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A/N: again i don’t care. Jasper is sexy.


“Starting without me? I’m offended” you jump behind jasper as he was explain the best way to defeat a newborn army. He jumps, surprised, you were the only one that could surprise the major.

You and jasper met when he was with Maria and the moment he saw you he immediately lost interest with Maria and you two got close, much to Maria’s disliking. But since then you both have stuck together, changing your ‘diet’ together, sticking together through the hard times. Although you have been separated for a year now because you’ve been spending time with jasper’s distant family members and also peter and charlotte in Texas. After hearing from jasper that a new born army was coming after Edward’s mate you immediately volunteered to help.


“I hate it when you do that” jasper playfully scolds

“Shut up, you love it” you tease, going up on your tip toes to kiss him before he can say anything. Swiftly turning to face the human, you smile and introduce yourself before turning back and asking jasper where he got to in explaining how to win.

“So where were we?” you ask cheekily

“(Y/n)? What would you say would be the best advice” jasper asks you a sweet smile on his face

“Oh that’ll be, never let them get their arms around you they’ll crush you instantly” you reply

“And second never go for the obvious kill, they’ll be expecting that and you. Will. Loose.” Jasper got really intense and you could see the major coming out and it. Was. Sexy

“Emmett!” he calls out. They don’t fight for long and before you know it, it’s your time to go against your mate.

“Don’t go easy on me” you warn

“Don’t worry I’ve learnt my lesson” he grins and you both laugh at the inside joke. You fight for a bit before you easily win.

“You’ve gotten slower babe. What happened?” you tease

“Oh you’ll pay for that”


When Bella asked jasper on how he knew about all of this war the topic of you came up

“She was the light in my darkness, I owe my better  life to her” jasper describes his love for you as you walk up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist, resting your chin on his shoulder after kissing it

“God I sound awesome don’t I?” you joke

“Yes you are” jasper replies seriously. You smile at each other and passionately kiss. Bella looking at the both of you and thinking that you and jasper are what she aspirers her relationship to be like.

Please don’t go
I’ll eat you whole 
I love you so.
- Alt-J - Breezeblocks

Literal murder husbands! Probably got married during a killing spree while on the run, likely under the pretense of acting the part in some elaborate scheme to mess with the FBI. Details very much inspired by this gorgeous piece of artwork that gave me the idea for the moon and the Hokusai waves.

Tease (M)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: one shot, angst, fluff and a little bit of smut

Word Count: 3,298

Request: for @shesdreaminginoverdose :  Hi author-nim can I request 33 with Baekhyun fluff and a bit smut (*´艸`*) 

Summary: (33- “Bite me” “If you insist.”) Ever since you moved next door to Baekhyun, you have been the victim of his teasing and you had enough. 

A/N: Hey everyone, this is my first one shot from the prompt list I posted a couple days ago. I will try to post the other requests soon (btw I didn’t proofread so sorry if there are any mistakes). Enjoy!

Part 1, Part 2

You run into school late, your hair everywhere and your breathing rigid. It’s your first time being late, your alarm clock not ringing for some reason.

Thankfully, you get to class before the teacher arrived. You walk into the chaotic classroom full of rowdy students talking, laughing, and throwing things around. You walk to your seat in the front of the classroom, planning on just studying when suddenly a body steps in front of you.

“Hey Y/N,” smirks Baekhyun.

You roll your eyes, not wanting to deal with him so early in the morning. “Move Baekhyun.”

“Aww, not feeling well babe?” He tilts his head to the side, stepping closer to you, so close that you feel his breath on your cheek. “Maybe because your alarm clock didn’t work?” He smirks.

You’re eyes widen. How did he know?

He notices your shock and steps back to laugh.

“How did-”

“How did I know?” He interrupts. “Because it was me, babe.”

Your fists clench in anger. “How did you get in my room? Did you climb through the window or something?”

“Nope. Your mom just let me in. I told her I had something to give you and she let me go in your room when you were at the library.”

You forgot to mention that Baekhyun happens to be your next door neighbor.

You close your eyes and inhale deeply trying to compose yourself. When you open your eyes, Baekhyun was close to you again. You gasp at his proximity, his mouth now by your ear.

“I might have taken something of yours during my visit to your room.”

He leans back to witness your expression. He really gets off of annoying you. You’re his favorite toy, he loves seeing what you can do if he pushes the right buttons.

“What did you take?” you ask through gritted teeth. You’re not giving him the satisfaction of giving in and blowing up. If you keep your composure, maybe he’ll eventually get bored of you and bother someone else.

What did you even do to deserve his ridicule? It all started when you moved in next door to him in the middle of the school year. Your mom got promoted which required for the move. You were depressed for a bit because you missed your friends so your mom decided to introduce you to your next door neighbor. Maybe if you met someone your age, you wouldn’t be so lonely anymore.

Oh god, was she wrong.

When you came over to Baekhyun’s house for the first time for dinner, you weren’t sure what to expect. You were planning on just being on your phone the whole time.

Baekhyun seemed like a nice boy at the time. He bowed to you politely and had a sweet smile on his face. You almost fell for it too until you were alone with him in his room after dinner.

“So do you like it here so far?” He asks from his computer chair by his desk.

“Yeah it’s okay,” you mumble from his bed.

“How were your friends from before?”

A smile formed on your face from the thought of them that you didn’t notice when Baekhyun came to sit next to you on the bed. “They were great. I miss them.”

You turn to him and smile, not thinking much of him next to you.

“What were they like?”

“I didn’t have many. I just had three really close ones. But that’s enough for me. They were all really caring and sweet and funny. Especially Chanyeol.”

“Did you like Chanyeol? Like more than a friend?” He presses.

