you, laughing all the while. He’d kiss your lips deeply first, then cover your face in soft kisses, occasionally landing a sweet peck back on your lips. Soon he’d be out of breath from all your kisses, still smiling that he has his favorite girl back in his arms. He’d press your foreheads together, staring into your eyes, trying to memorize them. “Tell me everything about your life. Everything I’ve missed.” He would demand you tell him every detail of your life, even though he texted you every single day asking for life updates. He’d feel bad he left you for so long, and want to make up for it. 

Jimin: Jimin is like Jin in the sense that he just has an average blank face as he walks. His eyes would land on you, and his sweet smile would spread across his face. He’d speed up and come to you, pulling you close against his body, burying his head in your neck, breathing in your sweet smell that he missed. He’d quietly think to himself about how good it felt to be home, to be with you. He’d gently rub your lower back with his arms around your waist, holding your body tightly against his. He’d smile at you, brushing your noses together softly before lightly brushing your lips against each other. “Miss me?” He’d ask quietly as he took all of you in, his eyes raking over every detail of you. He’d tilt your face up gently by your chin and kissing you softly and sweetly, and would walk you out, squeezing your hand in his all the while. He would keep looking over at you, not being able to hold back his smile. 

Taehyung: When V is out, he’s either all Gucci and sexy, or like a sweet but confused baby duck. He’d walk out Gucci, and turn into the duck once he saw you. His eyes would light up and he’d grin his sweet happy grin at the sight of you. He’d collect you in his arms and hug you tightly first, before pulling away to look at you. His grin would grow at the sight of your grin, and his eyes would travel along every detail of your face, memorizing anything that might’ve changed. He’d lean down and kiss you softly at first, keeping his hands on your waist firmly, and begin to deepen the kiss, his fingertips tightening on your waist. He’d soon after pull away, a smirk on his face and content in his eyes. He’d walk you out, keeping one am around your waist, his fingertips tracing designs. He’d be proud to have you back in his arms like nothing had changed. Then he’d get past the sweet stuff and back to joking. He’d tug on your hair with his other arm making you look around, and laugh at your confusion, kissing you after each trick. 

Jungkook: Sweet Kookie would try to look mature and older like his hyungs, but once he saw you that act would drop. He’d grin and laugh a little and jog over to you pulling you into his arms, lifting you off of your feet a little bit, laughing against your skin. He’d lean in kissing you deeply and then softly, before pulling away and tracing your face with his fingertips, as though you were art, his eyes wide with awe and relief and excitement, all at once. “Miss me?” He’d ask, trying to sound cool and chill, but ending up sounding hopeful and innocent. You’d nod and his smile would widen and he’d pull you close again leaning his head against yours. He’d walk you out, holding your hand, gently tracing his thumb over it, excitedly telling you about all his adventures, and excitedly look over at you almost like he doesn’t believe you’re there.

GOT7 React: Realizing They Have Feelings For You

Request: Hi ! Could I request a Got7 scenario/reaction in which they realize they have feelings for you? Thank you, I really enjoy your writing !

I am so sorry for taking so long to post this! I have three more requests to do after this, but I am still busy with more projects and I am planning getting on a job soon, so I will probably be even more busy if I get hired.

I hope you all like this reaction! It might be a bit messy and rushed, but I tried my best


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I don’t think he would acknowledge his feelings at first. He always loved to make you happy, your smile always made his day better anyway.

When he first realized how he felt about you, he was slightly in denial because it was an embarrassing thought. He didn’t think that him wanting to always hear your laugh and see your smile meant that he liked you, but then Youngjae caught him staring at you, a fond, toothy smile on his face. Youngjae whispered in his ear that he was staring and he became flustered, biting his lip.

The days kept going on and on and Jaebum was beginning to be more obvious about his feelings for you. Of course, he didn’t notice how obvious he was being, and sooner or later, all of the members began to notice how Jaebum started to nearly stick to your side whenever you were around. You noticed it too, but didn’t think much of it at first, you just thought that he missed your company all the time.

The other members would giggle behind their hands if they saw Jaebum get upset or jealous when another guy made you laugh or blush, but he can’t help it ): He wants to be the only guy that makes you laugh and smile like that.

Eventually, he does confess his feelings towards you. He was going to keep it secret for a little while longer (who am I kidding, like a year @ least) but Jackson got tired of his pining and convinced JB to tell you he liked you.


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The quiet bean would be even more shy around you. Whenever he saw you, he would get excited and give you a little wave. You two were nearly inseparable. While you were a great talker, Mark was always a great listener.

This is where I believe he realized his feelings for you. You were talking about your day as he listened to you with genuine interest. You had your head in his lap while your legs were flung over Junior’s legs. Junior was on his phone during this so only Mark was paying attention to you. His elbow was propped on the armrest of the couch with his chin in his hand and he watched you with a little smile on his lips.

You were moving your hands in wild gestures, your eyes staring at the ceiling. Suddenly you laughed which caused Mark to zone out and stare at your face for a second before he snapped out of it when you clapped your hands with another laugh. Embarrassing enough, Junior caught him staring at you for that one second

Mark felt his stare on the side of his face and turned his head, only to have Junior giving him a look and a fleeting smirk before going back to his phone.

He would still be subtle about his feelings for you whenever you came around to hang out with him and the guys, but even though you were oblivious, the other members found it a little obvious since he begins to pay much more attention to you and asks for your opinion on things more often than not.

Fortunately, Mark confessed to you before Junior had to tell him that he was hiding his feelings from you for far too long.


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On the outside, he would be indifferent, but his heart would beat so much faster if you smiled at him or you shouted his name in excitement.

He would get more bolder with you also, with his arm around your shoulders in a casual way as you both looked at your phone screen, scrolling through a social media app.

He would hug you tighter and give you more high fives when you passed by, but overall, I don’t think anyone would catch onto the fact that he really likes you.

Even you wouldn’t notice because you were thinking that he’s just been in a better mood these past few days. You couldn’t complain though because you really did enjoy his warm hugs.

He confessed to you after three weeks which caught everyone off guard because ??? wtf since when bro ?? why did u not tell ur fellow group membrES


Originally posted by jackseunie

Jackson would be all over you. I mean, sure, there are moments where he’s shy around you because ur too cute, but the skinship between you two would be burSTing through the roof.

He didn’t even realize you were PRETTY AS HELL?? He only noticed because there was that one time where he was taking a break in the dance practice room and you were just there? somehow  you ended up taking a nap with your head resting in his lap i don’t knoW. He was going to wake you up because his break was over, but he saw you with your hair framing your face and you just looked so comfortable and soft napping on him. He didn’t have the heart to wake you up and ended up getting scolded when he told the members he would skip practice just this once.

After accepting the fact that he has a crush on you, he would be extra extra touchy with you because ur just ,, such a soft bun.

His arms would always be around you whenever you were around and he would always pull you into a hug if you ever walked past him. Your circle of friends almost thought you two were dating since they kept noticing how Jackson always has some part of his body pressed against yours, whether it’s his cheek against your shoulder or his hand encircling your wrist.