A blush began to creep onto your cheeks. “Yeah. But nothing ever happened.”

“What would you of wanted to happen?”

You turn to him confused. “What do you mean?”

“Did you want him to ask you out?”


“Did you want him to kiss you?”

Your face reddens. “Yes.”

“Did you want him to fuck you?”

You’re eyes widen at his bluntness. You scoot away from him slowly, uncomfortable by the certain question.

“What’s wrong?” he asks innocently. His cute smile soon turned into a condescending smirk. “Did you not want him to?”

“That’s none of your business,” you say firmly. Who the hell was he to ask you these questions?

He scooted closer to you all while keeping eye contact.

“Did you ever think about him while you touched yourself?” He placed a hand on your thigh and caressed it lightly.

You stand up and walk across the room, far away from him. “What the hell is your problem?” you say with anger.

He puts his hands up in surrender. “I get it. You don’t want it. I respect your decision. But it was worth a try.”

You roll your eyes. At least he understands consent.

“But,” he smirks, “I’m still not going anywhere.”

“What?” you scrunch your eyebrows in confusion.

“If you don’t wanna fuck, that’s cool. But you’re fun to bother. I’m going to have a lot of fun with you.”

“Fuck off.”

“Don’t worry babe. I won’t touch you unless you want me to,” he winks.

“I’m leaving,” you say abruptly.

“Aww, why so soon? We were just getting to know each other,” he pouts. If it wasn’t for his shitty personality you would’ve thought he was cute.

You text your mom to tell her you want to leave but she texts you back with a no. You groan and roll your eyes.

“What? Mommy won’t let you leave? Guess you’re stuck with me,” he smirks.

You look around and spot his window. “No, I’m not.”

“What?” he asks confused.

You walk over to his window and look down for a way out. Luckily, there’s a pipe with grips that can be substituted for steps, making it easier for you to escape.

You begin to step out of the window and step on one of the pipe’s grips.

Baekhyun rushes toward you quickly, grabbing your arms. “Oh my god, what are you doing!? You could fall!”

“It almost sounds like you’re worried,” you smirk.

He doesn’t seem amused at all, fear still on his face. “Of course I’m worried! Get back in here before you get hurt.”

He tries to pull you up but it’s too late, you’re climbing down his window with ease.

Once you reach the ground, you look back up at a relieved Baekhyun. Awww maybe he does have a heart.

You shoot him a wink before heading toward your house.

That was the beginning of his shenanigans.

“Okay class, take your seats,” says your teacher.

“Meet me at my house after school,” Baekhyun says, leaving before you can say anything.

You take your seat and endure the rest of the day.

It’s finally after school and you go to your locker to grab the things needed for homework.

“Hey babe,” says a voice behind your locker. You close it to see a smiling Baekhyun.

“What do you want?” you ask exasperatedly.

“I thought you were going to meet me at home today? You know, to retrieve the panties I took from your room.”

“What?!” you yell, finally exploding. It’s been a long day. “You took what?” you say through gritted teeth while rubbing your temples.

His smile gets bigger as he finally hit a nerve. “Whoops, I accidentally let that slip. It was a surprise.”

You calm your erratic breathing before speaking. “I can’t come straight after school. I have tutoring.”

“Oh, I didn’t know you were stupid enough to need tutoring?”

“I’m the tutor you dumbass.”

You begin walking away to the library to meet with the person you’re tutoring.

Every day, Monday thru Thursday, you tutor Sehun on math in the library. You were asked by your teacher if you could tutor Sehun for extra credit. You were hesitant at first but you never turn down extra credit so you agreed. You expected Sehun to be rude and annoying because he probably didn’t take the class seriously but in reality, he genuinely needed help. He wanted to do his best which is why he was the one who requested for a tutor. That made your job easier which is why you didn’t mind tutoring him.

You enter the library and see Sehun already there, waiting for you. He waves at you and you wave back as you made your way to the seat in front of him.

You didn’t notice Baekhyun had been following you until he pulled up the seat next to you.

You turned to him in confusion. “What are you doing?”

“I’m here for tutoring,” he smiles.

“No, I’m only tutoring Sehun. If you need help then we can schedule a tutoring date some other time.”

“No, it’s fine Y/N,” Sehun says, placing a hand over yours. “You can tutor us both.”

You look down at the hand touching yours and immediately blush. “Uh okay.”

Baekhyun stares at your hands touching and a scowl becomes visible on his face.

“So, let’s get started then,” says Baekhyun loudly, startling you into pulling your hand back.

“Yeah okay,” you mumble.

It started out fine, no interruptions except for the reasonable questions for clarification. It wasn’t until you assigned the problems for them to solve that things got out of hand.

Sehun and Baekhyun were attempting to solve a series of problems you assigned while you did your own homework.

“Y/N? Can you help me with this one? I’m stuck,” says Sehun.

You smile up at him as you make your way around to his side of the table. You crouch down next to him as you look at the problem.

“I can’t seem to get the answer I need to continue,” explains Sehun.

You nod in understanding and look over the problem. Little did you know that Baekhyun was staring angrily at the attention you were giving Sehun. He doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way. He doesn’t think he feels anything for you except for the fact that he likes bothering you. He likes when you give him attention and now that you’re giving it to someone else, he doesn’t like it.

“You forgot to transfer the negative in this step,” you say as you point out the mistake.

Sehun turns to you and smiles. “Thanks, Y/N. I get it now.”

“No problem,” you say as you ruffle Sehun’s hair.

You return to your seat and begin working on your homework again when Baekhyun taps your shoulder. You roll your eyes before turning to him with an annoyed look.

“What?” you snark.

“I just needed help with number six,” he says simply.

You blink confusedly. “Oh, sorry.”

You look over his shoulder and see that he’s stopped midway on the problem.

You turn to look at him, “Do you not get it from here?”

He shakes his head.

You nod and begin explaining the process. As you’re explaining to him the steps to continue, you feel his hand rest on your thigh, causing you to stutter.

You look at him and he gives you an innocent look. You stop explaining the problem and get up to sit next Sehun.

“Do you need any more help?” you ask Sehun sweetly.

“No, I think I’m done. Can you check my answers?”

“Yeah,” you say as you grab his worksheets and begin to correct them.

“You only got these two wrong,” you say, handing him back his hand out. You check the time and see that the two hours are up and it’s time to end the tutoring session.

“Okay Sehun, so these problems should help you with completing the homework but if you need help, you have my number so feel free to call me for anything.”

“Yeah, for sure. Thanks for everything,” he says as he pulls you in for a hug. You hug for a couple seconds before an awkward cough from Baekhyun interrupts the intimate moment.

“Oh, do you need a ride home?” asks Sehun. “Your house is along the way anyways.”

Baekhyun stands quickly and puts an arm around you. “No,” he says a little too quickly. He coughs awkwardly before continuing. “Actually, I was going to take her home. We’re neighbors anyway.”

Sehun looks at both of you awkwardly before nodding and walking away.

You turn to Baekhyun. “I’m not going home with you.”

“Yes, you are cause you still need to come to my house.”

You walk past him, out of the library and down the hall to the entrance of the school. You can hear his footsteps follow you but you don’t turn back. Once you walk out the front door, you stop and sigh as you notice how dark it has gotten.

“Just let me give you a ride,” persuades Baekhyun. “It’s dangerous out at this time. It’s only for a few minutes.”

You sigh before nodding. He places a hand at the small of your back, leading you to his car. You try not to think much of it until you feel his hand slowly slide down toward your butt. You shoot him a warning look before he rolls his eyes and places his hand back up on your back. Once you reach his car, he lets go of you and opens the door for you. You slide into the car and smirk.

“Wow, maybe you do have manners,” you tease.

He smiles back, “you know it, babe.”

He closes the door and slides into the driver’s seat.

The ride home wasn’t as awkward as you thought it would be. It was quiet but a comfortable quiet with the stereo quietly playing in the background as Baekhyun hums along to the song. He has a lovely voice but you’ll never bring yourself to admit that aloud.

Once parked outside of his house, he goes around and opens the door for you. You thank him quietly as he grabs your hand leading you in his house. Before you can object, Baekhyun’s mom has already seen you.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” she asks happily.

“She’s here to help me with some homework,” Baekhyun adds before you can speak.

“Oh, well that’s very nice of you. Don’t let me get in the way,” she dismisses herself.

Once she’s out of sight, Baekhyun grabs a hold of your hand again and leads you to his room.

It’s deja vu. You sit on his bed waiting for him as he closes the door. He comes toward you to sit on the bed but you stop him before he can.

“Nope. You sit over there,” you say pointing at his desk chair. He groans before dragging himself there, like a little kid who got grounded.

He turns to face you, smirk once again plastered on his face. Gosh, how you wish you could slap that smirk off his face.

“So,” you begin. “Where’s my underwear?”

“Oh, you mean these.” He takes out a pair of black underwear from his pants pocket.

Your eyes widen. “You had them on you the entire time?!”

“Yep, and I thought of you wearing them the entire day,” he smiles cutely.

You rub your temples again, trying to regain your composure. You take a deep breath before speaking again. “Can I have them back, please?”


You clench your fists, your breath becoming rigid. “Why not?” you ask through gritted teeth.

“Not until you answer some of my questions.”

“That wasn’t part of the deal. All I had to do was come here and get them.”

“I didn’t say that’s all you had to do.”

You take a breather before speaking. “Fine. What do you want to know?”

“Hmm, let’s start easy,” he taps his chin jokingly.

“Can you please hurry, Baek? I still have a lot of homework to finish.”

“Oh, I like the nickname. It’s cute.”

Your patience is running out. You’re usually tolerable of others but Baekhyun is another case. You’re not having any of his games anymore.

“Bite me,” you say as you stand up to retrieve your things.

“If you insist,” he says cockily.

Dumbfounded by his response, you didn’t comprehend when he came toward you and slammed his mouth against yours. It took you a while to comprehend what was happening until he tried slipping his tongue in your mouth. You almost moaned and gave in but stopped yourself and pushed him back.

“What the hell, asshole?” you wipe your mouth dramatically.

“What? You said to bite you, so I did.”

“Shut up,” you say as you take a seat on his bed again. “Okay let’s get this over with. What questions do you have?”

“How does Sehun know where you live?” he wastes no time complying.

“What?” you asked confused.

“He said your house is on the way to his when he offered to give you a ride. How does he know where you live?”

“Umm, whenever he needs extra help, he comes to my house to study,” you answered hesitantly.

“So I haven’t been the only guy in your room?”


“Have you fucked him?” he asks angrily.

“Baekhyun,” you warn.

“Answer the question or no panties.”

“No, we haven’t fucked. Are you happy?”

“Yes,” he blurts out before covering his mouth.

You eye him suspiciously, suddenly everything is hitting you. His constant teasing, his want for attention, him asking questions about Sehun. He’s jealous because he likes you.

You begin to smirk as you make your way toward him. He eyes you hesitantly, not knowing what’s going on. You decide that it’s your turn to tease him.

You suddenly sit on his lap, placing one arm around his neck and the other caressing his cheek.

His eyes are wide at your sudden confidence. His body stiff, not knowing what to do.

“Does little Baekhyun have a crush on me?” you begin to say as you caress his cheek.