You didn’t mind how Jackson got more affectionate because that’s just how he is, and rejecting his hugs would be most terrible thing to do because he’s such a sweet bun.

Jackson would occasionally scream your name whenever he saw you, even if it was just a picture of you on your social media. He always ran to you when you came to visit and he would give you plenty of compliments whenever you looked particularly lovely (which is like, everyday).

He confessed to you two weeks after because he’s actually really nervous about being honest with his feelings, but fortunately, you accepted his confession because you already figured out that he liked you and well - you like him too.


Originally posted by yjarssunshine

He is trying so hard to not make it obvious. With that said, it’s kind of obvious.

Youngjae laughs at nearly everything you say and whenever he’s texting you, there’s this sweet smile on his face or he’s trying his best to suppress a giggle. At first, it wasn’t even a crush. You both had hit it off so well that you became best friends like a day after you two met.

He sometimes got a little distant when you were around because he was either busy staring at you or he was trying to not be busy staring at you. You probably weren’t even oblivious to the fact that he had a crush on you, but you weren’t going to tell him that. The members knew too, but let Youngjae think it wasn’t obvious that he liked you.

(Seriously, it’s so obvious. He clutches his chest subconsciously whenever you smile at him.)

There would be a few little brushes of his fingers against your arm or back if he was brave enough, but his legs would feel weak if you ever initiated a hug or held onto his bicep.

He would confess the same way Jackson did and you would laugh because you waited nearly a month for him to tell you his true feelings.


Originally posted by seoulostboys

I think he’d be pretty proud of himself for falling for a girl like you. You’re not only cute, but extremely funny and your laugh is somehow the cutest thing in the world??

He definitely likes it when you wear pastel colours, but is most fond with your comfortable look. Your clothes look so soft, you could probably use them as pillows or blankets as a substitute.

Bam Bam would still be a little shy around you, but would frequently make more ridiculous jokes just to hear your laugh. His smile would be extra wide and he would even laugh with you. He also noticed that you laugh harder and really bad jokes so he throws those in a few times so that he can watch you slap your knee and clutch your stomach.

He teases you a lot more just because he can and you’re really cute when you get flustered, so.

After he’s done being shy around you (for two days), he would confess right away and hope for the best.


Originally posted by chattyang

O’ so very shy this boy. He was very comfortable with you at first, occasionally wrapping his arm around your shoulders or ruffling your hair, but when he started to see you as more than a friend, he touched you less and covered his face with his hands whenever you gave him a charming smile.

He giggled shyly if you ever initiated a hug or said something dorky. He stares a few seconds too long when he witnesses you smiling or doing something that you love to do and he lowkey loves it when you play with his fingers.

He’s super tall too so !! height difference is cute (unless you’re not that much shorter than him or you’re taller) but still height difference is cute because when is it not cute. I think he would accept that fact that he likes you fairly quickly and would go back to his normal self where he gives you surprise back hugs and pinches to the cheek,

He would tease you by hooking his chin on top of your head to make himself taller (really it’s just a silly excuse for him to be vERY close to you, slow down speed racer).

He probably confessed a week after he realized he liked you, and he just hoped that you liked him back even if you started liking him a day or months ago.


jiyong is so lovely and precious in every way

One Of The Boys || Jack Maynard

Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers

Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Summary: You meet the boys after a few months of dating Jack and end up getting along like a house on fire. 

Word Count: 971

Dedicated To: One of my absolute favourite buttercream authors @suggxmaynard​ , thank you for inspiring me to start this blog love♡

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Fallin for You

fandom: monsta x
member/reader: changkyun, female
genre/warning(s): smut, college!AU, friends to lovers au, slow-ish build? idk i don’t really do slow (is my non commitment side showing up?), fratboy/fuckboy!changkyun, fratboy/stfuboy!jooHEON, church friends!jookyun, voyeur!jooHEON, changkyun’s third leg makes an appearance, church jokes, slightly dom!changkyun
length: 10K+ wth am i doing with my life
summary: [request] okay pls a changkyun smut where you guys are best friends but you spend too much time w/ another member, and one night you guys get kinda drunk. 
a/n: i’m?? this took a long time and it was supposed to be a drabble, but!! i decided to add church puns also holla @urmomstax for being the changkyun slut she is to help me with some dialogue and characterization.

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Petname Babygirl II pt. 4

Yoongi x reader, Jimin

genre: smut, angst, dom!yoongi

word count: 10k

After having sex with Yoongi in the middle of the living room you are faced with some attractive stranger, who turns out to be your boss’ brother.

He hovered over you, his grey hair tickling your neck as he peppered kisses from your collarbones up to your jaw, leaving small wet spots in the shape of his lips the way up. Between your legs you felt his length buried deep inside you, making you feel one climax after the other. Yoongi was an amazing lover that night, fulfilling all your hidden desires, pleasuring you for hours with his tongue ere he thrust into you, his cock touching all the sweet spots. You could feel the high coursing through your lower body, the next wave of pleasure making you tremble.

“You’re so perfect, baby girl”, a quiet whisper reached your ears, Yoongi’s hands caressing your sides before he cupped your face.

Your heart fluttered, his face got so close to yours that you thought he would kiss you with his pink lips. And so he did. He delicately kissed you, soft, warm lips pressed on yours, his tongue tracing your bottom lip while he slowly moved his hips, riding out your orgasm. The sensation got so intensive that you just wrapped your legs around him, screaming his name while he passionately kissed you through your climax until he pulled away, a sweet smile on his face.

“Yoongi, c-come here”, you whined opening your arms to let him in. He obeyed, leaning down to press his pretty mouth on yours again.. a loud noise woke you up. The sound of a shutting door, closed with a hit filled the apartment as you tiredly stretched yourself, eyes rubbing before you glanced at the place next to you. It was empty and so were your memories from your dream.

Yoongi walked down the large lobby of the hotel you resided in for the trip abroad. He had business to attend with ensuing in meeting his brother for a talk. To be honest, he much rather wanted to spend the last day of the trip with you tied up, naked and willing on the king sized bed upstairs, but work was more important.

Unfortunately he fell asleep as soon as his body got in contact with the fresh sheets and the soft mattress of the master bedroom. How horny he was after seeing you in the dress he bought, freshly showered with those pink lips. He wanted to rip it off the moment you stepped in on him, but the dinner had to be done first. After teasing you, he decided that after coming back home, it would be a move he would do more often, in some meetings or in his office, your face so red and telling everyone what you felt aroused him, made him play with the might he had over you. He liked that about you, the honesty and the will to always be ready for him. As he thought about the evening before yesterday he felt his dick inflating, the marks he peppered your skin in, the bruises of his bites were such a turn on for him. How you looked after the night, so deliciously marked as his. And this you were, his.

Never had Yoongi thought that your resume would lay on his desk a few weeks after hooking up with you. The night haunted him for months, in a positive way and after receiving the letter of your application he knew that he had to hire you. Not only because of your past together, but because of your good degrees, of course, so he convinced himself. And right then the night of the company dinner was such a blur for him, not realising how he asked you to be his toy, paying you for your company in his bedroom, only pleasuring him for the next months. To his surprise did you agree, making him far too happy, finally getting laid as he wanted, by command, on his saying wherever he wanted you. The fact that he had to spend his money for this purpose didn’t matter, he had enough of it. And who needed feelings anyway?

The common feelings of loving someone, romantic coition and marriage were things Yoongi never experienced and never even wanted to. Neither his parents nor any other relatives pictured an ideal family life, as to why he and his brother grew up with no places for such emotions. His childhood was coined by him and his brother caring for each other, not his mother or his father as they were always busy with their businesses. Therefore a housemaid cared for them, but as he grew older he took care of his brother, them both never leaving each others sides. Even now they held steady contact, Yoongi making him the chairman of the partner company he signed contracts with. He was the only person he had feelings for, compassion, love and pain contorted in his heart every time he thought about his younger sibling.

All the thoughts about his childhood and the small glimpse in his head disappeared as he got in the parked car in front of the hotel’s entrance. Yoongi had to concentrate on his work now and not on you or his past. He was busy, as always, typing with fast fingers into the keyboard of his laptop to finish the cases which should be done, his chauffeur driving him to the meeting ere he drove himself, before he stepped into the meeting room.

It went by smoothly, to his advantage and with more money on his bank account than he imaged as he discussed the new program the combined groups would participate in. It was a success, he felt it in his bones as he drove the way to his brother’s home.

“Min Yoongi!”, a familiar dark voice greeted him, the bright smile he knew all too well contouring the younger man’s face. Yoongi was pulled into a short embrace ere his brother made him place to come into his large home.

“How is business going, Jimin?”, he asked him, taking off the black coat and following the only part of his family he loved into the living room. “I praised you a lot, so don’t disappoint me.”

“I’m fine. It’s not as difficult as I thought it would be, to be honest. Just my free time is cut so short, I don’t even get to fuck around as I used to”, Jimin complained, a sad expression tracing his pretty face.

Yoongi knew exactly what he was talking about. His work and the late nights when he got home after midnight everyday were the reasons it gave you. Sometimes Yoongi hated his job, but it was everything he lived for right now, so he was more content by his situation as time passed. That his playful, playboy brother had no time to sleep around anymore made him chuckle. If he knew that his Hyung got laid frequently would made him furious.

“I told you, no games if you work as hard as I am”, Yoongi sat down on the couch, crossing his legs as he leaned back with his arms around the rest.

Jimin agreed, plopping down next to Yoongi, a thoughtful expression on his face. A short while the brothers just sat in silence, both left in their own thoughts.

“Yoongi”, Jimin began to speak, his voice laced in fearful anticipation. “I decided to come home.”

Silence. Yoongi’s eyes got wide, his pink mouth agape as he processed what he heard. Jimin wanted to come home? Home, in his house? Home, back to where they lived together? Home as in living with Yoongi or home, living alone separated, but in the same city? Several thoughts filled Yoongi’s mind, but before he could sort the things his brother’s voice filled the room again.

“I want to be the chairman of my company in my home town. I want to be a reliable boss my employees are proud of, just as you are”, Jimin fidgeted with his hands, tugging nervously at the hem of his shirt. “And I will be able to learn from the best if I start anew by your side, Yoongi. So, I hoped you would say yes, because I already sent my belongings to your apartment yesterday.”

Jimin really wanted to stay with him again. Happiness flooded Yoongi as he listened to his little brother. It was a five years ago that Jimin was sent by his brother to study abroad, forgetting the dumb ideas a teenager had, to become a professional business man which was able to work at his side. And right now he felt that Jimin finally was old enough to take the responsibility of being a chairman of the partner firm of his.

“You could’ve informed me at least”, was everything Yoongi said, the huge smile on his pale face already saying enough. Without warning he smacked his hand down on Jimin’s knee, biting his bottom lip. “I look forward to shoo you around if you work with me.”

“Don’t even think about it!”, Jimin warned his older brother, a smirk turning his plump lips upwards. It was the reaction Jimin expected from him and he was so eager to stay with him again, working side by side.

Yoongi grinned, he had plans with his brother, that he could bet. But at first he wanted to celebrate with him if he was back home right away.

“Let me tell you one thing. No excessive parties, no drugs anymore and no orgies”, Yoongi reprimanded, remembering the last years before Jimin was sent abroad. His younger brother was a rebel, always drunk and on drugs, girls flying on him while throwing rampant parties in Yoongi’s apartment. After his parents have kicked him out to free his mind from his rebellious ideas, he found shelter in Yoongi’s home. He had seen him in his worst days, fucking several girls at once, making a mess out of everything he laid hands on. But after sending him away, Jimin felt hatred towards his older brother, only time made him realize how wrong his previous actions were. And right now, both of them were more than sure that peace finally found its way inside their shared rooms.

Jimin rolled his eyes, nudging Yoongi in his side. “I changed. As I told you, even if I wanted to, I don’t have time for nearly anything fun and trust me, I settled down. Well, at least I’m not as rebellious as I was before”, he winked, his crooked front tooth showing as he smiled.

Yoongi and Jimin laughed ere they discussed which date he would move in, at the latest two weeks from now on, while Jimin brought them some water and snacks. They talked for a long time about this theme and about the upcoming business issues they had to deal with as both were now business partners and CEOs of their combined companies. Yoongi felt as if he was the king of the world as the information slowly sank in, contouring his face into a durable grin.

“Ah, before I forget. What have you done yesterday? After meeting up with me”, Jimin took his glass and took a sip of his water, never letting his brother go with his eyes after asking him. Oh, he wasn’t dumb. After saying his farewells he forgot to tell Yoongi that he had shipped his belongings back home, but ere he got the chance he saw his brother walking casually into a café, a young woman waiting for him. And by his own name, he bet that they weren’t just acquaintances, his brother checking her out so bluntly wasn’t his usual behaviour. Curious he waited for Yoongi to answer.

“I had an important dinner at night, I told you”, Yoongi furrowed his brows, not understanding the stupid question. Jimin knew that he was attending the dinner, as he was invited himself.

“Is that so? And what about before? Got some meetings, alone?”

Yoongi sighed. “Jimin, I told you, after meeting up I had to work right away before dinner started. And now stop it”, he was annoyed.

The grey thatch of Jimins just nodded, dropping his glass on the wooden coffee table in front of him before he began anew. This time going another way for his brother to understand. “I totally forget! Yoongi, you won’t believe me even if I say it now. Yesterday we walked past a small coffee shop, and I might’ve seen my dream girl.”

Yoongi laughed out loud, as if Jimin would fall in love at first sight with someone. It was so ridiculous he had to hold his stomach as his laughter sounded through the living room.