“N-no,” he turns his head to the side to avoid eye contact.

You forcefully bring his face back to face you, looking at you submissively.

“Tell me the truth,” you say sternly.

His gaze falters as he speaks. “Okay, fine. I do.”

“You what? Say it.”

“I like you. I have since you got here.”

“Aww. So you do have a heart,” you chuckle.

He rolls his eyes but remains stiff.

“Are you jealous of Sehun?”

“Yes,” he says avoiding eye contact.

“Do you want me to touch you?” you ask seductively.

He breathes rigidly before answering, “y-yes.”

Your hand goes from his cheek to down his chest and torso to his growing bulge. This is easier than you thought. You touch his bulge gently and his hips automatically thrust forward. You chuckle at his desperateness.

“Impatient, aren’t we?” you tease.

“Please, Y/N. Please touch me.”

“Of course.” You slowly begin to message him through his pants, eliciting moans from him. You eventually move your hand faster and harder, making him groan into your neck, his hands grasping the arm rests. Soon you feel him twitch through his pants. Once you think he’s about to cum you reach into his pocket and snatch your panties. You get up from his lap and gather your things.

He’s in complete and utter shock of what just happened. You lead him on just to retrieve your underwear.

“See you tomorrow,” you wink at him before exiting his room.

He sits there, still not believing what just happened. He can’t believe you played him like that. You got him to admit that he liked you, you made him hard, and you made him beg for your touch. All while managing to leave him sexually frustrated with a hard on that will be hard to relieve.

He underestimated you and you left him feeling humiliated. He looks across his window and sees you doing your homework as if nothing had happened.

Boy, is he whipped.

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Say It (Jungkook/Reader)

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Genre: Smut - Inspired by a fic written by Admin JP + Say It by Tory Lanez.

Words: 7.2K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: Honesty was a trait you had always prided yourself in being strong in possession of, something your friends and fans all admired you for; so the day you announced you did not like Jeon Jungkook, they knew your words were true.

Tags: Dance room rendezvous, slow and sensual sex against the dance studio mirror wall, etc. 

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You’re MY Girl Pt.1

Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Request from @jyttoaudios: I was wondering if u could make a smut where you and tom are friends with benefits and he gets all sensitive over the fact that your starting to see someone and it leads to to a lil angst and a lil sum sum us know what I’m saying hmmmmm

A/N: hopefully you enjoy Pt.1 xx- Mikayla

[Reader’s POV]

    Rolling over you get out of the bed quietly. Picking up your phone and unplugging it off the charger. Bending down you pick up a shirt slipping the article of clothing on. Looking back at the bed, your longing gaze breaking as you exit the bedroom. Your feet padded against the flooring slightly as you headed towards the stairs. Memories of last night flashed through your head sending a throbbing sensation down to your core.

   Yawning and stretching your arms as you made it down each step slowly. Your body exhausted from the night before. Tessa’s tags jingled made you look over. She was standing on the couch now looking at you. A happy smile on her sweet face. Walking over you press a kiss to her head and rub her ears. Seeing a happy Tess when you woke up always made your day.

   Tessa jumps off the couch and follows you towards the kitchen. Clicking the power button on your phone to see it’s twelve thirty. Turning on the coffee pot you lean against the counter. Your hip slightly digging into the counter which you regretted quickly. A twinge of pain makes you stop leaning against the counter and lift your shirt up.

   Your skin was tinted purple with long bruises from where Tom’s fingers were last night. The skin sensitive and dark in some areas. A loud sound comes from the coffee machine indicating the coffee was ready. Moving your coffee mug you grasp the handle and pull it out of its home. Pouring the hot liquid in the cup your phone starts ringing loudly.

   Putting the coffee away you reach to grab your ringing phone. You were afraid the sound would rise upstairs and wake Tom. Almost dropping it out of quickly grabbing it you let out a sigh of relief when it doesn’t fall. Hitting the green button you raise the phone to your ear. A smile on your face after you saw who was calling.

“Good morning, you still on for today?” He asks as you reach for the dog food. Placing it on the counter you grab Tessa’s bowl.

“Yeah, I’m at a friends house so I’ll have to go home and get ready for tonight” Filling up the bowl you see her waiting by her water bowl. Tail wagging happily as she awaits her food. Setting it down you pat her head and she starts munching away.

“I bet you’ll look gorgeous no matter what” his voice was deep from him probably just waking up. He’s the one you’ve been calling when you couldn’t talk to Tom. It was hard just being friends with benefits with Tom. You wanted a relationship aspect.

“Oh stop it Leo, you’re such a charmer” you giggle taking a sip of your coffee. The caffeine rushing through your system to wake you up. The two of you had plans to meet at a coffee shop to just have a relaxing date. Coffee was perfect because you had to work on a term paper that night anyways. If you had tea you would want to wind down and procrastinate longer on your assignment.

“I can’t help it you’re absolutely stunning, I don’t know how anyone can pass you up” he chuckles making you smile. You couldn’t help but blush at what he says.

“Alright well I’ll see you soon okay?”

“Later love, see you soon” the line ends with a beep as you set your phone down on the counter. Tessa barks loudly making you turn around to see Tom walking over shirtless and in sweatpants. Your eyes traveling down his body admiring his abs.

“Good morning love, you’re up early” Tom grins sleepily walking towards you. Reaching up he runs his fingers through his tousled curls. His bicep flexing as he did that motion. Tom is irresistible with that body of his. Placing your mug by the sink it clinks against the countertop.

“I have plans today, I needed coffee to wake myself up even more” you explain as he gets closer to you. Backing you against the counter with nowhere to go. The feeling of your heart beating faster and faster started making you uneasy.

“I thought we were going to spend the day together since I’m back in town?” the warmth of his hand against your cheek was soothing. Leaning your face into the skin of his palm you let out a sigh.

“Well I made plans before you came back, I’ll be home for you tonight isn’t that fair enough?” it was unfair that you had to revolve your plans around him. You were the one always having to wait for him to come home. With this friends with benefits situation and adding that he’s a celebrity made it feel like a one way street.

“You always spend the time I’m here with me an-”

“I have to go get my stuff so I can leave” Brushing past Tom you head back towards the stairs. He smelled heavenly and you needed to leave as soon as you could. He was too damn tempting for your own good. That’s probably why you go back to him all the time. You just couldn’t stay away.

  Walking into Tom’s room you see your clothes littered across the floor. Your heels were on separate sides of the room. Not even remembering how they got there. Taking off Tom’s t-shirt you pick up your dress off of the floor. Slipping it on you then pick up both of your heels. Putting them you groan realizing this looks like a walk of shame.

   Rolling your eyes because of how it looks you grab your purse that was at the foot of the bed on the ground. Grabbing it you take a cursory glance of his room. Just to see if you left anything. Leaving the room you make your way down the stairs. Your heels clicked once they made contact with the wood flooring when you reached the bottom.

“Have fun on your date” Tom’s voice comes from around the corner. Turning the corner you see him holding your phone. The screen lighting up with notifications on the screen.

“You didn’t go through my phone did you?” snatching it out of his grasp you see Leo’s name on the messages. Your eyes scanning the messages quickly checking he didn’t say anything. You were pretty sure Tom didn’t know your password.

“That you two are meeting at our spot? No I didn’t go through your phone but I did answer it” your eyes widening at what he just said. He could have said something to Leo and you have no clue what it could have been.

“Fuck you Holland..” you grit pushing him away from you. His bare chest firm under your palm.

“Well you did last night.. Might I add you weren’t complaining either” his cocky smirk plastered on his face. You wanted to slap it off so hard, your hand was trembling by your side.

“I can’t believe you’re acting like this.. It’s like you’re envious Tom” the tone that voice had was flat as you glared at him. He rolled his eyes crossing his arms, biceps bulging when he did that.

“I’m am not.. Who is this guy anyways?”

“I don’t have to tell you anything Tom.. I’ll see you tonight” taking your car keys off the hook you leave his house. Closing the door a little harder than normal you take a deep breath. Making your way across the street you walk down the sidewalk towards your car.

   Pulling your glasses out you put them on. Unlocking your car you get in and take off towards your home. Your phone was ringing but you just ignored it. At the moment you didn’t want to talk to anyone because of how frustrated Tom made you feel. All the time it was an array of emotions.

“I can’t believe he answered the goddamn phone” you mutter to yourself as you turn the corner and proceed down the road. Your phones loud ringing makes you emit an annoyed growl. Reaching over you pick up your phone off of the seat.

“What is it Tom, I’m not going back to your house for a -”

“Uh love.. It’s Leo is everything okay? So you really were at a guys house?” his question making your heart drop. This is exactly what you wanted to avoid.

“I just crashed at his place is all, I got too drunk to drive home” you lie gritting your teeth after cause lying was the thing you hated the most.

“I’ll see you at the coffee shop later, just wanted to check on you after what he sa-”

“What did he say?” the sound of your voice rose a bit from your nerves. You hated every second of what’s happening at the moment.

“That you stayed the night with him in his bed”

“Of course he would say that” you huff out resting your phone on your shoulder as your cheek was pressed against your phone. The position keeping it in place as you made your way home. You normally had to drive around for a while before going home. Paparazzi loved to follow you around and it was fucking obnoxious. Sadly that’s what you get for being in any proximity of Tom.

“I’m sorry what he said Leo, we just go way back and Tom’s a little asshole alright?” quoting Mackie as you get out of your car once it’s in park. Leo says his goodbyes before you hang up the phone holding it in your left hand.The gravel next to your driveway crunched under your heels as you walked towards your front door. Fishing out your keys from your purse you put the key in the lock.

   Turning the key you twist the handle opening the door. It creaked as the door moved with you walking inside. The heater doing it’s job welcoming you into warmth. Today was a chilly day in London and you were glad your heater wasn’t broken. It had a tendency to break when you desperately needed it the most.

    Your dog comes walking up to you with a happy bark. Kneeling down you ruffle her ears. Her spotted tongue sticking out from the side of her mouth. Pressing a kiss to her head you stand up and walk to the kitchen. Pictures of you and Tom from when you first became friends were around your house. Especially the ones of the events you went to. Along with your family you had photos with Tom’s family.

    Picking up Kayley’s water bowl you hold it under the sink as you fill it up. Her tags jingle making you look over. She was jumping up and down, her long tail wagging in excitement. She was a year older than Tessa but bigger due to being a Rottweiler mix Lab. The two of them were best buds whenever you would have Tessa over to watch her if Nikki couldn’t.

“C’mon love let’s go to the closet and pick out an outfit for tonight yeah?” after you set her bowl down she follows you upstairs. Kayley of course made it up the stairs first as always. She sat at the top waiting for you to make it up the stairs.

   The lighting of the coffee shop was dim thankfully. Your migraine had grown over the span of time that you were home. Tom was trying to lure you back to his place. All he wanted was a hookup and today you just wanted to be with Leo. Locking your door you one more time you turn and head towards the doorway.

   Opening the door you head inside the cozy warm building. Shrugging off your coat and slinging it over your arm. Looking around your eyes scan the room for Leo. His dark hair was the first thing you saw. Leo’s eyes met yours and a smile raising to his face. His smile infectious as one rose to your face. He truly is a handsome man with his ocean blue eyes. Those eyes that made you feel as if you were drifting out to see the longer you looked into them.