“She wore such a cute white blouse, her hair tied up into a ponytail while a navy scarf was placed around her neck”, Jimin hummed, cocking a brow up as Yoongi realised who he was talking about. His laughter stuck in his throat he grabbed his own glass in fast movements to hide the fact that his brother had caught him. He did as if he didn’t know what his younger brother was talking about while casually nipping on his glass, avoiding Jimin’s glances. The only thing he wasn’t allowed to know was that he played the role of a sugar daddy. Jimin had always suggested that Yoongi should find someone to satisfy his manly needs in return for his money, but had denied the idea several times, until now. Therefore he acted oblivious to his brothers apparent hints.

Jimin looked at his older sibling, a knowing smirk across his face as he patted Yoongi’s knee. “Everything’s alright?”

Yoongi only nodded, the simplest of replies laying on his tongue. “You might have seen me with her, right?”

“I knew it! Yoongi, is she your girlfriend? Or plaything?”, Jimin’s eyes were wide, the smirk growing at his brothers admission. “She was definitely hot, boy, she looked so fucking good.”

“Can you shut up?”, Yoongi furrowed his brows again, reprimanding his brother at his accusations. “She is my damn employee who accompanied me on this fucking business trip, nothing more you dork.”

The younger one’s mouth stood agape, his brows pulled back down in deep concentration. Was he lying? Or was she really just his employee? Jimin thought about the possibilities and came to the equation to wait for when he was back home, to see with his own eyes.

“Can we drop this theme?”

“Sure thing. But even though, she looks gorgeous. If I would be her boss I would fuck her right away, man”, Jimin added before he held his hands up, Yoongi gabbing a cushion to throw it at his little brother. Younger siblings could be annoying, but even though he could only think about him moving back, the fact plastering a small smile to his lips.

Just then Yoongi noticed the time. It was past five already and he had so many plans for you and him that he jumped off of the couch, leaving a confused Jimin behind as he rushed to the front door.

“Call me before your flight lands the next days”, Yoongi waved back, walking with long steps out of the door while Jimin just stood up, shaking his head in disbelief at his freakishly rushed departure.

Yoongi cursed himself as he drove past the speed limit back to the hotel. God, how could he forget the fucking time? He groaned, driving through the gates of the hotel complex before he parked the car straight in front of the entrance, throwing the car’s key to one hotel employee with the words ‘One scratch and you’re dead’ ere he hurried to the elevator.

He knew that the next weeks would be traced with stress, meetings and mostly late night sessions at his work, no frequent sex ahead, as he wanted to relax the day, fucking your brain out, but it was almost six now and in twelve hours your flight back would depart. After the ruined night, because his body gave in and he was deep asleep before you two could fuck with each other, did he want to compensate it this day. Well, now it was time to catch up the lost hours.

By the time you looked at the clock you saw that it was already six as you woke up from a long nap on the sofa, the broadcast filling the empty room with some noises. This day was so utterly boring for you. In the morning you went downstairs to eat breakfast by yourself, wondering where Yoongi went so early. After that you took a long bath, exchanging some messages with Ana and a friend back in your home town, waiting for your boss to return. Then you put on a bathrobe laying across the couch to watch some TV, but after it turned four you decided to close your eyes again, drifting into a nap. And now you contemplated to call Yoongi to make sure if everything was alright.

The moment you pressed the calling button on your phone, you heard the door of your apartment open, a heavy breathing Yoongi standing in its way.

“Why the hell did you leave-”

“Strip off that fucking bathrobe”, his voice was dark, lust pooling deep in it.

You hesitated for a short moment ere you jumped up, pealing out of your only piece of cloth. He was so dominant as he pulled the coat off, unbuttoning his shirt as he walked towards you, eyes laying on your now naked appearance which turned you on. You never knew that the dominant kink was yours, but with Yoongi it was the hottest thing you’ve ever done.

“Why are you just standing there? Move that body of yours, baby girl”, it was a growl, his eyes dark with lust as you rushed and touched his now naked shoulders, his shirt falling to the ground. Your mouth found his pale, warm skin immediately, kissing his bare chest while looking at him. It was way too fast after waking up, to have sex without warning and that’s why you felt a little dizzy to which Yoongi pushed you back, taking your hand to head for the couch. He plopped down and pushed you down right away, positioning you close to his clothes member.

“Be a good girl and suck me off”, he commanded, opening his belt for you as you knelt down in front of his pants. “What’s wrong? Cats got your tongue?”

“No..I mean I will, Mr. Min”, you shuttered, hands tracing from his soft stomach down to the hem of his suit pants, his semi-hard dick outlining them.

“I told you, I want answers if I ask you something”, he sounded angry, his fist enclosing in your open hair, pulling your head up till you were forced to look at his face.

“Y-yes”, was all you could speak as his hand hurt you. But before you could protest he let loose, crossing his arms as he waited for you to continue what he demanded.

Therefore you pulled down his pants and boxers, his cock laying semi-hard for your display. You removed his pants completely ere you kissed your way from his knees to his thighs, massaging them while the wet path lined further up. His down-low area was wet with your tongue in no time, his smell reaching your nostrils to which you felt a tingle in your own core, his dominant aura doing wonders on your sexual orientation. The man above you drove you crazy, made you submissive, but it was so arousing to be pushed around by him. It wasn’t degrading, it was a play between him and you in which you had the role to pleasure him whenever he wanted it.

By the time you reached down to lay your tongue flat against his cock, the soft skin stretching under your touch ere you took him in your mouth, feeling how he got erect and bigger in your wet hole. He tasted bitter as he grew while your hands started to dig into his skin, making him feel good with a relaxing massage around his hips, thighs down his calves. At the same time you opened your mouth to let him out, licking your way up to his shaft, slowly, locking eyes with his which were narrowed, the light which lighted his back turning his chest in darkness, wherefore you couldn’t really see the expressions on his pale face. You weren’t sure if you were allowed to tease, but you wanted to find out as you peppered his dick in small, sweet kisses, kitten licks completing the way up again. Then you straightened your back, deepened down onto his dick ere he was as deep as the first move let you to. The first gag was swallowed by his low grunt as to why you began to bob your head up and down, wetting his dick in your saliva. Yoongi let out hisses and grunts, but no moans as your hands tardily traced up to his balls, tugging softly at them while your mouth worked on his now hard member.

“I’m so proud to have a slut all for myself, baby girl”, Yoongi growled, a smirk plastered on his lips as he placed his hands next to his body, his fists enclosing around the couch’s fabric at the sensation your mouth made him feel.

You smiled into your movement, tongue circling around his dick in you. The taste of his pre cum was salty as you swallowed hard, not wanting your saliva to flow down again. Your hands lost contact to his balls as you moved back, his dick falling right into your grip. In a steady motion you moved your hands around his coated dick, face unbelievably close as you stuck out your wet muscle to lick over his slid over and over again, every droplet of his pre cum dropping onto your tongue which you slurped up extra loud. At this action you saw how Yoongi’s head fell with a loud groan against the rest of the couch, the vein on his neck so prominent as he panted underneath your teasing. He seemed to like how you stroked his cock furiously, feeling how he pulsated into your grip as you leaned further down, licking a stripe of his fluids ere you concentrated on his balls. Softly you tug them in, drenching them with your saliva while pressing your tongue onto them, hard enough for Yoongi to flinch, but not too heavy for him to feel pain. The sounds escaping his throat told you he loved what you were doing.

God, how wet you were by now. His voice, every sound he made turned you on, his tensing and flexing only fuelling your arousal until you pressed your legs together to feel needed friction between your legs. You bet that he would slide right in you if you sat on his lap, being so turned on that you began to moan every time his low, dark voice filled the room, sending vibrations through his balls.

“Baby girl”, he whined while you repeated your doing, his thighs tensing fiercely. “Stop teasing and take my cock with that pretty cunt of yours.”

Before you stood up, you let his cock out of your hands, licking your way up while looking into his eyes. A grunt left his pink lips which smirked at you while he licked his lips lazily at your sight. That got you going, straddling his lap, one hand on his chest and the other stroking his dick under you ere you slapped your pussy with his cock, making you moan.

“Holy shit, sit down”, Yoongi ordered, gripping your side to push you down onto his dick. The room was filled with a loud cry from you from the stretch his throbbing dick caused and a loud hiss from Yoongi, his brows furrowed and head fallen back again. Neither he nor you moved, but you couldn’t hold back and against the slight pain you started to roll your hips into his, causing enough friction to call out his name right from the start.

“Mr. Min, I want to come so bad today”, you whimpered, biting your lips to repress an upcoming cry as you rocked your hips faster, clit rubbing at the shadow above his dick. “I was a good girl, right? Please, let me come today.”

It felt so good to ride him, because you controlled the movements, the heaviness of your sex. And right now you wanted nothing more than to chase your own high as your nub constantly slid over his skin, pressing down on it with every bounce of your body.

“Then make yourself come, baby girl. Use my dick”, Yoongi watched you out of his narrowed eyes, hands helping you to fasten your bouncing while he filled you up to the hilt.

You were so concentrated on your own orgasm that you forget to pleasure the man who paid you for your doing, but you didn’t care as you rode him, hips crashing onto his mercilessly. His dick was twitching in you, making you anxious that he was close but it was just Yoongi trying to tease you with his pulsating member, tensing him inside your pussy. He looked so good underneath you, better than above with his mouth agape, eyes closed and a seductive grin on his pretty lips. His eyes were full of dark arousal as he opened them, hunger flaring in his pupils while he leaned down, hands digging into your skin – you were sure that there were more marks by tomorrow as his grip was too strong. You watched him, whimpering above at his next action. With a loud growl he pressed his mouth onto your sensitive neck, but as you expected sharp pain and shut your eyes, you felt only heat, his lips sucking at your skin, licking up and down the sweaty spots on your neck.

“It-it feels so good-”, you moaned aloud, grasping around his torso as you felt your clit pressing down violently onto his core, his cock inside you buried deep while your juices coated him as your climax washed over you. Your own actions and his erect member touching your sweetest spots made your coin snap. Your body tensed at the sensation, heat filling your limbs while you slowly rocked your hips into his. “Mr. Min..” Your voice was so close to his ear that your breathless whines should’ve been loud noises in his ears, your body beginning to tremble as the tension fell off.

Yoongi separated him from you, leaning back as he watched your state, chest rising like hell, breasts right in front of his face to which his hands shot forward to fold them. You let out a moan, supporting yourself on his thighs as you also leaned back, mouth dry and body hot from your high.

“You aren’t done just because you came”, Yoongi cocked his brows up, chest heaving. “Move. I want to feel your slutty juices dripping on my balls while you ride me.”

Whimpers fell from your open mouth, but you obeyed moving your hips into his, slowly at first as you felt over sensitive from your high. Yoongi had other plans as his eyes narrowed again, a loud grunt leaving his mouth ere he pressed down his hands harshly on your breasts making you squeak.

“I told you to move and not to squirm around”, his voice showed his impatience, fingers tugging at your red, erect nipples while you began to speed up, the slight pain turning you on even more.

Now it was time to make him feel good and to live up to his expectations. You straightened your back, hands flying to his shoulders as you positioned yourself in a sitting pose ere you began to roll your hips onto his cock. Sweat flowed down your spine, mixing with the fluids which dropped onto his balls, just as he predicted.

You moved, panted and cried our for several minutes before Yoongi clang on your waist, grunts and whimpers filling the apartment as he shot his seed out right into your pussy. A guttural sound reached your ears as he fell back down, his chest pulled up and down as his abs tensed under his soft skin while his release flowed further out his pulsating cock. You could feel how the mixture of your sexual juices dripped down tardily down onto his balls and further down his thighs. The heat which was mixed into it felt so utterly satisfying that you moaned a stretched ‘Mr. Min’ ere you collapsed on top of him, all strength gone from the exhausting ride.

“Get off, baby girl”, a weak, low voice woke you from your fucked out state with a pat on your thighs. “Clean up the mess you made on my balls. And be precise, I don’t want to see the smallest drop, got it?”

Nodding you made your way between his legs again, your muscles aching and legs wobbling as you knelt down like before. You didn’t want to lick his cum from the floor as to why you clenched your pussy tight, not letting anything out again while inspecting the mess on his lap. To make it the most thrilling for Yoongi you licked your lips, biting on your lower lip as you leaned down, taking a strong lick off of his balls, showing him the cum on your tongue to which he hummed, a pleasant smirk spread on his wet lips. You swallowed hard before you repeated the motion until you sucked softly on his balls, making him squirm in his sitting position. The semen on his thighs were sucked in by you, standing up to round the couch, leaning forward, your throat next to his red ear while hugging him from behind. Your hands stroked his sweaty, heated chest as you swallowed the few drops of cum as loud as possible, the grey hair on his neck standing straight right away.

“It was a pleasure, as always, Mr. Min”, you purred into his ear, a stretched moan in the form of his name.

With that you slandered to the bathroom, hips moving lasciviously from side to side with every step, because you knew that Yoongi followed you with his dark eyes, a low chuckle falling from his lips.

The moment you turned the water down you heard the ringing sound of the apartment’s bell. A quiet giggle left your mouth as you thought about the hotel guests which were the victims of your loud moans while dressing in the second bathrobe which hung behind the door as your own lay in the middle of the living room. The remains of sex washed away you lazily went back to the living room whereas you heard muffled voices. The one was definitely Yoongi’s. Therefore you peered around the corner, seeing a man’s shoes, but nothing more. You shrugged your shoulder, not thinking who the intruder might be, until your eyes met the strangers.

His grey hair matched Yoongis, his almond eyes the same color as his and the height also identical as he stood next to his brother. It was the same guy you saw your boss with yesterday and who was claimed to be his younger sibling. Nobody could deny the resemblance of the two brothers if they stood side by side, but ere you could inspect him further, a furious Yoongi turned around, eyes signalling you that you did a fucking mistake by showing your appearance.