“Hey love, can you believe the weather outside?” his accent thicker in person than on the phone. Setting your coat down on the chair at your table you give him a peck on the cheek.

“I’m honestly glad I brought a jacket” realizing it’s a jacket Tom bought you instantly making you mentally face palm yourself. The barista keeps looking over at you making you uncomfortable. She knew you came here with Tom often.

   As time went by the more and more you found out about Leo. Sure you two have been talking for two months but now you seemed to find out even more. He told you about the adventures he went on when he traveled last summer. That was one of your favorite things, traveling. You wish you could’ve traveled with Tom but his manager didn’t want people getting the wrong Idea.

   Which made it harder for you because you fell for Tom. Feelings took over and destroyed your thoughts on being friends with benefits. You never truly knew how Tom felt about you so you just kept letting that arrangement continue. The longer Tom was away the more you felt alone. That’s a big reason why you started trying to find someone. When you finally met Leo you thought things could change. After today you knew it was going to end badly.

“Now what was it that you really wanted to talk about, you said you needed to be honest with me about something” Leo hands you your coffee that he ordered for you. Earlier you sent him a text of what you wanted.

“I wanted to explain more about earlier and why I was really at Tom’s house”sweat started to form on your palms. Nerves were kicking in on how you were going to explain this. Praying to God he would understand everything.

“So you took him to our place and in our spot?” the familiar voice making you freeze in your spot. Your eyes wide seeing Leo’s facial expression turn into confusion. Looking back you see Tom in a black coat and his curls slightly messy from the wind. His fingers run through them smoothing down a bit.

“What do you mean by our?” Leo questions raising an eyebrow looking between the two of you. Before you could say anything Tom has a smirk on his face. That damn fucking smirk.

“As in her and I come here, this is our spot and you coincidently choose our spot before she came here?”

“Tom stop it now, go home I said I’d see you later and now is not later” you huff standing up so you’re now looking up at him. Some people looked over and some had their phones out. The last thing Tom needed was drama being started.

“So this is the famous Tom Holland” Leo says bluntly standing up from his seat. You looked over at him questioningly because you never mentioned Tom’s last name.

“Yeah I am.. Oh darling.. You forgot these in my bed last night” Tom reaches into his pocket pulling out your red lace thong. A gasp leaves your mouth as you snatch them out of his hand. Reaching for your purse you put them in there. Your cheeks were flaming from embarrassment.

“Is that what you wanted to tell me about? That you’re sleeping with him?” Leo’s tone was flat as he looked down at you. His figure was a bit taller than Tom’s so you felt like he was towering over you.

“Are you mad she was calling my name out last night and not yours?” Tom sounded so smug as he brushed the back of his fingers against your cheek. Tom’s lips press against yours in a quick kiss. Your hands naturally going to his face , his jawline against your palm. Tom pulls away from the kiss , his fingers still holding your chin. Looking over you see Leo looking pissed off at the two of you.

“ Why you lil-” Leo lunges at Tom making your fight or flight instincts kick in. The name that comes out of your lips surprises you. Stepping in front of Tom, Leo’s fist ends up hitting you instead. A whimper of pain escaping your lips as Tom pulls you into his arms.

“I-I’m so sorry” Leo looks panicked as he sees you rubbing the sore spot on your shoulder. Tom’s arm rubbing soothing circles on your lower back. All that was happening you were shaking like a chihuahua.

“Ever come near her again and you won’t like what I will do, got it?” Tom grits out at Leo, his body tense as you leaned against him.

“If I would have known you were whoring around with him I would have never considered dating y-”

“Get the fuck out of here before I beat the fuck out of you for hitting my girl” his voice lashed out at Leo making the coffee shop go silent. Leo mumbled something before taking off towards the entrance.

    Looking around there were people with their phones out. The barista comes over telling people to please put their phones away. She sticks her arms out standing in the way blocking people. Tom’s finger lifted your chin so you’d look up at him. His eyes looked concerned as he gazed down at you. A bit of your heart shattered as you looked at him. Your chance of a normal relationship just went out the door.

“C’mon darling, let’s go home.. We need to talk about things”

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smut for pt. 2 

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Favorite Color? (Soulmate Au)

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Request: A soulmate Au where you see grey until you meet your soulmate.

The world had always been grey for (Y/n), and it would probably be grey for the rest of her life. You see (Y/n) was raised by a pure-blood family, and being a pure-blood came at a cost. They never meet their soulmate. Sure on occasions, if you were lucky, they’re betrothed was their soulmate but most of the time it never happened.

She was only 7 when she found out that most people could see in color. Which surprised her, considering her parents also only saw grey. That’s when (Y/n)’s parents explained about soulmates and how if she met hers then the world became colorful. Even then she still was okay with seeing grey for the rest of her  life.

That was until (Y/n) arrived in Illvermorny. Sure for awhile all the kids saw grey but by 5th year almost all of them could see in color. All except the pure-bloods. She tried to ignore the taunts of being called “Soulless.” or the taunts of “Hey pure-blood are you sure there’s even someone for you out there?” That’s when the hatred for grey bubbled inside her. 

It was that very blasted color that kept her from being normal. That one color. The bullying was extremely worse one day and that’s when she met the Goldsteins. 

“Hey Pure-blood you do know what color this is right?” A boy taunted waving a grey fabric in her face. No matter how hard she concentrated (Y/n) couldn’t tell, but she knew what happened if she got it wrong. Tears gathered in her eyes as she grew more and more frustrated. “Hey pure-blood I don’t hear an answer!”