“So this is your employee, right? The one you told me about? And here I thought she would work in your company and not as a whore”, his brother’s degrading remark filled the room to which heat and anger flooded your whole body, marking your cheeks in bright pink.

Did he seriously call you a ‘whore’ right now? It was totally fine to be called such name inside the bedroom, but right now it wasn’t the case. Your eyes fluttered shut, mouth parted ere you snapped at him, you didn’t care whose brother he was and how smug he seemed to be, nobody was allowed to judge you only by seeing you for the first fucking time.

“Who do you call a whore, you asshole? Didn’t your mom teach you manners? Take it back or I will rip off your little, hairy balls”, you exploded, whether it was adrenalin or the aftermath of your high a few minutes ago, it didn’t matter as you stormed to both men, pointing an angry finger at Yoongi’s brother. Four wide eyes stared at you before Yoongi’s shock was exchanged with amusement, his brother made of stone at your explosion. He didn’t move and you even thought he wasn’t breathing anymore.

“Are you deaf? Apologise!”, you said, your chest tight with anger as he looked for help to his brother who just held his hands up, motioning for him to settle things himself. “As I thought.”

“I-I..”, was all he replied before Yoongi broke the silence with a broad laughter, a sound so utterly new and melodious it took your voice for a moment. You had seen him smile and heard him chuckle, but a heartfelt laugh was new for you. It was your time to freeze, but soon his brother narrowed his eyes, his voice weak as he spoke against his brothers chuckles.

“I’m sorry.”

You turned your head to Yoongi, your lips a straight line as he tilted his head, his cheeks also rose.

“I should’ve told you, but I occasionally sleep with her. But she started to work as an assistant manager a few weeks ago”, Yoongi explained the situation clearly frustrated over his calm voice that his brother found out about you. The so called sibling looked at you with wide eyes, now a decent apologizing glance in his eyes as he looked at you. You just crossed your arms, maybe the big bathrobe and the messy hair wasn’t the most terrifying look, but it worked as the younger one grabbed your hand carefully, shaking it with his big one.

“I sincerely apologise. My name is Jimin and Yoongi is my older brother. I shouldn’t have said something insulting like this”, he spoke again, avoiding his brother’s eyes as he apologised decently this time, a darker hue contouring his cheeks by now.

What a first impression was that, you thought pulling your hand away. It was so awkward now that your huge confidence slowly disappeared and the three of you stood there in silence.

Therefore Yoongi cleared his throat, his typical annoyed expression contouring his pale face. “What do you want, Jimin? Can’t you see that you’re disturbing something?”

“I just wanted to see if she was really just an employee of yours”, Jimin shrugged his shoulders, scratching his neck while grinning shyly at Yoongi. He was clearly embarrassed by the situation he cause for himself and the two of you.

“You got what you wanted and now get out”, Yoongi motioned to the door behind Jimin’s back, but he just shook his head, a slight smile on his plump lips.

“Won’t you offer me a drink as I’m your guest?”

Yoongi and you scoffed at the exact same time. It seemed that your boss didn’t want to talk anymore about you and neither did you want to deepen the topic. Therefore you turned around, rushing into the bedroom to dress yourself in proper attire as long as your uninvited guest stayed over.

As you came back a few minutes later, the brothers sat on the couch, a drink in their hands. They seemed to discuss a theme ere all conversations stopped as they laid eyes on your figure. You cocked your eyebrows up. How about they got even more suspicious? It more than conspicuous that they talked about the person who just entered the room. You.

“How is my brother as a boss? Is he as cheesy as he was with the woman back in the days or are the female employees all over him?”, Jimin shot his blunt question to you the moment you sat down on one of the armchairs. It seemed the awkwardness had left him whereas he just began to pester you with questions.

Both, your boss and you stared at Jimin who just innocently sipped on his drink. You contemplated a second, but decided that you had to give him a second chance, even though his bluntness was a little odd. Despite their resemblance there was nothing that told you about their bond as a family. They had the same hair color, eyes and height, but as Yoongi was a strict, ambitious and gloomy person, his brother seemed to be mischievous, but cheerful, not caring what other people might think about him.

“I think you should see for yourself before you ask y/n. She might not be able to tell you the truth as she is..kind of occupied by me and some activities”, Yoongi answered for you, the hint not unseen as he smirked down on his glass. “You have enough time to discover your genius brother’s life and work.”

“Oh, come on”, you grunted while rolling your eyes at his words. You didn’t want to admit, but he was right, you had your prejudices, but would never tell him and foremost not if his brother was sitting next to him. Jimin only smirked, his knowing eyes focusing on your face as you glared at your 'lover’.

“Y/n, right? Don’t let Yoongi get under your skin, he is a tough guy and his work is more important than anything else. If you have enough from him outside of your shared bed, come work for me”, Jimin winked you, teasing his brother with his statement. Of course it was not a serious offer, but Yoongi turned red, his dark eyes spitting fire.

“Jimin, what the hell. Leave her alone, she just started working for-”

“It was a joke”, you said, tilting your head as you watched Yoongi amused. He was an easy target for his brother’s jokes as he was too serious with everything. “Clam down”, you giggled as to why Yoongi just drowned his drink, his brother chuckling next to him.

You sat for quite a while in silence as Yoongi changed the topic to something business related, not letting Jimin’s teasing reach him anymore. He didn’t even look at you as you found it so entertaining to see that a man like Min Yoongi was fooled by his younger sibling, a discovery you never even thought about. As the conversation went on you learned that Jimin would move out of his home abroad to come back into his older brother’s life. Not only that, but the cooperation between your company and the other one was a contract of the brothers, making Jimin an official CEO, just as Yoongi was. They shared important clients even though Yoongi had more saying in everything you guessed that he had a weak spot for Jimin as he never spoke of his employees or his workplace, but theirs. It felt so intimate to listen in on their talk, but you didn’t want to leave either. Therefore you observed the younger man to find other similarities than their appearance.

Jimin was utterly attractive, on another level, not comparing to his brother as he had his own way to be sexy and charming. No, it was more like the wildness and cheerfulness of a young boy peaked through Jimin, making him easier to handle than Yoongi who was in deep concentration most of the times, his humour on another more complex level, for the most people even not existent. He was broader than Yoongi, his face pretty slim and tanned, thanks to the sun and warm weather over the years abroad unlike his older sibling who was pale as snow, but emitted the same glow. Other than that he was a man who smiled often, eyes crinkled if it reached his brown eyes. If it weren’t for your own safety you would declare that he was just your type, a bit playful, but undoubtedly hot and you bet he was an unbelievably good lover, just what he looked like. Just as his brother was.

While you were in deep thought, taking in the details of your comparison you noticed that Yoongi often looked your way, his dark eyes unfathomable as he watched you. What he might think about? Jimin also glanced up to you frequently, a small smirk plastered on his pink plump lips every once in a while, his tongue wetting the lower one constantly. Just now you sensed that they were checking you out, maybe not on a sexual basis, – right? - but not only Yoongi seemed interested in you as you squirmed under their eyes, your mind occupied by some nasty pictures as you also stared at them, how close they sat to each other with sexy glances shot towards you. You were shocked at your next thoughts, but at the same time you felt a strange tightening in your core. It would be so easy to just step forward, offering them some naughty game involving all three of you. God, how hot would that be? You knew Yoongi, but his brother was just as tempting as he sat there, his arm wrapped over the rest so close to Yoongi’s shoulders, his legs spread wide and you could see that he was as well-stocked as his older brother who leaned against the couch’s rest, his eyes narrowed while listening what the other man said. Their pink lips would feel so good on your skin, pleasuring you from top to toe, you bet they were able to make you come the moment they started to play with your body. It wasn’t the first time you thought about such things, but those brothers were a level higher, both unbelievably handsome with prominent dicks. The money only the icing. How bad you wanted it and you would definitely think about this option in the future, you were more than sure. Unfortunately you never had a threesome, but with them you wanted to try it even though it was a stupid idea as they were brothers and would never cross their swords for someone like you.

“It is getting late and y/n seems to devour you again”, Jimin pulled one of his dark eyebrows up as he straightened his back, ready to leave. “Look at her face.”

You felt heat streaming into your cheeks as he said exactly what you were thinking about, a small detail forgotten. Himself. Just then Yoongi looked at you, knowing the expression in your eyes.

“I bet she fucks good”, Jimin laughed as he saw how his brother touching his thighs, waiting for him to leave you two alone.

“Shut up, will you?”, you spat at him, not the first time this evening. “And I bet you want to find it out for yourself.”

Yoongi coughed, but Jimin just stared at you, not denying what you said to him while standing up. His plump lips were tuned upwards, his brown eyes traced with unreadable emotions as he turned around to his brother, tapping his shoulder ere he walked towards the door.

“It was nice meeting you, y/n. And Yoongi, I’ll call you a day beforehand my flight will land”, the younger man announced, winking at you as he chuckled and the door flew shut.

It was silent for a short moment ere your attention turned to the other man with the grey thatch.

“He is completely different from you”, you just said, falling back into your seat as Yoongi shrugged, a knowing expression on his pale face.

“I’m sorry for his behaviour, but he isn’t as bad as he seemed to you today”, he said, exhaustion sinking into his bones. “Don’t even try to pester me with all your question about him. As it is late already, I’ll go and get a bath.”

You nodded, being left alone again as you watched Yoongi walking lazily towards the bathroom. Never did you await his brother to stand in the living room, making a fool out of you and finding him sexually appealing with the thought of having a threesome with the brothers in just two hours. Jimin was a mystery like his brother and you wanted to be the one to reveal his true character almost as much as you wanted to find out Yoongis. Luckily you had the chance as he was moving back to his home town, beginning to work at his brother’s side in a few weeks.

It was not the night you expected it to be, but as your boss wasn’t as happy as after the sex, you thought about a way to relax his tensed appearance again, he revelation about your intimate relationship clouding his busy mind.

“Can I come in?”, you knocked on the closed bathroom door after a few minutes of waiting in the living room, collecting the remaining clothes which were scattered on the floor. A short silence followed ere you heard a weak grunt which signalled you to enter the room. It was not as light as you expected it to be, two small lamps on the walls illuminating the big room in warm, yellow light. The bathtub was filled with water, lather and bubbles flowing on its surface while the night sky shone through the glass facade. The atmosphere was electrifying as you slowly walked towards the man who sat between the bubbles, his pale skin coated in soap and the warm drops of water which ran down his wet, grey hair over his bare chest down back into the water.

“Do you need something?”, Yoongi seemed uneasy, his muscles tensed as he opened his eyes, dark orbs looking straight at you as you sat down on the edge of the bathtub next to him.

You nodded, staring back. “I want you to stop worrying about your brother. I don’t care that he knows that you with your relaxation in some other way”, you just said, hoping it would help him a little, but instead of a thankful expression all you got was a loud scoff and scorn laying in his eyes.

“I’m not worried about anything related to you”, the typically mocking voice of his declared. “Afraid of pronouncing it as fucking me? Being my personal toy and whore?”

A little taken aback you blinked before you shrugged your shoulders. No, you didn’t have a problem with saying it like this, but you had a problem with his attitude and therefore you crossed your arms, the idea of giving him your body pushed to the back of your head at his last words which were more than insulting.

“You’re sitting high on your horse, Min Yoongi. Come down from it and I might think about fucking you again”, you spat, clearly annoyed with his behaviour. Some times he was nice to you, but most of it he just wanted to push you around, playing with the might he had of you, not as your boss, but as your sugar daddy. If he wanted to be dominant in bed then you really loved it, but his rude sense if he talked to you got on your nerves, the insults the icing. You stood up, ready to leave, but a hand stopped you in the middle.

“God, you can be such a bitch, y/n. Calm down and get to work, will you?”

Your eyes got wide at his words. Was he for real? How could you even think he was cute yesterday? He wouldn’t get anything like this, but ere you could decide for yourself his hand pulled you down on him, your clothes getting soaked as you fell into the huge tub. For a moment your head landed on his naked shoulder, your hair getting wet from the water ere you were pulled onto Yoongi’s bare lap. With disbelief you glared into his dark eyes which were only centimetres away from you own, his pink, wet lips turned upwards into an amused smirk at your shocked state.

“I loved how you rode me on the couch, baby girl”, his behaviour changed from being an asshole to a softer one, the petname melting your composure in not giving in on him that easily, but it was too late as Yoongi’s hands traced to your backside, massaging your ass. “Do it again, baby girl.”

He toyed with you way too much for your liking, your actions turning around with the few words his low, soft voice lulled you in. Therefore you sighed, trying to get rid of your drenched clothes while sitting on top of Yoongi. He watched your actions for a few seconds ere he chuckled, pulling your wet shirt over your head, revealing your bare breasts to him as you didn’t wear any underwear.

“You know that you’re not allowed to wear your underwear anymore, not even for work? It’s so much easier like this”, Yoongi grunted, his wet hands grabbing the hem of your short pants to free the lower half of your body.

“Panties yes, but bra only occasionally”, you said, whimpering as he let the drenched clothes fall next to the bathtub, your sensitive core sitting on his soft dick. It was so intimate sitting on top of him in between the hot water, dimmed light and the night outside your suite, the atmosphere inside the room electrifying. You locked eyes with him, his big hands tracing over your shoulders, the warmth of the water pooling through your body. Yoongi’s fingers found the mounds of your upper body, fondling them delicately, a motion so different from the one on the couch while he leaned down, his lips pressing on your collarbones. A soft moan fell from your lips at the sensation from his touches while you began to move your folds over his cock, making him harder with every roll. You tried to rub yourself on him, but Yoongi stopped your hips the moment you found the right angle to feel enough friction for you to make you wet.