“Leave her alone! She’s not bothering anyone” A voice cried out catching the group off guard. Another student, a girl, stood with her arms cross. She was a fairly tall girl with short wavy hair and a frown was on her face.

The boy huffed slightly. “Aw come on Queenie it’s just a little fun!” (Y/n) watched cautiously as the girl made her way over with a sweet smile on her face. It honestly scared (Y/n).

Queenie let out a giggle and replied,”Oh I’m sure it is, but do you want me to tell your soulmate about your other fun?” The boy’s face seemed to get paler and Queenie smirked. “That’s what I thought now run along.” Tina plopped down beside (Y/n) as the boy quickly made his get away. “Are you alright sweetie?”

(Y/n) shifted slightly and gave Queenie a thankful look. “Yea it’s pretty normal…” She mumbled fiddling with her hands.

Queenie huffed slightly shaking her head causing her curls to bounce in every direction. “Well it shouldn’t!” She turned to (Y/n) and smiled. “I’m Queenie Goldstein by the way.”

(Y/n) smiled slightly. “(Y/n) (L/n)… It’s nice to meet you…”

It seemed after that day (Y/n) no longer cared about colors. Cause when she met the Goldstein sisters she found out that not only pure-bloods got stuck seeing grey. That in fact sometimes other people met their soulmates later on in life. In fact, she had accepted that she might not meet her soulmate and decided that grey was her favorite color. That was until she met her soulmate.

(Y/n) had been slightly fidgety all day. Queenie was bringing her soulmate over to meet her along with his friend. She would have been glad for it, but this was not the week. You see (Y/n) and her parents had struck a deal a long time ago. She had 1 year to find her soul mate or else she would be married off. This was her last week to find him, but she knew that no matter what she couldn’t say no to Queenie.

So here she was in one of her nice dresses waiting for Queenie to show up. She glanced around making sure that her apartment was all set. Her great horned owl, Athena, was perched in her cage sleeping. All her papers were neatly organized on the coffee table in the living room. The flames in her fireplace were going steady and she glanced into the kitchen. the table was all set for everyone and the food was still cooking.

A small knock sounded on the door and (Y/n) was instantly at the door. “Queenie!” She exclaimed hugging the girl tightly. 

Queenie let out a laugh and pulled out of the hug. She grinned widely at the girl. “(Y/n)! It’s so good to see you!” She stepped inside and pulled a short man in with her. “(Y/n) meet Jacob my soulmate!” Queenie leaned in and whispered excitedly,”He’s also a no-maj so let’s try to keep this quiet.”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened slightly at the word “No-maj” but kept her mouth shut. She and Queenie knew the consequence of being caught… But if Queenie was happy that was all that mattered. She smiled at Jacob and held out her hand. “Nice to meet you Jacob.”

He smiled slightly. “It’s nice to meet you as well  (Y/n). Queenie speaks fondly about you…”

(Y/n) smiled slightly at the thought. She suddenly remembered something and frowned. “Hey wasn’t there supposed someone else?”

Queenie giggled and replied,”He’s outside the door… He’s just a little shy” She took Jacob’s hand and sang, “Come on Newt. She won’t bite.”

(Y/n) watched as a tall man came into view. His curly hair covering his eyes as he stared at the ground. He was carrying a slightly beat up suitcase as well. “Hello I’m-.” The moment his eyes met hers a pain shot through her skull.

That’s when she saw it. At first she didn’t know how to describe it. It was the most beautiful color she had ever seen and almost immediately the name clicked. She was staring into his green eyes. That moment she decided at that very moment that green was her favorite color. His eyes were wide in shock.

“Newt? (Y/n)?” Jacob’s voice pulled the two back from their moment. ‘Are you two alright?”

(Y/n) let out a small laugh and turned to them again. Queenie instantly noticed the sparkle in her eyes. (Y/n) grinned and replied, “Yea Jacob perfectly fine.”

Newt stepped beside her and hesitantly took her hand. “I guess I should introduce you to my Soulmate,” Newt joked sending a flutter of butterflies through (Y/n).

Soulmate…. (Y/n) smiled softly at the word. I could love this….

HEY GUYS I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD! That’s right I’m back I have finally been inspired and it’s about time! Also any valentines day ideas would be awesome! Anyways this is my longest one I’m pretty sure so I hope you like it!s


jiyong is so lovely and precious in every way

The Five Times You See Bucky Barnes Shirtless

Word Count: 3,408

Warnings: Slight smut.

A/N: Another re-post! :D 

The first time you see Bucky Barnes without his shirt, you almost drop the steaming mug of coffee you’re bringing into the lab. Tony has him sitting back on an examination chair and Bucky smiles at you before his face contorts in confusion. Your eyes are wide and you look like the literal personification of a deer in headlights.

“Hey, Y/N, are you okay?” he asks.

You nod, gulping thickly and adopting a nonchalant façade. You send him a smile. “Tony tinkering with your arm? Be careful with him, Barnes.”

He chuckles as Tony directs a glare at you before he looks down at your feet.

“Did you just drop half of your coffee on my pristine floors?” Tony asks, absolutely scandalized.

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Damn- Sweet Pea x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Female!Reader

Words: 1107

Warning(s): Swearing, Fluff, Shade, Tea Pouring, Dirt Dishing

Description: All you wanted was a simple date with your boyfriend, but Mrs. Cooper has other plans.

Taglist: @the-ghost-of-hemingway @bigtravelbucketlist @raised-by-fandoms @natalieroseg @sleepylunarwolf @angrykittty24 @ghostqueen05 @superheavymetalunicorn @cair3n @kneesheee @obsessedqueenie @dbtvluv @jolomez  @fckingnostalgia

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You Drive Me Insane | Oh Sehun

 Link to Masterlist 

Genre: Love/hate drama, Office! AU, Mild smut (kind of) 

 Summary: In which you and Sehun are co-workers who hate each other and are forced to team up…until an unexpected encounter maybe sort of leads to some confusing feelings….