“I don’t do this often, but I’m sorry”, Yoongi said, his eyes narrowed. You were a taken aback as you didn’t know what he was apologising about, but you nodded anyway. Then he let go of his solid grip to press you down on his member. He growled as you started to circle your core above his dick, pulling his skin back and forth for a while, your nub rubbing over his now fully erect cock to stimulate yourself. It helped and in no time you felt how turned on you got, his wet body, hair and lips making it easy for you to get aroused. Your hands ran through his wet hair, stroking it back for you to see his forehead and his dark brows. He was really beautiful.

Your eyes never left his face as your hands went underneath you, a finger slipping right into your folds to test the stretch and wetness inside your pussy. Unfortunately water wasn’t the best lubricant as to why you began to rub over your clit for you to get wetter for his dick. Yoongi watched your motions in awe, his eyes getting darker as he saw what you were doing, licking his wet lips ere he leaned down again. His lips were so warm again pressing onto you neck while kissing his way up and down to help you get ready. Other then the last time didn’t he bite down, but circled his tongue over your skin, caressing it while you felt lust running through your core, making you wet enough for his cock.

“I-I’m ready”, you mumbled, two fingers pressing down onto your bundle of nerves for a last time ere you grabbed his cock and positioned him for you to sit down. Slowly without haste you deepened yourself onto his cock, your hands finding his shoulders for support of the upcoming stretch as you closed your eyes. A moan left you as to why Yoongi looked up, grinning at you.

“That’s right, baby girl”, he growled, pulling you so close that your breasts touched his bare chest. “Don’t hold back, I want you to move like the little bitch you are.”

His words made you weak and with one movement you sat down, making him hiss, eyes rolling back. As you were so close to him you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him into your face. He hesitated, but you didn’t want to kiss him, no, you wanted to leave a few marks on his pale skin tonight. Therefore you started to rock your hips up and down, this time with more energy ere you leaned down, licking a stripe from his collarbones to his jaw. This action left him grabbing your hips to roll your core further into his, the water making your actions slow. It felt a bit strange to do it in the tub as the water flowed into you at every motion, but it was unbelievably sensual as he let his head fall back, his mouth agape while you only heard a dull sound from underneath the water as well as splashing sounds, the floor already soaked.

“Baby girl, move faster”, he ordered, pinching your sides under water. You obeyed pressing your lips on his pale, wet skin before you sped up, the splashing sounds getting louder and louder. Your arms tightened as you felt his hands on your ass now, playing with the wobbling flesh as you rolled your hips into his, a rhythmically motion to the tune of the water sounds. By the time you did begin to suck gently on his skin, nibbling at the spots you caressed with your tongue while you felt how his cock reached deeper, touching your sweet spot. This angle was perfect for you to enjoy the sex and so he reached deeper and deeper, your sweet spot pulsating. The loud moans which would fill the bathroom were muffled from his skin as you bit down, only delicately, but hard enough for him push you away with a groan.

“Don’t dare to mark me. You are mine, but not the other way around”, Yoongi hissed his brows furrowed in anger. “One more time and you’re getting tied up again and I will show you who is in charge here”, his words were emphasized with his hand reaching forward, enclosing tardily around your throat, a short squeeze ere he let loose again, his eyes unfathomable darkness at his own action.

You gulped, but nodded, heat contouring your face as you bit down on your lower lip, the whimper escaping you showing the arousal from his words and his strange action as to why Yoongi’s anger was replaced with pure lust.

“Oh, you like that? I can’t wait to test some thing on you when we are back, baby girl”, this time his voice was only laced with hunger, the following chuckle showing how much fun it would make him to torture you in his own bed. And you couldn’t wait for it to happen.

“But now make me come, we have not as much time as I want to.”

Another nod from you and you started to furiously rock your hips into his while you leaned back again, his hands helping your motions under water. It felt so good, his hands grabbing your flesh, making you move faster as you whined his name, knowing he liked the sound coming from your lips. Your hands traced over his bare chest, taking some water in your hands to spill it down his upper body, the warmth flowing down. You repeated this motion as Yoongi’s torso was having ultimate goosebumps. His hair started to dry why you ran through them again, wetting his grey thatch until Yoongi smacked your ass, his head narrowed.

You moved your hips up and down, your breasts bouncing the same way they did on the couch a few hours before, Yoongi tracing his hands over your body, the drops of sweat from the heat of the water mixing with his dampened fingers. He slid them over you mounds a few times, the wetness making your body slippery while he leaned down, slurping sounds reaching your ears as he sucked on your soft skin. Your head fell back at his action, a stretched moan sounding through the room as he bit down, your movements getting faster. You wanted to chase your own high, but it was impossible, the friction too little while you felt his own member starting to pulsate.

“Move faster, I want to come”, his voice was breathless, the few grunts and hisses leaving his mouth signalling you that he liked how you moved your hips. As you wanted to grant his wish, you began to rock them violently against his, moving your core in circles while clenching your pussy tight. Yoongi’s growls got louder, his head now leaning forward ere he landed in the crook of your neck. You felt his teeth on your skin, how they traced over it with every new thrust of you ere he bit down mercilessly, a loud groan muffled after the other as his arms enclosed around your upper body. The moment he wrapped you in his arms you panted already, sweat flowing down your whole upper half into the water, his heat amplifying it. Stinging tears pooled in your eyes, his teeth marking your soft skin again, but you didn’t care, it was lustful pain, boosting your own arousal whereas you rolled your hips fast, his solid grip around you strengthening.

His cum spurted out into you, the white fluids mixed with some water inside your pussy. You whimpered at his grip and the way his mouth opened while he came, his torso cluttered with goosebumps and groans filling the huge bathroom. Your own hands wrapped around his neck you stroked over his head, your legs enclosing his lower body while tiny, high whines left your throat.

“You make my head spin, Mr. Min”, you announced, voice weak and laced with exhaustion.

Yoongi pulled away from his spot on your neck, his heavy breaths heaving his chest up and down, mouth red and wet from his motion as he leaned back, taking in the view on his lap. You had to look so fucked out as you sat on his throbbing dick, cum inside your pussy, sweat and water drenching your hair as your body was red from the exertion of riding Yoongi a second time today. Your mouth was half open, pants leaving it whereas you looked down on your partner, his pleasant smirk and the narrowed eyes showing you that you did a good job. Man, you were tired, your body slightly trembling by now.

“Get off”, he scoffed, voice as weak as yours while Yoongi straightened himself, hands running through his hair. You did as he commanded and as you stood up, legs feeling numb you staggered out of the tub. Yoongi was as charming as ever again, only letting his head sink onto the bathtub’s edge ere he closed his eyes.

“It really helped me sort out some things, so thanks baby girl”, Yoongi grinned slightly, eyes still shut. “But be sure to take responsibility for showing me an interesting glimpse inside your own sexual fantasies.”

You stared at him and knew that you fucked up.