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How BTS Would Kiss You After Being Away For A While

The boys go away on tour for a while, how would they kiss you when you meet them at the airport?  

Jin: Jin would have kind of a blank face as he walks around, but as his eyes would hit you, he would melt. He would look at you like you were the sweetest, most pure thing on earth, he’d smile at you and cup your face in his hands gently, and pull you in close kissing you softly at first, then deeper and harder, before pulling away and kissing for face all over softly. He wouldn’t be able to keep a small, sweet smile off his face as he takes you all in. Your eyes, your smile, your hair, your sweet smell, your everything. “I have so much to tell you,” He’d say as he kissed your temple, keeping an arm around your shoulders hugging you as the two of you walked.

 Suga: He’s kind of stoic when he’s alone in public, so as he walks out of the plane terminal and sees you, his stone cold expression would melt into a soft smile. He’d quicken his pace and hold out his arms, collecting you and pulling you against him in one swift motion. He’d hold you against his body tightly for a moment, closing his eyes and enjoying the feel of your body against his for a moment, before pulling away enough to look into your eyes. He’d study your face for a moment, his smile growing, before putting a hand on your cheek and kissing you deeply for a moment, and pulls away keeping his arm around your waist and holding you against his side. 

 RM: He’d be in his own, philosophical world as he walked out of the terminal. He’d look up and scan the people around the terminal before his eyes would land on you. He’d pull his headphones out, and smile as he sees your face light up. He’d walk over with his arms outstretched and hug you tightly against his body. “How’s my baby girl been?” He’d ask, his lips against your neck. He’d kiss your neck quickly, then your jaw, cheeks, and lips. “I promise, there’s more where that came from.” He’d promise, smiling sentimentally at you, wanting to hold you against him and never let you go again. He’d keep you against his side as you two walk, occasionally leaning over to kiss your head. 

 JHope: Our Hobi is an optimistic one, pretty happy most of the time already. But when he saw you standing there waiting for him, his smile grew even bigger. He’d drop his bags and run to you, capturing you in his arms and spinning you, laughing all the while. He’d kiss your lips deeply first, then cover your face in soft kisses, occasionally landing a sweet peck back on your lips. Soon he’d be out of breath from all your kisses, still smiling that he has his favorite girl back in his arms. He’d press your foreheads together, staring into your eyes, trying to memorize them. “Tell me everything about your life. Everything I’ve missed.” He would demand you tell him every detail of your life, even though he texted you every single day asking for life updates. He’d feel bad he left you for so long, and want to make up for it. 

Jimin: Jimin is like Jin in the sense that he just has an average blank face as he walks. His eyes would land on you, and his sweet smile would spread across his face. He’d speed up and come to you, pulling you close against his body, burying his head in your neck, breathing in your sweet smell that he missed. He’d quietly think to himself about how good it felt to be home, to be with you. He’d gently rub your lower back with his arms around your waist, holding your body tightly against his. He’d smile at you, brushing your noses together softly before lightly brushing your lips against each other. “Miss me?” He’d ask quietly as he took all of you in, his eyes raking over every detail of you. He’d tilt your face up gently by your chin and kissing you softly and sweetly, and would walk you out, squeezing your hand in his all the while. He would keep looking over at you, not being able to hold back his smile. 

Taehyung: When V is out, he’s either all Gucci and sexy, or like a sweet but confused baby duck. He’d walk out Gucci, and turn into the duck once he saw you. His eyes would light up and he’d grin his sweet happy grin at the sight of you. He’d collect you in his arms and hug you tightly first, before pulling away to look at you. His grin would grow at the sight of your grin, and his eyes would travel along every detail of your face, memorizing anything that might’ve changed. He’d lean down and kiss you softly at first, keeping his hands on your waist firmly, and begin to deepen the kiss, his fingertips tightening on your waist. He’d soon after pull away, a smirk on his face and content in his eyes. He’d walk you out, keeping one am around your waist, his fingertips tracing designs. He’d be proud to have you back in his arms like nothing had changed. Then he’d get past the sweet stuff and back to joking. He’d tug on your hair with his other arm making you look around, and laugh at your confusion, kissing you after each trick. 

Jungkook: Sweet Kookie would try to look mature and older like his hyungs, but once he saw you that act would drop. He’d grin and laugh a little and jog over to you pulling you into his arms, lifting you off of your feet a little bit, laughing against your skin. He’d lean in kissing you deeply and then softly, before pulling away and tracing your face with his fingertips, as though you were art, his eyes wide with awe and relief and excitement, all at once. “Miss me?” He’d ask, trying to sound cool and chill, but ending up sounding hopeful and innocent. You’d nod and his smile would widen and he’d pull you close again leaning his head against yours. He’d walk you out, holding your hand, gently tracing his thumb over it, excitedly telling you about all his adventures, and excitedly look over at you almost like he doesn’t believe you’re there.

Petname Babygirl II pt. 4

Yoongi x reader, Jimin

genre: smut, angst, dom!yoongi

word count: 10k

After having sex with Yoongi in the middle of the living room you are faced with some attractive stranger, who turns out to be your boss’ brother.

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Under the Weather

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I cannot tell you all how much it means to me that you enjoyed The Way I Could. It means the world. I’d love to hear your thoughts and requests, so don’t hesitate to ask. This is just a little sick H for you all. Enjoy! xx - L

Warnings: slight smut

Word Count: 1,567

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